Picking 8 RANDOM players based on their freeplay mechanics 

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I got random Rocket League players to send me one-minute clips of them in freeplay for a challenge...
Check out Dignitas coach@Virge
This idea originated from an idea that I modified from user "TheSloth" on my Discord suggestions channel. Thanks the TheSloth!
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Apr 14, 2021




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SunlessKhan 25 days ago
This idea originated from an idea that I modified from user "TheSloth" on my Discord suggestions channel. Thanks the TheSloth! If you have an idea you'd like to see, go to my discord server and submit it in #suggestions!
Pepper PhD
Pepper PhD 14 days ago
Yo I don't have a twitter for suggestions but you should so put a shout caster in some of these vids. And if you need a community shout caster let me know!
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado 18 days ago
I wish I could play with you
Rodrigo Duarte
Rodrigo Duarte 21 day ago
Rayyaan Khan
Rayyaan Khan 21 day ago
Quorbin Bloom
Quorbin Bloom 22 days ago
I Need you to coach me
Ernesto S
Ernesto S 2 hours ago
Upload more 😡
donkey nuts
donkey nuts 3 hours ago
i’m not even halfway through and ik verges team is winning
i like only play 1v1 unless im with my cousin i do 2v2
Sylfaen 3 days ago
Alternate Title: Rocket League: Pokémon Edition
George Tsiotras
George Tsiotras 3 days ago
Is that ssl claiv??
ItsPotatoSwegz 3 days ago
I jumped from gold 3 in Xbox and I started playing on pc and on the second day I am diamond 1 in 2v2s and plat 3 in 1v1s
Solid-Beasts 3 days ago
Flip reset Sunless be like OOOOHHH MOOIIO GAAAUUUD Virge be like .....
Sephic 3 days ago
Ff STorMm
Ff STorMm 4 days ago
Im a silver and i think the trash talking on silver players are cruel and mean ..i love them
Cyperkill 5 days ago
Four was playing 1v2 xd
Darkblade 4 hours ago
Fr lmao
GeneralMister 6 days ago
How did he get an SLL?
X2N Rapscall
X2N Rapscall 6 days ago
Six shot was 133mph!
NanaNana 7 days ago
5:16 virge: 1 is always number one Me: sees sunless pick 5 NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE
SL | jeRRy
SL | jeRRy 7 days ago
Feel so bad for 4 since 2 was so bad
Kolten Herring
Kolten Herring 7 days ago
7:38 It was 5v1 and 5 won against 1 and in his thing it says 51
CrisisVFX 7 days ago
9:08 POV its midnight and your in your room alone
agguma 8 days ago
Noxy at ichiraku
Noxy at ichiraku 8 days ago
Is it just me or is there an “ uh in his intro
Paras 10 days ago
Hi sunless. I started playing beside POS watching you. Also cause it's free now. Would love to play for you. Thanks
cade mccann
cade mccann 11 days ago
Also add mertzy and musty
cade mccann
cade mccann 11 days ago
Hey sunless can you add me I want to play horse with you my name is Cadeomg on Xbox and rocket league
r’ 11 days ago
LioMess 11 days ago
you didnt get brazil'd, you got psg'd
Dev Sincil
Dev Sincil 11 days ago
Sunlesss is a king
killerryan 12 days ago
What is 5s Goal explosion
Kevin7735 12 days ago
Your best video in a while. Well done, sir
dreamgoingdark 12 days ago
Apple Pie
Travell Harper
Travell Harper 13 days ago
Guys it's team v vs team s get it vs
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 13 days ago
I feel bad for number 2 because he might be a silver compared to gcs
GummyBall097 14 days ago
didn't even ask seven and two their ranks :(
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 14 days ago
1:37 “OKAY”
Codylox 14 days ago
I come away from this asking myself, what was 2's rank?
ii antolope
ii antolope 14 days ago
Who are the people who played
Marty McSmartyns
Marty McSmartyns 14 days ago
for picking may i suggest the player that wins the coin flip drafts first then the second player drafts 2 in a row then the 1st 2 in a row, yada yada yada.... i dont know the name of this drafting sequence off hand but i think it is the most fair.
Matrioth 14 days ago
Tahsin Iqbal
Tahsin Iqbal 14 days ago
Can someone tell me what 6s freeplay preset is? 3:10 Shit looks so clean Is that just the liquid decal?
Inferno 14 days ago
liquid, blk dieci, gold rush, maybe a blk octane
Sabian 14 days ago
3:58 "oh we weren't spose to summit a freestyle montage" LMFAO😂
ziefer 15 days ago
Hooks Fishing
Hooks Fishing 15 days ago
the pride goal 😂
Fire_Zero ツ
Fire_Zero ツ 15 days ago
I desvere Gold 1
Jellied 0902
Jellied 0902 16 days ago
Since sunless is such a high rank he doesn’t realise how each rank plays
Biya Gamachu
Biya Gamachu 16 days ago
7:35 My agressions when he didn't make the 0 seconds goal: 📈📈
Jack Vinson
Jack Vinson 16 days ago
what decal is that? 3:14
Inferno 14 days ago
ZACPlays 16 days ago
sunless v 2 plats we need
Fishy FN
Fishy FN 16 days ago
At 9:08 it went so clean
Nibbles 16 days ago
hey sunless
Svartkatt 16 days ago
Cam settings?
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 17 days ago
This was like a RL Pokemon battle lol
aquatiX 17 days ago
no offense, but 2 was trash unlucky sunless had him on his team
iced microwaved rice
I cOuLd EaSIlY bEAt ThAt ChAmP and I'm GoLd
Apollo The g
Apollo The g 17 days ago
Bro I feel like 3 shouldn’t have won that bro got 3 kick off goals😂😂
Overlay 18 days ago
This proves thhat viewers are just numbers to youtubers. Exposed.
