HOW TO SNEAK FOOD ON THE PLANE || Awesome Food Sneaking Ideas by 123 GO! 

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Nothing’s worse than when you’re hopping on a plane to go somewhere fun and you’re told you can’t bring your snacks with you. Where’s the fun in that? Good thing there’re ways to sneak food on the plane.
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Mar 2, 2021




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Peach Lover
Peach Lover Day ago
123 go: You can’t sneak snacks or drink on the plane. Me: WAIT BUT IN MY COUNTRY IM ALOUD TO BRING FOOD ON THE PLANE (but not drink :(
Sniper girls Sniper girls
So I’d sneak food A hairband so could the hairband and then take actual hairband out and then stuff in with your favourites sweets
nandhini bharu
nandhini bharu 18 hours ago
xiaozheng lin
Gina Gaddini
Gina Gaddini 2 days ago
Gabriella Thenor
Gabriella Thenor 2 days ago
Ananya Shekhar Jha
Desiree Hoang
Desiree Hoang 4 days ago
Desiree Hoang
Desiree Hoang 4 days ago
Rules make perfect, Thomas
Sarah Burch
Sarah Burch 5 days ago
Emmalee Nelson
Emmalee Nelson 5 days ago
Amir Delic
Amir Delic 6 days ago
Can you make more airplane vids
Alberto Fornara
Alberto Fornara 6 days ago
Logitech Fn
Logitech Fn 6 days ago
I moon
Caroldeen Harry
Caroldeen Harry 6 days ago
Why Bella cut her hair😭😭
sarah the princess
I like the idea, but why not get food on the plane? It might take a week to arrive, and everyone might be super hungry!
R.shaivee mayukha
Bellaaaaa did you cut ur hair it was so pretty i love ur hari
Twinkle Sparkle
Twinkle Sparkle 2 days ago
@Kathleen Shrubb The girl with black hair you saw in the video. She ussually has long hair but here she had shorter hair.
Brandon long
Brandon long 3 days ago
Hsjgjjjx jk
Nallelys Penalo Jimenez
Nallelys Penalo Jimenez
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Nallelys Penalo Jimenez
Aadhya B
Aadhya B 7 days ago
Food is allowed on a plane
Brandon Richardson Richardson
Kid stop the f***crying
Elena Cristina Jitescu
I love go at the plane!🙂🙂🙂 Wow.🤑🤑❤
Mampi Patra
Mampi Patra 8 days ago
Bad .
Audrey Madjitey
Audrey Madjitey 8 days ago
I tried the spray hack and it worked 😁😁😁
Courtney McRae
Courtney McRae 9 days ago
I like this video
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 9 days ago
Why did Bella cut her hair short i loved her long thick hair😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Caroldeen Harry
Caroldeen Harry 6 days ago
Yes why😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Camila's familia
Camila's familia 10 days ago
Likee in every vid People who pretend to be teachers or someone else just putting on a wig (did u ever notice?)
Yami Nico
Yami Nico 10 days ago
Hey girl
Yami Nico
Yami Nico 10 days ago
Shali Begum
Shali Begum 10 days ago
I love you all 123 go girls and boys😀😀😀😀
Ma. Edelinda Estacio
Bella is weird with her green shirt when bella give the edible lipstick to betty she looks mean.
rajendiran nyusoksbr
Iefm +
Elrica Choo
Elrica Choo 12 days ago
Abulibi Azadp be
Abulibi Azadp be 13 days ago
I love going on vacation
HaileyPlays 13 days ago
𝓲ꪑ 𝘴ꪊ᥇᥇𝓲ꪀᧁ 𝓽ꪮ ꫀꪜꫀ𝘳᥇ꪮᦔꪗ ᭙ꫝꪮ ꪶ𝓲𝘬ꫀ𝘴 𝓽ꫝ𝓲𝘴 ᥴꪮꪑꪑꫀꪀ𝓽 ꪖꪀᦔ 𝘴ꪊ᥇𝘴ᥴ𝘳𝓲᥇ꫀ𝘴 𝓽ꪮ ꪑꫀ ğ̈ŏ̈ŏ̈d̆̈ŭ̈c̆̈k̆̈
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming 13 days ago
Kateřina Králová
Kateřina Králová
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Kateřina Králová
Kateřina Králová
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Kateřina Králová
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Kateřina Králová
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Kateřina Králová
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Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima 15 days ago
Max can not get his soda
Radika Mohabir
Radika Mohabir 15 days ago
ArielGSB 15 days ago
I was here at 100 subs
tvt gamer
tvt gamer 15 days ago
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Jagoda Pawlicka
Jagoda Pawlicka 15 days ago
One thing, why do you have those bags if you have nothing in it?
Purplefoxplayz 16 days ago
Our airport is so secure I can’t steal candy in and Lasix it’s from the food court
Asmina Azeeb
Asmina Azeeb 17 days ago
Is it really not allowed to eat food actually it is allowed
David Doke
David Doke 18 days ago
I tried the food one and got caught so your hacks don’t fucking work
Vivianslol 18 days ago
I love 123 go
Vivianslol 18 days ago
Bella berry _editz
Bella berry _editz 18 days ago
2:56 girl you look at unrealistic as ever but sure like somebody ain’t got a notice that does not look realistic at all
Katie Healy
Katie Healy 18 days ago
Lily was upset I don't know why is Lily sad
Dawn 18 days ago
Fstufsuid ya
Qingping Yu
Qingping Yu 19 days ago
Don’t they give you sodas in the airplane?
