Pat McAfee Reacts To Aaron Donald Being Sued From Bar Fight In Pittsburgh 

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It feels like we need to hear both sides of this, but man... I would not want to bump into Aaron Donald at 3am in Pittsburgh.
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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Apr 14, 2021




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Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers 9 days ago
gotta be smarter than that when you're a multimillionaire human weapon that's likely on the juice lol. if the dude hit his head on the concrete falling down, Donald goes to prison for years and loses millions to the victim's family. not worth it.
The Realist
The Realist 16 days ago
That man's eye was shut tighter than Willie Nelson's headband.
J Cout
J Cout 19 days ago
Being a bartender at an after hours bar is quite possibly the worst gig in the service industry. You meet nothing but the most absurdly insane rude assholes known to man.
Sean G
Sean G 19 days ago
1:33 McAfee is goofy asf.😂🤣😂🤣😂
HowlBeast 19 days ago
Pittsburg nods were powerful from Digs & Nick 2:10
macca 19 days ago
And that’s how stuff can turn out ! American media always so fast with their conclusions
Ice Troll
Ice Troll 21 day ago
Pat, don't turn into bloody Florio with repetition. We all listen, once is enough. South side, bars, clubs, head, swivel, get it.
David Amuka
David Amuka 21 day ago
Repent Jesus loves u
mr. orange pizza
mr. orange pizza 22 days ago
He didn't beat no one up, it's on camera
Troy C
Troy C 22 days ago
The guy apologized for being wrong about AD punching him
Troy C
Troy C 22 days ago
I went to Pitt and southside is madness lol
Steve 22 days ago
Don't go stupid places, with Stupid People at Stupid Times!
John Mayer’s
John Mayer’s 22 days ago
Hope Aaron gets some time in jail
Brendan Little
Brendan Little 22 days ago
If you’re on the street at 3 AM anywhere you better keep your head on a swivel
chenzo mutumbo
chenzo mutumbo 22 days ago
He saw Elton Jenkins make him cry and thought he would give it a go....
Mopar Man
Mopar Man 22 days ago
👎Nothing but BS! All I heard was Southside, Bourbon street except bigger, Southside Pittsburgh, Bourbon street. What Aaron Donald got into a fight? What happened? But no, back to Southside, Pittsburgh, BS! A waste of about eight minutes for the amount of actual information pertaining to the story!
Ben Tech
Ben Tech 22 days ago
i am from pittsburgh and i totally get what hes talking about haha
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot 22 days ago
Rays boom boom room 😂
Shane Johnson
Shane Johnson 22 days ago
He benches 500
J McGuire
J McGuire 22 days ago
The most bars per capita cannot be right Hurley WI surely must hold that title.
Tomislav Georgiev
Tomislav Georgiev 22 days ago
A boom boom room 🤣... Oh what a movie..
Peyton Grimes
Peyton Grimes 22 days ago
juicy smooyay vibes
Idontlike Haters
Idontlike Haters 23 days ago
Prayers 🙏up to that guys eye, it's being to missed.
J B-EASY 23 days ago
Someone woke up and decided to choose violence that day and got what they were looking for
Logan DeFelice
Logan DeFelice 23 days ago
we love you here in the Burgh Pat keep it up
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler 23 days ago
Makes me remember a story I read in Bob Griese's biography. He told a story that the Dolphin's free safety got sued for breaking a guys jaw in a bar fight the year the Dolphins had their perfect season. The story went Jake Scott was out west visiting a team mates ranch in the offseason and they walked into a bar and Jake got playing a bar game and a big guy told him that he was done that his time was up, Jake told him to F off that he'd be done when he got done and then the local said "I'm the toughest guy in this bar and I say you are done". Jake hit him with one punch and put him down...he then turned to the crowd and said "is this guy really the toughest guy in here?".
TheVisbreaker1 23 days ago
Let me get this straight, 3am is considered "afterhours"? Is this because of covid? If not, oh boy, u guys don´t know how to party, everything before at least 6am is defenitely not "afterhorus"
Daniel Punisher
Daniel Punisher 23 days ago
Aaron Darnold gonna have 1million dollars less then b4 oops 😬
fatmn 23 days ago
I've only been "dahn sahside" a couple times visiting my sister in college, but it was like a light switch when those bars close and everyone pours out into the streets - good times to looking to fight in seconds lol
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 23 days ago
Can you imagine how much better and safer this world would be without alcohol!
