WANDAVISION Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories 

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WANDAVISION Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the eigth episode of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the post-credits scene and big reveal that there is another Vision under Hayward's control.
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0:00 Agatha All Along
0:12 Wandavision Episode 8 Intro
0:46 Doctor Strange Theory
1:32 The Darkhold Explained
2:08 Double Vision Explained
4:35 Episode 8 Breakdown, Theories And Easter Eggs
20:03 Episode 8 Review
21:35 Loki Release News
21:54 Spider-Man No Way Home Easter Eggs
Shoutouts @emo_scarn for the Spider-man easter egg.
Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy with Double Vision and this video we're breaking down episode 8 of Wandavision. The Christmas Carol esque entry takes a trip through time as we unveil the villainous vixens vicious plan and discover there's a lot more going on with Vision.
Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking it all down, discussing our theories and how the show could be tying into Spider-man No Way Home. Time codes will be linked below if you wanna skip ahead but first I wanna talk about the Darkhold, magic and that big reveal.
Now as for the Darkhold, this mysterious book was shown at the end of the last episode and I believe that it was part of the Ancient One's collection which we saw in Doctor Strange. There was one missing from the shelves and they were surrounded by Hexagons which is of course an aesthetic of the show. The orange glowing energy is typically a sign of Wizards and from the different pigments used throughout the show it does seem like the colours represent different origins for the spells.
Orange is your more typical magic whereas Wanda's is red because she pulls from chaos. Agatha's however is Purple and as we learned in Doctor Strange this is a colour that is typically associated with the dark dimension. It also explains her long life and we have a full breakdown on this incase you wanna see it discussed in more detail.
Now as for the Darkhold, this is used to house several evil spells that can manipulate the fabric of reality. Often referred to as the Book Of The Damned, it was crafted by an evil elder God known as Chthon who encased his most devilish dealings inside of it on indestructable parchment.
I think going forward this will be a big part of the Marvel Universe and in the comics it was actually used to create the first Vampire. Inadvertently this led to Blade being born and I can see see it being tied to his upcoming Movie.
Now Episode 8 comes with a big reveal and that is that the Vision we see in the Hex is actually a fake one and that Wanda never took the real one from the SWORD Facility. It's something that we started predicting back in Episode 5 and I'm glad that for all the theories that we've gotten wrong that this one and Agnes being Agatha at least turned out to be true.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Month ago
You get a Vision, You Get A VISION! WE ALL GET A VISION! *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Title Breakdown* - uslift.info/one/qWy1y7Gww3-asGk/video.html *The True Story of The Snyder Cut* - uslift.info/one/q4LJ0thopHuDrX4/video.html *Wandavision Episode 7 Breakdown* - uslift.info/one/Y6jRmbWLxYyDlrA/video.html *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - uslift.info/one/iXje4JqYyKCjlII/video.html *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - uslift.info/one/mY-p1JmsrXZ_nH4/video.html
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 18 days ago
bro lol.... if she broke the housing of the scepter then how is it became just like it was before without happening anything
Jefferson Trujillo
She remembers Thanos Gauntlet thats why thats the first thing she made. 17:58 She cant make infinity stones right?
Mr. Friend
Mr. Friend Month ago
Why did you choose to do that at 10:16... When you say DVD and have that picture up...
Gizzy Month ago
Magneto might still show up, as can possibly handle white vision,Strange will deal with Agatha in the movie, either way I deffo think we will see someone travelling to the multi verse in the last scene, possibly Pietro would be the Fox version, and would open that door.
leocmen Month ago
White Vision? a hook to ressurect Vision: *Wanda's Vision* = The Vision recreated by Wanda. Her memory injected in the body of White vision? IMHO Much more interesting would be Wanda relating to the revived corpse, whose real state would be seen by the other residents of the dome.
Poppy George
Poppy George 19 days ago
After watching this back when he say we have not seen Ralph yet I’m screaming at the screen YES WE HAVE
Dom Farr
Dom Farr 20 days ago
This is fully entertaining. The DVDs nod to fontjacker and the Uncle Ben' Benzene mashup has me crying here!
Keef Morgan
Keef Morgan Month ago
Can’t wait to see how phase 4 continues to unfold
Michael Cornhill
Ok, it seems as if you watch screencrush and new rockstars and do your best to say something different and insight boredom
always dirty
always dirty Month ago
Cancel Disney +
always dirty
always dirty Month ago
Cancelled my Disney sub so now I'm here for the story.
David Month ago
20:23 "Thank you, for making me feel a bit important" - Subtitles: "You're not". editing 11/10!!
