Is This a Scam? | Anwar Jibawi 

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Comments 0   
Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi Month ago
Thanks for watching!! Who else hates spam calls??
PrinceLife 3 days ago
Me bro 😤
Micky Reid
Micky Reid 7 days ago
Not me
Goal 7 days ago
I doooo
Tolga Yuksel
Tolga Yuksel Hour ago
i thought the bag was gonna be empty at the end :D
Perplexed Trigonometry
Kinda hurt that that Danrue is being called the “dude that looks like jim carrey”
Ruth Ruasell
Ruth Ruasell 6 hours ago
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Ahmed MuZammal
Ahmed MuZammal 13 hours ago
1000 in a day! 😎
Bolo Reynoso
Bolo Reynoso Day ago
Why do the scammer looks like Jim Carrey?
Viee 101 YT
Viee 101 YT Day ago
😂👌bro this is epic
NuchGamer64 Day ago
he gave him 5 million dollars and he will get 500 dollars he totally invested well
Master William
Mine is August 28
eco cyclist
eco cyclist Day ago
The guy looks like jim carey with beard
Mythical Playz
That keyboard clicking sound with his mouth was so impressive
toluwani adebowale
My birthday is July 25
ForeverLxce Day ago
shernick marius
Where do you get these ideas from? There're amazing 😂❤
كل ما يهمك
Far Han
Far Han 2 days ago
Bruh pllllllllllllsssss part 2
Med Abor
Med Abor 2 days ago
I get those calls and i like to make fun of them by giving fake info
His so look alike Jim Carrey lmao . Awesome vid !!!
Ali Alrashidi
Ali Alrashidi 2 days ago
Haha this is a good one
JOP JB 3 days ago
Jim carrey2.0
Zadok George
Zadok George 3 days ago
If Jim Carrey wore grills😁
i think its a jim carrey as a gangstar
KyngTavii 3 days ago
Hey you stole my idea wtf????
RobineFTW 2 days ago
KnightKiller 3 days ago
My birthday is 6th June
Alexander Goodson
dude y rob the bank for 500pound when u get 5m from the bank
Nikki Ojeda
Nikki Ojeda 3 days ago
My birthday is June 20th
Milan Ben
Milan Ben 3 days ago
Plot twisted : Anwar scammed the scammer
VIJAY Dhwâjá
VIJAY Dhwâjá 3 days ago
My birthday is August 23
Daniel Shwan
Daniel Shwan 4 days ago
JoMomma239 4 days ago
Meh, kinda average
Big Pooper
Big Pooper 4 days ago
how did you get osama bin laden in your video?
Ishaan Kelkar
Ishaan Kelkar 4 days ago
You know what would've been the best. If the scammer checked the bag and it was just filled with popsicle sticks, and all of the bank details and social security numbers were fake. The guy would've walked away with a 100 dollars.
wan terbaik
wan terbaik 3 days ago
@Ishaan Kelkar yes. This video ending is not satisfying. The scammer didn't get any punishment
IK - 08KC 734340 Bristol Road MS
Oh that would've been so good
Ishaan Kelkar
Ishaan Kelkar 3 days ago
@wan terbaik Right?
wan terbaik
wan terbaik 3 days ago
I thought the video will ending like this too
Mr. Invincible
Mr. Invincible 4 days ago
This guy other than Anwar have expressions n face look similar to Jim carry
Albert GB
Albert GB 4 days ago
ok i mean it not scam 🤞
aghahaider hussain
Sang Art
Sang Art 4 days ago
Scammer look like an NPC
Spinal 4 days ago
omfg too good
•iSarea Gacha•
AtomicPrism 5 days ago
Logan vs KSI Fight was August 23rd
fahd fakir
fahd fakir 5 days ago
Sub2Jairus 5 days ago
make more vid with him
Paranormal Edits
Paranormal Edits 6 days ago
Now I feel like I want to see that guy as next Jim Carry
halemi 313
halemi 313 6 days ago
💀😂😂 “okay I got the 5 million dollars” Well done, now if u still want that $500 💀🤦🏼‍♂️
Johnny Harvey
Johnny Harvey 7 days ago
So rare to find legit cc vendor on telegram as skillful as VegasBeast 💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯🥰🥰🥰
Naija Meme
Naija Meme 7 days ago
Team Blaze
Team Blaze 7 days ago
possible spam be like...
Mr memer
Mr memer 8 days ago
Nice bro
ÑĽË FŘEDĐO 8 days ago
i am not sure,but y'all gonna tell me the scammer looks like Jim carry or not Jim carry
ATOMIC_YT 8 days ago
do i know possible spam?!?!?!
