Government Threatens Retired Engineer With a Crime for Doing Math 

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Wayne Nutt is an engineer. He graduated with a degree in engineering and worked most of his career in North Carolina without ever needing a license to actually work as an engineer. But now, the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors is telling Wayne that speaking publicly about engineering without a state license could lead to criminal charges. Today, Wayne teamed up with the Institute for Justice (IJ) to file a federal lawsuit to protect his First Amendment right to speak from his expertise and experience.

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Jun 10, 2021




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Chris K
Chris K 3 minutes ago
I'm embarrassed to be an adult in this "power grab" politics.
Johnny K
Johnny K 5 minutes ago
The state doesn't like smart, helpful people...they like their citizens dumbed down and at odds with each other
Paul Brown
Paul Brown 6 minutes ago
Way to go Mr Wayne Nutt, we need more people like you, cheers
Ophir 777
Ophir 777 8 minutes ago
This only happens in amerika!
crazy horse
crazy horse 19 minutes ago
The government needs to be further restricted. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are in the citizens favor. You can look it up.
D’Lou 22 minutes ago
Huh?! 👍 👍
Timothy Lemaster
Timothy Lemaster 24 minutes ago
NC is a liberal criminal enterprise at it's finest.
EDWARD SPAIN 26 minutes ago
Let Resident Biden know what you think The White House 202-456-1111 www.whitehouse.gov/contact Resident Biden's lack of effective leadership on the National and Global Stage is an embarrassment to this Nation.
Michael Seidenberg
Michael Seidenberg 41 minute ago
The narrator sounds like an actor trying to sound Southern
Joanne DeHerrera
Joanne DeHerrera 42 minutes ago
Telling the truth is freedom not a crime.
b 47 minutes ago
Looks like 239 Government employed engineers watched this video
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 49 minutes ago
So the government would say he couldn't be called to testify in court as an Expert Witness in the coming lawsuits? Looks like they're trying to pile on even more lawsuits against themselves. Stupid.
bomgodd Hour ago
Looks great for his age.
Michael Cole
Michael Cole Hour ago
Only Bill Nye can speak about stuff.
tenfour Hour ago
Larry Croft
Larry Croft Hour ago
Mind your own business. We will kill who we want to, and destroy everything if we so please. COM ON MAN.
543dp3555 Hour ago
Sounds like some politicians relative needed a job drawing up some plans to get rid of storm water and got exposed. Rats always run when you shine the light on them.
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac Hour ago
Damn he looks good for 77.
VJ Rei
VJ Rei Hour ago
If you ever receive a thread like that remember this: people like to bluff their way out of things. I once was getting fired from a job, as I arrived in the morning they took me to an office, the woman of human resources and the lawyer. They told me I was being terminated, I asked why? the lawyer was very nasty and was telling me: we are going to give you an extra month of payment, take it and leave and sign this letter, if you do not sign... things will get ugly for the things you have done. I didn't do anything, all I knew was that the General Manager hated me because I was a certified Project Manager and he was just an empiric clown that got there by stocking everybody in their back. To make a long story short... I left with 3 months of payment and a nice recommendation later signed by the CEO, the lawyer, and the lady of human resources.
quartytypo Hour ago
Can't trust a retired engineer. They're sneaky
saudade2100 Hour ago
I had a sense of déjà vu watching this. I had to look it up. There have been multiple cases like this, North Carolina, Minnesota, Oregon as example.
JaybayJay 2 hours ago
More Fascism from the United States? I'm about as surprised as when I learned cops killed another unarmed black man and people are protesting again. Fight the good fight Wayne.
Cuchi de Soto
Cuchi de Soto 2 hours ago
If he has a degree in engineering I don't think there is a court in the land that would dare to argue with him. As for needing a licence, why dosen't he just get one?
Will Prifogle
Will Prifogle 2 hours ago
Their first mistake was screwing with a retired engineer who enjoys spending his time finding problems and fixing them. They thought they sent him a threat when in reality they sent him a challenge.
Scott Rand
Scott Rand 2 hours ago
Wayne... you are not "DOING" , engineering.... you are critquing the engineering of others.... that does not require any license... sue those fools right out of their ...well you get it...
Pirate Prospecting
Pirate Prospecting 2 hours ago
Dale Mills
Dale Mills 2 hours ago
Did I hear correctly? This man is 77 years old? Wow, he barely looks 50. Who thought it would be a good idea to try to silence an Elder who also happens to be an Expert?
