The Mystic Crystal - NSP 

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Directed by: Sean Barrett
Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht \u0026 Jim Roach
Producer: Robin Spears
Executive Producer: Jamee Ranta
Director of Photography: Dillon Schneider
Production Designer: Traci Hays
Visual Effects: Sean Barrett
Editor: Kelly Lyon

Animation Team
Producer: Patrick Stannard
Director: India Swift
Colour Designer: Michael Doig
Character Designers:
Amanda Bell
India Swift
Story Artists
India Swift
Luke Weber
Federico Etchegaray
Layout Artists: Marc Hendry \u0026 Michael Doig
Background Artists:
Renee Violet
Michael Doig
Final Line Artists:
Hardik Manktala
Kevin Ryan
Gemma Roberts
India Swift
Hardik Manktala
Kevin Ryan
Gemma Roberts
Vir Prieto
India Swift
Patrick Stannard
Lead Final Line Artist :
Bryony Evans
Post Production Artist:
Michael Doig

Ninja Brian: Brian Wecht
Danny Sexbang: Dan Avidan
The Princess: Beatrice “The Ice Man” O’Neill
The King: Dave Brown
The Necromancer: Mark Fischbach
The Roommate: Seán McLoughlin
Wizard: Ross O/Donovan
Wizard: Jack Douglass
Wizard: Biniam Bizuneh
Knight #1: Lloyd Ahlquist
Knight #2: Eric Radic
Knight #3: Zubin Anklesaria
Knight #4: Robby Guerrero
Throne Room Guitarist: Jim Roach
Trumpeter: Maxi
Sterling Morris
Sydney Dowling
Holgie Forrester
Jack Bornoff
Russell Becker

Music Credits:
Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
Produced and Engineered by: Jim Roach
Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by: Thom Flowers
Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

Ninja Sex Party
Dan Avidan: Vocals
Brian Wecht: Keys \u0026 Synths
Havve Hogan: Drums
Lord Phobos: Guitar
Doctor Sung: Synths \u0026 Keys
Commander Meouch: Bass

Jim Roach: Additional guitars

Full Lyrics can be found at:

