Invincible (Mark Grayson) Comic History Explained | Invincible 

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Today's video cover the (near) complete history of Mark Grayson, aka Invincible. Mark is half earthling and half Viltrumite, a powerful race of superbeings from the planet Viltrum. When Mark grows up his super powers kick in and he begins to fight crime under the name Invinicble. He falls in love with Eve Wilkins (Atom Eve) and works alongside many of the worlds strongest heroes (Guardians of the Globe, Teen Team, ect). This video doesn't cover every single battle or coversation he has, but it does cover the majority of the most important relationships, battles, and story arcs that Mark goes through in the comics.

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Apr 1, 2021




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Key Issues
Key Issues 2 months ago
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Sly 12 days ago
Wait I'm confused if Oliver gets killed by Thragg then whose the kid in Oliver's costume during the final battle
Joolsy B
Joolsy B Month ago
If you don't mind me asking, what is that bgm you're using (from 14:20 specifically)? It's lovely. Great vid' as usual sir.
Freddy Fazbear Scout
Ooo. Now I wanna read the comic series now 0_0
Greg Sykes
Greg Sykes Month ago
Damien Darkblood.
Greg Sykes
Greg Sykes Month ago
You have to do Damien Darkblood.
XXX Lexsauise
XXX Lexsauise 4 hours ago
What's with the suites tho why is everyone wearing Mark's suit is it become like a uniform or is it a alternate universe mark thing?
Viral Videos4TV
Viral Videos4TV 9 hours ago
wow this is good.
Tola Ukash
Tola Ukash 23 hours ago
Tech Wiz
Tech Wiz Day ago
Well written charactee. And for once hero invests in his love without any fear and that makes Mark much more close to my heart
iz Day ago
I ain't seen this yet ngl but this seems abit 'Dc universe vibes'
Flexxy Bacon
Flexxy Bacon Day ago
Mark haven’t learned the art of talk no jutsu
Mahen Tahen
Mahen Tahen 2 days ago
What do you think about the art style changing from time to time?
Christian Fullilove
Am I the only one who saw spawn
Efrain Junior
Efrain Junior 3 days ago
Invincible also teamed up with Spider-Man. Not kidding, check it out.
N5ccs 35
N5ccs 35 3 days ago
The viltums love tht arm slice yur spine move o seen it 10 times in this vid 😂
Mikołaj Smoleński
Invincible is one of the few series where the protagonist is actually my favourite character
Wendell Baker
Wendell Baker 3 days ago
I fucking love how you present these videos in the perspective of the character
Hi Ich Bin Barney
I hope they realize that a good story is a good story, even if they change a couple of characters ethnicity and sexuality and made sure everyone knows marks first gf is a feminist
xander Brooks
xander Brooks 3 days ago
11:19 spawn?
Just Dusk
Just Dusk 4 days ago
1:15 look DaBaby behind the schoolbus
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 4 days ago
“This is a series for adults” Me 13 year old: HEH, AM I ILLEGAL?!
Hugh Burda
Hugh Burda 4 days ago
I’m sorry but, it’s pronounced “Sea-sil” not “sis-sil”.
Maniocle T-reX
Maniocle T-reX 4 days ago
Bruhh, Idk why but its such a trash story, ofc it made me sad because I know the ending now but its such a boring mcu/dc type comic story
Gabriel Peraza
Gabriel Peraza 4 days ago
It ended, that alone makes it much different
LowlyArchetype 101
Ravage by full definition 😨😵
T Dragon
T Dragon 5 days ago
I’m sorry but it’s bugging me so much, how do you not know how to pronounce Cecil
Char Mate
Char Mate 5 days ago
Awesome story!
Cosmic Dust
Cosmic Dust 5 days ago
Holy shit i cannot wait for the animation series to continue.
the parabola
the parabola 6 days ago
What’s the song that’s playing on in the background?
idk 6 days ago
this author really likes seeing people get impaled by arms
JoJo 6 days ago
I hope Atom Eve’s abortion isn’t included in the show
kieranpearson 7 days ago
Taxation is extortion (theft/ non-consensual). Thereby, makes all governments slavery.