[Balance] 23 days ago
Pittsburgh and Buffalo both get sketchy at nite because there’s nothing else to do but drink and party lol
Justinios Von Daywalker
Bruhhh!!!!! Aaron Donald is litteraly a Short giant 😂😂 the strongest player I've ever seen besides Reggie,LT,Willis,Sapp those hands should be registered 👀
GRAND THUMB 23 days ago
How drunk could u be to pick a fight with Aaron Donald lmao
Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken 23 days ago
Never pick a fight with a man rated 99 in Madden.
X 23 days ago
A man who has been a 99 over all since madden 18
Professor Wiesy
Professor Wiesy 23 days ago
I love AD but he definelty isnt the best player of all time He is no LT
Professor Wiesy
Professor Wiesy 23 days ago
@X I think LT is the greatest player regardless of position And I don't think AD will ever catch up with him Tbh I don't think anyone will ever catch up with him
X 23 days ago
Considering how LT play out side linebacker and Donald plays DT, And Donald hasn’t finished his career yet, I don’t think that’s a fair comparison
diypictures 23 days ago
I wasn't there and have no idea what happened but I have no doubt that guy deserved that ass beating however, if you're AARON DONALD you just can't do it man.
Jason Sloan
Jason Sloan 23 days ago
Dude probably pulled a jesse smollett and had a friend punch him. Ol dude trying to get a check
Tank Boss
Tank Boss 23 days ago
Two sides to every story 😜😂😜😂😜 (damn smoky )from Friday look at that eye 👀 👁️👀
Juan carlos
Juan carlos 23 days ago
After seeing the video this is why you don’t help people. He got them off his ass and dude tryna sue him
C&C Vee
C&C Vee 23 days ago
Hes about to get paid big
K Simon
K Simon 23 days ago
Being a great athlete doesn’t mean you can fight. With that said I’d try punching Odell Beckham instead.
john jimenez
john jimenez 23 days ago
Dam that dude works at my job wtf
D8 L8
D8 L8 23 days ago
Man, everyone on the internet must be from Pittsburgh
Maciek Poland
Maciek Poland 23 days ago
It is well known that Aaron Donald has anger issues.
Parkman G
Parkman G 23 days ago
Disrespect means fight and that’s probably what went down being drunk too did not help
Elliot Beam
Elliot Beam 23 days ago
2-3am in any city’s like that lol
Maurice Chaney
Maurice Chaney 23 days ago
I hate when folks play victim that dude probably seen Aaron Donald in the club and probably was like oh you ain't as big as I thought you was and try that man and got his ass whooped now all of a sudden he's the victim everybody know Aaron Donald just didn't walk in the club and just start picking on people it's the opposite the other way around oh boy thought he was tough and got that butt kicked!!!
Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez 23 days ago
Yooo... Isnt Aaron Donald engaged? Hope he was partying with his fiance 🤷‍♂️ lol
Blank_Space_801 23 days ago
I love pat and this show but damn they really defending Aaron Donald but when Chase Claypool was “allegedly” involved in a bar fight they were railing the dude. Aaron Donald is having charges pressed and a law suit and every media source is talking about it. Pat was the only one talking about chase claypool and nobody else was. So why rail a young player who most likely didn’t do anything but defend a veteran in the league who should know not to put his hands on other people
Dylandylandylan Dylan
It’s only a case when you got millions of dollars lol nothing else
Papa Kingpin
Papa Kingpin 23 days ago
Aaron Donald doesn’t actually train with knives there fake ones you buy at a Halloween store
Pokémon Master
Pokémon Master 23 days ago
I love how people think he’s wholesome but Aaron Donald is just a trashy guy
Mark Forbus
Mark Forbus 23 days ago
Guy 1: "Hey guys, what's the dumbest thing I can do tonight?" Guy 2: "Go pick a fight with that big man over there."