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Jun 9, 2021




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Igor K
Igor K 13 minutes ago
To defeat Markiplier all you need is a don't laugh challenge.
grey labcoat
grey labcoat 17 minutes ago
This is insane
Shaun Zankiestein
Shaun Zankiestein 40 minutes ago
Jackfilms would make an excellent understudy for Elrond in LOTR
Alex Courtemanche
Alex Courtemanche 59 minutes ago
Omg they succed to give Darkiplier the role of....darkiplier
Daniela Navarro Cerda
how could you call Dave from boyinaband gross and old?
Dashwiiiimp Hour ago
I like how the wizards did I love you instead of rock on.
The amount of effort that must have gone into this is incredible, and it truly paid off. The animation was gorgeous (Danny’s suit sparkles and the Necromancer’s lair in particular I was like woah), the live action bits- I mean the “fight” and the costumes and the portions where they look like they’re the ones in a crystal w all the reflections, what can I say but that I loved it?!
Clock Spur
Clock Spur Hour ago
Brian why
Andre Graça
Andre Graça Hour ago
I would watch this FOR.EVER is this was a web series. SHIT IM ALREADY WATCHING THIS EVERYDAY
SlinkHail X
SlinkHail X 2 hours ago
necromancers Markiplier
Psychroclasm 2 hours ago
What's up with all this animation? They couldn't find an actual skeletal fire horse?
Horny Cunt
Horny Cunt 2 hours ago
Lov3y Mouse
Lov3y Mouse 2 hours ago
Sean's like... You guys took all the pot cupcakes and gave me the nyquil one.. Screw your adventures
Rickachu 3 hours ago
I was listening to nsp mindlessly and this came on, I wasn't paying attention to the screen so I was just wondering why I didnt recognize this song. Just noticed this dropped last week
Killbot 3 hours ago
Wen BluePirate
Wen BluePirate 3 hours ago
9:34 poor jackfilms, man :(
Daniel Bucher
Daniel Bucher 3 hours ago
This has really strong Don Bluth vibes and I love it
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf 3 hours ago
Brian's absolute SHOOK face when mark throws the cake on the ground is PRICELESS.
Wen BluePirate
Wen BluePirate 3 hours ago
I hate the apsect ratio.
Dilinar Tanel
Dilinar Tanel 4 hours ago
This is some awesome sh*t. Awesome song and love the 90' style animation, just beautiful. I knew that NSP and TWRP together create gold, but this is like diamond encrusted platinum level of awesome.
RAGE Quit2015
RAGE Quit2015 4 hours ago
The closed captions are on point
cunt boi
cunt boi 4 hours ago
Why doesn't this have 50 million views, internet, get your shit together
Riff Arcade
Riff Arcade 4 hours ago
My headcanon is, when the princess says “Only light can stop dark,” she wasn’t talking about the Necromancer. She was talking about Ninja Brian. *Danny was supposed to hug Ninja Brian*
Brendan Geormer
Brendan Geormer 4 hours ago
This is like the internet band equivalent to Bohemian Rhapsody
Hiding Discord
Hiding Discord 5 hours ago
omg yes yes yes
PNhooligan 5 hours ago
Why isnt Arin un this vídeo? :C
camry hopper
camry hopper 5 hours ago
My boys have grown up so much, I’m so proud 🥲
MrRichard13077 6 hours ago
Ryan K
Ryan K 6 hours ago
Full series on Netflix please.
gamer2617 6 hours ago
The Cameos!
Hopeless Dreamer
Hopeless Dreamer 6 hours ago
Thought Arin would make a cameo
Hopeless Dreamer
Hopeless Dreamer 6 hours ago
Thought Arin would make a cameo
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson 7 hours ago
I wonder why Arin wasn't in this.
Scara' Tel
Scara' Tel 7 hours ago
So worth the wait. 💜
Estuways 7 hours ago
ugh this stupid ultra widescreen format again otherwise really cool video though. awesome to see dave!
Michele Narduzzi
Michele Narduzzi 7 hours ago
Dan's cartoon version is really making me question my sexuality.
Highlord91 8 hours ago
tfw you didn't recognise Jack Douglas (Jacksfilms) until he smiled creepily
Zap Gun
Zap Gun 9 hours ago
The funniest part: we don't have super convenient healing magics to heal the side effects of being dragged across 26 dimensions.
Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss 9 hours ago
I love how, even with the production quality going up in some other videos, NSP sticks to their og slapstick. The obviously fake body doubles will never get old
Gavin D'Ulisse
Gavin D'Ulisse 9 hours ago
When I saw you years ago I knew you to be Tenacious D’s rightful successor. Nowadays you’re legends all your own. Your music is pulling many people through some of the darkest moments in their lives. Well done you beautiful souls.
Cyan 9 hours ago
12 minutes, holy shit
That Nerdy Tattooer
Ok but you didn’t need to make me tear up with that last part tho… not that I did that.
Drake Blaze
Drake Blaze 11 hours ago
What's wrong with Jack though?
Josh Guldin
Josh Guldin 11 hours ago
The animators did a FANTASTIC job with this video! Danny and Brian look awesome, but gotta say Mark looks freaking amazing as The Necromancer! I kinda want another song with a backstory for him now, leading up to the reason he snags the Crystal so that all creatures may blow his necromancing shween.
Josh Guldin
Josh Guldin 11 hours ago
Brian’s face after shooting Dan with righteous arrows…priceless!
Just Another Michigander
Mark as the Necromancer is one of the best casting decisions that they could have made
SJ Scrubs
SJ Scrubs 12 hours ago
I see you there, EpicLloyd. It's time for Epic Rap Battles of History to do NSP versus...Game Grumps.
jojokes now
jojokes now 12 hours ago
that animation tho
Zachary Watson
Zachary Watson 12 hours ago