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams 2 hours ago
Dude does not look 77.
David Thourogood
David Thourogood 2 hours ago
Good for You! You make the difference to all of us. Thank you.
Sky Corrigan
Sky Corrigan 2 hours ago
He looks really good for 77!
Stevilkenevil99 2 hours ago
Oh God an engineering fight I'm out
furyus01 2 hours ago
North Carolina, big shock...
Simon 2 hours ago
USlift doesn't want people outside of the USA to donate here apparently... I'm in Australia and it says 'Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet.' Up the top right. Good thing the link to the site works.. because youtube is not working in your favor clearly.
ray Nic
ray Nic 3 hours ago
After finishing my engineering tech degree I redesigned some structural elements in a project I was working on. The suggestion we got from the architect via his engineering consultant did not fit the practical dimensional (space availible) to some changes that customer wanted. As an exercise I recalculated for a beam that would work. The following day we went to the architects office, I brought my suggestion, backed up by my calculations and reference material. When architect saw the professional resources I was using, he condenscendingly ask me where did I get those materials. I then explain that I recently graduated and these were required books for my courses. Funny think is he had to forward the info to a consulting engineer for approval, he couldn't do or take responsibility of approval. A day later we get a call, yes, that change will work. Ha-ha, in your face.
john debose
john debose 3 hours ago
Too much God damn government🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙃🙃🙃🙃
Metaphysical 3 hours ago
Why is this narrator putting on a fake Southern accent. Like it's really obviously fake
Alex Smart
Alex Smart 3 hours ago
This is the future of America. Big Government and suppression of your rights. What you can say and do, what you cant say and do. It doesnt matter if you are left or right. Its going to happen(continue) and there is nothing you can do about it. We are a lobster in a pot of water and only now are we feeling the heat...but its to late to climb out.
L T 3 hours ago
The physics forums of real life
ray Nic
ray Nic 3 hours ago
This brings up the perfect point of the BS around licensing. Just because you are licensed dont mean you either fully competent, trustworthy or honest. I was studying for a state contractors license years ago, although different of course from engineers, and 75 % of the exam had to with legality, paying taxes and permit fees... 25% had to do construction competence, go to show where their priorities are.
Emil K
Emil K 3 hours ago
Sir, congratulations! Use your knowledge and experience to help those in need. Thank you
ASG Rides
ASG Rides 3 hours ago
Oh wow the government not being transparent no way
Stuart Porter
Stuart Porter 3 hours ago
This is like suing Elon Musk for doing rocket engineering without being certified as a rocket engineer... He has just about achieved more than any other engineer ever! This sounds like someone incompetent is trying to shut someone up who knows better than they do.
casanova419 3 hours ago
For a second thought it was a new episode of THE ONION.
crimony 3 hours ago
Why can't he get a license?
Sam Sep
Sam Sep 3 hours ago
Many of the engineers who work are not licensed and don't need to be. Only those who are stamping the final work are required to be licensed so it's known who is responsible for the work. In many cases tens of engineers work on one project and only one stamp is required.
Greasy! 3 hours ago
Gobernment can go F--K themselves!
Yeetur McBeetur
Yeetur McBeetur 3 hours ago
Anyone good at math and computer calculations can be an engineer.
We Need Patriots
We Need Patriots 3 hours ago
Demoncrats despise 1A!
justin william salter
2PLUS2 = 5.666 EH
JB sparks
JB sparks 3 hours ago
Haha! NC done elected a bunch of unlicensed husher uppers. Good thing The US Constitution prohibits such things.
justin william salter
Dog faced Pony Soldier
He’d better stay clear of the Clintons……
Eve B.
Eve B. 3 hours ago
77 years old?! :O dear lord, he looks 45!!!!!!! what's your secret, sir???
Mike Price
Mike Price 3 hours ago
They didn't threaten him for doing math. They threatened him for practicing engineering without a license. Licensure and adherence to stautory professional standards is how you ensure people actually know what they're talkung about.
Kevin Nunley
Kevin Nunley 4 hours ago
I'm not surprised. The engineering community has always been very exclusive. You must have the right degree from the right university and the right license, etc or you can't be part of their little club. The State Board needs to stick their noses back where they usually keep them.
James C
James C 4 hours ago
They should be thanking this man's for his experience, knowledge and willingness to point out flaws that need to be corrected.
Kris Kirkpatrick
Kris Kirkpatrick 4 hours ago
Whoever sent that letter needs to be executed for treason.
