iOS 15 - Why your iPhone will NEVER be the same! 

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iOS 15 - 30 Things You NEED to KNOW!
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Jun 8, 2021




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Comments 494   
ZONEofTECH Month ago
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Super Anime Bros.
Super Anime Bros. 11 days ago
Do you think that we could put our COVID 19 cards in wallet
Phoenix King
Phoenix King 14 days ago
I liked safari updates
Bloxxness 23 days ago
I do not know why you thought they were gonna bring a new MacBook pro. I mean maybe in a future Apple Event but apple would NEVER put it into their WWDC21. They show new software in it, not new physical products. I just really am supprised that anyone thought that they were releasing a new product that wasn't software.
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin Month ago
NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Jack Siow
Jack Siow Month ago
Hi, regarding features no.13 VPN do you know if I subscripted Apple One service which include iCloud storage, did I get it as well and did the Apple VPN work on third party apps as well like gmail or chrome or only limited to Apple own software mail and safari.
Wenzel 37 minutes ago
It’s NOT a VPN, it works very differently.
Kai_Man_ YT
Kai_Man_ YT 22 hours ago
2015, a phone from 6 years ago. Bro time is going so quick
D G 22 hours ago
That ios 15 beta. Love that new Find My App feature. I put an airtag on my work badge because I always lose it and I like that I can silently find it in my home when all the kids are asleep. One thing I liked about tile is that it alerts you when you leave your things at home, but hours later. With the airtags, when I get in my car, Carplay shows an alert when I leave my badge behind. So now I don’t have to drive all the way to work and realize I have to drive back home.
Zzyzx Fox
Zzyzx Fox Day ago
Saw all these features and immediately went to install the beta lol
SebzeYT Day ago
I dont know what apple likes so much at the animojis. I dont really like them, theyre somehow a bit weird😅
wintercocoa 2 days ago
no bc im still on ios 13 and dont plan to update😭
Sally._.TheWitch 2 days ago
Ok nice but about the FaceTime thing...... FaceTime is banned where I Live and umm i tried VPN but its illegal for things that r banned! And they banned it because cellular companies and calling networks lose money because FaceTime which is free! Even the apple devices r more expensive and u dont get facetime when u buy it in my country and u cant download it but if u get the device from another country u just cant put an acc
Maccolm Leong
Maccolm Leong 3 days ago
IOS 15 is great with so many improvements! But where’s the improvement for iPhone 13??! 🤡
Y33dozgame 3 days ago
this was uploaded on my b day😂
The Himnaeja
The Himnaeja 3 days ago
when will it come out IOS 15???
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 4 days ago
I have an iPhone 12 blue 256 gb I need real multi tasking plz !! Apple ! I miss android now !!
Mr Just Cause Games
Does no one like dizabileing things it's much better than disabling things
MrFuzzyPants 5 days ago
The IPhone 6s supports IOS14? This is new to me because my phone wont update past IOS12
jonasツ 6 days ago
Agnor 6 days ago
The weather change is sick, but the actual info you get from weather is far from the truth. BBC weather I’d say is the most accurate weather app. And I don’t think they should implement the maps change until way more locations are added
1Shott 6 days ago
Not 30 😮 but 30+ dumb ass just say 33 features.
Kayantae Johnson
Kayantae Johnson 6 days ago
I just want to sort my photos by date taken smh.. a few years ago with an update my photos transferred out of order and it drives me crazy to this day!
Jan Grünwaldt
Jan Grünwaldt 7 days ago
Pretty cool tbh, I wish they wouldn't do planned obsolence though, that's the reason why I chose Android. And the more freedom ofc.
Seffers 7 days ago
That’s a solid ass update, I’m excited for it🤙
SaintZeph 7 days ago
Me with my 6s with a battery that last 10 minutes on standby... *Hmm interesting*
Sally._.TheWitch 2 days ago
Haha lol i have an ipad air 2 lasted from 2016 until this day charge only survives for an hour - i used to have iphone 6 just 6 a month ago 🥲👍🏻
Lyfe In Shades
Lyfe In Shades 7 days ago
You forgot the iMessage app and the pics now send it stacks etc but overall awesome vid
117_Sins •
117_Sins • 7 days ago
All you iPad people. Just stop complaining. Either buy a laptop or don’t. You’re a psychopath
KK092 8 days ago
So no custom colour dark mode, no transparent icons and not even a custom colour home bar what?.?.??..
Melisa Smith
Melisa Smith 8 days ago
Did anyone else catch when he said it would real time syncs and work with Netflix and Disney plus and other apps but now at the bottom it says NOT AVAILABLE WITH NETFLIX 🤣
Tonk Man
Tonk Man 8 days ago
Oh boy, I hope nobody starts a war between android and iOS in the comments.
onca 67
onca 67 8 days ago
My Prius is still better 😌
Steve Campbell
Steve Campbell 9 days ago
When will iOS 15 be available?
Thenessh 9 days ago
Its literally ios 14 with some features that i wont use 😑 Im on ios 15 beta
Yuiop 9 days ago
I hope the Safari on bottom part is toggleable. I will most likely not like that
PlaguedKidd 10 days ago
Why can’t iPhone 6 update anymore 😭😭😭
Chad Freeman
Chad Freeman 10 days ago
Currently on se 2020 because I loved my 6s so much.
