TALL AND SHORT PEOPLE HACKS || Awkward Situations And Relatable facts by 123 GO! 

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Do you have tall or short person problems? We will show you familiar awkward situations and teach you how to deal with these problems. Let us know in the comments if you like it!
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Feb 28, 2021




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DONNA ROBERTS 55 minutes ago
You. have A++
Doireann Kirwan
Well Sophia I don’t blame you COVID 19!
Raanee Abdulbaaree
Raanee Abdulbaaree 6 hours ago
Angela Denley
Angela Denley 17 hours ago
Hey guys I love that and how smart you are I know you’re a cold lazy but it’s still pretty good hacks
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison 21 hour ago
Kenna Renda
Kenna Renda 21 hour ago
You should try a new video tomorrow!
Kenna Renda
Kenna Renda 21 hour ago
I love the show I watch the show. Every day
Aayla Walker
Aayla Walker 23 hours ago
Daily Potato
Daily Potato Day ago
Person:leans on sofia Sofia:lets make 𝗮 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗯𝘆 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗱
Tamia Hanson
Tamia Hanson Day ago
What exactly is Mobotallor Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about this grow taller secrets.
Jozee Morefield
Jimmy Tweet
Jimmy Tweet Day ago
Marian Losada isaac
Sarah Marshall
i luv ur vids but i dont watch them alot
Last one: And that is how face shields was createf
Dr. Ferry Jie -
Jamie Steward
I’m only seven years old and I’m really tall
Elena Cristina Jitescu
To be short,is not better.
Kateria Simmons
His birthday was a little girl
Consuelo Ardon
My sister is like SOOO BIG
Emma COX
Emma COX Day ago
Hey 👋 how do you do that the other night you have the same phone ☎️ and you are going out for your phone 📲 you are going out and have some money 💴 out and you doing the best things to me you can go on a day I can go out to my in my car 🚘 is a big boy 👦 is going out and then he has no money 💵 he was in the prince and I was a really nice guy I love 💕 he said hello 👋 hello 👋 hey 👋 hello 👋 hi 🙋‍♂️ bye 👋 hey 👋 thanks 😊 for a meeting tomorrow morning thanks 🤩 for a little bye ✋ love 💗 and miss y’all have fun 🤩 good 😌 I have to get a little bit of a little bit I hope 🤞 had to go to the hospital 🏥 I got some things that are we have a little bit of a problem and then we will go out there for you to do something else for the next couple weeks I don’t want you to have any of them and then we are just getting a new car 🚘 I have a little while and we have some time in our life I don’t have little sister so happy 😃 bye 😽
I love your video
Louise King
Louise King 2 days ago
OMG I love you so muck guys 💞
Juana Perez
Juana Perez 2 days ago
Ke eaqswzVcu
Davy Rajah
Davy Rajah 2 days ago
But they scan your suitcase
Celyn Jones
Celyn Jones 2 days ago
If she has one ticket how can she get back your both stuck in London find a forever home
The USMAN Family
The USMAN Family 2 days ago
manju v
manju v 2 days ago
If you do opposite let small will be big and let big will be small
Linda Kimbrough
Linda Kimbrough 2 days ago
Oh my God 🙏😂
iiSamPlayzCOD 2 days ago
Lexie and Bindie King
Honey Pudding
Honey Pudding 2 days ago
This video is just for me and I’m hunny pudding sis
Glenn Brennan
Glenn Brennan 2 days ago
Glenn Brennan
Glenn Brennan 2 days ago
Link is to
POOJA TIWARI 3 days ago
Haha so funny
Daksha MD
Daksha MD 3 days ago
Maria Nihtyanova
Maria Nihtyanova 3 days ago
Thomas M Mx
Thomas M Mx 3 days ago
I'm a big fan 😙😙
Rashpal Kaur
Rashpal Kaur 4 days ago
Samuel Hamed
Samuel Hamed 4 days ago
:-[ :-[ :-[ :-$ :-$ :-[ :-$ :-$ :-[ :-$ :-! :-[ :-$ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-$ :-$ :-[ :-$
Lalitha A
Lalitha A 4 days ago
I tried I made them funny
Jothi Balasundaram
Betty is so tall
riddhima chowdhary
Vvvv hheedsa
Adis Botic
Adis Botic 4 days ago
stephanie sanchez
i am tall and i have probles
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 4 days ago
None likes this
Rebecca Hatchett
Rebecca Hatchett 5 days ago
Fatima Alnaqbi
Fatima Alnaqbi 5 days ago
bea clarisse aniceto
Love it ☺️
Kalea Epting
Kalea Epting Day ago
Love ti
Desiree Hoang
Yogo mat
Asma Ibrahem
Asma Ibrahem Day ago
Desiree Hoang
Me too bea clarisse aniceto :
Laura Best
Laura Best 5 days ago
cavita ramjass
cavita ramjass 5 days ago
Cheyenne 5 days ago
Valeria Martinez
Valeria Martinez 5 days ago
Enslie Elliott
Enslie Elliott 5 days ago
I love your videos 123 Go
Natalie Berry
Natalie Berry 5 days ago
Uh getting in a suit case is illegal And she can't breathe
Boyesto Friv
Boyesto Friv 5 days ago
123 go you are dum ahahaha😂🤣
Jaylannie Liriano
Avin mahdy
Avin mahdy 6 days ago
Avin mahdy
Avin mahdy 6 days ago
olga melendez
olga melendez 6 days ago
Teacher: You have an A+++
Trish Dwyer
Trish Dwyer 6 days ago
9:44 there's no way she heart heard him that badly. 👇
houn vanessa
houn vanessa 6 days ago
3:58 can she breath?