Inferno 14 days ago
i mean what else is it
Hussam Tahir
Hussam Tahir 18 days ago
Just an idea: What if you do the same video with a twist where people have to audition live on discord and only get one chance to show off in freeplay. Then based on that you choose your 8 players?
X_queee 18 days ago
i really need 6 car design
XR Conner
XR Conner 18 days ago
before he did the musty flick he looks like he was going the same speed in the same direction as the ball it was so satisfying 2:06
Joshyy 18 days ago
Right. Show match between 6 and 4 now please.
Weevul 18 days ago
player 4 got scammed with his tm8 lmao
Xavier Blandon
Xavier Blandon 18 days ago
2 was dog water
YT_TAGSツ 18 days ago
How was that a champ 3??? I am a plat 3 and I am better than him!
Ollie Kune
Ollie Kune 18 days ago
You should do a pro vs 50 bots but the pro has aim bot
Princebot 101
Princebot 101 18 days ago
I wish i was just like them. I'm plat 2 and still not being able to aerial. I'm not lying
Fade2019 18 days ago
Please do this again
WhyTho YT
WhyTho YT 19 days ago
I just had the best videoidea! U watch like mount of gameplay and then try and guess the players man playlist! Like 1s, 2s, 3s main comp game mode!
AK9479 19 days ago
should have done a snake pick order draft
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 19 days ago
Soup Dawg
Soup Dawg 19 days ago
I've actually been thinking about an idea just like this believe it or not I just never bothered cuz I thought u would think it's stupid lol
Ronan Damico
Ronan Damico 19 days ago
When are you gonna 1v1 arsenal in basketball
Wyatt McGowen
Wyatt McGowen 19 days ago
Video idea, SSL coach silver during game against Silver telling SSL what to do
Jammingway 19 days ago
Teams would have been fairer if Virge picked 1 player, Sunless picked 2, Virge picked 2 etc.
jahshawn stewart
jahshawn stewart 19 days ago
rocket leauge sideswipe try mods
rocket beast
rocket beast 19 days ago
Keep it up sunless with these great vids
22Martim09 19 days ago
Im more interested in player 6 decal than the actual video if you guys know the name plz tell me
Brayan Fonseca
Brayan Fonseca 19 days ago
I think you should get toxic players in a game and 2 people to go around taking all the boost and see who get the most mad
Michal Pavlisin
Michal Pavlisin 19 days ago
Im the round 1 player
Truman Taylor
Truman Taylor 19 days ago
you should get cinderblock to make a gamemode where there are 4 teams, 4 goals and 2 or 1 players on each team.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 19 days ago
Remember papa moon
TTp_eskilosko 19 days ago
Can any1 say what rank i'm by watching my YT videos? Pls sunless
Leonjonny 19 days ago
Hey sunless. I got a video idea for you. Rocket league but the ball has no gravitation. Whenever you hit the ball it stars flying and won't fall down. The direction the ball flys to is the direction it will fly till it hits a wall, the ceiling or the ground. Have a nice day and have fun playing rl.
ParadoX 19 days ago
Bring back rocket league with no balls but make it so their are walls our maps were their kinda is more fun
Mìng 19 days ago
I like how one is using a white octane but wearing a lone wolf decal that gives you a black octane
bluemarina16 20 days ago
Pokemon, but CAR
Gold Jawn
Gold Jawn 20 days ago
Sunless more like Moonmore gottem
The Panda
The Panda 20 days ago
WarmPoptarts 20 days ago
Listen Sunless, the week is almost up, I personally enjoy you over leth but still enjoy leth, however. You still have to eat a shoe.
Brownman 20 days ago
Bruh five was so cheeks im c1 i could easily smack him(no harshness intended)
Magic Cass
Magic Cass 20 days ago
I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK......
Magic Cass
Magic Cass 20 days ago
I’m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK......
beano weeno
beano weeno 20 days ago
Hey Kahn, I’m a decent gold 3 who’s having a VERY hard time staying in platinum. I mean, I’ve ranked up into plat many times, and I always come back down. Does anyone have any tips or tricks I can learn to keep my game up?
Gavin Cortez
Gavin Cortez 20 days ago
what happened at 3 20 that glitch is wierd
Senses 20 days ago
You proberbly wont see this but i have a good video idea What if you put 3 players in a tournament and the spectators have to guess what rank it is Another video idea You put 2 "diamond players" in a tournemant with a Plat or any rank into the tourney and the "plat" has to guess what rank they're in
Tim K
Tim K 20 days ago
This is the last view that I am giving Sunless, and I am unsubscribing - yes, we expected you to eat a shoe. Goodbye, old friend
STANLEY PLAYS 20 days ago
Video idea: you and musty on keyboard vs golds on controllers
Brady Schmidt
Brady Schmidt 20 days ago
XeN RyZe
XeN RyZe 20 days ago
you should do a gameshow called smurf or nor smurf to see if they are smurfing in their rank or if they are in their rank
Jesus Lake
Jesus Lake 20 days ago
I think 3,5,8 were the best no cap
Anthony Kinsey
Anthony Kinsey 20 days ago
What is number 5s goal?
Splash Jr.
Splash Jr. 20 days ago
#1 Has tw octane lol
Shawnonsens3 20 days ago
I feel for twoo man lol we wanna be good and we try.....but we just aren't that great haha.
Zlixsy 20 days ago
Can we get an update on jack? The person that won the preditor laptop.