Yungeen Ace - "Giving Up" (Official Music Video) 

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Watch the official music video for Yungeen Ace's "Never Giving Up" from the new project "Life of Betrayal 2x".

Stream/download "Life of Betrayal 2x" yungeenace.ffm.to/lob-2x

Directed by Yungeen Ace & TEOShotThis

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2021 Cinematic Music Group /ATK




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Comments 4 973   
Angel Nunez
Angel Nunez Hour ago
Ivee been giving upp 😔 Bkus TBH - Right now love jus aint been enough... 1 wrong play and this could be END of story 4 ME .
Sean Dillon
Sean Dillon 2 hours ago
Love this keep im coming
Anna Love
Anna Love 3 hours ago
Tone sounds like "Jeremiah- birthday sex" remixed Ace way
5th Ward
5th Ward 13 hours ago
5.2M views = 97k likes hell naw they trippin es shit 🔥🔥
Jaqavo Glover
Jaqavo Glover 15 hours ago
dj on the beat so it a banger
Paula Johnson
Paula Johnson 17 hours ago
Love dis shit,💯
TRK Brazoban King 2.0
Vocals on point
Elgai Olifant
Nicole Leacock
i love this song big him up yungeen ace
unknown777 Day ago
I been giving up😪😔.i can relate.i listen everday
STORMZ Day ago
I would've been there for you anytime bronem
tyressa mccauley
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I like both sides wish they didn't FEEL like they have to kill eachother.
Justin Denton
Justin Denton 2 days ago
5m views not even 100k likes y’all wack pay this man by jus liking
Young Shadow Gaming
Roosevelt Mitchell
Rico Leverette
Rico Leverette 2 days ago
man if you aint played this song 100 times or more already you not a real fan
Roosevelt Mitchell
Julio repair with you
Muhammed Smith
Muhammed Smith 3 days ago
Thank you for this heat yungeen.
Samantha rivera
Samantha rivera 3 days ago
He stoled youngboy flow on dis💯😂
Ethan Aguon
Ethan Aguon 3 days ago
2:16 bro his face there hurt me
sonia sims
sonia sims 3 days ago
Kuttup K3
Kuttup K3 3 days ago
Keyia Osborne
Keyia Osborne 3 days ago
Red wine and
Kuttup K3
Kuttup K3 3 days ago
Quaze 3 days ago
A bop🔥🔥🔥
Quaze 3 days ago
@Kuttup K3 it’s ight
Kuttup K3
Kuttup K3 3 days ago
David Foglesong
David Foglesong 4 days ago
Fire 🔥
Iso Quan
Iso Quan 4 days ago
Tooo hard, ace u a GOAT !!!
Peter Brady
Peter Brady 4 days ago
the fact that this dude can actually sing is crazy
Kuttup K3
Kuttup K3 3 days ago
Shanise Williams
Shanise Williams 4 days ago
This too fye
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn 4 days ago
My fav 💯 ❤️ 🔥
Kuttup K3
Kuttup K3 3 days ago
BabyTechy 4 days ago
Come back too this song in 6years in I'll still be vibing too this masterpiece ong
Lah mike
Lah mike 4 days ago
this song is lit🔥
Truly Rhino
Truly Rhino 4 days ago
Jmier Young
Jmier Young 5 days ago
Me seeing him knock on the door and in his fellings rlly hurt me
Javary Lewis
Javary Lewis 5 days ago
Don't give up ace🔥🔥
Hamza Ku-Prime
Hamza Ku-Prime 5 days ago
Embrace My Pain I been searching for a change
Ogmarque 46shitt
Ogmarque 46shitt 5 days ago
That boii hard mann shout to ace🔥🔥
AmStrongLIkeBull 6 days ago
AmStrongLIkeBull 6 days ago
Jerome Axel Xoagub
Ain been the same
internal injection
A sake ignorant 3rd world or not to just ignore
Calvin Jackson
Calvin Jackson 6 days ago
this song got tears in my eyes bruh on god
charlesgang_75 6 days ago
Love is fake bruh 😭
Rianna Rose
Rianna Rose 6 days ago
This my shiiiiit 😩❤🔥🔥🔥
BOI 6 days ago
Dxno Tv
Dxno Tv 6 days ago
Yo Bru I don’t even listen to this man but this song is gas 🔥🔥🔥
Jeremiah Walker
Jeremiah Walker 6 days ago
Riyah Dag
Riyah Dag 7 days ago
That’s one thing I love about ace he’s not afraid to say where he came from Some ppl make they self seem up or the was having money coming up and it pisses me off how y’all underrate the best Rappers & Singers
