Repaint! Khepri the Light Dragon - Nicholas Kole Collaboration 

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What happens when two dragon enthusiasts come together? Khepri the Light Dragon is made, that’s what!! I hope you enjoyed this final installment (no, seriously this time!) in the dragon series. Please take a look at Nicholas’s incredible portfolio-links below!

Nicholas Kole’s links!
His process making this concept art: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT2C0...
@nicholaskole on Instagram
@FromHappyRock on Twitter

Check out the dragon playlist!

Doll clothing patterns here: www.etsy.com/shop/Dollightful...
Merchandise: society6.com/dollightful
Instagram: dollightfully
Twitter: Dollightfully
Pinterest: pinterest.com/dollightfully/d...

Dremel Tool
Popsicle sticks
Various wires
Apoxy Sculpt
Epoxy glue
Air dry clay (Premier brand)
Acrylic Paints - Golden, Alpha, Liquitex brands
Mr. Super Clear Sealant UV Flat (wear a filtration mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Matte Varnish (Duraclear)
High gloss varnish (Liquitex)
Watercolor Pencils
Kneaded eraser
Cotton fabrics
Glow-in-the-dark paint
Clear silicon
UV resin
Mentioned in video:
Doll head shrinking article: www.nonaptime.com/2014/02/exp...
Logo by charliesparksdesign.myportfol...
Musical tracks from: Artlist artlist.io