Freddy YT
Freddy YT 10 days ago
I never had. iPhone in my whole live😂
Lance Vandyke
Lance Vandyke 10 days ago
Wallpaper link plz and thank you
brokenlegz 10 days ago
2:44 awesome!!
jean emmanuel
jean emmanuel 11 days ago
Wow‼️ thanks for all that info and great review👍🏿
Rich Kofi
Rich Kofi 11 days ago
You see that hello feature? Saweetie inspired that.
haien 11 days ago
Still waiting for new UI look
Robert Garret
Robert Garret 11 days ago
Haven’t been a big fan of newer updates haven’t really provided anything crazy this update I do like though
Javier Romero
Javier Romero 11 days ago
Are they updating Apple car play
A P 12 days ago
Interesting **says me watching from my android phone**
Daryl Cheshire
Daryl Cheshire 12 days ago
I’d like to see volatile reminders which beep or do something and self acknowledge. I often want a reminder to just beep and not have to acknowledge it, just beep and go away. There might be an app for that.
baconsaidhi 12 days ago
i hope they change the control center
Br0ke 12 days ago
me watching this as my phones preparing to update to the beta
Mortified Lil hoe
Mortified Lil hoe 12 days ago
The anti theft thing all you gotta do is take out the sim card
I have to wait 90 days to change my name lol
Did you even listen ? Smh
elisabeth snyder
elisabeth snyder 12 days ago
bro im watching this to try to recover from seeing a scary tiktok compilation
Xavier Montaño
Xavier Montaño 13 days ago
I have the iOS 15 beta and I don’t really find it insanely different ;u;
Shaluka Hewapatha
Shaluka Hewapatha 13 days ago
He said shareplay supports netflix
FX 13 days ago
iSheeps giggling with widgets. lol
Keya 13 days ago
Will iOS 15 work okay on iphone 7 since it’s an older model? iOS 14 is okay, but I’m worried about the new one
Bellyrubber VL
Bellyrubber VL 12 days ago
John Edward
John Edward 13 days ago
I have 5g with my XR
Papercut 13 days ago
Actually the iPhone 6s dosen’t support ios 15 Ik using one right now im on ios 14.6
Osi Osi
Osi Osi 14 days ago
This is so funny cause I been had all of these features for years on Samsung
KAIZEN IS POG 14 days ago
to correct you siri has no gender.
Z O 14 days ago
Hmmmmm I might move back to Apple. These things are pretty amazing
KK092 8 days ago
Not worth it endless you have an iPad too, coming from an Apple user
Maarten Louage
Maarten Louage 14 days ago
I think apple did a smart thing whit the FaceTime link for android and windows instead of making an app.. because why else would you buy an apple product..
Dean Crawford
Dean Crawford 14 days ago
Kool 😎 but more for the sheep’s than the lions 🦁
Victor Espiritu
Victor Espiritu 14 days ago
I love Apple, I really do, but does anyone else feel uncomfortable that you are able to be tracked even if your phone is off? While I see the obvious advantages… let’s talk about the elephant in the room.
Bellyrubber VL
Bellyrubber VL 12 days ago
the government already does that and has done it for years.
T S 16 days ago
After covid, having access to photos and messages from someone who has passed is seriously under noticed. You don’t realize until they’re gone.
daboy dudus
daboy dudus 16 days ago
wallahi apples been chatting was for about 6 years now
MRJOEBANKS 16 days ago
Your accent bothers my soul
mavicjoe 17 days ago
Authy has cross platform 2fa
Slubus 17 days ago
1:52 Actually, authy has this feature
Luz Silva
Luz Silva 19 days ago
love it how london is one of the first few places where the new map works
Luz Silva
Luz Silva 19 days ago
Are you SERIOUS only NOW are they bringing find my updates! i lost my apple watch 3 years ago and THIS NEW UPDATE COULD HAVE HELPED ME FIND IT AHBHHH
Owen Abraham
Owen Abraham 20 days ago
Really can't wait to upgrade...😁😁
Jeroen De Cloe
Jeroen De Cloe 21 day ago
What a ridiculous video headline
jerry vincent
jerry vincent 22 days ago
Looks great.
Pranav Polakam
Pranav Polakam 23 days ago
The thing about FaceTime on Android is that it wasn't made specifically for Android, so they couldn't have made a dedicated app without putting in an, essentially, unnecessary amount of effort into it. Since this looks to be a feature added to rival apps like, zoom, it's meant to also work on windows laptops and other platforms. If they had to make an app for each platform, it would be a huge waste of effort (especially for a gen1 feature). Putting it on the web makes it so any device with access to the internet can theoretically join FaceTime calls, allowing it to be a potential replacement for something like zoom.
Otree03 0303
Otree03 0303 24 days ago
IOS 14.6 is 15 ?
