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Shang-Chi, also known as the Master of Kung Fu and Brother Hand, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Marvel Comics: Origin of Shang Chi Explained | Comics Explained

Comics Explained

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Apr 19, 2021




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John P
John P 6 days ago
Japanese director Akira Kurosawa making samurai movies since the 40s somehow led to a Chinese Kung Fu character?
TrainerRED Charizard
Getting Shang Chi and Blade to the MCU IS cool..But the whole "we need more ASIAN voices" is just Bs modern day politics.JUST make Chang Chi into Cool Bruce lee like Asskicking Agent/ladies man like Bond and Fans would be JUST FINE with him.his race isnt the issue if the CHARACTER is Likeable.
MrGriff305 20 days ago
Marvel realized that China is a huge market, so... Shang Chi was born!!
Fixxitt 412
Fixxitt 412 22 days ago
Thank you so much for doing these! I’ve been a bit comic fan for many many years, and still, there are so many characters I don’t know much about!
Mustang U.I.
Mustang U.I. 28 days ago
So, we’ve been pronouncing his name wrong. It’s “Shung-Chi”, lol
MrEdium Month ago
"5 FINGERS OF DEATH" first major kungfu movie in America.
Michael Solorio
Michael Solorio Month ago
So where do the mandarin and the ten rings come into play? Do they come like later on in the story?
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Month ago
Who would win between shang-chi and the iron fist?
killakali3000 Month ago
Bro u always deliver .. 🙌 for someone like me that loved comics as a boy but never had money to buy them ( used to get kicked out for trying to read them in store haha) . And now as an adult not making time to buy and read em, while missing out on so many back stories you are my go too for sure. Much appreciated and good vibes sent ur way.
Iron fist vs Shang chi who wins?
Jonathan M. Lamont
Marvel needs to do Heroes For Hire properly
Timmy Oshaunessy
1974 master of Kung Fu. Comic book
Petty_Eddy Sims
Petty_Eddy Sims Month ago
Rob Corps Assemble!, "Guys, let's not take over America"
Your Majesty Nox
9:50 well...I mean it's accurate
thisisjctorres Month ago
Soundtrack is a remix of Mansa Musa I think?
Chris Lawton
Chris Lawton Month ago
Emphasis is on the "Chu" not the "Man". Also, it's pronounced "Shong-Chi".
DarthVader DaGreat
you ain right, you was really nice about saying the original storyline was trash. told u New York Old Dope heads have a FuManchu tat. for their love dope. tru story.
HossKirkland Month ago
I never cared about this character. The MCU is delving into the shallow end of the comics for me. I hope it does well but I’m not excited for anything coming up.
Ghost Month ago
We need Nova
L Martin
L Martin Month ago
What if Shang Chi got the Iron Fist? Would love to see that
Yes, there was a martial arts craze in the 1970's & there were a *lot* of movies made, comics written, etc. Shang Chi was one of the many that was inspired by it. That was a period in my life when i was a voracious reader in comics (always have been a reader, but that time period was mostly focused on comics). In Marvel, there was Shang Chi, Iron Fist, Sons of the Tiger (who eventually retired & replaced by the White Tiger), & others. One of the major martial arts characters in DC was Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter. If we go back to the aftermath of The Killing Joke & how Barbara Gorden was dealing with her infirmary, she realized how vulnerable she was in a wheelchair, regardless of the skills she had as Batgirl. As it turned out, Batman, while talking with Barbara (anonymously, of course) on the 'net set her up to meet with Richard Dragon, who taught her Escrima (stick fighting). He taught her in a way that it can be used even in a wheelchair. He was highly instrumental in how well Barbara rebuilt her confidence & sense of independence just during the beginnings of her Oracle persona on the 'net. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting to see one of the older characters from way back when to make a more modern appearance like Richard Dragon in the comics but since I recognized Richard Dragon immediately, I knew that Barbara's training would be handled well. As far as seeing Shang Chi being worked into a modern movie goes, he was one of my all-time favorites back in the day...Shang Chi was a fully pure-strain human so highly skilled in martial arts that, much like Batman has done, he could successfully win combats with actual *super-powered* foes. In the future, Shang Chi Could work well in with other heroes in the marvel universe, even the super-powered ones.
Dayman Month ago
she's call a golddigger lol
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo Month ago
I wish you have a podcast man. I'll be your very first subscriber.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson Month ago
Let's begin!!!
Erobos Abzu Lamashtu
Beyond Omega Level: Fascist Rob! >__< ^__^
Faithdrawn Studios
oh no, he justified communism lol.
Clam Powder
Clam Powder Month ago
Make a video about the awesome Shang-Chi 2020 mini series!
Raymond Harnack
Raymond Harnack Month ago
The 90 year old was a straight white man so it’s fine .
