Minecraft 1.17 Is OUT NOW - Where Are The New Caves & Cliffs? 

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GO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE, Watch video explaining later

Minecraft Bedrock is the same as Minecraft Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Minecraft PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Minecraft Switch, Minecraft PE and of course Minecraft Windows 10

ALL 136 Features in Minecraft 1 17 (Caves And Cliffs)

Minecraft 1.17 Seed: 2 Geodes At Spawn!?

Minecraft 1.17 - The 6 Features You NEED To Care About

Minecraft Confirms 1.19 Update ALREADY? 2021 Update

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Jun 8, 2021




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Comments 0   
PshThePharaoh 2 hours ago
why are the caves the same? oh
Sprite 7 hours ago
its called part 1 they explained all of this
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 15 hours ago
minecraft doesn't have a new update for a long time but this part 1 just feels unfinished... i think im just gonna wait until part 2 releases.
D u m b l I n g s
D u m b l I n g s 19 hours ago
Ur telling me I waited for so long just for no caves and cliffs 😃
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 15 hours ago
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Michael Day ago
Will this update be added on to my existing world that I play and grinded on?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Day ago
As a bedrock player, I fell robbed in this new update
Blue Mutt
Blue Mutt Day ago
Mojang is something like 600 people funded by one of the top tech companies working on the most popular game ever but they can hardly squeeze out one update a year.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Day ago
Felt scammed when i updated MC and found zero caverns/giant caves
M3N9 Day ago
Imma continue playing osu until the second part releases :/
Aryl Berisha
Aryl Berisha Day ago
bro they made diamonds superrare
Okamura Day ago
bruh i waste my time to fly with elytra and trident to find a mountain 0___0
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Hmmm, yes, G O A T
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
Everyone: The Trailer will be AWESOME! Minecraft: G O A T S
lydia Wartel
lydia Wartel 2 days ago
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
a lot of you are really salty just wait, the mojang team works their asses off. just wait
Pink-fun The danish boy
The update is called CAVES AND CLIFFS I
Moardus 2 days ago
Does anybody know when the height and bottom level will increase? is it in part 2?
2rek TT
2rek TT 2 days ago
I got it yesterday and i am playing it today
Joshua Beattie
Joshua Beattie 2 days ago
Not as bad as those giant ass bees tho
Joshua Beattie
Joshua Beattie 2 days ago
Ive found geodes tho on minecraft pocket edition full of amethyst
TIXERZ 2 days ago
We need gillie suits
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 days ago
By splitting the update, they’re splitting the hype.
Placodermi 2 days ago
Bro what is taking so long
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 days ago
Wait i thought the part 1 will be cliffs then part 2 is cave
Excursion Comics
Excursion Comics 3 days ago
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bloodmonk61 3 days ago
Really annoying.. saw the update and started a new hardcore world.. only to find out that I have to wait 6 months for the features I'm actually interested in. I get it, they have their reasons.. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who got disappointed.
McClaps 3 days ago
Felt scammed when i updated MC and found zero caverns/giant caves
EHAN PLAYZ 3 days ago
Blitz With Spartan617
6 months? What a joke of a thing
InvaderZim 1x
InvaderZim 1x 3 days ago
Just join beta because it has the cave generations Pt2 has the Mobs and the other cave biomes
boy212 3 days ago
I've been delayed 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
novo 4 days ago
a lot of you are really salty just wait, the mojang team works their asses off. just wait
Weird Hungidas
Weird Hungidas 4 days ago
6, months, *bruh*
StarchySleet341 4 days ago
By splitting the update, they’re splitting the hype.
Logan S
Logan S 4 days ago
Dang. My friend and I started a new world thinking there would be new caves. We are going to wait for 1.18 I guess
d C
d C 4 days ago
What a cheap ass update why even release it?
Deon Dudely
Deon Dudely 4 days ago
The new cave and cliffs comes out in part 2 in November
Trent Inwood
Trent Inwood 4 days ago
they will add the big caves, wont they? we just have to wait.
JamesPlaysGames 4 days ago
Minecraft: *Adds new splash screen* Me 2 minutes later: G O O D B Y E
M3G00DP3RS0N 4 days ago
Wait i thought the part 1 will be cliffs then part 2 is cave
thetrue robloxoof
It came out
ZDT exploring
ZDT exploring 4 days ago
You can just play lasted snapshot
gà tây
gà tây 4 days ago
where warden
Khajiiti Manus
Khajiiti Manus 4 days ago
Something something engagement, boost algorithm
Mr prro pro
Mr prro pro 4 days ago
I can't play Minecraft for a veay veay long time because my brother broke my Nintendo switch but I have Minecraft on my tablet but it can't work on my tablet
Heavy Metal Rewind
Bruh, all that wait for G O A T and S Q U I D?
FLSnail 5 days ago
I'm fine with this update. The caves still have new content, just not the biggest part of it which is the generation and biomes (and warden). It's at least new content till then.
shanelle rodriguez
6 months?! That’s bs. 😒
Drew Kirk
Drew Kirk 5 days ago
They should've waited.
ItsOrange 5 days ago
This update is surprisingly disappointing. They should've just delayed it.
adRo3 4 days ago
But if they really want it it’s in the Minecraft beta and Java snapshots
ItsOrange 4 days ago
@adRo3 yeah but I think people were more upset expecting caves and cliffs and getting no caves and no cliffs in their update 😬