Nicholas Mccoy
Nicholas Mccoy 7 days ago
He’s stealing young boy whole lil style
Syphen's  Gaming
Syphen's Gaming 7 days ago
I be going through alot too ya know alot of YOUR fans are going through or been through alot you make a difference man some of us live your music some of us love it but were here 💪🎶
LMONT khalid
LMONT khalid 7 days ago
Fucking Turtle
Fucking Turtle 7 days ago
Right now love just aint been enough ohwoaho
? Jernyee
? Jernyee 8 days ago
Krozz 8 days ago
The new yb
Diamondstar James
Corny, where's the drill music
Honcho 45
Honcho 45 9 days ago
The end tho🔥🔥
ZIGGY ONFN 9 days ago
"i been giving up love jus ain been enough" "i believe in love but rn i just ain seen her yet" Hit different when you actually goin thru shii like dis
Amanda Perez
Amanda Perez 9 days ago
snapped this bih
Zayden Harrison
Zayden Harrison 10 days ago
djuck 10 days ago
fukin fye🔥
Danaycia Henryy
Danaycia Henryy 10 days ago
😂😂😂😂 i love this song
Reco Mitchell
Reco Mitchell 10 days ago
I really got stubbed In my back by my childhood homie I really was walking in the snow/cold with nowhere to go 🤦🏾‍♂️ this shit hit different
Devonte Gunthrope
Devonte Gunthrope 10 days ago
Yeah good vibes 🎙🔊🎵
Mirabeau Bapi
Mirabeau Bapi 11 days ago
Great talent !
Quaze 11 days ago
On the train track he look like yb 😂
cwill da edited
cwill da edited 11 days ago
🔥 🔥
Big B
Big B 11 days ago
This song gives me hope 💯🗣& peace mind 🎼🔥🔥🔥
Jac Lee
Jac Lee 11 days ago
Hold on I’m way to lit 🔥 5k that’s all on a fit bang I’m rich yeah to lit yeah uhhh
Cluelesschild 11 days ago
This is my favorite song
Solo_ Ghost
Solo_ Ghost 12 days ago
Ace to underrated
Jasiah The Goat
Jasiah The Goat 12 days ago
Who I smoke? Lil Leeke. Who I smoke? Big Meechy. Who I smoke? Lik TwoThree. And now I wonder.
Ajthagodtv 11 days ago
richard aguirre
richard aguirre 12 days ago
richard aguirre
richard aguirre 12 days ago
Fuck yes
Quewayne Green
Quewayne Green 12 days ago
The hater when they clicking this gonna be trash😂😂when he start sing there face 😳😳😳
The Official Reyrey show
Ace get an A+ from me 💯🔥🔥🔥👌
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 12 days ago
you did a good job on this song youngace
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 12 days ago
i like song yungeem ace_ giving up
Chinoire 12 days ago
LifesTooShort100 13 days ago
This song hits hard💯😈🔥
Nun Siama
Nun Siama 13 days ago
this is good but the track is worst but its lit tho
gleezyTv 8 days ago
Houston Cathey
Houston Cathey 13 days ago
Bro dis heat fr
Roane Avery
Roane Avery 13 days ago
Smart .... Smart move
Roane Avery
Roane Avery 13 days ago
Hella marketable ... This sh!t 🔥
Davel Saville
Davel Saville 13 days ago
Davel Saville
Davel Saville 13 days ago
Kedidra Tunn
Kedidra Tunn 13 days ago
what with ksoo
Darian Scott
Darian Scott 13 days ago
Davina Edwards
Davina Edwards 14 days ago
al dela
al dela 14 days ago
Lots of ♥︎ 4 ♠︎'s music! Found this today: Yungeen Ace - 'Giving Up' (Official DANCE Video) by @DeeGoCrazy @
Seth Spencer
Seth Spencer 14 days ago
This deserves 200 million views
Messiah TheProphet
Messiah TheProphet 14 days ago
He sound like Justin Bieber
yungeen Damien
yungeen Damien 14 days ago
This fye
Sincere Reyes
Sincere Reyes 14 days ago
Ace never miss
Top Yungin
Top Yungin 15 days ago
Man ace been going hard
BLaZe Nu
BLaZe Nu 15 days ago
Ftl Rig
Ftl Rig 15 days ago
This shit on repeat all day
IamGeorgie 15 days ago
Youngboy would’ve slid on this beat FREE YB TILL IT BACKWARDS🐍🖤
Florida-Frontiers 15 days ago
The goddamn autotune gotta go. Shit is soooo old and repetitive.
B Rozay
B Rozay 15 days ago
This is some real talent, from a real one
Davionne Coleman
Davionne Coleman 15 days ago
This song hit different🥲