Watson Litchfield
Watson Litchfield 4 hours ago
No good deed goes unpunished. The people behind this are the same people that have created untold amounts of problems: lawyers. If a more slimy creature exists I'd like to know what it is.
Jesse Sanders
Jesse Sanders 4 hours ago
Ok I know this is off topic, but can we talk about his good Wayne looks for 77!?!
ALEXWORKOUTS 4 hours ago
and to think many people believe we should trust government and expand it. eye roll, smh
YouTube Censors
YouTube Censors 4 hours ago
77?! What's he eat for breakfast?
LOGOS DIVINE 4 hours ago
Why is it that people who are devoid of any intelligence seem to want to run to the government to force others into their Idiocracy’s No wonder the media is controlled by those who want you to believe lies because they have no intelligence and they think that is the solution reminds me of communism and communist
Howard Gibson
Howard Gibson 4 hours ago
He can say anything he wants to his buddies at the bar, or to his next door neighbours. If he is submitting calculations to lawyers, he is presenting himself as an expert witness. Flooding and storm-water is civil engineering, not chemical. He is not an expert, he is just a guy who is good at math. Licensed professional engineers are subject to peer review for their knowledge and their ethics. An expert by any reasonable court standards is a licensed professional engineer, with a graduate degree in civil engineering, and many years of practical experience. "Expert witnesses" are a problem in modern courts.
Chris Lapp
Chris Lapp 4 hours ago
Years from now, when the US is a different country, he and the other intellectuals will be arrested and locked up. Along with political prisoners. Believe it or not, these are the "good ol' days" right now.
The Upset Kitten
The Upset Kitten 4 hours ago
Wow, a man being threatened for using his knowledge to bring truth to a situation that is negative. Oh wait... Sadly, that happens every day, and in some cases, people even CHEER for the villains doing the bad deeds. Such a strange world we're living in today. I feel bad for this guy.
D S 4 hours ago
Freedom Of Speech... that’s SO Passé!
Kitty Clark
Kitty Clark 4 hours ago
Your crime sir, was you used your ability to think, reason, calculate & speak. In this case it brought forward an error made by the government engineers. When someone can't appreciate correction they will attack you personally. Stand firm & stand tall!
DevilNV F0X
DevilNV F0X 4 hours ago
We want more people like him
Mister Myself
Mister Myself 4 hours ago
The way the educational system works now, it may be illegal to learn now, so it makes sense. 😄😄 There is a story in the Laws of Power, where a King orders something but while doing it, an engineer figures out a better way. He argued his way to the King and the King sat and listened, when the engineer was done, the King ordered him executed. Most people (sorry to tell you) are ignorant and too lazy to learn or figure things out. They just want to be done, not realizing thats why everthing is messed up. Too many popular people in charge while the correct complicated people are "boring".
Mahesh Bhenchod
Mahesh Bhenchod 4 hours ago
A Voltaire quote comes to mind.
They Call Me Donkey
Serves him right for going the iowa city to U of Iowa... should went to ames to ISU and got a real degree
WildandLiving 5 hours ago
Well when you pave over swamps the water has to go somewhere else. It's almost always a human made problem. If it's not they shouldn't built they're in the first place
Mitch Swanson
Mitch Swanson 5 hours ago
Government are the people, public employed servants are who we hire to serve we the people and when they forget that lil fact we get really annoyed with our servants.
Turgid C Frogswell
Turgid C Frogswell 5 hours ago
Usually, the requirement of a licence is to protect the consumer/client so that they have assurance that the person offering a licensed service or advice falls within a certain competency range. If they fail to deliver their service within that range, then they can be held accountable for any losses. This also helps certain professionals obtain indemnity insurance to protect them and their clients. Ultimately, the purpose of the licence is to avoid harm to the prospective client. For certain professions and activities where a life could be easily lost, the state makes these statutory to engage I the practice - think driving, surgery or building structures. Provided, his advice is not being used in a way that could cause harm, then he should be able to say what he wants.
David Ivey
David Ivey 5 hours ago
Are they really going after him for doing math, or for claiming to be an engineer when he is not an engineer?
Darrell Carmena
Darrell Carmena 4 hours ago
Good question, David! My thoughts are, since he graduated with a degree in engineering and was employed as an engineer for 45.5 years, logically, wouldn't that make it incorrect to claim he is not an engineer? If my observation is wrong, please kindly point out as to what I am missing?
liveuk 5 hours ago
Good if and only if everyone agrees the science is correct.
