Kevin Gates - Cartel Swag [Official Audio] 

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Kevin Gates - Cartel Swag
'Only The Generals Part II' OUT NOW!
Stream/Download: kevingates.lnk.to/OnlyTheGeneralsPartIIID
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Feb 18, 2021




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kevingatesTV Month ago
'Only The Generals Part II' OUT NOW 🚨 Stream/Download: kevingates.lnk.to/OnlyTheGeneralsPartIIID
Hazim Asri
Hazim Asri 3 hours ago
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Par Lean
Par Lean 2 days ago
Goonie LaKayzzi
Goonie LaKayzzi 5 days ago
@HORRIBLE DEPLORABLE Man stfu... Like your ass could even pretend to create something even as fractionally good.....
Quentin Italiano
Quentin Italiano 7 days ago
and i know you see my watching 😎😶🤫
Doug Unger
Doug Unger 15 hours ago
I know how to stand and greet a man when he come in the room
Roderick Rembert
Mama duck I love you you one of them sosa member
Esa Alahi Salam
Love your songs
Esa Alahi Salam
I'm here
Kadir Tug
Kadir Tug Day ago
Kevin Coles
Kevin Coles 2 days ago
This pertains to the gifted only............#theresalotofalphebetsbutimag
Derick Walker
Derick Walker 2 days ago
the cartel
TheBigtsurfer 3 days ago
Every smart quote 2015 and later was actually Kevin Gates's quote plagiarised
Deondra Reed
Deondra Reed 3 days ago
Gates is not to be fucked with..
Shawn Bartholow / Lesser
لقد كنت مسافرًا منفردًا لمدة 32 عامًا. كل شخص يقول أنه يحبني. أنا نفسي في الله يسمع "سأقتلك". laqad kunt msafrana mnfrdana limudat 32 eamana. klu shakhs yaqul 'anah yuhbani. 'ana nafsi fi allah yusmie "s'uqtlak".
John Dixon
John Dixon 3 days ago
He said I like to pleasure women while shopping
Upneet Thind
Upneet Thind 3 days ago
Kevin da realest straight up yak
Upneet Thind
Upneet Thind 3 days ago
Kevin gates brother I ain’t seen no one have my back like u brotha I owe u for life
Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma 2 hours ago
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Rose Mccant
Rose Mccant 4 days ago
There he go again.The Master
Johnny Quintana
Johnny Quintana 5 days ago
When u work it a designer store and Kevin Gates walkins in...
Pringle pringle
Pringle pringle 5 days ago
Will someone please show these foos that the " dislike button"' IS NOT ""THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON "" 😁
Tara Cross
Tara Cross 5 days ago
Dayyumm.... 3:40 to the end made my heart flutter!!!
jim jones
jim jones 6 days ago
You edited the cuss words😂
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee 6 days ago
All geniuses talk to themselves
“ I vented to you on who I was talking about on ‘fly again” a reference to his song “fly again”
Gabrilynn Huestis
Funny how we do the same thing,, I was just saying the same thing!! 💋💋💋♾️☯️♾️🦄♒❤️❤️❤️.. ....
Gabrilynn Huestis
5th time here just on this song today!! 💋💋💋 muahh 💋💋💋!!!
TREE 6 days ago
My favorite song Boss
Big GD
Big GD 6 days ago
Yeah the county be packed with some of everybody.. before the pandemic they was sticking a hunnit mfkas in one bullpen .. u either gon be laying on the floor sleep .. sitting on the bench sleep or standing up looking stupid n they send u to like three different pens before u see the judge 🤦🏾‍♂️ the process long as fuck Aw yeah Rip Big clout 💪🏾
Jose Rangel III
Jose Rangel III 7 days ago
Sharing is caring and I'm not the only one.
9tn9ty 5
9tn9ty 5 8 days ago
It has been an amazing journey, thank you God🤝
shakeela Johnson
shakeela Johnson 8 days ago
Why it sound like he say and I know you see me watching you
CroW FortunatE
CroW FortunatE 8 days ago
"I know how to greet a man when walking in a room" - Kevin Gates.
SansilBeatz 2 hours ago
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Gabrilynn Huestis
My love baby,, 💋💕💓🧸💘💞🥰😍💋🌹🌹👑💯👑💯🤍🖤
Jamie Diorio
Jamie Diorio 9 days ago
We play this song about 34 times a day in our house
9tn9ty 5
9tn9ty 5 9 days ago
Sickwit Music
Sickwit Music 9 days ago
Gates a real one for shoutin out mama duck. All these other industry 🤡‘s too scared of lil durk bein mad at them to show love where love deserves to be shown 🖤
Muslim 7
Muslim 7 9 days ago
Alhamdulilah 🤲🏿‼‼
Harmony Te Ao
Harmony Te Ao 9 days ago
On repeat!!!!! love from NZ
Raihan Sungkar
Raihan Sungkar 9 days ago
fuckwhauheard1 10 days ago
He wreck the song the first sentence that mic is dead after that
Joey Welch
Joey Welch 10 days ago
Never disappointed...
