MARINA - Venus Fly Trap (Official Music Video) 

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“ANCIENT DREAMS IN A MODERN LAND” - Live from the desert, 12th June. 🏜🌵 www.momenthouse.com/marina

Directed by: Weird Life
Executive Producers: Weird Life Films
Creative Director: Laura Gordon
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Video Commissioner: Trevor Joseph Newton
Marina Management: Crush Music

Producer: Erin Boyle \u0026 Anthony Pedone
PA: Matt Garland
1st AC: Jake Bayless
2nd AC: Jed Hernandez
Gaffer: Paul Deorio
Key Grip: Michael Suraci
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter
Production Designer: Justin Ryan Brown
Set Decorator: Carter Shults
Art PA: Charlie Northrop
Picture Car: Barton Reavis
Monster Suit: Anatomorphix
Covid Compliance Officer: Anthony Pedone
CCO Assistant: Kati Thomas

Wardrobe: Mercedes Natalia
Makeup: Anthony Nguyen
Hair: Rena Calhoun
Hair Assistant: Lauren Leuning
Custom Wardrobe: Olima
Choreographer: Lisa Eaton
Stills Photographer: Brendan Walter

VFX: Rick Gorge
Color: The Mill
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll
Colour Assist: Cassie Benedict
Colour Assist: Jonathan Brandenberg
Colour Producer: Cameron Aper
Film Process/ Scan: Spectra