Aok Misfits
Aok Misfits Month ago
Ralph might be Piedro and he is mind controlled by Agnes
Sergio Obis Grasa
About those hexagons and the topic of traveling. In guardians of the Galaxy 2, when they do all those space jumps, didn´t they use hexagons? The holes they jumped through, if I recall correctly, were a bunch of hexagons and they went through one to get to the next place. So hexagons are a universal way of traveling in the MCU?
Travel with Kartik
Wasn’t doc oct dead .
its my toast
its my toast Month ago
Aaaaye, that was a dude that said "Previously on WandaVision," innit?
Parfanity Month ago
At some point Agatha helped Magneto control Wanda and changed her memories about him to stop her from killing him. I still think Mutants are coming even if it's a "Fietro"
Liz Month ago
didnt realize only a week was between wanda vision ending and falcon & winter soldier starting, THEN bad batch and loki after that, we're getting so much content this year lol
Anthony Sida
Anthony Sida Month ago
Why didn’t the twins just idk… walk backwards 😂
Evy Month ago
okay guys I have a theory what if Kaecilius' real name is Ralph???
Bob Willington
Bob Willington Month ago
Your knowledge is second to none! Such an amazing show and nothing gets past you. Absolute legend.
Vernedi Month ago
Cancelling Disney+ was a good thing though. Disney is helping fund concentration camps in China. They also unfairly fired Gina Carano and slandered her, despite other employees getting away with comments that were actually racist, unlike Gina's.
Watch Guru
Watch Guru Month ago
Wanda can't enter her thoughts because she's inside agathas protection circle spell.
One should always pronounce other worldly names wrong to prevent accidental summonings.
liliespetals19 Month ago
If we assume that Agatha's basement is in the real world and the twins were actually in the basement, then doesn't that confirm they can exist outside the hex?
Jamzayn Month ago
The mcu should have heroes interact with other heroes that they don’t know, for example (and I want this to happen) I want Wanda to interact with peter
Jonathon Turner
Jonathon Turner Month ago
I did find it kind of interesting that the heart and the v on the d to that property is the same as on the first episode the heart and the v on the calendar it's made me wonder if that is connected to the deed versus it being a dinner for his boss. it doesn't seem like that would have any real significance but still it feels like that's more where that came from
Dj Grundel
Dj Grundel Month ago
What I mean is that I straight up cancelled and went back to torrents. These days it takes all of 10 sec (if even) to download an episode. No dealing with a crappy UI and constantly inadequate servers. Long live TPB!
Mauro Cabral
Mauro Cabral Month ago
When Monica pushes herself through the hex you see five versions of her. I think the hex some how blurs the line of multiverses and that's why you see a Pietro from a timeline where X-men exist and a timeline where Monica has super powers?
Anwar Moukhaiber
Paul - *Doesn’t expect to be trending another week* *Gets trending another week*
Albert L
Albert L Month ago
Great EP. I can’t wait for next .:.:::
Peter No Griffin
mans said the spoiler than said spoiler alert 😂i don’t think that’s how you do it
remi9Xer Month ago
My question is How did Vison’s body get into the hands of swords if he died in Wankanda
William Cordier
William Cordier Month ago
Vision died five years ago in Wakanda, along with half the universe. Tony Stark just died. That may have something to do with the lack of Vision tributes. The Far From Home tribute to Vision may be related to the world just realizing he didn't come back with the snap. That makes Vision, Stark, and Black Widow the only ones who did not come back.
Miss Lady
Miss Lady Month ago
I wonder if Wanda's powers somehow cause a "glitch" in the fabric of reality causing openings in time and space around the world thus opening up the multiverse for Spiderman.
James Lewis
James Lewis Month ago
You're just a waste of my time
taknmyshot Month ago
Paul, your analysis makes my head spin. I never knew how much I didn't know until you explained it to me. Your videos are like a post graduate level classes. Thanks for all the work to make our TV viewing pleasure understandable.
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Month ago
Ey thank you
Mikey Month ago
How did Agatha get inside the hex? Wasn’t she immediately in the first episode as soon as Wanda created the reality?
Ship Master
Ship Master Month ago
I think that Agatha conjured a version of Piedro from another universe because she can't bring people back to life. Hence why she killed Sparkie and why she's trying to obtain the power that Wanda has
Evangeline Jackman
at the end of the episode we see agatha as she really looks did anyone elso notice that she has black fingertips
Eden Bruno
Eden Bruno Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about how this scene when her parents die is completely different from what Pietro tells Ultron in Age of Ultron?????
Alexander Moss
Alexander Moss Month ago
Bro I need No Way Home to send Tom Holland into the Spiderverse, I need to see his Spidey and Miles to end up in Venom, then I need all 3 to get pulled back into the MCU.
william ryan
william ryan Month ago
Ok look someone answer this please how did Agatha bring fake quicksilver yes she may have controlled fake quicksilver ...BUT the alarm WENT off clear as day thats a breaching entrance alarm I think he was brought by someone else still I mean it’s possible he was controlled right away and didn’t have a chance to confront Wanda as his real self we have to find this out Friday ?!?!?!
