How Is He Doing That?! 🤷‍♂️🤯 

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Apr 9, 2021




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Comments 100   
JoeBtd 2 hours ago
Middle middle left
Brianna was here
Brianna was here 6 hours ago
I think it’s always the middle
Justhan Gamer
Justhan Gamer 7 hours ago
Ik how he just throwing the blue card underneath and making him think its red but its the blue card underneath
Munni Pandey
Munni Pandey 8 hours ago
The order was first round it was middle then second round it was middle again and last round it was on the left
ElmoPlays 9 hours ago
1st middle 2nd middle 3rd left
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller 9 hours ago
Middle middle left
Rach J
Rach J 12 hours ago
I really don’t get it
Taifa Teba
Taifa Teba 16 hours ago
i know it all 😎
divinity584 22 hours ago
he throws down the blue card first
Trist Durocher
It’s the one on the left at the last 😁
RASYA .G.S Day ago
1.The middle 2.The middle 3.left Look at his hand,he throws the blue card firs then he throws the red card
Film Exorcist
Hey at least he was wearing a Pat's jersey
Anonymous 5
Anonymous 5 Day ago
Simple he throws out the blue one instead of the red one then he puts the other blue down
George Goulding
The card he puts down second is red
Abegail Sangangbayan
Holy moly
Jammer R
Jammer R 2 days ago
I saw how he did it XD
Renee Rihn
Renee Rihn 2 days ago
Yo what the heck
Ava Rachakavitski
He is throwing the blue card instead of the red card. But he did get me om the first one
Golden wolf YT
Golden wolf YT 3 days ago
He throws the blue card beside the red card
rain demon
rain demon 3 days ago
I figured it out but i wont tell until i atempt this
Alexandra Clipa UwU
Alfons Hagström
Alfons Hagström 4 days ago
I se
Aftersh0cc 4 days ago
He switched the blue and red cards in his left hand when he threw them down. ;)
Shannese Moore
Shannese Moore 4 days ago
You have to pick the middle ones right
Shaniya Williams
Shaniya Williams 4 days ago
I think it’s the one in the middle
Broden Williams
Broden Williams 5 days ago
He, all he did is throw the top card, you gotta always watch the habds. That's the way most of these tricks work.
Eric Paull
Eric Paull 5 days ago
I know how he did it
higgs43 5 days ago
The order is middle, middle, left
Oiramor Vice
Oiramor Vice 6 days ago
I saw it
Charles Edward Pascual
Nice trick i found out how by playing the video about 7 times
Yman Samaniego
Yman Samaniego 6 days ago
E. J.
E. J. 6 days ago
You saw it, I know you did and everyone else did too so don’t explain it.
Fishing And gaming
Always in the middle
Калоян Иванов
Its es
BamBilo Game Mania
Its easy the red card is in the middle the whole time(im seeing it carefuly)
Jaime Halcon
Jaime Halcon 7 days ago
Lol he throws the blue one, and the other guys follows it
Sharp Sniper
Sharp Sniper 7 days ago
Its easy his truing the blue card and you think its red
Victor Alegunlade
It is kinda of an illusion ,I also fell for it
Janis Gfeller
Janis Gfeller 7 days ago
He just throu the Blue Card over the red one
matagames MC
matagames MC 7 days ago
You threw the blue card all the time 😂😂😂
He is throwing the one behind the red one which is making it look like it's actually red but it's blue 💙❤️💙❤️
Alex's Videos
Alex's Videos 8 days ago
middle middle then right
JustBeHappy 8 days ago
The middle
The MARK 9 days ago
Reana Smith
Reana Smith 9 days ago
If anybody notice but he twitched it fast red was in the middle
28James Allgood
28James Allgood 9 days ago
If you have if you have good eyesight you can see that he's throwing the one under it and then tossing the red one blow
Anonym 9 days ago
Arno Nel
Arno Nel 9 days ago
Hoody you are insane
Parker C
Parker C 9 days ago
It was the one in the middle
Amari Monds
Amari Monds 9 days ago
I see what he did
StormyyBoyy 9 days ago
He drops the blue card ontop instead of the red one I get it now🤦😂
Nur Zismiya
Nur Zismiya 10 days ago
He was just throwing the blue card that is behind the red card first. Then he threw the red card. That's why his friend got it all wrong following the red card.
