Dax - "Dear Mom" (Official Music Video) 

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Dear Moms... This is your song.
Share "Dear Mom" with your friends and loved ones and let's make an impact. Thank you.

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Shot by: Logan Meis
Produced by: Lex Nour Beats


Love you ma
It’s Danny
Dear mom, dear mom
I hope you know that this is your song

Dear mom, everything you did was worth it
all the sacrifices taken when the picture wasn’t perfect
I could see it in your face when I was young and all your burdens are reminders to keep pushing when I’m working on this circuit
I remember in the Canada cold
delivering papers out the trunk when I was sick going door to door
you used that God got me I was meant for more and that we was broke cause he was fixing what we had in store
I remember that momma used to beat my ass
Then I would be mad and crying while she worked a back to back
Then she’d wake me up and tell me that I’d better get to class
and then I graduated and she stood up and I saw her clap
we used argue now I know you were right
Ima tell my kids the same to be in before street lights
not to steal, do right, live, laugh, play fight and everynight pray to God on both knees with closed eyes
everybody’s got a mom
everyone relates to this
there’s no way we can repay them for the things they all did
this a message to the queens around the world who go to war and sacrifice to make a better life for all of their kids
Tuesday night you would drive me to practice
church on Sunday, midnight masses
pushed me hard I couldn’t be stagnant
kept me calm despite the madness
you cooked and kept me fed
then knelt and prayed beside my bed
you’d whisper in my ear and I still hear those words inside my head
mom knows best
can’t talk back can’t disrespect
can’t forget
you held me in your stomach despite all the pain, all the stress
can’t neglect
laid the bricks to my success
and dedicated all your time to make sure that I did my best
I hope you know this is your song
I hope memorize and always sing along
I hope you know I know you did your best
and every single step you ever took was to assure I never did no wrong
can’t nobody break this bond
it’s infinite and then beyond
and when they ask my reason I just say your
name as my response
my love for you could stretch across 100 seas and light a galaxy i’m trying to say that can’t nobody ever turn it off
thank you is not enough
your the reason that I’m here and why I can’t give up,
and every single time I fall
and every time I’m stuck
you call me knowing somethings wrong innately and you pick me up
and even when we miles away I promise we’re not out of touch
cause nothing can connect the world the way a loving mother does
for all those double shifts I saw you work I never saw you fuss
and that’s why when I’m tired I keep going cause I know must
work to ensure you get the life you deserve
dear mom you’re an angel so again I’m saying thank you for the memories and time I feels like heaven on earth
and while I know I can’t repay you I just trying to say I’m grateful for your sacrifice and love and always putting me first
mom I hope that you take these words
and never ever have think about or question your worth
for all your pain and your hurt
for all your struggle and work
Mom for giving me birth
I want to say
Dear mom
this is a letter from ya son
those 3 jobs you were working
ya they probably wasn’t fun
all the weight that you were carrying
it probably weighed a ton
so I made this song today to finally tell you that you done

