Escaping The Dream SMP's Most Inescapable Prison (pandora's vault) 

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Can I escape the Dream SMP's most inescapable prison? Let's find out...
Huge thanks to awesamdude for making this prison, huge thanks to my cousin who cosplayed awesamdude:
Huge thanks to Creavite for making the map that I used:
And of course, huge thanks to all of you watching! It makes my day, being able to entertain you all :)
0:00 - intro
1:04 - setup
3:32 - security measures
6:10 - phase one: entry
6:59 - phase two: preparation
8:05 - phase three: execution
Execution - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Slave To The Grid - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
The Void Is Calling - Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Something Wicked - Ross Bugden
The Rebel Path - Cyberpunk 2077
V - Cyberpunk 2077
(now obviously since we don't know what pandora's vault completely looks like then some of my methods here might not work on the actual prison, but its as close as we could do)
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Twitter: Mythrodak
Until next time, ladies, tootloo!


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Apr 18, 2021




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ion vatasescu
ion vatasescu 7 minutes ago
Yea, but they would see rhat u log out and in and nobody takes this in calculation
RealDoge 23 minutes ago
dude the intro sounds like an action movie
Swift-_-Xeris 2 hours ago
Dream right now hey good idea
Melody Cruz
Melody Cruz 2 hours ago
Awsamdude is typing...
Mack’s Space
Mack’s Space 2 hours ago
Prisons in Minecraft on the outside: abcdefg on the inside: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Sky the windmill
Sky the windmill 2 hours ago
7:10 "Sucide notes" woah woah bro, chill
NotBruhOG 3 hours ago
Plot twist:Dream watching this when in prison
TheDeafCreeper 3 hours ago
That moment when the actual Pandora's Vault is actually just full of air between rooms.
Spice RS
Spice RS 4 hours ago
I the parkour part, you could just place one then place another, and then break the one behind you and collect the block
Random Guy
Random Guy 6 hours ago
The only problem with this is that it requires tampering with the redstone. We don't know for sure what it looks like. But if that's accurate this is one heck of an escape
Daniel Shkarnov
Daniel Shkarnov 6 hours ago
This man... is the Minecraft Houdini.
Noe Gaeta
Noe Gaeta 6 hours ago
Sick dude
Brent Morales
Brent Morales 8 hours ago
you said in step two to destroy 2 blocks right what about the mining fatigue
Joshua Plays
Joshua Plays 8 hours ago
Well Sam really didnt build it by himself he said he hired some people
Duo Gaming
Duo Gaming 9 hours ago
The most inescapable is a bedrock box
Harsh Mane
Harsh Mane 11 hours ago
dude, ur wrong, when u swam through the 1 block high water, u cant swim back thru it....but u tried, and in dream's already got a way to get out of that bloody building. its just the story which is stopping dream from escaping
Poke Kid Max
Poke Kid Max 11 hours ago
Lets give Sam a round of applause just for building this incredible prison.
happykingpop lol
happykingpop lol 12 hours ago
Dream and asomedude made the prison
Sleeper 12 hours ago
lets JUST NOT WISH tht dream see this
Chilly! 13 hours ago
Next video: i escape a real prison
clxdyskies 13 hours ago
Fortnite boi I
Fortnite boi I 14 hours ago
Dream is taking notes
ProSam GG
ProSam GG 16 hours ago
you need specific keycards to access every lever (many copies of the pandora's vault don't have this feature)
OM MALODE 16 hours ago
Apollo Simonne Abutazil
If dream sees this
ToadStuffTV 17 hours ago
dream should try this escape plan.
The Champ cuber
The Champ cuber 18 hours ago
Wait If you have one Canon life than why you died in the entry???
Ethan Naidoo
Ethan Naidoo 18 hours ago
Do this bro
Ethan Naidoo
Ethan Naidoo 18 hours ago
Liam Warner
Liam Warner 18 hours ago
Did you know that the portal on and off switch has a key card that only asemdude has
Liam Warner
Liam Warner 18 hours ago
Great vid
Ozo Watt
Ozo Watt 19 hours ago
Need keys
Niña Kaye Elena S. Retuerto
Aarav Papalkar
Aarav Papalkar 23 hours ago
U didn't consider the netherite barriers
flake Day ago
Big brain
Big Bopper750
everybody gangsta until this guy breaks INTO area 51 with a toothpick and a piece of paper
PianoBench Day ago
What if the netherite blocks are up
Share this video to dream everyone
Never Ending Stupidity
I bet Awesamdude is mad that dream had access to this video.
Oweez gaming
Oweez gaming Day ago
4:34 get killed by your cousin with a pickaxe LOL
Not Techno_Cade
Dream: right that down right that down
Zero two simp
Mythrodak, instead of being the one escaping the vaults, make the vaults
Comic Sans Last Breath
I hope awsome dude did not see this video
Chipz Day ago
Elana youtube addict
Your doing a prison nuzlocke
osamah Day ago