of all the lines in this song to get stuck in my head, why did it have to be "NOW BRIAN HAS ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION"
Heather Turner
Heather Turner 12 hours ago
That was so flicking Epic! I loved that. Danny's vocals are sublime, and Ninja Brian is looking amazing as always.
Token kidz
Token kidz 12 hours ago
Wait why did the necromancer trap the princess
Token kidz
Token kidz 12 hours ago
How does this not have a million views by now
Alexis OVER
Alexis OVER 12 hours ago
Rei Dos Pudim
Rei Dos Pudim 13 hours ago
Guys, we're witnessing the bohemian rhapsody of this generation
Erratum 13 hours ago
Props to animators, chara designers and background designers, this is truly a wonderful job
kaimiz 13 hours ago
Day 2 of commenting to keep myself happy
Dylan Sims
Dylan Sims 13 hours ago
kiiiiiinda upset that ethan hasn't been in any nsp music vids yet
Daidarabotchi 13 hours ago
Majestic. I say this unironically: I believe The Mystic Crystal is the finest song you guys have ever written, and not only is it funny, but it also has so much heart and kick-arse rock-'n'-roll spirit that it's one of my favourite songs full stop. I have several times listened to it when I've been feeling down or just plain tired, and it never fails to put a smile on my face, a tap in my foot, and some faith in humanity in my heart. When you said you'll be there to help us rock the fuck on, you weren't lying.
Daidarabotchi 13 hours ago
This is like a who's-who of a lovely little corner of the internet!
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez 14 hours ago
Oh my god this was fucking amazing!
novadeus777 14 hours ago
hey are you the god damn it old man dude from that zelda song?
Alistair Dragmire
Alistair Dragmire 14 hours ago
why am i getting ads in the middle of the song ??
nerdtron8 14 hours ago
This is probably my favorite USlift video
Denise doei
Denise doei 15 hours ago
new outfit check!!!!!!!
Denise doei
Denise doei 15 hours ago
This is so col!!!!!
sabaton liam
sabaton liam 15 hours ago
I always wanted to see a video to this song
MrKoryMisun 16 hours ago
I am so happy.
SquidFiction 16 hours ago
*at first glance* huh, 2 Queens, sweet! *Dave’s song You Look Like A Girl starts playing ominously in the background* why do I hear boss music??
Krystal beach
Krystal beach 16 hours ago
Phantasmagoric 😻😹👏
Matthew Errington
Matthew Errington 17 hours ago
I see Epic Lloyd, and therefore I must complete the ritual and repeat the words: "dan and arin in an ERB when?"
Daikyosenshi 17 hours ago
miko foin
miko foin 17 hours ago
I was expecting Sean to reach over and start eating Brian's food too when they left.
Garrett Bigger
Garrett Bigger 17 hours ago
Can we give some props to India Swift? I've noticed that name rolling around many wonderful animations that have come through NSP and GG.
Kotaro Seta
Kotaro Seta 18 hours ago
The world needs a D&D campaign with Dan as obvious Bard, and Mark as Necromancer.
Aetherisme 18 hours ago
Can someone mod dragons lair for this
Bubbabob145 18 hours ago
How you guys going to top this one?
miko foin
miko foin 17 hours ago
Holy shit, I'm glad Dave (from Boyinaband) is still alive and kickin'.
Augustus 18 hours ago
That's got to be the best music video I've ever seen
JoZi 19 hours ago
This is a brilliant work of art
JoZi 19 hours ago
I can't believe the kids were flying kites next to the crystal, I'd think that'd be unadvisable on account that it'd mess with their _avionics_
JudicialCat 19 hours ago
I was able to tell that the king was Dave just from the hair.
L1ghtn1n_Str1ke 20 hours ago
Looks like Darkiplier got loose again
Silver Turtlewax
Silver Turtlewax 20 hours ago
I’ve watched this video a number of times now and I have to say, my favorite part is at 5:10 where Brian just looks back at Danny with the most apathetic eyes before immediately shooting 2 more arrows into him.
GrapeJello 20 hours ago
Don't think I didn't see Ninja Brian Naruto running back to the castle at the end there. haha Animation was crazy good! Of course Ross was a wizard.
Stitchehvee 20 hours ago
This was amazing!!!!!
Colin Ramsey
Colin Ramsey 21 hour ago
The animation on this is insane. I would LOVE to watch series animated by this crew. O_O
Xelthor The Blind
Xelthor The Blind 21 hour ago
I also just clued in that the King is fuckin Dave from Boyinaband. Been a while since I've seen him around. I hope you're doing well!
Auchtahelweit 21 hour ago
Great animation here.
Lucky assassin
Lucky assassin 21 hour ago
You know things are bad when the bad guy can defeat the power of a stash
Ephy 21 hour ago
Holy shit, I'm glad Dave (from Boyinaband) is still alive and kickin'.
DeamonMind Gaming
DeamonMind Gaming 21 hour ago
So this is what happens when your dnd party takes shrooms in the magical forest
Rosemary_Jane 21 hour ago
I'm so excited that this is finally out! It's beautifully done! Absolutely love this song!
Potter Plays
Potter Plays 22 hours ago
Awesome video, I seriously hope this gets over 40 million views. the production had to cost a ton!
Ray G.
Ray G. 22 hours ago
Fuck I love this song! Also I was surprised to see boyinaband :)
dennis creter
dennis creter 22 hours ago
I recognize the 3 knights who are they
Kupo Keep
Kupo Keep 22 hours ago
This song's style reminds me a bit of Blind Guardian. I love it.
Forlorn Hail
Forlorn Hail 22 hours ago
I laughed so hard when I saw Mark.
unikelle 22 hours ago
so basically youtube isekai
JustDevon 1
JustDevon 1 22 hours ago
3:00 I just love how Jack's just sitting there eating for absolutely no reason
It's Bedtime - NSP