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Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil 8 (PC, PS5, Xbox, PS4) is finally here. Is the continuation of Ethan Winters' story a satisfying one? Let's talk.
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May 7, 2021




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gameranx Month ago
VERY cool but not enough big lady
Th3Alley 4 days ago
Can we possibly get a before you buy for open country?
Peter Landyn
Peter Landyn 20 days ago
pro trick: you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.
Jade Runner 2049
Jade Runner 2049 22 days ago
Incidentally, in case anyone is interested, Lady Dimitrescu is loosely based on a real person, Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific serial killer in recorded human history. Bathory is one half of the inspiration for Dracula and the original vampire myth - Dracula is a combination of Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler (Bram Stoker combined the two figures from history to create the character Dracula.) Elizabeth Bathory was a countess of a village in Eastern Europe. She was also a psychotic sexual sadist who would have women and young girls from the village brought to her castle (under the guise of recruiting them as maids) where she would torture and murder them. She also drained their bodies of blood and bathed in it because she believed this would somehow extend her lifespan. I believe the final body count was over 500 women and girls, and eventually the aristocracy put a stop to her because she was actually harming the economy and labor force in that area because she was killing so many women - it was literally getting to the point where soon there wouldn't be enough _people_ born to keep the economy going, that's how many women she murdered. There's a nonsense narrative floated about in....let's just say "certain" circles, that E Bathory was actually a _good_ person and a healer, and her tortures were actually botched attempts at healing the sick. This narrative is complete garbage, however, and total revisionist history and isn't backed up by any evidence whatsoever. Capcom actually put a surprising amount of references to Bathory in RE8 I'm surprised more people have noticed Lady Dimitrescu is based on her.
Jade Runner 2049
Jade Runner 2049 22 days ago
JP GAMING 27 days ago
@méd h at least in that game they actually acknowledge they in the re universe.
DIO_Hoestar_420 9 hours ago
I guess its nice to know Miss Trixie Mattel also stans Lady Dimitrescu. Two queens staning eachother lmao.
Danny Green
Danny Green 17 hours ago
I'd love to know more about the game like the mansion play and less about the internet having mommy issues.
Danny Green
Danny Green 17 hours ago
Again, watching after I bought.
Ash Forde
Ash Forde 20 hours ago
I'm here because Trixie Mattel has accidentally added this twice to her Bald and the Beautiful playlist lol
DIO_Hoestar_420 9 hours ago
LMAAOO ME TOO. I was so confused.
Aaron Burton
Aaron Burton 2 days ago
I haven’t beaten it yet but my BIGGEST WTF MOMENT (Spoilers) is when Ethan got his hand chopped off and then just calmly put it back on and his fingers started moving!?!?!?!!? Like wtf!?!?! That’s not how hands work 😳😳😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯🤯 there better be a reason for this lol 😂
Inhale Exhale
Inhale Exhale 2 days ago
Okay I'm going to play seven before I get resident evil village. I've never ever played fallout 76 and I was going to get it just because I've heard good things now that they have NPCs. But I think I'm not going to get it. I can't ignore the trash that they sold most players in 2018. I'm also super pumped for dying light too but I believe that they changed direction in the game and by that I mean they limited the choices in the story that you can change or decide for yourself I should say.
Kire667 4 days ago
why vampires, warewolves, and gargoyles? i miss when resident evil was about zombies and a virus business involvement. RE3 is the best for this then at RE4 was when I quit playing because it was humans with plant like parasites and action sequences that want me to memorize buttons to press at the right moment. I didn't sign up for guitar hero. so at least this game didn't have any Mario Party encounters.
theGraveCoyote 6 days ago
I absolutely LOVED the game! My fav gun was the 6 shooter. I forgot what it's called lol
theGraveCoyote 6 days ago
I managed to get a solid 13 hours out of it
taz200032 8 days ago
I was really enjoying the game until I got to the Heisenburg or whatever area. A million bulletsponge enemies that just DON'T stop coming. Stupid drills and crap. So unnecessary the amount of bullets needed
I must admit, I'm a bit miffed Resi has gone down the FPS route. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy FPS games, but we have SO MANY great ones already and I also LOVE 3rd person games, which sadly feel like they are becoming fewer and further between in this sort of action/adventure genre. Yes, there are some top games, like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Last of Us, Horizon Dawn, etc, but the good ones only seem to arrive once or twice a year. Good FPS games feel far more common to me (but maybe I'm wrong & that's just my perception). Resident Evil used to be one of the great 3rd person action/survival horror/adventure titles and I don't really get why they would switch it up to an FPS personally. I just feel this format, with heavy storylines, works better in 3rd person and 1st person works better in more action driven games like CoD. Part of the problem for me is that I get no feeling toward the character I'm playing in 1st person, which kind of sucks in a story driven game. My character feels faceless and generic. I still enjoyed Resi 7 and probably will this too, but I would definitely have enjoyed the experience much more had they stuck to the 3rd person formula. I know that everyone is different, but when a game is already known and established itself in a particular format I don't get why they would change it and risk alienating fans just so they can appeal to others. It's weird.
