Why the iPhone 13 will be worth waiting for! (New Leaks) 

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Apple has held off on a few long-awaited features for YEARS, but now it seems like they're just gonna slam them all into one iPhone release.. the iPhone 13! Let's discuss the leaks and rumors coming from reliable sources to see if it's worth waiting!
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In this video, I go through the history of iPhone 13 leaks and rumors as well as the freshest leaks that we've recently been receiving from reliable sources.

I also give my opinion on some of these and whether or not I think they'll actually be coming or not!

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Mar 30, 2021




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Comments 623   
Tourettes0 18 days ago
does anyone know/ think they will have product red for the new pro max?
Fiji Will223
Fiji Will223 29 days ago
Yeah half this won’t happen and the other half won’t be what you think so I wouldn’t give your hopes up like every almost every year
Andrew Leventis
Andrew Leventis Month ago
Ok still got my iPhone 7 and it works, ...let’s see I will wait for the iPhone 15, no wait the iPhone 20.....maybe a later version
Tanz Month ago
I still have an iPhone 6. So looking forward to upgrade to the 13 when it comes out! 🙂
James Cullen
James Cullen Month ago
So, are you saying that the iPhone 13 will only get the AOD!!?? Makes no sense if that’s the case?? All the iPhones from the X have OLED displays which will work perfectly with AOD! Besides it is rumored but I don’t trust the rumors anymore!
Dylan Power
Dylan Power Month ago
I have a Xs max was gonna get a 12 pro max but now waiting
Global Ken
Global Ken Month ago
If they don’t do the Orange/Bronze color to the iPhone 13 I’m not getting it to be honest, until an iPhone model finally does come out with that color, because that is my favorite color. So I really hope that they actually make that color.
Strpljen Spašen
Honestly, the only real 'update' that could excite me would be much better battery life. All these rumors are ok.. but I'd love to have iPhone 8 Plus-like battery capacity on the regular sized iPhone.
nacanieli nalewabau
The only thing missing is more camera zoom & more battery size. Samsung gives 5000mah battery but apple still gives 4000mah.WTF!!
Dr Plague 2021
Dr Plague 2021 Month ago
I thought its was virus id to check if anyone has it.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 months ago
I wouldn't mind a thicker I-phone in exchange for a bigger battery.
R M 2 months ago
Sounds like a $2000 phone
r e d
r e d 2 months ago
me watching from my iphone 12 pro max that just came in.
Yağız Türer
Yağız Türer 2 months ago
And im planning to buy an iphone 12 pro right now .. youtube algorithm works lol i cant wait
BRYAN 2 months ago
this damn forsaken notch needs to go, figure it out Apple yo like come ON
Daniel Osdinia
Daniel Osdinia 2 months ago
I own iphone XS since first released and didn’t go for 11 series. Can one tell me plz now in Mars, I should go for 12 series or wait for 13?
Yevhenii Batiievskyi
infinite loop: Wait for next The Best iPhone --> repeat step one
Kenny Stroner
Kenny Stroner 2 months ago
My big question is: Will Apple fix the issues that have been plaguing the Iphone 12 which drives people up the wall, that have still not been addressed? Like randomly dropping the Wi-Fi connection, blue connectivity issues. I won't get near it, till I find these issues have been resolved. My brother if it wasn't a business phone, would roast it over an open fire if it wasn't a company phone. You want my business Apple, if you fix these common issues your customers complain about, I may look into the new Iphone 13 myself. If not? No sale here guys.
Ricky235 R
Ricky235 R 2 months ago
I got the I phone 8, I think imma wait til the 13 comes out since were 2-3 months away from it coming out
Tarvares Melton
Tarvares Melton 2 months ago
THIS PHONE GONNA BE BULLSHIT SAME AS AN 12 PRO MAX SAME SCREEN SIZE, smaller notch, different chip wooopty fucking doo😒😒😒😒😒😒
James_08_07 2 months ago
Looks like my patience will be rewarded... still using a 6s, nearly 6 years old :)
Cbreazie Nutz
Cbreazie Nutz 2 months ago
Same, nearly 6😭
Daniel Rayyan
Daniel Rayyan 2 months ago
Worth To upgrade this year if 120hz (iPhone 11 Pro Max User )
Pedro Joaquim
Pedro Joaquim 2 months ago
You still believe in a smaller notch? Lmao
demon6937 2 months ago
I want the red to be crimson shade not orangey like the 12
Marcos Ayala
Marcos Ayala 2 months ago
Marcos Ayala
Marcos Ayala 2 months ago
Paul Keating
Paul Keating 2 months ago
Dude! Every leak so far! Seriously! This shit right here is why you’re not getting my sub.