Love you mom
Dear mom, dear mom
I hope you know that this is your song

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May 6, 2021




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Dax Month ago
Dear moms... This is your song♥️we appreciate you. This one was very personal and special to me and I know it will be to many of you. Share this with someone you love if you can relate and lets make and impact. On All streaming platforms at midnight: ingroov.es/dear-mom
Mike F
Mike F 27 days ago
Every song is a fucking hit.One more Rap God Remix please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 “Dax God”
Titizana Mvembe
Titizana Mvembe Month ago
I love it💋💋💞💕💕💕💕u done well...🤩
chevyboi1028 Month ago
Really hit home wit thiz 1 brudda 💪🏽💪🏽 keeping coming respect.....
Dylan O'brien
Dylan O'brien Month ago
Dax I love this song I messed up on mother's Day and I feel horrible so next year I'm doing something big I am happy you sure appreciation to mom's and everyone in the world
Saddam gaming
Saddam gaming Month ago
This song is the best 2021 it will allways be the best happy birthday to your mom 💯😊 Love u an your music allways striving
Acolyte 39 minutes ago
I love my mom
donald luck
donald luck Hour ago
Never had one, but get to watch my wife. And blessed for moms, true MOTHERS
Anthony Clifford
Great work here dax we love u
Adam D
Adam D 2 hours ago
Its not Dax, it's Danny.
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 3 hours ago
Truly brilliant
MãRVy's Wrld
MãRVy's Wrld 3 hours ago
KGF PUBG MOBILE 4 hours ago
Really heart
Joshua Aziken
Joshua Aziken 4 hours ago
Thanks Dax this was so needed🙏💕
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson 6 hours ago
Only one thing wrong, I can't hit the thumbs up more than once! He says the biggest thing any child should say to their mom. I grew up with a single mom, and I am so grateful for everything she tried to teach me. I wish I had learned it sooner. And I'm glad I was able to tell her how much I appreciate and love her. This is a great example of what rap can be! New subscriber!
Real PH
Real PH 6 hours ago
Damn boy I only knew you today 🙆🏽‍♂️🔥 you truly gifted.
Tina Jones
Tina Jones 9 hours ago
My son sent me this and had me crying like a baby..
XxbabydemonxX 12 hours ago
I can’t stop crying Ily mom
Whoopy ass Whoopy ass
EA PREDATOR 13 hours ago
"No One can repay them the thing they did" ✅💯
Omar BG
Omar BG Day ago
Okay' you made me cry again USlift just like in Leeloo from the Fifth Element.
Snipergod 420
This shit made me tear up and I don’t tear up this gave me goose bumps and everything thank u Dax I needed to hear this keep up the work💯💯
Snipergod 420
Bro this shit made me tear up and I don’t really tear up this gave me goose bumps and everything thank u Dax needed to hear this
Josh Symons
Josh Symons Day ago
Such a strong message 🙌❤️
Captain Logan !
This is the first song I’ve EVER cried during
Warren Reid
Warren Reid Day ago
I heard this song almost broke down into tears one of your greatest hits I say
The RedNeckEngineNerd
I don't think I can listen to this again RIP mom did the best you could, more than many other in shoes. It was too soon..
Longer Toshi
Longer Toshi Day ago
Who loves their mom give a thump...., ❤❤
Renee Lawhead
I’m one of your newest biggest fans thanks to my son who sent me this song! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Sigit river
Sigit river Day ago
Deep my G
Makai Boggs
Makai Boggs Day ago
Yo keep it up man 🙏
Queen Joseph
Queen Joseph Day ago
The ending had me crying
Denzel Baker
Denzel Baker 2 days ago
How does this song have dislikes??
Steve Faulkner
Steve Faulkner 2 days ago
Man I just stumbled onto your music recently but your music is therapy right now while I'm losing my mother to cancer. Thanks
quddus kehinde
quddus kehinde 3 days ago
Beautiful ❤️
SkepticalArtist 3 days ago
Robyn Byrne
Robyn Byrne 3 days ago
Your awesome DAX, straight from newfoundland. Fellow newfies. Much love and Respect
Autumn Keck
Autumn Keck 3 days ago
I LOVE THIS 💕 I hope my children feel like this about me one day...
One's A.R.M Gasy
One's A.R.M Gasy 3 days ago
this is god😍
Chon Guite
Chon Guite 3 days ago
Best rapper I ever seen on Earth
Draxx 3 days ago
Thanks dax for this song My mom loves this.......... SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE.....THEY'RE THE BEST❤💥