Issac Meara
Issac Meara 9 days ago
Its worth it and you should buy it if you enjoyed re7
J Kasta
J Kasta 9 days ago
And Mia looks sexier
J Kasta
J Kasta 9 days ago
I personally think RE7 is more of horror than RE8. Both are fun, but RE7 has more of horror and the terrifying feel that you get when moving around and doing stuff. I would say its due to the closed environment of resident evil 7 while 8 is more open and feels less scary due to that
Jarvis Jewett
Jarvis Jewett 9 days ago
The angle at which the shotgun is shouldered at drives me crazy.
James S
James S 10 days ago
Why is this in the Bald and Beautiful Playlist lol
Christopher Minutolo
Wtf, why is this in Trixie's playlist?
cereals 13 days ago
why is this in tracys bald and beautiful playlist
CPTN IRISH 13 days ago
Finally got the Series X and my first next gen game purchase was Little Nightmares 2. RE8 will be the next purchase. Can’t wait to pump some hours into this game. I’m fucking pumped
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 14 days ago
Looks cool but WTF it got to do with RE? Honestly these guys like the Final Fantasy guys are just throwing their franchises in the gutter with all these weird additions. FF has a fucking fishing game! This at least is still in the action horror department, but nothing you'd expect.
Socko Jr
Socko Jr 14 days ago
I hated Ethan’s dialogue... it felt forced at times and sounded out of place or very corny
N Z 15 days ago
You mean "After You Buy", that's when I watch these.
Master Jermaine
Master Jermaine 15 days ago
New drinking game idea every time he uses the word “zainy” take a shot
IEcLiPsEI95 15 days ago
Am I the only one disappointed in RE Village, because they had a cool setting this time around, like Romania, and no one character has a Romanian name. Is like the devs don't even acknowledge that Romania isn't some russian/slavic country but a latin one. Every time I hear that dimitresk name pisses me off.
Jacob Ariaz
Jacob Ariaz 16 days ago
About to go buy this shit rn
Thomas savinetti
Thomas savinetti 16 days ago
Best game on next gen so far
Liam Kent-Pomeranz
Liam Kent-Pomeranz 16 days ago
Not enough mommy milkers. 😔
Brenden Hassler
Brenden Hassler 17 days ago
I love your videos, LOL but it's hard to depend on them 100% when you were wrong about so many games, like Days gone! Even so; I still value your opinion, and will continue to support your content!
Rey Kim
Rey Kim 17 days ago
lol trixie mattel put this video in her playlist for the bald and the beautiful
mechwarrior13 18 days ago
Gonna tell my kids this is Resent Evil.
arafett745 18 days ago
I finished the first playthrough with 11 hours and 50 minutes.
Cesar 18 days ago
Dude the boss that came after the castle the house in the woods omg that got me, had to stop playing I’ll continue it tomorrow lol.
SynthD 18 days ago
So sick of seeing games come out I want to play, but can’t find a freaking ps5 to play them on. I’m not going to buy ps4 games when I’m getting a ps5 the second I find one.
Scoutz 19 days ago
Game is amazing 10/10
Tajko Redden
Tajko Redden 19 days ago
Holy shit the gameranx logo is made of bugs
Cue Zo
Cue Zo 19 days ago
VERY disappointing and not enough Resident Evil
jazz eliott
jazz eliott 19 days ago
After 25 years of milking the Resident Evil franchise Capcom has run out of ideas. Sure all these kids today will say "it's a cool game" "awesome" but the truth is that Capcom lost whatever brought them to the dance in regards to RE. Resident Evil has become just another game. Capcom forgot that the element in the franchise was survival horror and zombies.
K4L 20 days ago
of course youd put Lady Dimitrescu face, even these guys cant help it
Bounded Accuracy
Bounded Accuracy 20 days ago
7 had too many yahoo, you’re all clear...die... yahoo you’re all...die... yahoo...die...yahoo you’re all clear...die. Waste of time, poorly designed moments.