Arixoe 5 hours ago
You go Wayne. 😀😉🤩🤓
The Kraemer
The Kraemer 5 hours ago
Where I used to live if you took the town engineer to a nudie bar he'd ok anything. The're all corrupt.
Ron McKay
Ron McKay 5 hours ago
Makes me wonder are these the same people who spit on vets returning from Vietnam?
Happy Camper
Happy Camper 5 hours ago
In today's world you don't technically have to be an engineer just identify as one!!
johnlyn1 5 hours ago
The very definition of license is getting permission to do something that is illegal. What he did is not illegal, hence no license required.
Sam Small
Sam Small 5 hours ago
Thanks for being a hero
Timothy Mcswain
Timothy Mcswain 5 hours ago
They just don't want to admit that they fucked up hiring a jet leg that they know and paying them 3 times the cost and they don't even do the job right cutting corners! This is exactly why we are drowning when it rains because they decide to change it and think that that will work then a big rain comes and everyone loses their homes because of idiots not doing the job right the first time! What happened to suing the piss out of people who caused damages to people's homes because of poor workmanship! People lose their homes and their lives due to lack of responsibility! The government is a crooked system that should be held accountable for damages!
Other Unqualified Username
Your voiceover man is excellent. We don't hear enough Southern accent in professional productions like this one, even though they're a big part of American culture.
Jim Ringo
Jim Ringo 5 hours ago
Odd how far off some commenters go from the topic. NC has a pretty tight PE Board and manages the professional practice and infringement from non-licensed practitioners closer than some states. This is a case in point. That being said I side with Wayne who is not "practicing" engineering, only running standard calcs obtainable in public sources. Some local officials apparently got their gut checked and responded as ...don't know the other story. JER PE. (once was in NC)
Nice Shot
Nice Shot 5 hours ago
What's the point of advising people in a lawsuit? His testimony would be hearsay because he's not licensed.
xXTheFreakWithinXx 5 hours ago
If you only allow licenced engineers to speak, then this breeds corruption do to the fact that licences could be revoked if one dares to speak. This is what has happened to doctors and scientists if they dare to undermine the narrative. If they play nice and shut up, they recieve silly grants and if they don't can lose their licences. One day all of our voices will be silenced and we will only have propaganda and lies to lead us to slaughter. Someday soon someone's voice could save your life and if you allow their voice to be silenced you will pay the price for being silent.
xPiriyahx 5 hours ago
This is just going to get worse and worse until we start gunning down the government in minecraft
Маша Паракина
I’m ever amazed at what usually passes for civilisation; it’s never about the higher-ups teaching their subjects right from wrong, but simply them _having_ subjects to manipulate.
Joe Mickelssilva
Joe Mickelssilva 5 hours ago
Were they Democrats?
D I 5 hours ago
Sue the state, to oblivion.
Dan Wilcox
Dan Wilcox 5 hours ago
This story seemed too crazy to be true. I looked it up online, and surprisingly it is true. The North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors is attempting to set a legal precedent to make publicly contradicting a licensed engineer illegal for anyone except another licensed engineer. There has to be some sort of conspiracy cult or some other super bizarre thing the board of examiners all have in common to create this kind of super bizarre behavior. I am imagining a bunch of racist old men wearing buffalo hats and tin foil underwear that somehow also involves the worship of Donald Trump. The real story has to be USlift gold.
Jim Scruggs
Jim Scruggs 5 hours ago
The board are out of there minds, who are they covering up for
Ryan Gove
Ryan Gove 5 hours ago
The only reason to give a license, is so you can take it away.
Glenn MacArthur
Glenn MacArthur 6 hours ago
I am a contract engineering designer with 50 years of expertiese and I hate it when some people prefer the legal hemoride paper pusher degree types! I like what you said and stand for carry on!!!
M Bradley
M Bradley 6 hours ago
Ever notice how people tout science and mathematics when they supports their political objectives and deny science and mathematics when they contradict their objectives?
Gregory Pelc
Gregory Pelc 6 hours ago
Remember it's our government that we deserve for letting it happen. We own it.
Eddy Jimenez
Eddy Jimenez 6 hours ago
N Carolina: This guy knows what hes talking about. CANCELED.
Augunautics Inc
Augunautics Inc 6 hours ago
Remember SCHINDLER’S LIST....The female jew engineer...yikes
Dissection #shorts
Dissection #shorts