Mario Bong Rips
Mario Bong Rips Month ago
“Not a sexist here” is cringe
Pablo Sanz
Pablo Sanz Month ago
Why does he always sound like he's yawning?
Chris Roberts Sr
I hollered at the Uncle Ben Joke!!!!
Glenn Gutenberg
Glenn Gutenberg Month ago
Disney+ is not available in China so there’s nothing stopping mephisto from appearing
season 2, episode 20 is "It May Look Like a Walnut", so maybe a mishear by you?
Tyler Anselmo
Tyler Anselmo Month ago
Luck my ass lol she was dusted shouldnt that have put her in the non dust form lol
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid Month ago
The Mephisto theory looks less and less likely at this point. One episode left, white Vision introduced, Agatha's still there, Hayward etc. It will be a really bloated episode if that happens, unless he's in the end credits being set up for the next MCU project, in which case it's very much welcome.
Carlo Mantas
Carlo Mantas Month ago
12:36 scarlett witch is wanda herself future wanda
Michael Tipler
Michael Tipler Month ago
It's funny how you guys never mention black widow, she died too, gave her own life , willingly, but we don't talk about her not getting a funeral. No respect for Nat.
Scott Chambers
Scott Chambers Month ago
in the end wanda will take haywards shiny new vision body and install her vision into it.
hiiamragu Month ago
Fax:Thanos learned English by watching sitcoms.
Lara Mora
Lara Mora Month ago
I like how during the Avengers compound scene she says, that nobody can get seriously hurt in sitcoms. So, that's why she chose this 'format' to live in, just no more getting hurt.
Jordan Month ago
You know how people have been asking why Mrs Hart’s husband hasnt appeared since ep 1? What if he was just a decoy made by Agatha to coax Wanda out of her delusions? With the way he kept insisting to know details about their life makes me think he was made up by Agatha. Just a theory :)
Ronny Sitamulaho
Vision is made of vibrainium. Why did wakanda give it away
Mark Levin
Mark Levin Month ago
i love your videos, great content sir
Christina Smith
Christina Smith Month ago
Chthon is referred to as The Wolf in Scarlet Witch #1
naktete Month ago
on top of it all... Marvel did a good job.... Witches are coming... spells casted ... will soon forget iron man 😉 moving forward with this great tv series and hoping for a Scarlet Witch movie 😍😍😍 ( with Marvel Opening Theme on the background )
Matt B
Matt B Month ago
Cicada-first 'c' is soft, second 'c' is hard. "sick-AID-uh"
Denise Sudell
Denise Sudell Month ago
THANK YOU!!! The way this guy pronounces that word drives me bonkers.
Erika Gholston
Erika Gholston Month ago
I can't wait until friday.
Robbo Gaming
Robbo Gaming Month ago
That episode of the Dick Van Dyke was just written incorrectly with the episode number. She says episode 21 but that episode is actually episode 20.
Gulf City Jonny Blaze
I think it's more morbius than blade to be honest
Miranda K
Miranda K Month ago
Agatha will not die in WandaVision because if you look at the Dr. Strange cast she is there
Grayson Oakley
Grayson Oakley Month ago
Very informative and thorough; thanks!
Jeremy Noel
Jeremy Noel Month ago
"villainous vixen's vicious plan" Okay, can we just take a moment to appreciate this man's brilliant alliteration?!
Fred Star
Fred Star Month ago
How about his hover board? Wouldn't it be silver surfer? No one is really talking about the hover board that is the first thing panned into the scene before white vision. People say he looks white, I see silver. Could be white vision then silver surfer.
andy chan
andy chan Month ago
thanks for making these videos.. i watch after every episode on almost all the shows you cover.
Caffeine & CHAOS
I just got the toaster reference with the bomb and the 2 pieces of toast that pop out just gave me the creeps.
Astor agg? I’m not sure what that is. Sorry, English is not my first language
As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker
I always think this is a Clownfish tv upload because you stole their font.
craig T
craig T Month ago
The elephant in the room is CHTHON is Thor’s UNCLE Chthon was once a benevolent Elder earth god and very close to his TWIN sister and Thor’s mother GAEA but he was CORRUPTED by his younger elder god brother SET’s EVIL and turned him DEMONIC and became the demon among demons the creator of the FIRST vampires werewolves witches and zombies and the MOST powerful black magic user in Marvel, Chthons father the DEMIURGE the first sentient life form on earth is Wandas sons WICCAN reincarnated
DC Long
DC Long Month ago
Cicada. (SEE-KAY-DUH)
Carl Jaccarino
Carl Jaccarino Month ago
The only thing I’m not sure of is the fact that the tesseract can have someone teleport through the multiverse. Because (I may be wrong) but aren’t the infinity stones bound to the universe they derive from? Wouldn’t someone using the tesseract to go through the multiverse destroy the universe of its origin?