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma 20 days ago
The fact that it’s first person makes it scary thank God they don’t listen to some people
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 20 days ago
And we’re back with another episode of After You Buy
Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchell 21 day ago
As a dragon's dogma player, I can't help but notice that the little goblin looking guys at the beginning have the exact same animations as Dragon's Dogma goblins. Just a speculation :)
RememberTheMaine 21 day ago
The game is amazing
Well Rounded
Well Rounded 21 day ago
Apart from the graphics I wasn't that impressed. It felt like an amalgamation of Res 4 and Res 7 but wasn't as good as either. The game mechanics were tired, the guns lacked impact, the enemies were 'meh' and the factory level was just a slog. My recommendation would be to wait a year until it's on sale as it's not worth the full price. Res 4 is still the king IMHO!
Grady Olson
Grady Olson 21 day ago
Me is your favorite word satisfying or zany Gameranx: Yes
JCplaythis 21 day ago
Conspiracy theories : Ethan just went to sleep and all this was just a bad dream 🛌 😴 💤 💭
fuzzymeep 21 day ago
By the game before watching this video
IVAN GREY 21 day ago
I think RE should be Swappable from First to Third, I'd rather play in First Person Especially in VR but for those who like 3erd person should be able do so. RE 2 on PC first Person Mod VR is INTENSE AHAHAH I hope they wait for games to be Photo Real for RE4 Remake
Rich G
Rich G 21 day ago
I find it better than 7, except the boss fights. The boss fights in 7 were amazing. Overall I think 8 is much better than 7.
Junior Martinoza
Junior Martinoza 22 days ago
Games trash
Jay Sylvia
Jay Sylvia 22 days ago
I want to buy re village and biomutant which is coming out tomorrow but i do not know which game to buy
Jade Runner 2049
Jade Runner 2049 22 days ago
I don't understand how you can have this objection to RE7+8's story being a departure from "classic Resident Evil" when RE4, 5 and 6 were _also_ a departure from Resident Evil. Seriously, RE4's story isn't just garbage, it had ZERO to do with the existing Resident Evil story line and lore. Far, far worse of a departure than RE7 or 8. RE5 and 6's stories at least had _something_ to do with Resident Evil but they were so bad (horrifically in the case of RE6) that it didn't matter. So I don't see how anyone can complain about RE7 and 8 not "feeling like Resident Evil enough" when the previous 3 games were 1000x worse in that regard. I mean, Resident Evil 6 might as well have been called "Gears of Evil"... After the calamity that was Resident Evil 6 I swore I was done with the entire franchise because it was clear Capcom didn't understand their own series anymore. Resident Evil 7 pulled me back in precisely because it was so different from the previous 3 titles and the story seemed like it had nothing to do with either the original trilogy or 4-6, and I was curious to see how its story played out. What I got was a fantastic survival horror experience that puts you into the shoes of a new character to the Resident Evil series, a random civilian who has zero knowledge of past Resident Evil characters and events, and as such the events through his eyes look like a completely different genre of horror, i.e Texas Chainsaw / The Hills Have Eyes, cannibal serial killers horror. The sense of mystery of how this "serial killer family" scenario could possibly be related to established Resident Evil lore, and gradually unravelling that mystery as you progressed through the game, was spectacular in my opinion. I came away from 7 elated with it precisely because it went in such a bizarre and new direction from the previous games. I was apprehensive about 8 because, honestly, it looked nonsensical, like they just plucked the protagonist from RE7 and dropped him in Transylvania fighting vampires and werewolves, and I didn't see how they could possibly connect that to RE7 _or_ previous Resident Evil lore - but god-damn, did they pull it off! :D The last 20 minutes of RE8 where everything comes together and makes sense (and a certain someone from RE7 makes a brief and disturbing reappearance) is sublime. I for one am really digging this new approach Capcom is taking with Resident Evil, where each new game now has a story and scenario that seems totally unrelated to Resident Evil and in completely different sub-genres of horror (cannibal serial killers in RE7, Bram Stoker supernatural monsters in RE8) and as you progress through the game you slowly discover the biological weapons story line that's underpinning everything and connects it back to "Resident Evil". I love this. I hope they continue with it. I want RE9 to be about a totally new character once again and with a seemingly un-Resident Evil story in a different sub-genre of horror that slowly reveals itself to be a classic Resident Evil scenario in disguise. If they had taken this approach after Resident Evil 3 I would probably have been disappointed with it, like you - but considering I was _already_ disappointed with Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 (especially 6) and _already_ considered them complete bastardizations of what Resident Evil was originally supposed to be, I consider this now to be a positive step UP for the series. Just my opinion. You don't have to agree.
