MASHALLAH (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh 

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MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/195clrFhJoY0pdbgvY2Qg1?si=rsuxR3sGT1mVga-_ciCvjw
Apple: music.apple.com/us/album/mashallah/1554332304?i=1554332305
Everywhere: outnow.io/t/mashallah
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Feb 21, 2021




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FOUSEY 12 days ago
MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/195clrFhJoY0pdbgvY2Qg1?si=rsuxR3sGT1mVga-_ciCvjw Apple: music.apple.com/us/album/mashallah/1554332304?i=1554332305 Everywhere: outnow.io/t/mashallah
Abdi Krim
Abdi Krim 20 hours ago
Music is haram
David Julius
David Julius 2 days ago
Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
Kai Martinez
Kai Martinez 3 days ago
When is it going to be on pandora???
Dakari Thatcher
Dakari Thatcher 3 days ago
@Brock Jaxton awesome! It took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!
Brock Jaxton
Brock Jaxton 3 days ago
i dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google enjoy!
Amin Ibrahim
Amin Ibrahim 50 minutes ago
What is this garbage
let's do it bud's !!
Let's not lie people the song is fire i k ow what I'm gonna be bumping for the next few months
Itz hakim
Itz hakim 3 hours ago
Love this song mashallah
Bellaxx ._.
Bellaxx ._. 4 hours ago
When he said 5alele😫😍
Faith Means Hope
Faith Means Hope 5 hours ago
This is so bad it’s embarrassing 😩
marz gamer 26
marz gamer 26 6 hours ago
Astrit Destani
Astrit Destani 6 hours ago
i love adam and fousey but thiss song is too much gay music
Impact_ Slippy
Impact_ Slippy 7 hours ago
You haram why girls why I don’t know if you are going to heaven
BLADE 9 hours ago
This is dope💥💥💥💥
Harry Mo
Harry Mo 10 hours ago
Inshallah you will make it
Maha Ycn
Maha Ycn 11 hours ago
I love this song 😍😍😍
Djalil Allache
Djalil Allache 12 hours ago
Worse song ever 😂😂 I listened to 10 songs after this just to take it out of mu head 🥴🥴
Ali sina Etimady
Ali sina Etimady 14 hours ago
mashallah keep up the goood team work i really like your rap mashallah
random person
random person 15 hours ago
Wow this is amazing
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 17 hours ago
This video is Haram
Kowsar Ahmed
Kowsar Ahmed 20 hours ago
I love fousey 🥺❤️ thank you for making the woman modest but I feel like you should make nasheed I see you changing Allah loves you
Basel Gazioglu
Basel Gazioglu 21 hour ago
Lol so bad 😭😂
S&FT Pro
S&FT Pro 21 hour ago
People are hating for no reason!!! 💖
GG Sinl
GG Sinl 21 hour ago
Yo no hate honestly bro allah kasam but this is trash
GamerFlop 101
GamerFlop 101 21 hour ago
Keep grinding bro, don't ever stop.
Kim Bel
Kim Bel 21 hour ago
Mashallah the song is great!! I love it
shooomla 22 hours ago
disliked before i even watched it🙏🏽🙏🏽
Saahir Khan
Saahir Khan 23 hours ago
AHTHEPRO 23 hours ago
fire period.
Cesar Quinones
What does mashallah mean 😅😅😅?
AHTHEPRO 23 hours ago
@cometestify yes
cometestify Day ago
“Glory to God” in Arabic, it’s a phrase you say when something is very beautiful
TheFunnerMan Day ago
Prophet Muhammed pbuh: "Music is forbidden" Muslims in comment section: " Ma Sha Allah Tabarek Allah very good song" Smh... Muslims have copied the Jews and Christians just like the prophet pbuh said...
Dose Of Islam
Dose Of Islam 19 hours ago
true bro i feel like a hypocrite listening May Allah forgive me. We should have never even clicked on the video in the first place
Spark Troop
Spark Troop Day ago
.....please let me know one thing.......Music with Allah swt's name...is it halal????
Spark Troop
Spark Troop 9 hours ago
@Zay Break Alright, thanks man.
Zay Break
Zay Break 9 hours ago
@Spark Troop I think you misconstrued my comment, using the word “allah” in a song is fine as long as it’s not out of spite or disrespect, so if you wanna listen to it that’s absolutely ok (unless you consider listening to music fundamentally haram but that’s a completely different argument), with that said, this song is utter garbage
Spark Troop
Spark Troop 9 hours ago
@Zay Break i ain't dissrespecting, i just wanna know if listening to this song is halal or not..cuz bro it has Allah swt's word with music
Zay Break
Zay Break 9 hours ago
Yah it’s all good as long as you’re not disrespecting him, regardless this song is an abomination to humanity
Shera da Puth
This is a moooood
Layla Alshuraidah
This song is Fire! 🔥
Natushi Misawa
People watching from Bahrain leave a like on this comment and the video
Paula Lìdaka
AliTriple6ix Day ago
Just came here to dislike... been a hater since 2015!! Fuck u pussytube, JULY 15th!!!!!!!
Mashallah don't listen to the haters
B.J Day ago
dead channel bro
George Bush
George Bush Day ago
Worst song
Amino Mohamed
Ikr 😞
Samsoor Nasim
This song is a banger I've been listening to this non stop come on bro!!