dream NEEDS to see this lol
Daniel Sie
Daniel Sie Day ago
Imagine Dream using this video to escape.
Vane Day ago
why are u so epic
Streamboi Day ago
2 men builT it sam and dream
Kartikesh Sahare
Get this to Awesam first.
That_ One
That_ One Day ago
why did the mythrodak cross the lava wall? to prove a point that he escapes from all prisons.
Skyquaky Day ago
9:44 waterbending on minecraft be like:
Monke Day ago
El Chapo it's this you?
Alberto Marcelloni
Robert Downey
Minecraft Iq more than dream
Nightfury Playz Brawlstars
U didn't add the neteriye blocks in dream prison so it was easier for u
HatakeVR Day ago
Dream Takes Notes
Ravij Roblox
Ravij Roblox Day ago
awesome guys big big brain this guys galaxy brain
The green deity
Wait... aren’t you in the dream smp? If so couldn’t you ask him to make a copy of the server and have him be the guard?
Righthandfan Day ago
Any prison Mythrodek will escape
Souluzz 492
Souluzz 492 Day ago
Nice vid but problem is that it’s a realm so you can’t pause them game so you need to find another way out the cell
oms_the _bittle
Dream should watch this
Daniel Palecek
thx me now escaipd pandoras on server without calling admins and trolled the trolls that got me into it bye playsing moar tnt then van witch will unlode and expload when day log in luckili they wear in portal room
Emil Dochtorowicz
1:05 ah yes. Mr.Ballen intro song...
Stormyrose 2 days ago
Dream watching this: HMMMMM INTERESTING 😏
꧁Fandom Freaks꧂
Dream watching this be like: welp time to escape :)
LukeTV 2 days ago
hey thanks ima use this at alcatraz
Trodden 2 days ago
Next video: Escaping Planet Venus with only a stick of deodorant and a stapler
Icy Astro
Icy Astro 2 days ago
That’s nice
bringsugamichaelback tanmanandmatjustarntthesame
10:50-12:18 he had 5 shroom lights, then it showed 4, but it never showed 3 til after he placed a few more shroom lights and a cut... it didnt add up
Farcitura 2 days ago
Ever heard about a thing called "replay"?
millipede miranda
You took yo long he would be on by then
ViktorG 2 days ago
Dream should do this
Topankin 2 days ago
Should have asked dream if you could join the server and go to Pandora’s vault
Itzbest 2 days ago
ur so talented and the voice
TheSamuelX 2 days ago
Now Dream can get out..
Reaper Playz
Reaper Playz 2 days ago
Which is the real most inescapable? Pandora’s Vault, or Hades’ Vault?
Pinguツ 2 days ago
Dream watching this like 0w0
BobbyCult 2 days ago
Tmaasa Asalot
Tmaasa Asalot 2 days ago
Do you got like a criminal back story or some shit?? Cuz it looks like u have
sloe 2 days ago
at 11:00 you couldve just towered up on the iron bars next to the cells and walked across lmao
Farcitura 2 days ago
Yes but style points ahahaha
Loic Pemberton
Loic Pemberton 2 days ago
I swear it looked like he barely tried
Glazed 2 days ago
Bro you have an even larger brain than awesam dude
Dream 2 days ago
Dream be like note it
Sans The SKULLeton
Dream could use this video to escape
Arranguez, Jancarl S.
never in my life did i think i'd get goosebumps watching block man escape block prison yet here i am-
Payton White
Payton White 2 days ago
next episode: I escape the void only using a bookcase and some slime
Dhairya Playz
Dhairya Playz 2 days ago
Him:Presses the w key once Dream:WRITE THAT DOWN!!!!! WRITE THAT DOWN!!!!!
dxne._ 2 days ago
Dream taking notes
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 2 days ago
So you have one canon life, but the guard kills you twice?
Farcitura 2 days ago
The 2 kills are before he only has 1 canon life
jefiedegamerNL 2 days ago
He said he had one life then gets killed to check if he doesnt have more items????
Farcitura 2 days ago
I dont think that kills are canon
Grif Bich
Grif Bich 2 days ago
Try escaping Poseidon’s vault bet u can’t do it
Grif Bich
Grif Bich 2 days ago
@Payton White yeah I just found out
Payton White
Payton White 2 days ago
he already did.
part of YouTube
part of YouTube 2 days ago
You skin is so cool 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍))))
apple juice
apple juice 2 days ago
this guy is needed to be put in DreamSMP i mean c'mon
Endlessbattle 1
Endlessbattle 1 2 days ago
this is impossible in dream smp because if you press the ESC you need to quit a lot faster than that because its a multiplayer world edit: also if it has mining fatigue 3 why would you have the patience to wait like 5 hours for a lego game
Manisha Gupta
Manisha Gupta 2 days ago
Amazing work King 👑👑 prison breaker
Manisha Gupta
Manisha Gupta 2 days ago
What the hell I want to scream in voice chat but there is no voice chat option
TNT Jr Is Lost
TNT Jr Is Lost 2 days ago
If he's escaping prisons then this worries me
Dreamer 3 days ago
This was The most Epic prison escape
Feuer wolfbro
Feuer wolfbro 3 days ago
*FBI wants to know ur location*🤣🤣🤣🤣
logan boyle
logan boyle 3 days ago
Next time trie but you have 2 life but there are no shroom lights
VALKYRIE ... For Noobs