meagan keyes
meagan keyes 4 days ago
I've shattered bones and never Budged. I almost died in my basement bed alone with heart problems... and nothing... but this song has me bawling at work in a piece of heavy machinery. This entire song is true and its the best thing I've ever heard. I wish I could thank you in person and I wish I could show you my Mom's face when I show her. Thank you.
𝔅  ℜ  𝐎  𝐎  N
This song is the second best song after 2 Pac dear mama ❤️❤️❤️❤️ respect too you dax ❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 4 days ago
Found you through tom macdonald blame the rapper. You and Tom are turning rap into something beautiful.
jomo nixon
jomo nixon 4 days ago
indeed, worth my mom
Török Ádám
Török Ádám 4 days ago
True words dude💪 Respect From Hungary
TSHIMO GIBSON 4 days ago
I never listened to music with my mum but this one is one of her favs
iTz- Moneyy-_
iTz- Moneyy-_ 4 days ago
I love this song. It truly makes you value your mom while you have her. I can’t wait for that day to tell my mom that she’s done.
Goon -
Goon - 4 days ago
if you dislike this your down bad
mustafa sharif
mustafa sharif 5 days ago
copy paste tupac face at 2:36
mustafa sharif
mustafa sharif 5 days ago
i appreciate the song!!
J C 5 days ago
Sam Saltzman
Sam Saltzman 5 days ago
I never thought there would ever be another song like dear mama by 2pac that would bring tears to my eyes but then i heard this. Big ups to Dax
TheProAnimator 5 days ago
youngnight223 5 days ago
U can never repay them for everything they did love u mom😁🙏🙏🙏
Vhuhwavho Ramuntshi
I'm gonna download this song, save it. When my time to follow my Mom in heaven comes and I finally meet her, Im gonna ask God permission to play this Song, put it on repeat and sleep on her arms, as I tell her The story of my life❤❤❤❤
Wesley Bulanda
Wesley Bulanda 5 days ago
I LOVE you MAMA.... a thank you isn't enough and i can't repay you all u do in my life. AM HUMBLED...
Glen Mark Gregorio
This is for the most beautiful woman in my life. Mom, I love you🤱🤰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Beau Walker
Beau Walker 5 days ago
I relate to this song this song is the only way people could really appreciate and thank their mothers
Mac black Black
Mac black Black 5 days ago
Aryeah Spears
Aryeah Spears 6 days ago
Everybody has a mom😢mine died dec 2 2020 its just like yesterday I got the call at 4 am Iost my adopted mom a month before that its been really hard I didn't have the best relationships with both of them and bio mother was never there
chozen0018 6 days ago
Amazing piece ... Kinda miss a chorus though...
David Sanderson
David Sanderson 6 days ago
Pawan Gurung
Pawan Gurung 6 days ago
Every time we fall there is our mom ♥️♥️ Thank you dax ♥️♥️ #All_moms_are_best
Brian Straub
Brian Straub 6 days ago
Love yo music dax ur awesome keep it up
Vaibhav 6 days ago
Dude that was dope and message was so deep and hit me hard thanks a lot for the reminder that there is always for you when there is no-one stood up for you at your hard times. Keep growing and you have set a high bar now for everyone....... love and respect man..
AAAA 6 days ago
Paradise lies beneath mothers feet. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
Kass K
Kass K 6 days ago
Hey Dax, thank you for writing your life story through your music. We love it! I have written a song for US IF YOU want to read it and sing it!
Diana Houk
Diana Houk 7 days ago
I love you son 💞
Michele Johnson
Michele Johnson 7 days ago
As a mother this brought tears to eyes it’s beautiful ♥️
Raina :v
Raina :v 7 days ago
wow, this is the sweetest rap song i've ever heard
Sujan Shrestha
Sujan Shrestha 7 days ago
Every Mom Is Best💕 - Dax
yvonne wouters
yvonne wouters 7 days ago
I send all your songs to my 14 year old son. Mom knows best... listen to this boy son. He has a vision! See you have to focus. See nothing comes easy. See its a privilege to take these advices from someone who already learned. Be yourself at one. And 2? Go for it and Enjoy!! Love this song
iRenatuz 7 days ago
I played this Mom and ask me to look for Dax on USlift so she subscribe. 🇳🇦
Linda Dixon
Linda Dixon 7 days ago
My baby boy dedicate this song to me I'm so proud he maybe goin away for long time so your touched my soul thank you.
Im from Brazil. Você é foda...
Juste Amoureux de Music