Daya Curtis
Daya Curtis 19 days ago
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Dobuol buoy
Dobuol buoy 19 days ago
Dobuol buoy
Dobuol buoy 19 days ago
Kissing you and I am a little Angel😇
Kylie Brookman
Kylie Brookman 19 days ago
Madison Montoya
Madison Montoya 19 days ago
I to go doctor
Jori 5
Jori 5 19 days ago
Z piping and the one in a little more
Pern Duval
Pern Duval 19 days ago
I am so happy birthday 🎂🎂and it my birthday ok 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
alexa kyla Andrade
alexa kyla Andrade 19 days ago
bella hair is so short but she is still so beautiful
Banani misra
Banani misra 16 days ago
No her hair is not short she just used cute curls
Ãrmy vanwlee&
Ãrmy vanwlee& 20 days ago
Waw...... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Liam Lamontagne
Liam Lamontagne 20 days ago
If Gehrigufgugufuff
Arnob's World 🌍 🌎 ❤️❤️❤️💝💖
AirPort little girl and guy how old are you take food Or they will have nothing or in case they will get angry
Taleen Safa
Taleen Safa 21 day ago
Carolyn Young
Carolyn Young 21 day ago
I’ve never been on a plane in my life but my mum and nan have
M H 21 day ago
xxxwolf pls like
xxxwolf pls like 22 days ago
XD. M c 👿 👿🤒🤐😯😯😯😯😯😯🤠😈😈🤧🤠🤠🤠bbbb
TheRealRiaa 22 days ago
5ttg) ccml I
Carl Murillo
Carl Murillo 23 days ago
Zoe Boswell
Zoe Boswell 23 days ago
Hilkka Haikali
Hilkka Haikali 23 days ago
I love you so much i wanted to be on your show her child tuli
Hilkka Haikali
Hilkka Haikali 23 days ago
Thank you for everything
Hilkka Haikali
Hilkka Haikali 23 days ago
Hey your 'll i misset you
Dakota Souza
Dakota Souza 24 days ago
I tied some of them they don’t work
Dakota Souza
Dakota Souza 24 days ago
I’m sorry I worked until the end
Holly Somers
Holly Somers 24 days ago
That maneuver is Bella
Glenn Brewer
Glenn Brewer 24 days ago
Celyn Jones
Celyn Jones 24 days ago
Um excuse me I had candy on a plane and I was allowed
Laurren Helman
Laurren Helman 24 days ago
Love your vids
Jian Clyde Viernes
Jian Clyde Viernes 25 days ago
P Hgifhognghjkskskssojejejjeeieoe jpejiouytrrnjms
Lilly Holland
Lilly Holland 25 days ago
Lilly Holland
Lilly Holland 12 days ago
@alexa kyla Andrade X_X
Lilly Holland
Lilly Holland 12 days ago
@Carolyn Mae Basseg Okay
Lilly Holland
Lilly Holland 12 days ago
@Kavita Tripathi NEVER
alexa kyla Andrade
alexa kyla Andrade 19 days ago
Kavita Tripathi
Kavita Tripathi 20 days ago
Jeez! Calm down, dude!
Rody Abozaid
Rody Abozaid 25 days ago
The kid is eating a lollipop and I am eat a lollipop
t r
t r 25 days ago
You know some of these would work if the plane didn’t let you take food on the trip, oh wait I forgot they do.
haingura mary
haingura mary 25 days ago
I can do that
haingura mary
haingura mary 25 days ago
I like the blue scientist🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Attitude queen
Attitude queen 25 days ago
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali 26 days ago
I want a shout out I want to shout out I wanna shout out I wanna shout out please I’m like you want if you go
Sabiha Nizar
Sabiha Nizar 26 days ago
And f or later
Arnold Greenaway
Arnold Greenaway 26 days ago
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AFARI VLOG 26 days ago
Hey gauys are you go the plan there have no to sneak the food 🍲 thats realy sad ness
angelina Nazzal
angelina Nazzal 27 days ago
I am clicking off this vid
Meena Somwar
Meena Somwar 27 days ago
You are awesome
Evelyn Cecilia.P
Evelyn Cecilia.P 27 days ago
Nisar Begum
Nisar Begum 28 days ago
Wy did Bella put her sweets in t
Hafiz mughal
Hafiz mughal 28 days ago
Imma you are so cute
Lovell Satcher
Lovell Satcher 28 days ago
You can always eat food on the plane there’s literally a cart that gives it to you literally there’s a job to give people food on a plane
Lance Ballentine
Lance Ballentine 7 days ago
True truey true true
Brianna Bell
Brianna Bell 29 days ago
Ya 🤢🤢🤮🤢🤢
Aisxena 24 pl Aisxena 24 pl
123 g ! ten odcinek po prostu bardzo prosze
Octavia Holiday
Octavia Holiday 29 days ago
0 r
Littlest aria playz
Dogecoin... wtf SNL