Jose Tavera
Jose Tavera 24 days ago
No really a mind blowing update but ok
Gabriel E. Montes
Gabriel E. Montes 25 days ago
You can have 3 alias on iCloud right NOW. I have them as you said (one for sm, another to use on my subscriptions, etc….) adding mere will be cool tho
charlie ryan
charlie ryan 25 days ago
Thanks for making this informative and helpful video
Alwaysready 25 days ago
Fall risk ? What ?
Denver Lee Harris
Denver Lee Harris 26 days ago
Is anyone else super annoyed that when you try to send a Photo via text, Apple thinks it is genius to grab a random photo and pop it up under your finger to suggest that you send it to whoever your texting?!?!?! Even when you delete the shared photos, the stupid thing pops up to tell you that it doesn’t have a photo for you to share but it’s looking for one!!! What the hell is that about?! Why does Apple feel like they are in a position to grab a random photo and suggest that you send it to a person? It’s the most insane infuriating software feature since iTunes.
devotee 27 days ago
Still no always on display?! Wow i am impressed by that lag.
itspenguinplays5 11 days ago
What’s so good about a aways on Display in a phone? Just wondering
Travelling Light Photography
Prioritise 5G?! Ha. Useless in NZ where 5G barely exists.
Hebri Brown
Hebri Brown 27 days ago
I guess they putting that app tracking to good use huh…
Pete Jung
Pete Jung 27 days ago
So it will be just another phone. Phone wars are becoming a laughing stock.....
Khaaliq DeJan
Khaaliq DeJan 28 days ago
Dude is so hard to understand without subtitles
nougatbitz 29 days ago
4:15 I assume they don’t call it VPN because you won’t be able to do the typical interesting VPN stuff like accessing different Netflix shows etc. I bet you they specifically engineered around that. If they haven’t I would be very surprised…
RustyBanana 29 days ago
thooor 29 days ago
But an whole android app for FaceTime would bring many problems with it (f.ex. compatibility problems). Maybe that’s why? (but idk)
tabassum faisal
tabassum faisal Month ago
Hi my kid loves your video.Your videos are informational
Arif Ahmad
Arif Ahmad Month ago
Focus mode is actually do not disturb mode but on steroids 😂😂😂
Syed Ayaanmohammed
I wanted multi windows when will that update come
Dark X
Dark X Month ago
They took share play from discord
abdullah islam
abdullah islam Month ago
Super video thank you
Vrijman Month ago
You could have much easier life with paid password authenticate such as 1password. You could have it on your computer's browsers not only on your phone only
Nick Fletcher
Nick Fletcher Month ago
Why are you promoting death leather ?
Aurora The Otter
2:00 me who uses keepassxc and has a copy of my database on my iPhone and Laptop with working 2FA they are movable just normal ones like google dont let you move them
Jotham Chin
Jotham Chin Month ago
Thank you apple for updating the iPhone 6s even after so many years!!! Android NEEDS to learn something from that!
D G 22 hours ago
@Boomblaster Dani surprisingly, they aren’t laggy. But lack of new hardware removes a lot of the new features
taetoetag Day ago
@Diego Campos lol you definately make under 50k and over 30 🤣 im 21 nd doin 3times you just by seein how u type , please stop @'n me , u pussy in real life nd im sorry if i offended you BROKIE. SMD 🖤
Diego Campos
Diego Campos Day ago
@taetoetag wow your broke and can’t spell💀 even autocorrect can help your dumbass🤣 so go back to being broke and while your at it go back to school to learn how to spell🤔😭
taetoetag 3 days ago
@Diego Campos if im broke then you needa file bankrupt STOOPID 🤷🏾‍♂️
Diego Campos
Diego Campos 3 days ago
@taetoetag POV your broke
Aaron Month ago
I have NOTHING apple whatsoever! I just do not understand how you guys like them.
Courtenay Blair
Courtenay Blair Month ago
Share your data after death...apple literally wants you in their ecosystem forever, which makes me wonder what's hidden in their user agreements
auxcance 29 days ago
no they are trying to prevent that a family isnt able to watch his or her photos because of legal bs
Mel Butterworth
Mel Butterworth Month ago
why did people think apple would release hardware at wwdc? wwdc is a software event for developers not a hardware event. hardware is for september and october especially now apple don't have to line up their mac launches with intel chip launches
Rahul singh DeswaL
Why r u making fool of people by advertising Apple company Hv u seen their service ever & unprofessional staff . I am taking legal opinion from lawyers They don’t hv knowledge how to solve Significant location :- history & my place how to start working & about optimised battery functioning Hv u some knowledge of this or u r also fooling people by making these videos Pl give me cont no if higher authorities of Apple to send them complaint
Rahul singh DeswaL
Why r u making fool of people by advertising Apple company Hv u seen their service ever & unprofessional staff . I am taking legal opinion from lawyers They don’t hv knowledge how to solve Significant location :- history & my place how to start working & about optimised battery functioning Hv u some knowledge of this or u r also fooling people by making these videos Pl give me cont no if higher authorities of Apple to send them complaint
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Month ago
You channel should be called JonProsser’s long and unnecessary summary videos. Also, you are clickbaity AF
F L R S H Month ago
mrwhostheboss little cousin hah
telling you the truth.