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Sep 19, 2020




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Susan Miller
Susan Miller Day ago
There is 1 other type of dragon you forgot. An Ice dragon
Aeris McKinney
kathrine:how do i descrbe my feelings abour our clolab. *2 seconds later* OMG YASSSSSSSSSS *uncontroled shaking* me:girl u alright what have these dolls done to u ? but its a good doll gj it looks so cool :D
SophyGamer145 2 days ago
you can make a section in the channel in which you can make dolls of a single color in the next video you can make a blue one 💙💙💙
Skye *_ashybanchee_* Harvey
You should make a lion doll from the scraped body or some sort of wild cat I’d love to see maybe a tiger doll maybe like a villainous doll I’ve noticed most of her dolls have a protagonist feel to them
Viany Ndudi
Viany Ndudi 3 days ago
i wanna ask you if you can do a lion doll I wanna see how that turns out TYYYY^w^
Sarcasm In a pot
Sarcasm In a pot 3 days ago
Haha balance the “scales” nice
Joy 3 days ago
Leda Barkoczi
Leda Barkoczi 3 days ago
Can you continue the dragon series? Maybe do like the secondary elements such as sand, ice, or other, the thing is, I LOVE DRAGONS TOO!!!!!!!!
Leda Barkoczi
Leda Barkoczi 3 days ago
I have more ideas like a space dragon, tech dragon, or a glass dragon, any element you can think of that you did not do yet works.
Kimberly Wright
Kimberly Wright 3 days ago
Love her
Orion Tharpe
Orion Tharpe 3 days ago
Memes of the dragon series: Aurora: I am too big for both my resin and epoxi britches- Nyx: It broke- Zephie: N O. M O R E. A I R B R U S H.- Terra: My hair don‘t move- Aquarien: Mr Big Boi- Phoenix: Ember the SeQuAl- Khepri: T H I S D O N T L O O K L I K E N O D R A G O N-
Carlos Franis
Carlos Franis 4 days ago
When are we going to get a ice dragon
CurlGurl 4 days ago
I loved it when she went outside
Emmanuelle Paradis
Your art is amazing I wish I could do the same ! I am so grateful that you give us a chance to see your art like this wow!
woah a person
woah a person 4 days ago
This is a very beautiful doll! would buy 10/10
You should finish the first attempt and sell it
helen pandes
helen pandes 5 days ago
dollightful can you make the series of zodiac signs as dolls
Lu 'n' Lu
Lu 'n' Lu 5 days ago
A tip to blending any pain (pretty much) if you use a sponge of any type and paint the colors you wish to blend on each side of the sponge, then gently dap the color on the line you wish to blend
nobody.... Doll light full:YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS👺👺👺💃💃💃🌈🌈👋👋👋*demonic*yasssesdjjdmgkflflflgmgmfgmmfmgmgmgmgmg
A proud HufflePuff
Now u can keep the one that wasn’t good enough for yourself (the first one)
Rabia Torlak
Rabia Torlak 6 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue This one's my favourite How about you
Katherine Dulin
Katherine Dulin 6 days ago
Me: (finally finishs vid) Also me: I CHALLENGE MYSELF TO MAKE HER IN GACHA!!!! Anyone is allowed to join me! :>
Fennec The Dragon
I feel like there could be another dragon series with an ice dragon, wyvern (2 legged dragon, but its in doll form so instead of having arms the arms could be wings) , Amphiptere (no legged dragon but there are feathered wings so it could be like a snakes body with wings where the arms are), basilisk, Hydra, Gargouille, Quetzalcoatl, dragonet (small dragon), OOOO a drake, Faerie, Wyrm, Lindworm, Cockatrice. Is anyone else thinking this? Ngl it dose sound fun lol and would be intresting
Jameson Jimson
Jameson Jimson 6 days ago
ay like it at like it at like yeaaaahhhh yes yes yes 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😘😘🥰🥰🥰
seimari 6 days ago
your doll gnc af
GrandTheft Lemon
GrandTheft Lemon 7 days ago
12:04 "balance the SCALES" haha :)
I.R. 7 days ago
Not the clouds
Bloop Kiwi
Bloop Kiwi 7 days ago
You can use the old body to make a lion or something.
Olivia Uttech
Olivia Uttech 7 days ago
I love this doll so much, you should do a love dragon!!!!
Akuai K.
Akuai K. 8 days ago
It looks só magestic, I'm obsessed 😍
Doll Collector
Doll Collector 8 days ago
She kind of gives me lion king vibes!
forest demon ddaeng
32:42 omg....i just noticed the rehydrated ganon. Did he really make that one because if so I am in his debt
Andrea Escobar
Andrea Escobar 10 days ago
Into the thick of it
ジ엘레나 12 days ago
Love your dolls but the intro needs to maybe just not say 안녕 it’s cringe I’m being honest
HeyLittleDaisyYT 13 days ago
Pls do a male dragon
Kiri Adams
Kiri Adams 14 days ago
I know this may be a huge suggest but I thought you could do the star signs (just an idea) Love the drag
Nemision 14 days ago
She said in her q+a that she won't make the zodiacs.
Lilly Jane
Lilly Jane 15 days ago
"Maybe that's a question for game theory ; )" MADDDPATTTTT WE NEED UUUUU
Jada Wellman
Jada Wellman 18 days ago
u could use the first body for a griffin!!!!
Nemision 14 days ago
That already went to her werewolf iirc
milkxies 19 days ago
“The wings took about 5 days to make” *gasps in lazy artist*
Skoon oo
Skoon oo 20 days ago
ok sooo i would like to say, (even though it's too late) you should use the old body and convert it to a male. :) ur ausome
Skoon oo
Skoon oo 12 days ago
@Nemision i know thats why i said its too late :)
Nemision 14 days ago
She made it into her werewolf.
Nyx Wildwar
Nyx Wildwar 21 day ago
i would pay so much for this doll i love dragons an i think i would have to constantly play with it
Nemision 14 days ago
It would break
•Moon studios × •