WeeddidouTT 11 days ago
Sokdaran Iv
Sokdaran Iv 11 days ago
🔥 💯🙏🏽
Larry Hoover
Larry Hoover 11 days ago
Here for mama duck
TWISTER MUSIC 11 days ago
Goosebumps,im so low but high off Kevin gates
Huck 12 days ago
Gates fell off man,nowhere close to luca brasi 2 an 3,great example,perfect imperfection,i could keep goin byt yall get the point
Audrey Simmons
Audrey Simmons 12 days ago
Follow me or your gay
Gabrilynn Huestis
Gabrilynn Huestis 12 days ago
Love you 💞💘💟💌💌💞💘💟💌😘🧸🧸😘
Lucas Richardson
Lucas Richardson 12 days ago
Looking for the hum di lilah meaning 🧐
Princess N
Princess N 12 days ago
I talk to myself all genus’s talk to themselves- Kevin Gates aka the big general
James Bailey
James Bailey 12 days ago
JustG0tow3d 12 days ago
Kevin can rap but this fool is a narcissist
datwork513 13 days ago
All the time
Gena Dennis
Gena Dennis 14 days ago
THA BEAST 14 days ago
Need a sign 🪧.... this is it now get tf up and grind!!!
Kimberly Cleesat
Kimberly Cleesat 14 days ago
Deep its been year My wings were broke But i fly again
Crystal G
Crystal G 14 days ago
Roderick Fisher
Roderick Fisher 14 days ago
Derrick bright
Derrick bright 14 days ago
Motel 6 red oak liltone yeah im family white boy bandanna familiar facts next. Door 214 js im enforcer
GFN 7 NATION!! 14 days ago
Cassandra Robinson
Cassandra Robinson 14 days ago
Love it....got it on repeat!
Ryan Okane
Ryan Okane 14 days ago
Facts from me " myself an I '
nathan yuri
nathan yuri 15 days ago
"And I know she see me watchin" 🎶
nevaeh hamilton
nevaeh hamilton 15 days ago
Kevin Gates speaks facts. So wise🔥
Emmxn Sxvxge
Emmxn Sxvxge 15 days ago
Da baby on a remix??
Linda Velez
Linda Velez 15 days ago
Tex Jones
Tex Jones 15 days ago
Fire Stay blessed dawg
Dianna Jack
Dianna Jack 15 days ago
Was neva fat FAM!! I love you so much!! Thank you for today.. Y'all had me balling my eye's out!! How's my God momma..?? Let her know how much I love and miss her and I want to give u a hug bc what u all did for me today meant so much to me and I know u wanna meet me anyways, I ain't stupid lol #LOVE #RESPECT #LOYALTY SHIT MEAN'S EVERYTHING💯❤
James Spencer Yancey
A lot of pretty feathers
Disheka Combs
Disheka Combs 16 days ago
Kevin gates
T Shark
T Shark 16 days ago
I have rinsed this album over and over and I love it I only really listen to Kevin and get mega excited for new drops but I can't help but feel it's the same track re written over and over.the content now just amounts to a few subjects. he just says the same thing but re written.ie the Instagram being cancelled etc.anyone else get me? I'm not hating just stating it's a bit samey and like so much Puerto Rico love but wheres the Puerto Rico love back like using artists and putting back into the culture? If I got this wrong educate me Yes lawd being my fav as it's comes with that aggression.
Derrick Bright
Derrick Bright 16 days ago
Grey car just like diwhoo 300 fam
Derrick Bright
Derrick Bright 16 days ago
When they hated i prayed fam
Derrick Bright
Derrick Bright 16 days ago
Enforcer yeah im a boss hello 300 the steel
Dianna Jack
Dianna Jack 16 days ago
daniel rios
daniel rios 17 days ago
daniel rios
daniel rios 17 days ago
daniel rios
daniel rios 17 days ago
Gouchi Dav
Gouchi Dav 18 days ago
Chris Voss
Chris Voss 18 days ago
Super fuckin dope
Eric Brown I
Eric Brown I 19 days ago
My push up game done turnt the fuck up. Right on Kevin for the motivation.
ZEN FLO 19 days ago
I Talk To Myself
Tony 19 days ago
This albums vibe is legendary, never seen nothing like it
kenna Edwards
kenna Edwards 20 days ago
L love kevin gates
kenna Edwards
kenna Edwards 20 days ago
Everyone loves kevin gates
TheGAMEGod 20 days ago
Shout out to cartel Bo mane 💯
Celina Trapp
Celina Trapp 20 days ago
Honchotookyo Hoe
Honchotookyo Hoe 20 days ago
Yooo he got 666 subs
Derrick Bright
Derrick Bright 21 day ago
Hello 60th b day hello boss believe now hello
Ihopeyoufall666 BrandiAliceLemke
1.4k #qwinn here here with #joemc aka #joker #bipolarcapa love y'all
ReSeriesDe /Anim
ReSeriesDe /Anim 22 days ago
Is he living over here on Puerto Rico or something like that?🤣 I fwh bruh LIT im from PR tho
Arial Shepherd
Arial Shepherd 22 days ago
Yuhhh factz
TheGAMEGod 22 days ago
If you consider yourself a real Kevin Gates fan I want you to go and like every single video he has ever posted right now! If everyone of us real fans do this he will succeed!
TheGAMEGod 20 days ago
@Travis Loy on my soul beloved
Travis Loy
Travis Loy 20 days ago
I have already been on that train since the music gets released
Raquez Wells
Raquez Wells 22 days ago
QKK Ikard
QKK Ikard 22 days ago
Beats boy Beach boy
Guy Madison
Guy Madison 22 days ago
Deeshawn Wilson
Deeshawn Wilson 22 days ago
Tell ur dude back back I know u see me watchin
Deeshawn Wilson
Deeshawn Wilson 22 days ago
Cartel swag my shit frfr
Bloody Tampon
Bloody Tampon 22 days ago
This n**** said he suffers from king’s disease. Lol. You got gout my g? 😂😂
V-Real 22 days ago
Trying to find when a Lion cared about the opinion of sheeps!!
Zay Babyboss
Zay Babyboss 23 days ago