• Drugo •
• Drugo • 7 days ago
Why the alien said that he doomed us all while sending him back to the present?
Colderror 7 days ago
We need it in German xF
Ferhad 7 days ago
Please make a Video about Rex Robot, he’s such an interesting character
Ferhad 7 days ago
@Key Issues I’ll be sure to check it out right now!
Key Issues
Key Issues 7 days ago
Already did
A. A. C.
A. A. C. 7 days ago
Celebrimbor 369
Celebrimbor 369 8 days ago
I think the show is incredibly more brutal than the comics. Because for me anyway I think still images aren’t as horrific as something moving. But I still think they are both really good
Super PikaGamer24
It’s pronounced (See-Sil)
Nathan5791 8 days ago
I see every other fight end in this comic ending with someone driving their whole arm through the chest of a character and the character recovering after a few months. Like if the Viltrumites had a brain, wouldn't chopping off the neck be a more permanent way to kill someone? While a great story, dislike the whole plot armor that most of them wear here.
Tony DiVirgilio
Tony DiVirgilio 8 days ago
I feel like the entire story is just Mark getting the shit kicked out of him
thevioletskull 8 days ago
I just finished the series,so this is helpful
Bucky Bever
Bucky Bever 8 days ago
Why is his name invisible but I can see him
Ezorus 9 days ago
Bit crappy costumes and non detailed character drawings nearly put me off watching this
Greg Courtney
Greg Courtney 9 days ago
I just finished the comic today, the only question I have is we saw earlier on in the comic where Mark goes to the future and has to kill the Immortal whose ruling earth because he lost his way. Then at the end of the comic Mark still asks him to lead earth? I'd have thought he wouldn't have wanted that.
PhantomWarrior 03
I don’t know if I like Mark
David Reyna
David Reyna 10 days ago
God I really really hope the comic stays as accurate as it can to Marks story. The college stuff kinda worries me but I have hope
Relax 10 days ago
yo best comic
baba booey
baba booey 10 days ago
10:09 i thought darkwing was a guardian of the globe and was killed by omni man?
Gabriel Peraza
Gabriel Peraza 9 days ago
That's his sidekick
baba booey
baba booey 10 days ago
he mispronounces Cecil Stedman
DrowsyLizard 139
DrowsyLizard 139 10 days ago
Alan is chad
Art1fact X
Art1fact X 10 days ago
Damn the Show is already Fire enough this brings up a whole different level
ThouRoyalCrusader 10 days ago
So. An Nearly Invincable Dad, and a nearly immortal Mom. Something tells me their daughter is gonna be a badass.
TheMoodyAstronaut 10 days ago
Glad to see the story ends on a high note.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 11 days ago
As much as I liked Mark and Amber, this is a good end.. NGL he had a lot of development as a character, faced shit and bounced back many times... I'm still shocked about the assault, like the dude was having a VERY low time of his life there and BAM another
Nathan Blackwell
Nathan Blackwell 11 days ago
Imagine mark and eves kid has both of their powers🤯
Limit Breaker
Limit Breaker 11 days ago
White or black, i still hate amber.
Robert Flinch
Robert Flinch 11 days ago
Jfc how many people get impaled?
divine 11 days ago
What a great comic. Thanks to the meme i know to this great comic. Such a great character development, it makes you tight to every character
Dr. Connecting
Dr. Connecting 11 days ago
13:10 Think, Conquest, Think
Pedro Alcocer
Pedro Alcocer 11 days ago
1:50 Yo? Anyone else sees what I'm seeing?
Tip top Wip wop
Tip top Wip wop 11 days ago
What's with all the brutality if your just gonna undo it in the next panel anyway. X person gets soul ripped out than next page a "soul replacement machine" is fixing said damage
Dark Kitty Moo
Dark Kitty Moo 12 days ago
Lol ez 12 year old watches invincible Donkey
Luke Voves
Luke Voves 12 days ago
I’m really satisfies with the story arc of this entire comic. Takes the good from both DC and Marvel, and is a tru Hero’s journey.