Jacob Collis
Jacob Collis Month ago
I for one welcome our new Rob Overlord
Diavonte Allen
Diavonte Allen Month ago
I'mma call it now, I think that they are gonna make the mandarin fin fang foom wearing his dead brethren as the rings to wrap all of it together.
Upi 36
Upi 36 Month ago
Do The Hand make an appearance in his comics? I’d like to see Iron Fist get a mention in the movie
Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O'Brien Month ago
Supreme Leader Rob, your Corp is ready.
Gregory Wells
Gregory Wells Month ago
Where Is Iron fist And the Hand
Brett Cimerman
Brett Cimerman Month ago
The rza was all about marvel. Iron man cartoon samples all over bobby digital
sobreaver Month ago
D[ick-a-[mina][Tho]]R. Fou Man Chu
charlie magne chan
tbh i just heard of shang chi from a video about some guys on twitter big mad about what simu liu said about nicki minaj
Did Warner Bros own DC Comics in the 1970's?
Pnut Butta
Pnut Butta Month ago
No Robert, not narcissistic per se, historical - Fu's character and ambition was based on Qin Shi Huang; he unified China. This is basically Hero the movie in comic book form
Lonewolf Vicious
You don't know anything about wu tang
Mjol ninja
Mjol ninja Month ago
Search em up
Justin Month ago
So I’m gonna say it... This is what we’re gonna get when China has shares in Disney. Call me racist but Robert Downey Jr said in iron man they re-shot the hospital scene with only Chinese doctors for the movie to be released in China and purposefully made the head sorcerer a bald white lady instead of a Tibetan monk (cause China hates Tibet). We’re gonna see entertainment corps push Chinese entertainment to try and get the heat of their backs for this lovely pandemic they started.
Enriquillo Hernandez
Big fan of your work
Timmothy Copeland
if you have to tell people to like and/or subscribe it suggests the content doesn't move a person to do that of their own volition. just sayin'
Karine Rock
Karine Rock Month ago
Man you hit on point when I saw the trailer I was like o 💩this sounds like some wu tang 💩luv the work keep grinding 💯👍
Fistminer Month ago
Fu Manchu is just a wannabe Doom.
lukan vlogs
lukan vlogs Month ago
The trailer has big iron fist vibes tbh and I loved the show so I’m super hyped
Marisa Carrión
Marisa Carrión Month ago
The music for the trailer is by Jackson Wang! He’s amazing!
Tavis Caron
Tavis Caron Month ago
WHAT the hell was that alien squid thing on Shang's back at the end there!?! Hot damn!
Hehe shirtless The original Shang chi design looks like Lou Kang from MK
Bruce Lee inspired Stan Lee to create Shang Chi
Preq Monition
Preq Monition Month ago
ur voice is hard to hear.......
dhlmike Month ago
I'll pass I'm not watching another Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
Your Swagness
Your Swagness Month ago
Karate chop, Rob u r hilarious 🤣
Your Swagness
Your Swagness Month ago
On point...trailer & music
bobbitsunami tsunami
So who's better Shang Chi or Iron Fist?
Lurch685 Month ago
I am just dreaming of The Way of the Spider being introduced in the MCU. Tom Holland is more than athletic enough to handle the martial arts.
Bangerang Eliko
Bangerang Eliko Month ago
@4:10 "not necessarily a bad thing" - taking away liberties for the sake of security/ order = Fascism at its very core. It is absolutely a bad thing
Thousand Topics
Thousand Topics Month ago
I'm glad that the ending music choice has changed. In the past when it was electronic music, sorry I'm not a fan of washing machines and tuned keyboards. Now is really good.
MisterSouji Month ago
His dad sounds like Dr.Doom
Tim d
Tim d Month ago
anyone else play rob at .9x speed????
HeyNowJose Month ago
we gotta start pronouncing his name correctly. "shun chi"
erick navas
erick navas Month ago
Yo im only watching the new movie cause Chung from Kim's convenience store
Jalen Ikezeue
Jalen Ikezeue Month ago
I really wanna see Fing Fang Foom in the movie
n.k.warner Month ago
Keep doing ∆~{(|[ORIGIN STORY VIDEOS]|)}~∆
n.k.warner Month ago
Im a big fan of your ~ORIGIN STORY VIDEOS~
Dizzy Month ago
As an asian, I have been looking for this for a long time now.
Retroactive Gamer
lol of course it's not all wah-men, but there are definitely a chunk of them like that.
Dash Fatbastard
Dash Fatbastard Month ago
THANK YOU, Rob!!! I haven't kept up with Chi since Starlin/Engelhardt...I've been a little lost with him in the current (messy but intriguing) Avengers run. I've wondered hiw they'd ingest/recon/rework his original origin under the problematic Rohmer characters.
ohnoitsjose Month ago
Just letting you know, the Chinese/Mandarin/correct pronunciation for Shang-Chi is (sh-YOUNG-chee) or (sh-UUNG-chee) not (sh-AANG-chee).