Mariie217 Month ago
Can the logo from the New spiderman movie be making the shape of the Island of Puerto Rico, referencing part of Miles Morales heritage?
J C Month ago
it was tony stark alll along
JayTeey Month ago
I'm a little confused as to how they were tracking him if he was created? Anyone care to shed light?
kitkat Month ago
The Vision that Wanda makes in the Hex is trackable as she is able to use her chaos magic to create bubble/alternate realities. The Hex Vision is as real as OG Vision as long as he stays in the Hex. hope this helped :)
Mike Wells
Mike Wells Month ago
Your channel has come so far. I'm happy for you bro. Keep it up
Figment Forever
Figment Forever Month ago
It was Bettany all along. Master troll 😂
Trap Logic
Trap Logic Month ago
Getting tired of " the not crying you're crying " it's getting old mate.
earasank Month ago
I’m confused about how Agatha ended up in Wanda’s hex in the first place?
Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray Month ago
I love how in depth these are, although I watched several breakdown videos for Wandavision, yours is most likely the best just because of how it ties wider concepts and all
Nick Daas
Nick Daas Month ago
I’m both fascinated and devastated by the idea that vision will have to give up his life to eliminate this powerful weapon from being abused, fascinated because it’s what he tried to do in futility during infinity war. This time it seems he may actually succeed. Devastation because it’s so unfortunate that he sentient enough to find love but will always be viewed as a weapon, infinity stone or not, whether it’s thanos or just stupid humans.
Hawk's Holocrons
Wait.. why won’t there be another cameo? Lol he literally said it has not leaked yet sooooo can’t be himself guys 😉
Issac Choe
Issac Choe Month ago
Lavinia Schlebusch
So White Vision does not have the original programming of Jarvis, so what programming does he have? From whom? And what is that ...?
Jarrod Jones
Jarrod Jones Month ago
why not pick up on the yellow mind stone colour, when she creates the hex to begin with? what are your thoughts regarding that if you dont mind? I also want to know if you think there are any correlations between her "time travelling" due to the shows, and how this could tie in with the final task of Captain America in End Game?
Brooklyn Thuesday
Badmunky64 Month ago
As a kid growing up in the 90's my introduction to the Avengers was this beat-em-up game on the Genisis. And white vision was a playable character. Needless to say, I was feeling the nostolgia.
theamazincamib Month ago
I personally don’t think MCU Spider-Man will go into another alternative universe. I think that Tobey and Andrew and their respective villains will come into the MCU world and Tom Holland’s Peter will try to help them get back to their own universes. If he went into an alternative universe, we wouldn’t really get to see Ned and MJ and the other characters that have been built up. Plus, I really wanna see Flash’s reaction to finding out Peter is Spider-Man
RChamberlain96 Month ago
Maybe a long short, but i think they will Merge the two visions togther (Hex and White), White is a real body which can live outside the Hex, Hex have the mind and hart of Vission. i think Wanda will see this and Merge them both. bring Vision back without the mind stone.
Lord Kalire
Lord Kalire Month ago
didn't the caicillius or whatever he's called, steal the book in the second scene of doctor strange? I've not watched it in a while I may be wrong*
Cruella Devil
Cruella Devil Month ago
Okay but why did the alarms go off in the cut scene to darcey if peitro is from the town or an illusion
Peter James
Peter James Month ago
Cicada : British pronunciation (suh · kaa · duh)
Jay Media
Jay Media Month ago
this was the episode that took it above Mandalorian for me...
MzNunyaBiznis Month ago
Thank you so much for your breakdowns and for justifying my fangirling!
De Ny
De Ny Month ago
well let just see what if hilda and wandavision do same multiverse get
Vonn KilluCo
Vonn KilluCo Month ago
I mean honestly, why on earth would ANYBODY actually want the fox xmen and that whole mess succeed into the mcu to save time? Just recast and retell.
Nathan Cunningham
Can’t wait for the last episode. Or if there is a secret episode
Promise You
Promise You Month ago
I love your voice
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Month ago
Roland411 Month ago
If Wanda watched all her reruns on DVD, what's with the commercials? She wouldn't have seen them on DVD's and wouldn't have been influenced by them.
China Mescudi
China Mescudi Month ago
Lol it’s pronounced “seh kay tuh”
Ryan Schaffner
Ryan Schaffner Month ago
Check grabber sounds an awful lot like jackrabbit