Worst song ever. Sike it’s on 🔥
rahal zohair
rahal zohair Day ago
That was lit🎶 supports from Moroco people🇲🇦
Tough UV
Tough UV Day ago
Thank you for subing
Naya Haddad
Naya Haddad Day ago
fousey is naya i love you mashallah i love you fousey i love it with noura and bassam
Muhammad Ali Ch
Best Song Of the year. Fousey I love You Adam I love you 2.
Drowsy Playz
Drowsy Playz Day ago
O ksi is going to react I thinck
Just Relax
Just Relax Day ago
Great video!!
Malik Jan Vlogs
In Sha Allah !!! Y’all will make it🔥
jsjs dnnd
jsjs dnnd Day ago
Yo looks like they shot the video in syria in a warzone lol
samy Amar
samy Amar 2 days ago
Bubba Hubba
Bubba Hubba 2 days ago
Song sounds better on mute
AHTHEPRO 23 hours ago
bruh ur messed up
Malik Anees
Malik Anees Day ago
bra you suck
Thugga.habiba W.
Thugga.habiba W. 2 days ago
Omg fousey really did that 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ruun Tahlil
Ruun Tahlil 2 days ago
MASHALLAH this song if fire inshallah this song will go BIG
Barket Alam
Barket Alam 2 days ago
Allie B
Allie B 2 days ago
B.J Day ago
@AshOfficialYT your song list is cringe
Your cringe
Adan Mataan
Adan Mataan 2 days ago
TheQueenAmelia 2 days ago
And Adam
TheQueenAmelia 2 days ago
You sound so good
TheQueenAmelia 2 days ago
I can’t Wait for Ramadan
Abir Hossain
Abir Hossain 2 days ago
great song where's the hijab
I see you:3
I see you:3 2 days ago
Love it!
Moemin Ebrahim
Moemin Ebrahim 2 days ago
25k for the shanta!!!
Tanjida Rahman
Tanjida Rahman 2 days ago
Your singing is so nice fousey aka yusif and adam
AD DRACO 2 days ago
This a simp anthem 😂
Loih Uopj
Loih Uopj 2 days ago
Free Palestine 🇵🇸
Loih Uopj
Loih Uopj 2 days ago
Free Gaza
Loih Uopj
Loih Uopj 2 days ago
Free Palestine
Trizzy 2 days ago
KAWAN JAMAL 2 days ago
CoolBeast 2 days ago
Fousey im not going to lie but this video is 🔥 🔥
JT Tessicini
JT Tessicini 2 days ago
But why does it smack so hard lol
Sürensen Kylez
Sürensen Kylez 2 days ago
damn u delete all the hate comments 😂😂 u cringe bte
Bruh Slayer
Bruh Slayer 2 days ago
did he actually😂
Ali Jamshid
Ali Jamshid 2 days ago
Amazing love it!!
justforvysor vysor
justforvysor vysor
Arya. exe
Arya. exe 2 days ago
qadan indho hassan
Soooo proud
Cat 2 days ago
It’s crazy how no one sees the Egyptian worship that has been going on since before Christ in ancient Babylon
Anwarali Ali
Anwarali Ali 2 days ago
Dammmmmm Walsh I listened to it more than 50 times
Averageツ 2 days ago
still addicted
Moomy 49
Moomy 49 2 days ago
This shit is trash
Moomy 49
Moomy 49 21 hour ago
@B.J lmao
B.J Day ago
nah bro, you shouldnt be disrespecting trash like that. its worse than trash
Osman Mohamed
Osman Mohamed 2 days ago
TX notibyily
TX notibyily 2 days ago
marshallah this is wicked
BreezeDripz 2 days ago
This is actually fire 🔥
Ahmad Al Helwani
Ahmad Al Helwani 2 days ago
This hits so fucking hard on mute
Mr. Intro Voice
Mr. Intro Voice 3 days ago
LIT!!! 🔥
TJ McNew
TJ McNew 3 days ago
Proud of you bro
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 3 days ago
He’s no AJ
Kay Fay
Kay Fay 3 days ago
Clearly not enough islamophobia in America.
Ibrahim Hashi
Ibrahim Hashi 3 days ago
The Music video is lit please reply I really love this song I can’t get enough of it you have a nice singing voice bro
Real One
Real One 3 days ago
Bro this song is straight dog shit lol
Mariam Abassi
Mariam Abassi 3 days ago
What i liked better was my brother fousey with the vulnerable and helping needy people thats like my brother
Ali Chahbar
Ali Chahbar 3 days ago
I hope Ali dawah and the boys are happy---this is not the example we need for our kids---shouldnt use Islamic terms in material like this---Adam, what happened?
M1 F1
M1 F1 3 days ago
Marshalla Adam habibi has best voice my boy fousey come in with the voice
M1 F1
M1 F1 2 days ago
BTW fousey u see this give me a hug bro
Awesome Anthony
Awesome Anthony 3 days ago
This is sooooo fuckkkkin gooodddd
JHM 19
JHM 19 3 days ago
Yupppp still loving this.. 🔥😁
abxyxn 3 days ago
Cloudy WafflesYT
Cloudy WafflesYT 3 days ago
I thought y’all were the same person 😅
Yaser Salameh
Yaser Salameh 3 days ago
Love this song🥰🥰
nial obrik
nial obrik 3 days ago
You guys suck😈😈
Kulsoom Fathima
Kulsoom Fathima 3 days ago
What the hell are you guys doing with Allah's name 💀 It's just disgusting and disrespectful
Joury Loay
Joury Loay 3 days ago
I think I need more than you need me
Ya Acabo
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