This song is strong ... a thought to our mothers who watch over us from heaven... thank for you @Dax
Michael Tumbare
Michael Tumbare 8 days ago
to all mom out there u are QUEENS warriors [ we love you mom ]
Kevin Nader
Kevin Nader 8 days ago
Bro you'll be the next tupac
Xav Nyseth
Xav Nyseth 8 days ago
There hasn't been a song that has given me this feeling in a really long time. Its incredible. My mom had passed away and this helps me feel like I'm thanking her for her doing her best in the hard times
Emma Gcee
Emma Gcee 8 days ago
He's special 💯❣️❤️😭
Online Shopping
Online Shopping 8 days ago
Wow this made me appreciate my more
GBoy de vibrant official
Dax this is deep I feel like crying when 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
m l
m l 8 days ago
Then you for this song. Every time I hear it it reminds my mom is hist human and she's only trying her best to protect me
MakiVerem 8 days ago
Bro, I'm 40, but I'm crying like a kid.. Respect man, and Guys, love your mom for as long as you can..!! Peace and Love for everyone..! :)
#Free Jarvis
#Free Jarvis 8 days ago
Sums up everything our moms do for us in a lifetime in 3 minutes. This good song 💪
Jazzy s
Jazzy s 8 days ago
awh thanks for making me cry ha. I am a single mom to a beautiful 9-year-old boy. It's just us against the world. I am doing homework and was looking for music to listen to while doing math. I came across this song and awh makes me feel better about my current situation. I worked 2 jobs and now work full time during the day and go to school at night. Ima show this to my son to show him that everything that is happening now is for a bigger purpose.
Kade Lewis
Kade Lewis 8 days ago
This song hits me hard. I only got 12 years with my mom and she passed 3 days after New Years in 2012. I didn't get that long with her
Joneisha Williamsss
My mom passed 9 months ago. I miss her every day
Kenshin 8 days ago
Dear Mom, Dear Mama, and Headlights are some of the greatest, most relatable, tear jerking songs on the planet. Can't change my mind.
White DeViL
White DeViL 9 days ago
Every track you make speaks to me. I think so many people can relate to alot of the shit you spit. Fuck you spit fire. Keep it up dax keep making real music. Fuck the haters let em hate
Dan Manny
Dan Manny 9 days ago
Respect 10000 bro this hits different
Joshua Romero
Joshua Romero 9 days ago
The useless astronomy behaviourally answer because bath secondly joke afore a optimal dragonfly. marvelous, obnoxious barbara
Max Powers
Max Powers 9 days ago
Everyone can not relate. My mom was a bitch who took her own live while my 3 brothers and I were all still under 18. I was 11 My 2 older brothers ( 14 and 16 at tbe time) found her hanging
Max Powers
Max Powers 3 days ago
Dax you are class act....i didnt mean for that to come off rude. Was nit having the best of weeks Many blessings you are a beast on the mic
killadog M
killadog M 9 days ago
Tanya Best
Tanya Best 9 days ago
My youngest son, who is now a CPL in the Army sent this to me for Mother’s Day. The feels were strong. ❤️
Oratile Uncle raps Malepe
If it wasn't bout Dax I would even don't khw how thank my mom ..🤞😣🔥🔥🇿🇦...Thank you DAX
John Huge
John Huge 9 days ago
Mommas boy here right there with you bro bro.
John Huge
John Huge 9 days ago
Beautiful. Song has me in tears thinking about all the sacrifices mom made for me. I took her on 2 shopping sprees this year, if we had more time it would've been 20.
somy win
somy win 9 days ago
Omg You still amaze me with your performance and lyrics And looking forward to what's to come next P.S im your Biggest fan Dax😭💜
Kativu Craig
Kativu Craig 10 days ago
Dax 🔥🔥
I love your meaningful raps Mr. DAX! I WISH IF I COULD MAKE MY MOM HEAR THIS! BUT SHE'S NO MORE, I lost her on 16th March, 2021
Keiarne Scott
Keiarne Scott 10 days ago
This is what I try to be like as a mum what I wanted in a mother 😠 not everyone should be allowed to breed. Hard to raise sometimes after not being raised but dragged up quickly. I just want better for mine then I got. Beautiful song ❤
Mike DePaepe
Mike DePaepe 10 days ago
I wish my mom was like that... She tried but i have mental issues and she had no idea how to deal with my problems now im messed up
D E L E T E D 10 days ago
2:38 best part of the song , everytime i listen feel emotional 😭
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