Samuel Bartholomew
Samuel Bartholomew 22 days ago
You guys are awesome. I can always rely on you for spoiler-free, honest takes!
Erick Ricardo
Erick Ricardo 22 days ago
4:55 "more appropriately stressful" I work and study like a mfkr why would I want to feel stressful in my free time? Lmao
Amjad Manasra
Amjad Manasra 23 days ago
I will tell you a secret .. I alwase watch before you buy after finishing the game ... great gams and I agree with you almost completely (I do not want to spoil anything)...great job
AH d
AH d 23 days ago
I don't get it,why would you want to be stressed in a game...?
idk haha
idk haha 21 day ago
the game is supposed to be stressful, and an emotional ride, a lot of people, including me enjoy it!
Andrew Irwin
Andrew Irwin 23 days ago
My fav weapon is the lightsaber
Andrew Irwin
Andrew Irwin 23 days ago
Alexandre Tremblay
Alexandre Tremblay 23 days ago
Is it like COD nazi zombie?
aestheticNUT 23 days ago
thank you jake baldino
Break Wild
Break Wild 24 days ago
Sooo is resident evil bein rebooted?
Peter Nguyên Lộc
CAPCOM cut contents in RE3 remake to save them for RE Village. You can see the castle interior, Heisenberg factory, Moreau giant fish movement, Moreau fight, and village graveyard similar to what the original RE3 had. I hope you can guess.
Josh Villones
Josh Villones 24 days ago
Give my video a watch of me playing Resident Evil VR for the first time 2 years ago. I thought it was hilarious and would love to get some feedback! Should I play the new one?!
Zombie Moz Die
Zombie Moz Die 24 days ago
I tried hardcore mode first and this is so impossible. You really have to complete the game at least once xD
ACTIONSALAD 24 days ago
5 hours in, this ones bad guys, its not good. The greatest parts so far are in the demo. Theres nothing but frustrating, aimless circling, Puzzles with written instruction that appear to not be translated correctly, resulting in nonsense instead of a hint or instruction for the puzzle. No direction what so ever. No idea why the universe changed so drastically. 3/10/ or D for Dog Shit. Keep a Walkthrough up for this one.
Nicolyn Howell
Nicolyn Howell 25 days ago
I think re8 is the game of the year
Francisco Camarena
Francisco Camarena 25 days ago
Huge fan of the previous RE games especially 4 (duh), wasn’t a fan of 7 thought it was a worst version of 4 with less of everything that made 4 great and 2005 graphics, methods and gameplay. I am looking forward to playing this one though, it looks more engaging!
Clara Wolfenstein
Clara Wolfenstein 26 days ago
When the Duke said a certain line I went into full fan mode. Apart from that it was a good game that I plan on eventually getting the plat for
Miles Watson
Miles Watson 25 days ago
@Clara Wolfenstein ye I’d reccomend playing the game again on hardcore (should be able to fully upgrade magnum and grenade launcher), then next run on standard where you do knife only, use less than 4 meds, complete gane in under 3 hours and spend under 10,000 lei and finally on village of shadows and there you should have infinite ammo for magnum and grenade launcher
Clara Wolfenstein
Clara Wolfenstein 25 days ago
@Miles Watson Nice. Yeah I found Standard difficulty to be a cake walk. Haven't tried the next to difficulties just yet. Trying to get the infinite ammo for some more of my guns such as my grande launcher & magnum
Miles Watson
Miles Watson 25 days ago
@Clara Wolfenstein ye all story ones are very easy. Even the knife run was so much easier than I thought and did the game under 3 hours on that same run, without meds too. Village of shadows is very easy too just fully upgrade your magnum and get infinite ammo and VOS is a walk in the park
Clara Wolfenstein
Clara Wolfenstein 25 days ago
@Miles Watson Yeah. I still have quite a few for the story to do but thanks for the heads up
Miles Watson
Miles Watson 25 days ago
“What you buyin, something an old friend used to say”😂 Think about the plat before doing it. I’ve got all trophies apart from mercaneries one. Mercaneries trophy is a big platinum blocker and for the 4 2nd areas it’s boring and extremely hard, not like previous merchandise such as RE4.