Frantz Sr
Frantz Sr 2 months ago
So the design is still basically like the X, yeah, I’ll wait for Apple to remove the notch before I give them money 💰 that I could just invest or pay mortgage with.
Jay Tang
Jay Tang 2 months ago
Are those conflicting "leaks" speculation or actually leaks by people with knowledge?
Thatgurl OverThere
Thatgurl OverThere 2 months ago
I have iPhone 8 and I have been waiting to buy a new 📱 I skipped 2020 iPhone 12 and a part of me still don’t see major changes… I dont know why I have a big feeling that iPhone 14 will be the best uhhh I am so hesitant and cant wait another year, my 8 is dying 😫😫😫😫
David Ko
David Ko 2 months ago
It would be nice if Apple added another speaker on the bottom display, so when you're in landscape mode you can listen to two forward-facing speakers in true stereo sound with "High Res" audio. Also, including 4K display on iPhones, iPads, Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, etc.
Sunny D
Sunny D 2 months ago
Sorry to disappoint you all. Iphone 13 will have the same notch size. No themes and definitely no AOD.
doc B
doc B 2 months ago
i wish people would jus stop crying about the notch. faceID is what is gained and around it is the information that needs to be there. battery and signal etc The notch has never bothered me in the slightest. I like the design. people just love to cry about anything and everything.
Catloverplayer 2 months ago
The Always on Display is going to be a hit on the Apple. I really enjoy it on Android Phones.
worlddxb 2 months ago
No USBC? Or is it going to be port less?
Hubieee 2 months ago
Besides the lacking depth of field smartphone cameras of course lag behind in sensor noise, since their sensors are much much smaller. It‘s only software that smoothes the noise, and that seems to be enough for selfies.
Cam Middleton
Cam Middleton 2 months ago
Am I the only one that doesn’t want the Touch ID and think it’s going backwards,I love having the Face ID
Mercy Fadehan
Mercy Fadehan 2 months ago
Is it going to keep the lighting cable..??
Frank S
Frank S 2 months ago
Yeah, great if you wanna buy a $1200 phone every 6 months
Richard Servello
Richard Servello 2 months ago
if 120hz it's worth waiting for.
Dr. Who
Dr. Who 2 months ago
Just get the 12
Stefano B
Stefano B 2 months ago
Hey you, reading this comment. Are you excited because of a marginally smaller notch and maaaybe a touch id sensor to put your next 1000 bucks in? Check urself mate :)
steven postlethwaite
Make a mini pro
KS Satta
KS Satta 2 months ago
And speakers 🔊 volume are too low
KS Satta
KS Satta 2 months ago
Hey mate only one problem I have with iPhones it’s battery start heating up sometimes & according to its price battery 🔋 life is too short ????
Daniel R.
Daniel R. 2 months ago
Does anyone else ever wonder what this guy sounds like in a real conversation??? I find his camera personality so annoying; he sounds like he’s always communicating with extremely slow and stupid people trying to get across 1+1=2 :/ in an annoyingly obnoxious way.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 2 months ago
That’s another 50,60k
Amir Asyraf
Amir Asyraf 2 months ago
I just bought iPhone 12 mini xD
Al k
Al k 2 months ago
Smaller notch will look dumb, look at a lg thin q , smaller notch , i hated it
Kamerton Audiophile player
I told you - wait for 13, you won't regret.
boby brahmam
boby brahmam 2 months ago
13 is considered as evil number in USA. Why would apple keep that number with its products 🤔
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
you're younger Gen gonna lean can't have Momy and daddy paying for you're cell phones for yous lol
Zedarına Month ago
Bro atleast learn how to spell before being condescending about a younger gen....
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
120 Hz have with the Sam sung lol lol
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
you pay $2.000 for the iPhone Max Pro and it's Not Unlocked . after bell or roger;s sells it to to of canadas leading compies for cell phones.
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
Plus Itues wan'ts you're credit card to Unlock you're Iphone cell phone before you get to desktop phone Bell doesn't Unlock them . Itunes does with a credit card
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
please don't waist you're Money On the Monkey see Monkey do show and tell you're Only paying for the name .