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Ana Lister Smith Sanz
Ana Lister Smith Sanz 19 minutes ago
I love this 💗
Antônio Carlos Neto
Antônio Carlos Neto 36 minutes ago
0:22 - Hollywood
Grégoire Leclercq
Grégoire Leclercq 49 minutes ago
Josuel Belarmino
Josuel Belarmino 57 minutes ago
Te amo sabe
oui Hour ago
She gives me soo ahs vibes I'm in love~
Ula Kai
Ula Kai Hour ago
the t-shirt 💀 ....well played Marina...
Agustina Adriana Martínez Pérez
i wannna be like her when i grow up hahah
Agustina Adriana Martínez Pérez
Shon Castisho Jaramisho
[Intro] Whatever you give life, you will get back Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap? [Verse 1] I never quite fit in to that Hollywood thing (Ah) I didn't play that game for the money or the fame (Ooh) [Pre-Chorus] I did it my way, baby Nothing in this world could change me [Chorus] Don't underestimate me 'cause one day, you're gonna see You're in a losing battle, babe, you'll never stop me being me I got the beauty, got the brains Got the power, hold the reins I should be motherfucking crazy Nothing in this world could change me [Verse 2] I sacrificed it all for a life to call mine All the love and security to be myself, oh, I I know that money ain't important (Ah) And it don't mean you're the best (Ooh) But I earned it all myself And I'm a millionairess [Pre-Chorus] I did it my way, baby Nothing in this world could change me [Chorus] Don't underestimate me 'cause one day, you're gonna see You're in a losing battle, babe, you'll never stop me being me I got the beauty, got the brains Got the power, hold the reins I should be motherfucking crazy Nothing in this world could change me [Bridge] They'll shame you, blame you, pretend to even hate you Take away your rights, pacify you with their lies Whatever you give life, you are gonna get back Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap? [Chorus] Don't underestimate me 'cause one day, you're gonna see You're in a losing battle, babe, you'll never stop me being me 'Cause whatever you give life, you're gonna get back Why be a wallflower when you can be a Venus fly trap? [Outro] Nothing in this world, ooh Nothing in this world could change me Me
Versatile_llama 3 hours ago
Evelyn Hugo owns this song it is about her I will not take any criticism
Dmattmc 3 hours ago
Anyone else notice the character Q.T Cutie in the credits that seems to have been cut from the video
Extra Chromosome
Extra Chromosome 3 hours ago
1:36 but Is it me or does Marina look like the bounty hunter from My Name is Earl?
Bobbie Productions
Bobbie Productions 3 hours ago
Froot vibes, which is my favorite song, love this.
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 4 hours ago
This Is MARINA! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Amaury Chaparro Hernandez
Nobody talks about the Hollywood industry like MARINA.
Thaylane Almeida DEVOCIONAL
Marinão entregando tudo, já farei um vídeo com a tradução no meu canal com compilações de vídeos antigos. ♥️🌹
Unknown JC
Unknown JC 5 hours ago
adicto a esta cancion, siempre me gusto marina desde que escuche Im not a robot, y sigue igual de bella
Gui Ribeiro
Gui Ribeiro 6 hours ago
Dumitru Theodor
Dumitru Theodor 7 hours ago
this inspired me to instantly open google and order a venus fly trap
Eyeball 7 hours ago
This is so good, wtf Marina
Mrs. Devito
Mrs. Devito 7 hours ago
Jenna 8 hours ago
I love all the different eras she wears
S V 8 hours ago
-"Are you wearing the-?" -"The Prada boots? Yeah, I am." 1:39
Laura Caesar
Laura Caesar 8 hours ago
Cool Song!
Cherish Daly
Cherish Daly 8 hours ago
That Harvey Weinstein shirt ahahahahh love this!!!!
Lia BaTri
Lia BaTri 8 hours ago
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 9 hours ago
It’s crazy how her sound is still the same but her lyrics are completely different. She’s taken a whole new way of thinking and writing songs but with the same old sound It’s like the sound is Marina and the Diamonds but the lyrics are Marina. I’m so happy
Frank Grant
Frank Grant 9 hours ago
Marina I love u
Rachana Rajesh
Rachana Rajesh 9 hours ago
what's that thing at the bottom left corner at 1:10? lol
sukuna simp
sukuna simp 9 hours ago
Marcial 9 hours ago
sidarth 9 hours ago
Gonna tell my kids this was the CW Powepuff girls live action series
Ramon Felix
Ramon Felix 9 hours ago
These aesthetics are everything
Ramon Felix
Ramon Felix 9 hours ago
This is so fucking good
Ramon Felix
Ramon Felix 9 hours ago
Perfect 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aaron D
Aaron D 10 hours ago
Well youtube just randomly put me here on with autoplay. I have no idea who this is. However I'm defiantly digging this, cool song and video