Gates Og_
Gates Og_ 12 days ago
Amber is white in the comics? I’m dead! 😂😂😂
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 12 days ago
Jimmy Noneya
Jimmy Noneya 12 days ago
Second video I've watched from you back to back. Thanks again for the great content!
ZeWiseGuy 13 days ago
500 years helps make the pain of 5 years lost pass easier.
Kyrian Yao
Kyrian Yao 13 days ago
11:18 Wait, was that...Spawn?
Grim_spectr3 14 days ago
Everyone is getting punched through their chest holy shit
The Starman
The Starman 12 days ago
Just like in Jojo
yuichiro hyakuya
yuichiro hyakuya 14 days ago
It sucks that it 18
Kash 14 days ago
Hottake:mark is the best super hero ever
Aaron Harvey Jr.
Aaron Harvey Jr. 14 days ago
I love the last words of the series what will you have in 500 years
Zangetzu33 14 days ago
Time so precious, people come and go, reality is sad and unfair.
Random Boi52
Random Boi52 15 days ago
11:18 SPAWN IS THERE?! god damn it I never knew this whole time.
Shima Shimanoseki
Shima Shimanoseki 15 days ago
The exteme battle damage on characters and they still live was silly. Was hard to take seriously after awhile when it became par for the course
Ilministic Vision
Ilministic Vision 15 days ago
Amber was blackwashed
Romulus Quirinus
Romulus Quirinus 15 days ago
Figures... Amber was race-swapped.
Rafly Dewanto
Rafly Dewanto 15 days ago
This good the vibe like attack on titan combined with one punch man this crap was masterpiece
Joshua Jarod
Joshua Jarod 15 days ago
Why do all the Viltrumites have mustaches?
Nishal Ahmed
Nishal Ahmed 15 days ago
atom eve regenerates plot armour
Dricyo 15 days ago
I feel like this is just to much and this shouldn’t be added to the show
thedrew4you 15 days ago
Omni Man: "Think, Mark! Think!" Invincible: "No, dad. Feel." Omni Man: 🥺
Qwerty Qqwweerrttyy
20:01 I'm sorry w h a t
DEMIURGE 15 days ago
Bro that last line almost made me cry
Beaker 12
Beaker 12 16 days ago
I love your videos! You keep me locked in! Thank you
Frankee 16 days ago
Peanut O_O
Peanut O_O 16 days ago
but.... but... what happened to his mom T-T
Sure Buddy
Sure Buddy 16 days ago
Kind of ironic how after 500 years the only think mark *didn’t* have was Nolan
Durp 16 days ago
This series is so epic I love it
James Hay
James Hay 16 days ago
First time commenting, many more hours spent watching. Cool content when watching it on TV too.
Kamaduck TanjiQuack
Most realistic story
Jazzy Jez
Jazzy Jez 16 days ago
Mark Grayson's greatest weakness was not having a Viltrumite mustache. 👨
Random Being
Random Being 16 days ago
eve's power is literally just totem of undying
strawb tangerine
strawb tangerine 16 days ago
Absolutely despise the rape plot. So nasty
power serge
power serge 16 days ago
Do an episode of Oliver
J Mooers
J Mooers 17 days ago
Ive watched a bunch of these. I saw the show but never read the comics. Overall, great job. Thanks
How many times did Eve moved on?
Solar 17 days ago
The final is one of the most wholesome things I've read.
Brandon Hunter
Brandon Hunter 17 days ago
Never even heard of Invincible before the new show, but I fucking love it. I can not wait for more, and plan on reading the comics!
Heim Frost
Heim Frost 17 days ago
Oh well, I'm really not into reading but I feel like i just took a whole short cut and finished the invincible series lol. Good video
Kurt Red
Kurt Red 17 days ago
That was so much the thing is will we every see that much in the cartoon adaption
Kacchan 17 days ago
Invincible (Mark Grayson) is somehow the only one who doesn't had any mustache to be strong like any others Viltrumite.
Touhou music
Touhou music 17 days ago
I noticed some woke garbage in the show...
billy staples
billy staples 18 days ago
20:37 and thats how the saiyan race was made, because beams+super strengh+flying=Saiyan
Jasongotclips 18 days ago
What happen too mark hair
see you soon
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