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 2 months ago
2020 may some have got it and it's Bigger wider and ehe apple logos are SCRATCHED om it 's a Bust like the 12 Pro Max we sent them all back to Bell Mobil here In Canada , it's crap the picture qaulity was Terriable no charger Plus there only 3 camera not the 2 extra on the it was a scam to buy .
Mrorangechair32 yee
Mrorangechair32 yee 2 months ago
Hey guys! GREAT NEWS! Our engineering team at Apple were able to decrease the notch size by 8%. That’s all 😄
Siddarth Malik
Siddarth Malik 2 months ago
WALLPAPER at 9:11 PLEASE?????????
Siddarth Malik
Siddarth Malik 2 months ago
Can I get the WALLPAPER from the beginning of the video????
Stl cardinals
Stl cardinals 2 months ago
If battery life gets a bump, I’m on a standard iPhone 11 so it’ll feel like a huge upgrade for me. Main thing I’d look forward to is a better display. I can see the pixels on my screen as I type
John Pikoulis
John Pikoulis 2 months ago
120Hz, wow amazing new tech. Its been like 4 years now that android flagships have +120Hz displays. Wtf seriously
arcanine 917
arcanine 917 2 months ago
i’m gonna wait for the 2023 iphone
Jhosep maguiña
Jhosep maguiña 3 months ago
Really hope the portrait video mode! the best upgrade ever
Joshua Ng
Joshua Ng 3 months ago
I'm still on iPhone 7. Getting excited about the 13 now. Though I'll probably use my current phone until it dies.
Baby yoda
Baby yoda Month ago
iPhone 6s Plus I’m getting the 13 pro max
Lucia Sosa
Lucia Sosa 2 months ago
Same here!
Aadithya krishnan
Aadithya krishnan 3 months ago
If the iPhone Pro models get 120 Hz and an in-display fingerprint sensor with a reduced notch, I'm switching to iOS
Jay 3 months ago
Smaller notch still looks ugly not upgrading my xs max till the notch is gone
Renee Yap
Renee Yap 3 months ago
Why iphone is not improving on Zoom? Not upgrading until they do that.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 3 months ago
Can’t wait!! for iPhone 13 … no! No! Naaah wait! Can’t wait!! For iPhone 14 … gonna be amazing no! No! Can’t wait for IPhone 15… gonna blow my mind… aaah wait! Wait!! Can’t wait for IPhone 16… gonna blow my dick off w virtual sucking AR app. Oh wait! Wait!! We can keep playing this game indefinitely. 😄
Ciprian Gosu
Ciprian Gosu 3 months ago
It is me or they want to improve only the PRo versions for more sales? Do I have to w8 6 months for 12 mini vs 13 mini vs 12 and 12Pro? (Not max) Because If my phone is p20 lite any one of those is an x10 time the upgrade but is there any upgrade between them that worth the money and the waiting?
Chef_Emanuele 3 months ago
Can’t wait to upgrade from my 7 plus
Ola74 3 months ago
Me, too! ☺️
Iverson 3 months ago
Would love an iPhone 13 mini pro
Rye Vrcls
Rye Vrcls 3 months ago
apple made these features late to apply, most of all the android phones have the full display and the fingerprint ID and some features, but even if they were late to the innovation of these features, they make it more exciting
Reese Walker
Reese Walker 3 months ago
Have a 7 sorry can’t wait any longer hello 12
Zulqarnain Nizamani
Zulqarnain Nizamani 3 months ago
Type C please!!!!!!!
Zulqarnain Nizamani
Zulqarnain Nizamani 3 months ago
No type C ?
A S 3 months ago
I still have my X and it’s fast as ever imo
Kiran Visuals
Kiran Visuals 2 months ago
Same here!
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 3 months ago
Fanuel Gebremichael
Fanuel Gebremichael 3 months ago
That ugly notch there😂
Ori Friedman
Ori Friedman 3 months ago
Really hope they will keep the camera design like in the 12 pro/pro max (really like the way they look) In the leaks the cameras looks like the cameras in the Samsung line and I don’t really like the way they look
TheSulross 3 months ago
elephant in room time - all the products important to Apple's bottom line are manufactured in China, which means the CCP has Apple by its globalist balls, so to speak. Apple is effectively a puppet to the CCP and hence will be just like the the NBA. Apple is not a United States company at its heart and soul, its just another amoral globalist corporation that is in a subservient position relative to the CCP, and the CCP's geo-political machinations. And that is all that we, citizens of the Free World, need to know about Apple corporation.