adRo3 4 days ago
If they did people would be upset cause they promised something would come in summer when it was announced at minecon 7 or 8 months ago
EVLfreak666 5 days ago
Epstein didn't kill himself
cam cam
cam cam 5 days ago
"Including this new menu screen" Minecraft: You can't explain that!
Deimantas Burneika
Im playing on 1.17 on xbox one i dont see the new caves its only 64 blocks deep not 120
Spite 5 days ago
Float in a boat with a goat By Dr Suess
Luis Lebrón Aponte
That trailer for 1.17 was like "So, ramming was added. Oh and also ramming, but with another mob. ... ... btw there are also a ton more blocks added. But, yeah. Ramming." XD
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 5 days ago
The creative mode update
Sheeesh Hoy
Sheeesh Hoy 5 days ago
Justin Rydar
Justin Rydar 5 days ago
Yeah.... this is pretty lame.
Welp 5 days ago
I’ve already got the float your goat
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 5 days ago
Want to unsubscribe
Hello Human
Hello Human 5 days ago
On pocket (not sure about other forms of bedrock) they seem to have made diorite a lot more common. I hate it.
xXCRIMSONS4Xx 23 5 days ago
More like ocean mobs update😀
A TheGreat
A TheGreat 5 days ago
Thank You for being a bedrock player! Much Appreciated.
Jared Harper Beam
Yooooo caves and cliffs without the cavesss and cliffssss
Danny Peixinho
Danny Peixinho 5 days ago
i’m kind of annoyed about the update split. now i have to wait another 6 months to start a new world with new generation
max duarte
max duarte 5 days ago
lame update
Sowjanya eluri
Sowjanya eluri 5 days ago
I ti not real
Sowjanya eluri
Sowjanya eluri 5 days ago
What are you guys
Evelyn Ly
Evelyn Ly 5 days ago
The geodes have already been released
Falcon "Soldier"
Falcon "Soldier" 5 days ago
Minecraft = we will add caves and cliffs ! People = yay Minecraft = it's here ! People = where is it ? Minecraft = it was part 1 ! We lied to you ! Now wait another 6 months for the actual update ! People = y..ay .... f*ck you
Brainbox.cc 5 days ago
Minecraft: Goat simulator update part 1
Falcon "Soldier"
Falcon "Soldier" 5 days ago
The school has ended But summer is just 3 months Now I need to wait another 6 months for the ACTUAL caves and cliffs update ? This was disappointing
Ahli Dryk
Ahli Dryk 5 days ago
I download it in pocket edition but no cave and cliff only new blocks and mobs
Mason Fielding
Mason Fielding 5 days ago
I want the candles ffs they’re not on Xbox one
DaGamer YT
DaGamer YT 5 days ago
Yall dumb smh it's not fully released its PT1 PT2 RELEASES IN DECEMBER
Markniscute JR.
Markniscute JR. 5 days ago
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 5 days ago
I am very sad that we don’t get the caves and cliffs so don’t you think it should be goat update
iSwiftyFox 5 days ago
We haven’t had an update this small since buzzy flipping bees
German lost
German lost 5 days ago
Ahhhhhhhh I didn’t get the update
RavagerGaming 5 days ago
I found a geode under water with one of my friends we collected the whole thing and i made an amethyst house
Zeapsin 5 days ago
1. There's 2 updates, this is the first 2. Watch the trailer
I dont have the new 1.17 im still on 1.16 how!?
All Father
All Father 5 days ago
I don’t understand why so many people are surprised tho, hadn’t they already said that the main part of the update was getting delayed?
TooninatorPlayz 5 days ago
Man i kinda love and hate this update, i love the new blocks, but hate that diamonds don't spawn as much as they used to. Can't wait till the new update that allows you to go into negative y coordinates because I believe it will fix the diamond issue.
legally tubed
legally tubed 5 days ago
I really think that they should have released the whole update at one time rather than 2 parts would've been better in my opinion
Bobcaty1 5 days ago
Why dont azalea trees and lush caves and axolotls not spawn in survival?
Taylor Anthony
Taylor Anthony 5 days ago
I don't have the new textures for the iron and stuff
AOT Edits
AOT Edits 5 days ago
I made a zoo and when it came out I started building the exhibit
Mr Zedge
Mr Zedge 5 days ago
My Minecraft broke completely, it doesn’t work, my worlds were wiped, and the mods I make for myself broke, I hate mojang
CJ Cugtas
CJ Cugtas 5 days ago
TroyGaming Channel
I have a question I am unable to even change my character I just updated my minecraft and i am lost also my other question is if I update my game do I get the cave and cliff to my current world or do I make a new
LEGO Plus 5 days ago
Why didn’t we get the goat horn?
adRo3 5 days ago
It doesn’t have a use yet which means it not finished and will come in 1.18 in December
Ezra Mazhande [U3KN]
Hey toycat I have bedrock but I don’t have the goat horn
Seth_ AP1
Seth_ AP1 5 days ago
Just loaded a new world and spawned in a Jungle, found a pink sheep, and found an amethyst geode digging down my first mine all in less than 20 minutes 🤯
Mita Lakhimale
Mita Lakhimale 5 days ago
I an not update the game 🤨🤨🤨
KD 23
KD 23 5 days ago
How’re you placing the blocks on air? Without turning around and spacing them Down
adRo3 5 days ago
It’s a bedrock exclusive feature
Keith G
Keith G 5 days ago
where are the bundles???
adRo3 5 days ago
They will be in 1.18 in December
bud lee
bud lee 5 days ago
8 minute video and shows nothing new...cool
Logan Entertainment
I'm wondering what the second update trailer would be like???
Wade Kirkwood
Wade Kirkwood 5 days ago
.. pe caves suck still
Vanetia 5 days ago
Question, how did you update it? I'm on pc and plays bedrock i dont know how to download it
Creggy 5 days ago
Xd Peter Gamer
Xd Peter Gamer 5 days ago
Goats: U can’t defeat me Players: No,I know but he can Water bucket comes to save the day
30 New Farms For 1.17
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