So what are you gonna do with that sculpt that you scrapped?
•Moon studios × •
@The Viewer Thanks
The Viewer
The Viewer 17 days ago
Watch the Werewolf Halloween video to see what happens to it.
For a second I thought that the title said "Repaint! Khepri the Light Dragon - Nicholas Cage Collaboration" lol
Lilhedgehog 857
Lilhedgehog 857 22 days ago
I like the shirt that you were wearing the with the rainbow sleeves
Harry Mcdonald
Harry Mcdonald 24 days ago
What about the spirit dragon
Idelia Dumenigo
Idelia Dumenigo 24 days ago
Hi 🙋‍♀️ I love your videos.
Ghoul 27 days ago
I love all the dragons, but my fave is defo still Nyx ☺️
Caroline Floyd
Caroline Floyd 28 days ago
The most unbearable part the timer it comes to drip the dolls butt I almost die every time it is so funny tho lol
Caroline Floyd
Caroline Floyd 28 days ago
There were some typos I meant drill not drip and I meant time not timer
Caroline Floyd
Caroline Floyd 28 days ago
Your telling me that it took you 5 days to make the wings that would have literly killed me
Peachez_201 Child of God
can you make ice lighting and steal dragons
Isabel Cammack
Isabel Cammack Month ago
seriously,....HOW DID SHE START THIS HOBBY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
You could do a THUNDER dragon, only if you want to.💟
Harry Mcdonald
Harry Mcdonald Month ago
Can you make more dragon's
Gary Proffitt
Gary Proffitt Month ago
You should make a doll for snake discovery just saying
Tim Stoffers
Tim Stoffers Month ago
This dragon looks like of one of my friends. Which is EPIC! Not trying to be rude to her. Just saying.
Marshemillow Month ago
I watched this video three times before I finally registered how Cathrine pronounced "Asuna" Lmao
Sincere Carruthers
Now that is a skill that you can't teach, I love your work!
nummy Month ago
khepri’s face really reminds me of angelina jolie for some reason
Yorkie The dork
Yorkie The dork Month ago
kvrqmiii Month ago
well....it’s just a theory...A DOLL THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING 😩
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis Month ago
3D printers are by far one of the coolest things on the planet
Susan Beal
Susan Beal Month ago
You completely outdid yourself on this -- complex and beautiful! Well done! And btw you looked completely adorable when you took the resin outside to set
Yuri The Raccon
Yuri The Raccon Month ago
2ow YPU know arabic?
Ashish Rai
Ashish Rai Month ago
Ples make a nine tailed fox
LPS So Sugar
LPS So Sugar Month ago
She looks like the queen of All drangons lol
KenKen UwU
KenKen UwU Month ago
Dollightful: MSC Me: *KFC*
lucy Month ago
Can you do an ice dragon pls?
Kokichi With A Gun
If you use a nail art sponge with the paint it will help with gradients. I noticed that makes it easier.
Rainbow .3x3
Rainbow .3x3 Month ago
12:15 maybe that’s a question for game theory aka notice me senpai
taylorrr Month ago
10:08 *acrylics are painful.*
Jaye De' Mourn
Jaye De' Mourn Month ago
The Part when the Clouds Abruptly blocked the sun always cracks me up, i had to come back here because i love re-watching the process it takes to make these beautiful custom dolls.
Maria Luisa Hope
Pls make ice dragon!🥳🤩
Spiritual Potato
32:39 *Is that a fanart of a game I love but forgot the name of I see?*
megan is bored
megan is bored Month ago
Everyone needs a man who 3D prints their dragon toes for their doll art, couple goals 😍😂
Jillian Santiago
Khepri Month ago
Wait... I came back to this video and I just realized that THIS IS MY NAME. AAAAAAAA IM SO EXCITED !!!
Jerry S
Jerry S Month ago
Do you mean rosanna pansino
Mistaken ツ?
Mistaken ツ? Month ago
Her nick name should be Khepri Sun
Jerry S
Jerry S Month ago
The wings kinda look like a monarch butterfly’s
Rose Wolf
Rose Wolf Month ago
I read the title as Nicholas Cage, I-
•Gacha Deer•
"YEAYYYYYYYYYY *casually throws doll*"
QittiKat Studios
She reminds me of Angelina Jolie and its driving me nuts
XxMoon AlphaxX
XxMoon AlphaxX Month ago
cool ->-
Ayo Month ago
Omg a giant female dragon, all elements like beautiful wings, would've completed this series even better!!
Lydia Lemmons
Lydia Lemmons Month ago
Guys sun moon fire water sky land there opesets
Puppy Girl
Puppy Girl Month ago
6:16 the Demon that lives under my bed
Cynthia R
Cynthia R Month ago
Matpat where you at
AJACK Month ago
Random person: How would you react if you were finally able to customize dolls? Me: How would I react? Hmmmm..... Me: OH MAH GOD, YASSSSSSSSS!
Zoey G.
Zoey G. Month ago
Sneaky sneaky 9:47 paws drying flip off 😀
M&V do art
M&V do art Month ago
I was up late watching this but it was worth it I love your videos dollightfull
Jharred Taentaisong
i like how khepri looks like a butterfly
Jharred Taentaisong
well lightning dragon sounds pretty cool!
Jharred Taentaisong
maybe a flower dragon?
T lo Martinez
T lo Martinez Month ago
the wings kind of look like monarch butterfly wings
Kari’s Wonderland
Please make more dragon I love the dragon series
Zephyr Month ago
All of these dolls are incredible works of art but i'd have to say the water dragon doll has my heart!
“Maybe thats a question for game theory” Game theory: *whomst has summoned the almighty Game theory*
Art with your online Friends
Other dragons :large wings but bold Khepri:I is butterfly
Katie the human
Katie the human Month ago
At 18:30 you can see Xerneas hanging in the background
MangoWolf Month ago
Game theory should do that totally gonna start asking
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