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 10 days ago
It's always in the middle
Rehan Jain
Rehan Jain 10 days ago
Your throwing the top card so it looks like you threw the red one because on top of the red card is the blue one so it looks like your throwing the red one first🤣🤣😆
coffeeaddict 21
coffeeaddict 21 10 days ago
In order for each round the red card is in the; Middle. Middle. Viewers left. Lol
Kristan Gudnason
Kristan Gudnason 10 days ago
I know what he did
Jeremy Kin Maravilla
first: middle
USAFFE 10 days ago
In the last one i think it was the middle
Dancer Rajeev
Dancer Rajeev 10 days ago
I know the trick
Derya Sakallı
Derya Sakallı 11 days ago
1. in the middle 2. in the middle 3. in the first
I not confuse
I know how you do that
Melissa Marobia
Melissa Marobia 11 days ago
He throws the blue one first and then the red
Melissa Marobia
Melissa Marobia 11 days ago
He trows the blue one first
A to Z movies
A to Z movies 11 days ago
Two times in middle and last line at right of yours
dxjxc91 11 days ago
Got me the first time. Figured it out second time. I'm going to have to try this.
。ケアルーkun 12 days ago
I see what he did there HAHAHA.
Timo Kohlberg
Timo Kohlberg 12 days ago
The oldest Trick on earth😂😂😂
Hugo Robbertse
Hugo Robbertse 12 days ago
He's throwing the blue card instead of the red one
Juan David Reyes
Juan David Reyes 12 days ago
1st-Middle 2nd-Middle 3rd-right
B_Racky Boy
B_Racky Boy 12 days ago
Bad angle
William Green
William Green 12 days ago
I Sidney see it the first time
Syed Maaz Ali
Syed Maaz Ali 12 days ago
Woody I saw what you did That’s cool
Jr Islas
Jr Islas 12 days ago
I saw how you did that you shot the shot the blue one but it looked like you shot the red one
Synonymous 12 days ago
The power of angles lol
Vishal Bisht
Vishal Bisht 12 days ago
Na lage
Naihomis Naihomis
Naihomis Naihomis 13 days ago
Dangerblast 13 days ago
For those who didn't notice what his doing take a look how he holds it and push out thr top of the card instead of the down one which is red
Damien Jimenez
Damien Jimenez 13 days ago
If y’all don’t see it y’all don’t understand a lot about pranks and Magic “he was throwing the blue card you just have to pay attention
Elena Jonuzaj
Elena Jonuzaj 13 days ago
Μπράβο χαίρομαι πολύ το παιχνίδι σας αγαπάμε.
Jeremiah Eddy
Jeremiah Eddy 13 days ago
Hes sliding the blue over the red it took me 1 minute to see this
dayday the new way
dayday the new way 13 days ago
To completely clarify what the mystery lady said she ment that the card that he lays flat on the table is red and the card he through across the table is blue and if you didn't notice red is always in the middle and blue is always on there left and ower right
vHusko 13 days ago
I played it back slow and I see it now that's clever
Aman Minsariya
Aman Minsariya 13 days ago
The first try its in the middle The second try again in the middle And the third try on the left😎😂
kuroe Hi
kuroe Hi 13 days ago
I figured how ge did it on the third try he did with his friend
Robin Love
Robin Love 13 days ago
I caught the trick the third time💀
datRatboy420 14 days ago
SL Car World
SL Car World 14 days ago
Instead follow the blue one with the red
ollie boxer
ollie boxer 14 days ago
Middle middle left that’s the order of where it was every time he did the trick
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 14 days ago
Abuelita que me Pig🤯🤷‍♀️
Jimmy Larson
Jimmy Larson 14 days ago
He was throwing the blue card, that cheeky bastard
Duc Ta
Duc Ta 14 days ago
The middle one. He throw the bottom (blue card) to the right then the red one to the middle. Bt if not watch carefully, you might think he throw the red to the right while the blue to the middle
Cruz Vargas
Cruz Vargas 14 days ago
He throws the blue and keeps the red 😂😂😂
Abbiezar slytherin
Abbiezar slytherin 14 days ago
Lol I got it
NoName 14 days ago
Its easy to make this trick if u have understand how it works
Sir Duke01
Sir Duke01 14 days ago
Middle, middle, left
Akshay 14 days ago
He is throwing below card its just. illusion we think he is throwing upper card
Justine Carlo Alcuran
Slow eyes kleiny
Crescent_IGplays 14 days ago
Hehe I got it immediately, but then again I'm not under the pressure of a camera. Have a lovely day everyone!
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