Lostes 10 hours ago
Marina and the diamonds is back OMG
Débora Ferro
Débora Ferro 10 hours ago
Cruel world
Cruel world 11 hours ago
I love it
Higor Mayk
Higor Mayk 11 hours ago
Fritz Thorson
Fritz Thorson 11 hours ago
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Danny 11 hours ago
the video aesthetic amazing and the lyrics are so powerful
Rafael Bessa
Rafael Bessa 12 hours ago
I love it
Federica Scotti
Federica Scotti 12 hours ago
I want to print every frame of this on my brain
Luiza R
Luiza R 13 hours ago
Diego Polanco
Diego Polanco 13 hours ago
I love it 🌪🌪🌪
Diego Polanco
Diego Polanco 13 hours ago
NATÁLIA ARAÚJO 13 hours ago
Rainha! Linda! Perfeitaaaaa
Bregje Carolisabeth
Bregje Carolisabeth 15 hours ago
Your fans never underestimated you!💖 You're our Venus Fly Greek Goddess!😌🧖‍♀️
miko foin
miko foin 15 hours ago
Underrated. Hope people who used to enjoy Marina's song could come back to hear the masterpieces she has made.
Fiddler Road.
Fiddler Road. 15 hours ago
I love the whole video but one of my favorite parts is when the monster strike a pose in the little square 😂
Ismael Aguilar
Ismael Aguilar 15 hours ago
She still obsessed with Hollywood ?
Mutiara Tanjung
Mutiara Tanjung 16 hours ago
Mantap love this song
Mutiara Tanjung
Mutiara Tanjung 14 hours ago
@miko foin yes me too
miko foin
miko foin 15 hours ago
I'm so in love with her oh my god
Caitlyn Brooks
Caitlyn Brooks 17 hours ago
People who thought that “Purge the Poison” was ~too political~ but then bang to this - it’s okay. They both slap. But sometimes it’s okay to be little to much, especially if you have to get your point across. (Harvey Winestein Gone To Jail!)
Memento Minh
Memento Minh 18 hours ago
Sophie Moon
Sophie Moon 19 hours ago
Marina te amo, por ti le echo ganas a la vida 🤙
claudio jose
claudio jose 19 hours ago
(MARINA lovers) By: insta: Zander_luizz Marina, salve!
claudio jose
claudio jose 19 hours ago
0:26 - MY Second LIFE...
claudio jose
claudio jose 19 hours ago
Gian Frezzotti
Gian Frezzotti 20 hours ago
omfg, she burned hollywood to hell
A Man On Fire
A Man On Fire 20 hours ago
All song 100% written by her and it's my #1 favourite 2021 release so far!
Juicy Jam
Juicy Jam 21 hour ago
1:21 Harvey Weinstein Gone to Jail💥
Gabriel Morais
Gabriel Morais 22 hours ago
StaryuManiac 22 hours ago
The helicopter scene left me lying flat on the pavement
jv ms
jv ms 22 hours ago
Apaixonei na música, fds
Mor Mezrich
Mor Mezrich 22 hours ago
Where are the credits for the music?
Dan Ruiz!
Dan Ruiz! 22 hours ago
Marina si que evoluciona mas que un Pokémon.
Elijah Pipino
Elijah Pipino 22 hours ago
I'm so in love with her oh my god
シtozierwu 23 hours ago
David Correa
David Correa 23 hours ago
Como así esta canción subió tanto de vistas, y como hago que llegue a mas ?
Santiago Samperio
Santiago Samperio 20 hours ago
Marina poco a poco se está volviendo más popular.
Lainey Urie
Lainey Urie 23 hours ago
I love this omg
Henrique 23 hours ago
Romulo Marinho
Romulo Marinho 23 hours ago
I love your mind!!!!
x tian
x tian Day ago
Me recuerda a mi juventud
Leonel Chamorro
vamp Day ago
ok i am OBSSESSED with this album's visuals
Slenderwood Day ago
This video is just incredible. I think it's the 10.039 I am watching it
Tiago Lança
Tiago Lança Day ago
Mamãe aqui você fez absolutamente TUDOOOOOO, ORGULHO DE SER MARINER
woahnelly Day ago
girl pleeeeease do something w Bimini Bon Boulash
Andreas Galatariotis
So good
Raíssa Leão
This album is the best work Marina’s put out yet and this is saying a lot, since I already absolutely adored her songs. She is an amazing artist and a visionary!
Neto Scaicool
This one gave me Orphan Black vibes.
meiling Day ago
so much respect for marina making music she loves and spreading messages she actually supports
Drew Sami
Drew Sami Day ago
Karen Salgado
G M Day ago
Masterpice ❤️
marooli Day ago
this song has no reason being so good
Thaliasusana duarte
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Esdras Santos
eu amo
T parks
T parks Day ago
Was she referencing to her Hollywood song?!
Christopher Chavarria
Girl wtf you're fucking beautiful ❤️ ily
Ally Queiroz
Ally Queiroz Day ago
Brunette Primadonna Girl 💃
Hoshi :3
Hoshi :3 Day ago
Soy adictaaa
Paula Karolina
I smiled for the entirety of this video 😭 I am so proud to have been a fan for like 10 years now ❤️ thank you for blessing us yet again
Nursofiya Athilah Sallehuddin
icb marina is real.... she just keeps GIVINGGGGG
. Day ago
best song on the album
yummykiwi Day ago
Marina can you please act in something. c: Thanks~ 💚✨
Piracucu Day ago
she ♥
Dxllparts Day ago
This is giving me electra heart vibes i love it