Olivia - One Direction (Lyrics) 

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Apr 17, 2018




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Emma Lae
Emma Lae 3 hours ago
why is NO ONE talking about how you can hear harry say “i love you lou” after liams solo!!!! 💙💚💙
Aqi Lah
Aqi Lah Day ago
the fact that it's start with Niall solo and end with Louis solo arghhhhh magicallllll
Mar_Horan 2 days ago
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taylor's version
taylor's version 2 days ago
change my mind this song is for olivia rodrigo
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim 5 days ago
The fact Harry Styles wrote this song for Taylor Swift
ayeayeallie 4 days ago
wait fr?
Jaime Nadorozny
Jaime Nadorozny 6 days ago
My best friend's name is Olivia, and I'm teaching myself how to play guitar and she loves this song, so it's the first one I'm learning for her. Hopefully it won't sound to bad when she hears it
dana Jessica
dana Jessica 7 days ago
Why you break up
Lacy Calhoun
Lacy Calhoun 8 days ago
Olivia is Olivia Rodrigo🤔😂 Idk, that's my geuss
RoBo-LeBrOn6000 7 days ago
Same, I love her songs
falah 8 days ago
why no one is talking about 2:35
SleepInMyPajamas 10 days ago
My names olivia! I- I--
Sia Gramy
Sia Gramy 12 days ago
Deymm never know Olivia Rodrigo got the whole 1D
REDelicious 14 days ago
I think when there in the the studio there always laughing😂
Renijoe A C
Renijoe A C 15 days ago
You should not be living for Olivia but you should live for yourself
Krista Belda
Krista Belda 16 days ago
Olivia Rodrigo: yeah, i like to pretend that this song was written for me
TheChosenOne_L 16 days ago
the fact that the meaning of olivia in Latin is an olive tree is just..........ooohf
CraftyKid21 19 days ago
Is Olivia his gf ? Is Olivia his friend? Is Holivia a Pr ? *WE DONT KNOW*
Heather McNamara
My name being Olivia:HEHE
Liyasha Yadav
Liyasha Yadav 19 days ago
Crying over this song in 2021:)
zainab 20 days ago
everyone talking about niall's start and lou's end and no one talking about liam absolutely slaying it in the middle?? very fair..yeah.. NO ONE TOUCH ME IM NOT OKAY
zainab 20 days ago
LIAMS WHOLE PART NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT?!! hdkdlwm&jdj&ndkdkdkfb)$hdkfkskw))jfkfjf6
Autumn Haan
Autumn Haan 21 day ago
I love this song omggggggg
Lisa Garcia
Lisa Garcia 21 day ago
My name is Olivia
Lisa Garcia
Lisa Garcia 21 day ago
I Olivia
Isha Tomar
Isha Tomar 21 day ago
I came to see Holivia comments but Idk why I feel happy there are none
anonymously mysterious
I wish my name was Olivia....
Anja Đaković
Anja Đaković 24 days ago
Mehliqa Salim
Mehliqa Salim 24 days ago
Calling out all the Olivia's out there.... You go girl💕💕💕
Law & Order SVU Fandom
Olivia 26 days ago
Who else is Olivia??🤚🏻😂💖
Lauren Anders
Lauren Anders 26 days ago
I am dying cuz of Louie's vocals
Lauren Anders
Lauren Anders 26 days ago
Ok I really just wish I could change my name to Olivia
Olivia Eva Cardenas
MY NAME IS OLIVIA.i love them
varshazayn 26 days ago
Plot twist: Olivia wilde Secretly admire this 🎵
emerson LT91
emerson LT91 28 days ago
Louis 🤩
Glossy 28 days ago
My mom told me that she was going to name me Olivia but she didn’t cause my dad came up with my name
Jannat Arthee
Jannat Arthee 28 days ago
I want to be Olivia. .
MQ ZONE Month ago
One direction you guys rock but can u make up your mind if u love diana or olivia???
Brilliant Faith Tominez
Is it olivia rodrigo
Elan Month ago
Louis part 😍🤙
Aliha Sultan
Aliha Sultan Month ago
Guys harry is currently dating "Olivia"
clubhouse minnie
I think olivia is earth
Teeksha Month ago
My mom loves this song too☺☺
navya modi
navya modi Month ago
In the starting when Niall sang i always thought liam was singing that part.
1D Girl
1D Girl Month ago
Now I know what to call my baby girl if I get one also if I get a second one mabie Diana what do u think
Ritika Roy
Ritika Roy Month ago
I have a theory about the word Olivia. Olivia is a combination of Olive and ia. Olivia is an acronym for I love and ia sounds like ya’. So it’s like I love ya’. Maybe that is why Harry said that Olivia maybe a place or an emotion.