roopa rani
roopa rani 6 days ago
I don't know how about both of them 🙄 i I think it would be wird 🙄
Unicornslimy 101
Unicornslimy 101 6 days ago
How am I going to get a giant foot sole thing ?!😅
Mama C
Mama C 6 days ago
3:50 there’s no way they’ll get through security like that with the scanner
121ss 2 days ago
rasha hegazy
rasha hegazy 6 days ago
The brade hack is cool
rachel bennett
rachel bennett 6 days ago
Cayleigh Labresh
Cayleigh Labresh 6 days ago
Why not just take off ur heels and look at the mirror.
Velma Hernandez
Velma Hernandez 6 days ago
Im not tall
Teens Lol love y’all
Is it just me or am I big?
Stitch gamer L
Stitch gamer L 6 days ago
Where are the sSuitcase one it won’t work you still got to go through security
Amanda Dyer
Amanda Dyer 6 days ago
Congrats on the people who found this comment early
Sarita van Haasen
Wow 123go my friends and Rated it 10/10😍😍
Aneta Wojcik
Aneta Wojcik 6 days ago
7:41 Everyone now: I guess we wasted money on nonsense when you can do this.
iStrawberry 6 days ago
Meena Somwar
Meena Somwar 7 days ago
Meena Somwar
Meena Somwar 7 days ago
How did she get into the sotcas
HANS MASHA 7 days ago
wow amazing
Eka Rita Puspasari Setiani
Semangat terus
Judy Lam
Judy Lam 3 days ago
Nola Priest
Nola Priest 7 days ago
Monika Szwindowska
Beckie Pine
Beckie Pine 7 days ago
I'm Sophia 🤯😱
Corina Gomez
Corina Gomez 7 days ago
Sofia is such a baby because of her crying 😢
miss kausar
miss kausar 7 days ago
Zmaker504 8 days ago
I’m so tall I have a friends Katie and Paige are tiny and cute hahaha I love them tho they are so fun
Parvinder Singh
Parvinder Singh 8 days ago
I am tall my sister is tiny and she's 6 l am 8
Oliviacharlotte Thompson
High 123 go
Cara Samuels
Cara Samuels 8 days ago
A little too much to me but I don’t think 🤔 is a big fan of this place but I 123678”89”0431334566()88(43334556666
Pretty Red Ken
Pretty Red Ken 8 days ago
My name is Londyn
Mariam Gani
Mariam Gani 8 days ago
Im tall and my friend Halie is Short
Cherish Sheehan
Cherish Sheehan 8 days ago
I love youre videos
Lizette Lupercio
Lizette Lupercio 8 days ago
I'm tall but my friend scarlett is so small 😂
Kalisa Martin
Kalisa Martin 7 days ago
Kalisa Martin
Kalisa Martin 7 days ago
Mayra Contreras
Mayra Contreras 8 days ago
Thank you for these hacks
Mayra Contreras
Mayra Contreras 8 days ago
[ rage]
Carla Mixer
Carla Mixer 8 days ago
I’m actually tall or mid for my age
Ibtissam Djaiz
@uddaraju sushma On
Leelas Al Badawi
Leelas Al Badawi 4 hours ago
I am only 13 years old and people think that I am 19 years old because I am way to tall
sana Arif
sana Arif 23 hours ago
Good for you
Ezriella Ellen
Marta Vasconcelos
Every one says in 14 or 12 when I'm 8
Enna Delic
Enna Delic 8 days ago
I hate this vids
ker Bolton
ker Bolton 9 days ago
The little kitty shower part
ker Bolton
ker Bolton 9 days ago
Michael Gray
Michael Gray 9 days ago
I tried all your hacks and it didn’t. work
Michael Gray
Michael Gray 9 days ago
You’re so dumb
Lillie Hill
Lillie Hill 9 days ago
I love it guys
Louise and Maxi Suguitan
Louise 💕💝