Hartez2 26 days ago
Definitely game of the year for me. Very similar to RE7 in terms of gameplay mechanics and has a flavor of RE4 added to it. If you enjoyed playing either of those, get this game.
roger coffman
roger coffman 26 days ago
Another episode of too late I pre ordered it 4 months ago
R. K. Love
R. K. Love 26 days ago
RE2 Remake is the ABSOLUTE best!!! That's the formula we need back in RE. Village looks great, and I def enjoyed the demo but everything they did to improve RE2 is THE game for me... If they remade them all to be more like that... and make the new ones to be more like that instead. I want all the originals from 1-6 done like that. RE3 ain't really it either, but it's not bad.
Preston Dodd
Preston Dodd 27 days ago
***Spoiler Alert*** I disagree when you said that this game does not connect to the overall universe very well. If you go through and read all the notes and books in Miranda's lab, then you would see that this story ties to the origins of Umbrella. It had some pretty shocking revelations of how the mold is in direct connection to the T-virus. The founder of Umbrella spent 5 years in this village studying the mold under Miranda.
Dima Noetske
Dima Noetske 27 days ago
I would say 8 is far more consistent than 7, as the quality of 7 took a steep dive after leaving the Baker mansion. 8 was pretty good throughout.
Alexander Sumrall
Alexander Sumrall 27 days ago
Does this not look like a game of silent hill?? The old lady, the church??? Everything??
Untro 27 days ago
Pass, thanks! I don’t dig these new RE
ItalianStallion 27 days ago
Just straight up buy the game, it’s so much fun.
GilyyDaKilla! 27 days ago
I’ve been playing resident evil since 4 obviously replayed the og’s, I can’t play this game at night it’s too scary lol
Flawless Fatality
Flawless Fatality 28 days ago
No xbox testing? Wtf
drGonzo 28 days ago
Before you buy.. lady ceausescu doesn't have a big enough junk to be recommended by media today
Madmonkeman 28 days ago
Everyone watching this video: Where vampire lady?
Since 1996
Since 1996 28 days ago
Just finished this game, better than cash grab Resident Evil 3 Remake 100 times.
Goochsquad 28 days ago
Hate the weapon swap animation
Ozzi DaWizz
Ozzi DaWizz 28 days ago
I listened to you and tried hardcore mode. I want my 3 hours of suffering in the beginning back. 😠
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 27 days ago
You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore.
Meet Parmar
Meet Parmar 28 days ago
Hisenberg becomes a freaking transformer at the end 😂 lol
Your king! Orginal
Your king! Orginal 28 days ago
Guys dont type resident evil on youtube asshole youtubers put major spoilers i got a. Spoiler from it i hope its not major these bullshits there is spoiler on the title on thethumbnail
Your king! Orginal
Your king! Orginal 28 days ago
Stop fucking saying spoilers i saw only 2 spoilers phew at least they arent major spoilers please spoiling is bad i got spoiled residemt evil 7 there is no reason to play it anymore evil 8 hasnt been spoiled i can buy the game with scariness and exciting it goes away when you get spoiled i will buy the game soon i am lucky i just got 2 or 3 non major spoilers at least
Jeffrey Flores
Jeffrey Flores 28 days ago
If I slogged through re6 for the platinum I will slog through re8 lol
TheWhiteWolf 28 days ago
I feel the same if its not third person its not a RE game. I never finished 7 as I just couldn't get into it
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 28 days ago
I will remember this game forever! Village was incredible.
Grace Smith
Grace Smith 29 days ago
For some reason, this game feels stangley similar to Metro Exodus.
B Goss
B Goss 29 days ago
I just finished village...I thought it was excellent! Story,graphics and game play are all good!!! I’m replaying now.
hakeem pickering
hakeem pickering 29 days ago
There's nothing original about Resident Evil 8
Soulcommander 29 days ago
Jake, thanks so much for making these videos. I rely on your expertise before I spend my money. You are much appreciated!
SeaThat Gamer
SeaThat Gamer 29 days ago
I love this game i beat it 5 time and I am playing it more
Chris Prevosto
Chris Prevosto 29 days ago
Castle should of been longer
Uday Narru
Uday Narru 29 days ago
While seeing his play through..guard for godssake!!
mud87 29 days ago
Live Mas
Live Mas 29 days ago
Probably the quality on the video
MrBGP006 29 days ago
Re 3 Remake doesn’t get Mercenaries mode but Re Village does? Ok.. good to know
Daniel Tavizon
Daniel Tavizon 29 days ago
I'm a long time RE fan. 7 was okay I'm my book. I preferred the remakes of 2 &3. But village was way better then 7 for me.
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Views 594K