Ayushi Dubey
Ayushi Dubey Month ago
I cannot with the irony of this song....damnnn
theertha es
theertha es Month ago
Still listening
nehuh ?
nehuh ? Month ago
Oh lou love ya
Jeanné Meiring
Jeanné Meiring Month ago
When your name is actually Olivia 😅
Archie Month ago
Is Olivia a person or an emotion or a place? we don't know. - H Literally anything he says sound like poems :*)
otaku- kun
otaku- kun Month ago
acabo de encontrar el nombre de esta canción porque estaba hablando con un botmake xd si gente no tengo nada que hacer 🙃jsjs
Valentine Crystalia
I loved it but my sister don't like this song😂😂
A Swiftie who is a Hollands and loves anime too.
Olivia is a cat... Change my dumb mind!
Mugdha Joshi
Mugdha Joshi Month ago
I don't know if its the beats or the tune, but this song always gives me a 90's feel
Alana Miller
Alana Miller Month ago
my cousin has a song with her name in it and now i do this one-
Mishkatul Mahjabin's world
Louis is Angel🥺💙 Bye
Angelofthedeath #saveralph
Those whose name is olivia:🥰🥰
SimplyBxbbles Month ago
We all know what that red stain is- 😂😂
It'sreallyJae Month ago
Is it just me or when Niall does the low note when he says "I love you olivia" it sounds kinda like harry. Like it changes. At first its Niall then it sounds like harry
GamerGirl Month ago
mah name
Will D
Will D Month ago
I’m named Olivia 😅
Aisha Anees
Aisha Anees Month ago
People named Olivia must be bragging Becuase of this song
Brin-dawg Month ago
Bro Louis was so underrated in this song his voice was perfect for this song
Carissa Ulmer
Carissa Ulmer Month ago
Willy Wonka theme song vibes
Carissa Ulmer
Carissa Ulmer Month ago
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Amélie Daudre
Amélie Daudre Month ago
Beautiful 😍
Mae artoza
Mae artoza Month ago
i'm here again because olivia is trending . she exist guys :(
Harry's Animated Fish
To the people who are here from tiktok, I feel bad.
mimi idc
mimi idc Month ago
1D for life ✨❤️✨
speedofmusic Month ago
marangello740 Month ago
i love olivia. I hate olivia AAAAAAAAAAAA
just.there. Month ago
Am I the only one who can't sing this song😩
Eva Stanciu
Eva Stanciu Month ago
So I guess Olivia made a song named One Direction?
Olivia Méndez
Olivia Méndez Month ago
I don't really like onde direction but I love harry styles saying that he loves me
Mysha Saiyed
Mysha Saiyed Month ago
Congrats to all the Olivias out there Does anyone know how to change ur name ?? Lemme know plssss
Grayson Gaming
Grayson Gaming Month ago
Please Believe me, Don’t you see the things you mean to me? Oh I Love you, I love you, I love, I love Olivia *Clap* *Clap
Emma Pastobor
Emma Pastobor Month ago
Nadie: Liam y Harry : cantando el 90% de la canción
K and E Ultimate bff's
When you have a crush on someone named Olivia-
Andrew H17
Andrew H17 Month ago
Dam this song is so good
Larry Stylinson
Larry Stylinson Month ago
Omg i didnt know niall could sing that low. Lol! And also i know we are all waiting fir them to get back together but..... we all know 1 or 2 of them wont be back😞😓
Hanna Lozano
Hanna Lozano Month ago
This is one of those moments where I wish I had another name
Jaeneey Rosa
Jaeneey Rosa Month ago
Vote Harry #iheartawards
Aniruddh Sondhia
It's way better than hey there Delilah
Nindya Citra Utami
fun fact this song written by Harry guys. I just find out after a rumor olivia wilde & harry are dating💀
Lorena Ajvazi
Lorena Ajvazi Month ago
When i listen to this song I actually change my name to Olivia so...
minions munch
minions munch Month ago
Harry with an actual olivia now😂
kimberly hylton
kimberly hylton 2 months ago
My cousin’s name is Alivia!😋 she loves this song too... probably cuz of her name😁 it makes her feel special
Dessie Ann
Dessie Ann 2 months ago
I have a little cousin named Olivia We played this song at her birthday She thought sm sung this song for her ( bc she didnt know who 1D was )- it was so cute
Manya Month ago
AJ's Musical Madness
im in 2021 listening to this...... harry found his Olivia.....
Laila VanWeest
Laila VanWeest 2 months ago
is it just me or does nialls part sound like liam and liams part sound like niall?
George Valdes
George Valdes 2 months ago
I’m crying
George Valdes
George Valdes 2 months ago
Arati Behera
Arati Behera 2 months ago
First song of one direction in which niall sang in his deep voice
Livi life
Livi life 2 months ago
my na,e is olivia
Fia Van Dalen
Fia Van Dalen 2 months ago
when harry starts singing my was like freazing and then i fell in love with him
Eisabel Perales
Eisabel Perales 2 months ago
Nails solo my fav part
Gaming shis
Gaming shis 2 months ago
Harry styles girlfriend s name is Olivia
Gacha Squad
Gacha Squad 2 months ago
this song opend my eyes to what my name means