M D Month ago
Made in China
Stop Breathing
Stop Breathing Month ago
Beyond Omega Level: Jamie Braddock please
Karan Phull
Karan Phull Month ago
And he’s back with another one 👍🏽
dragoonzen Month ago
Gold diggers in America is no difference to slavery for money and power.
sean s
sean s Month ago
🤔Yellow skin character? Fu man chu? 🤭 hmm...
Joshua Lastine
Joshua Lastine Month ago
Reminds me of Unity on Rick and Morty
swiss2gs Month ago
So who's the better fighter, Shang chi or iron fist? I'd never even heard of Shang chi before this movie
XxMoney Myerzxx
XxMoney Myerzxx Month ago
Shang chi vs liu kang who y’all got ?!?
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Month ago
So I haven't watched the trailer yet so this may quickly change, but as of right now my excitement about this movie is about a 1, and that's just because it's Marvel. I've been reading comics for over 30 years and literally never heard of this guy until the movie was announced. I'm sure it will be entertaining and I'll actually like it, but I definitely would prioritize a Howard the Duck movie over this guy.
Nathan Lawson
Nathan Lawson Month ago
I love how it always seems like you are going way off on a tangent, rambling way too long, but then it comes back and really puts things into context. Great videos.
Travis L
Travis L Month ago
Yeesh look out now, you’re flagrant communist sympathizer is showing. Stop watching this guy, he offers only exposition. Read the comic dude. I guess if you did just read straight up good narrative, you wouldn’t be able to sneak attack certain races. I see that you have chosen the Chinese propaganda route after all. Remember kids COMIC BOOKS WERE INVENTED TO BE PROPAGANDA, they still offer prevalent narratives in lou of such. This man touts the same comics the frenzied haters of the human race at marvel connive and contrive against you.... the people. In Order to stop this erratic and enigmatic behavior we have to stop people putting their politics in front of their relations as an out to fit in socially.
archie andrews
archie andrews Month ago
The character in the comic book has a long hair and wearing a chinese collar,not like this bozo
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez Month ago
What If deadpool gets adamantium?
M. Christian
M. Christian Month ago
The wonderful Doug Moench run was a personal fave of mine - hopefully the movie will at least touch on it 😀
dukkyfuzz Fuzzydukk
They brought a guy that they thought would rep Asians and it’s weak
Steve Lucky
Steve Lucky Month ago
I have as much interest as Shang Chi as I do with Kamala Kahn.....I don’t. But rob makes a video I usually watch.
Cyberpunk Zombie
United States? That shithole??? you can have it.. (i live here, i can say that.. ;) )
clark Limage
clark Limage Month ago
what if his fathers the mandarin in the movies?
Nic A
Nic A Month ago
The original source material is soooooo cringe, but I have faith in Marvel updating this.
Tensolin01 Month ago
Edward Wright
Edward Wright Month ago
Wanting to rule the world make it better is not the worst thing. I believe I can do better than our current government. but I'm black so I can do better for black people. my people has been done dirty all over the world for generations .so garanteed I would do better. But I wouldn't take away people s freedom. I just make laws and policies and control infrastructure.
Eternal Umbra
Eternal Umbra Month ago
I hate the costume they gave Shang Chi in the movie. I feel they could've done better.
Adrian Thompson
Adrian Thompson Month ago
I'm surprised that they didn't drop him here and there into other shows or movies to create a little recognition or knowledge of the dude before he got his own flick.
Collin Landers
Collin Landers Month ago
"What is better? to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?” ~Paarthurnax
Mjol ninja
Mjol ninja Month ago
What’s better? Become Collin Landers
Beastark Month ago
If no one had freedom the world would be worse because no one would be happy and without joy there's even less productivity
Two dogs Garrett
Nobody cares. Chinese propaganda. Wake up
Zachs Mind
Zachs Mind Month ago
3:10 or so. For the record, dominating the world is still a bad thing. Or in the grander scheme of things it makes no difference. Bees do not have independence. If all the bees run off from the queen, each individual has no future, but if they band together and share their skills and resources, they only have the hive, which belongs to no one, and it never lasts forever. So either way the universe finds your effort futile. Each individual should be allowed to choose their journey and therefore their fate. If you wanna sign up for a hive that's your choice, but forcing people to do so against their will is harmful to the individual, even if you build great pyramids or skyscrapers. Nothing lasts, and you built your empty throne on the bones of slaves. Hard pass.
Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner Month ago
30 seconds of information explained in 16 minutes but it sounded like Adderall and meth were in control.
chsftball57 Month ago
Rob is now on the FBI watch list lol
Vlad de Brancovan
I predict this is going to be the Mulan of Marvel movies because of the changes they will have to do to enter the Chinese market.
Tegan Combatti
Tegan Combatti Month ago
I really hope Shang-Chi leads us to IRON FIST film.
Kid Alien
Kid Alien Month ago
I really thought The Mandarin was an Iron Man Villian??
Origin of Shang-Chi