Harshal Dongre
Harshal Dongre 3 months ago
Apple even if you add 1TB option, kindly let 128 GB be the base model. 64GB in 2021 is just such a bad choice.
dramitex Dd
dramitex Dd 3 months ago
why a new phone ech 12 month ?
Razor Main
Razor Main 3 months ago
Dude wtf you just told the iphone 13 wasn’t worth waiting for
Devin Kirk
Devin Kirk 3 months ago
Yes man my dad said I could wait and get the iPhone 12 pro max but now that I know I’m gonna wait and get this
Alkane Gaming
Alkane Gaming 3 months ago
Everyone's waiting for 120Hz..including me, good thing I didnt buy the 11 and 12
Marc Merlot
Marc Merlot 3 months ago
I hope the Under the display fingerprint scanner rumor is true.
Jaylincry 3 months ago
If lost! 1. Is it unhackable? Some uneducated kid in India be unable to hack and bypass my apple icloud id and reuse the device? 2. Can I track it if it does not have internet or run out battery? 3. Can the device become unusable in not the hands of the owner. If Find My and all features are enabled. Password and icloud are unable to be hacked and the device itself cannot be erased or flash or format without owners passcode
Legacy Reaper
Legacy Reaper 3 months ago
Just bought an iPhone 11 Pro Max a year ago. I have to say, these upgrades are very incremental, if that. I will wait until Apple removes the notch completely.
Jesse Lee
Jesse Lee 2 months ago
I got my in January year a go
ViciousOnTheTrack 3 months ago
Can’t wait to upgrade from iPhone 4
Desensitized Audio Productions
I really don't think it will be called the iPhone 13. The 13th iPhone was actually iPhone 11 Pro. Apple, by choosing to commemorate 10 years of iPhone, named what should have been iPhone 9 to iPhone X, not 10 which people would have immediately knew was them skipping 9. 9 btw is a bad luck number in Japan. I see no reason why it would be call the iPhone 13. instead, its probably going to just be called the iPhone Mini, Max, and Pro.
Bx718streamer 3 months ago
I want them to take the notch off
pain 3 months ago
I hope there will be a smaller notch, and the circles around the cameras will be gone, if the glass will be black :) Just like 6:19 it looks great like that!!
Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher 3 months ago
Why do all this stupid incremental BS !! They are milking us like a Cow! Every year. They have us setting around the campfire every year waiting for crumbs of "incremental changes", so that can keep soaking us all with these upgrades for the next 25 years!! billing us up to 1200.00 a pop !! for these phones. We are like cattle being lead by the nose. Meanwhile, the price of the phones keep going up. The capitalist at Apple are walking to the bank. So, why not make lots of these changes at once and make people happy ?
Ayaz Ahmad
Ayaz Ahmad 3 months ago
Will they provid M1 chip in iphone 13
Bowei Du
Bowei Du 3 months ago
i do like your speed of delivering the content, not rush and makes me comfortable to follow you and same time reading those reports showing in the screen
datpoor _guy
datpoor _guy 3 months ago
Finally I was waiting for the 120Hz display, gonna get iPhone 13 Pro this year for sure.
Sanc Max
Sanc Max 3 months ago
uh... good but I'll stay on my budget XR for another 3 years.
Fred Bloggs
Fred Bloggs 3 months ago
I heard that that they are making the camera stick out less by making the body thicker, which you can actually see at 8:50. That doesn't make sense to me, as I would rather have the camera stick out a millimeter more than have the whole body thicker and take a more space in my pocket.
君の고양이انا يعجبني去吃
whats the point of making NOTCH smaller or removing it wtf there is no benefits from that and actually its just a headache for mobile gamers bcoz phone with round edge is annoying!!! mobile gamers hates this bcoz their thumb palm/palm keeps accidentally pressing the goddamn screen bcoz its like a fcking ghost touch annoying asfk!!!!!
Nippy Sidhu
Nippy Sidhu 3 months ago
I still can’t get my head around why apple would ditch 3D TOUCH when every game has adapted it. Just because apple ditched 3D touch i cannot upgrade to newer model stuck with XS max