Zyxle 8 days ago
My guy chose 500$ over 5M$
Play whith Parid hajredini
This man will do it for the 500 dollars but he didnt get the 5 million dollars 😂 😂
Tragic 9 days ago
Mine is August 23rd lol
its Keyon
its Keyon 9 days ago
Who’s the other guy he is insanely funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Josue Carrillo
Josue Carrillo 9 days ago
Such a idiot he could have keep the 5 million instead of the 500 dollars
Airless 10 days ago
That was the best vid ever man lol
çŁøÑę 10 days ago
Was that Jim Carrey?
Yazeed Hussien
Yazeed Hussien 10 days ago
The next Jim Carrey ladies and gentlemen 👏👏
xLUCIDx 11 days ago
0:58 i see the texting app open-
Felix Mora Verdin
Felix Mora Verdin 11 days ago
Verified Gang? Felix Mora Verdin ✔
Yousef Siddiq
Yousef Siddiq 11 days ago
If you think about it , in the end he got 100 $
Joel Lepcha
Joel Lepcha 11 days ago
You know that you've got tons of fans from India too!
Ali S
Ali S 11 days ago
Am i The only one getting Jim Carrey vibes from The scammer?
Fncs_Lev 12 days ago
He said his information lol
Sašo Bandalo
Sašo Bandalo 12 days ago
Trevor is ice bro
Antonios Giannopapas
It's obvious he copies Jim Carrey
ZAIAH TRON 27 12 days ago
Anwar, Anwar, ANWAR. Sometimes your the man who literally gives your entire information. Change it up a bit!
Thomas Koshy
Thomas Koshy 13 days ago
Ihtisham Khan
Ihtisham Khan 13 days ago
He looks like Jim carrey. Isn't?
{DZ} epixgamerantonio
That guy looks like Jim Carrey 😅😅
Aman Bhatt
Aman Bhatt 13 days ago
Lol that was hilarious
peace 13 days ago
Honestly the scammer was kinda convincing
FlaminMoon 13 days ago
whats jim carrey doing there
AbdulGamer 111
AbdulGamer 111 13 days ago
This Moment when u r jbawi too lol
i_ Barcha
i_ Barcha 13 days ago
He is Jim carry with a beard
Sam-Reed D. III
Sam-Reed D. III 13 days ago
Anwar: “how much do you want me to steal?” Scammer: “a relatively small amount, 68 Million”
Videogames 7 days ago
@Sam-Reed D. III Ah, I see I was just joking
Sam-Reed D. III
Sam-Reed D. III 7 days ago
@Videogames the joke isn’t 69. It’s a movie/meme reference where someone calls 68 million a small amount
Videogames 7 days ago
No funny number ??! I'm sad 😟
JAG SIN 10 days ago
@Man S rude
Man S
Man S 12 days ago
Jayco !
Jayco ! 13 days ago
Man just stole 5 Mil, why would he need 500 hundred? LMAOAOAOAO
Victor Mandujano
Victor Mandujano 14 days ago
LIMO 14 days ago
To be frank, the guy in the thumbnail in the right looks a bit like Jim Carrey
Tesleem Oyewuwo
Tesleem Oyewuwo 14 days ago
Ole ni boy yen men! 😆 Love from Nigeria
Ryan Bobby
Ryan Bobby 14 days ago
Possi-Ble Spam 😂😂
GOD'S Little one
GOD'S Little one 14 days ago
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John Smith, But Orion is Anti-Gay and Transphobic
Only if it could work like that
kennata official
kennata official 14 days ago
5 million dollars for 100 hundred 🤣
Abrar Lampard
Abrar Lampard 14 days ago
Beard guy gives me Jim carrey vibes
Ali Bzeih
Ali Bzeih 14 days ago
mïdô øñè
mïdô øñè 14 days ago
U should make ur own movie🤣🤣 love ur short stories 👑
Amos Ziss
Amos Ziss 14 days ago
Love from Israel
IZAIAH TRILLAS 14 days ago
Funny my birth day is on agaust 11
Winiefer Hernandez
Winiefer Hernandez 15 days ago
Was the guy who calls you was a scam really
A.R.B 15 days ago
One time a spamer called me for my car, Even tho im 13 and cant use a car
Isaac Cline
Isaac Cline 15 days ago
Garrett A.
Garrett A. 15 days ago
Scammers are typing all the numbers
cyber cooler
cyber cooler 15 days ago
When robbers found out your stupid
sohailmuj 15 days ago
The scammer reminds me of Jim Carrey
Ezaz Ahamad Imran
Ezaz Ahamad Imran 15 days ago
Ibbad Baloch
Ibbad Baloch 15 days ago
I love your outro music ❤️
I Go Dxummy YT
I Go Dxummy YT 15 days ago
I love Dan rue
SaimonSSL 15 days ago
sad part of this is some people are that dumb and gives away their ssn and bank information
🖤BLACKBLINK💖 15 days ago
Is that Jim Carrey?!?!