Fish R Relaxing
Fish R Relaxing 23 days ago
I just wanna know just how drunk and high and how many times you have to have blacked out to even begin to start thinking about messing with Arron Donald lol.. dude is an animal! You got to be having one of those tonight’s a good night to die episodes lol
Christian Yancor
Christian Yancor 23 days ago
Imagine breaking into Aaron Donald's house
Ian pogue
Ian pogue 23 days ago
Losing a bar fight sucks, losing a bar fight to Aaron Donald reallllllly sucks😂😂
Russ Lockard
Russ Lockard 23 days ago
Injuries hold the record for ending player's careers. I'd bet late night bars comes a close 2ed
Woke 4ever
Woke 4ever 23 days ago
Gonna start watching McAfee in 1.75x speed, a lottttt of dialogue
Mr E
Mr E 23 days ago
“The guy probably had it coming” -me, a rams fan
chris marinock
chris marinock 23 days ago
So you can still say pollock these days? But not Eskimo? Someones gotta make a book of these rules.
G.D Gibson
G.D Gibson 23 days ago
Disclaimer: I'm 53 years old and from Pittsburgh originally and I've NEVER EVER been called a Yinzer, made IC my choice of beer or ever feared The south side of Pittsburgh for anything more than watching some drunk chicks roll around on the ground... Pat is explaining "South Siders of Pittsburgh" We from the East Side are COMPLETELY different Lol
Trek For Truth
Trek For Truth 23 days ago
Active Self Protection's first rule of stupid: "Don't go to stupid places with stupid people at stupid times."
Jadamius Brown
Jadamius Brown 23 days ago
I keep thinking these are 3 minute videos but they are really 8
Jadamius Brown
Jadamius Brown 23 days ago
8 minutes of literally talking about nothing
Ben Moss
Ben Moss 23 days ago
Jake Pauls next boxing match.
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews 23 days ago
Considering he still has a head im pretty sure it wasnt aaron donald
john pereira
john pereira 23 days ago
Everybody asking why someone would wanna fight Aaron Donald. How about for money?? That’s why he’s suing lol
Matt Blank
Matt Blank 23 days ago
Why is it anyone's business what he does ever let alone 3 in the morning?
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 23 days ago
These pro athletes should know better..... Regardless of who’s at fault, don’t put yourself in position for something to happen, that comes with being rich & famous
eugene paolella
eugene paolella 23 days ago
When you're a high profile athlete you should know better yeah I'm sure it probably wasn't his fault but when you're known a lot of people are going to start crap with you that's why you can't go to places like that not everybody's going to love you you have to be smarter than that
MovieDetective 23 days ago
What’s the saying? Play stupid games win stupid prizes? Yeah that’s the one haha
SpennySobes 23 days ago
Aaron Donald is probably one of the last people in the world that I would want to get in a bar fight with
tom braunscheidel
tom braunscheidel 23 days ago
I mean the guy there a bottle at him so that’s assault on his part, and with Aaron Donald’s resources I doubt anything will happen to him. Shoulda beat his ass harder IMO .
Mc Kool Aid
Mc Kool Aid 23 days ago
Aaron donald in the bar vs Troy Polamalu in C gap who is winning?
Cyriacus58 23 days ago
Frenchman over Bourbon Street all day.
Matthew Joseph The Common Sense American
No one wants to bring up the obvious? C'mon Aaron Donlad uses steroids, and this obvious roid rage.
Mike 23 days ago
imagine making aaron donald mad smh
Yosh49 23 days ago
Guys like "hold my beer" . . 10 secs later, well that didn't go according to plan
Light Iverson
Light Iverson 23 days ago
You chose to mess with a guy who trains with knives 🥺
milt 23 days ago
Like most pro players in this position, he was set up for a pay day.
Chad Morton
Chad Morton 23 days ago
Bars and Primanti Brothers, best city in the world.
Let's do better!
Let's do better! 23 days ago
You gotta know when to fold em....
sean kelly
sean kelly 23 days ago
3:10 - Who is this, “Chock Liddell” person?
pierre money bag
pierre money bag 23 days ago
Yall making it sound like ppl have to watch out at a certain time In Pittsburgh. Lmaooo but it's not dangerous lmaoooooo
mightyred1967 23 days ago
I presume there are no Covid restrictions on going into bars at 3 in the morning in Pittsburgh.. in the U.K. we have only just been allowed to open the outside of a pub up..
Wu Tang Financial
Wu Tang Financial 23 days ago
Sigh, leave it to a coug to get into a fight with Aaron Donald
John Cortez
John Cortez 23 days ago
Man got rolled and cried to the police😭😭
mlxndr 23 days ago
If this goes to court, Pat should talk first just to lay the foundation
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper 23 days ago
Is that where big Ben go 2?
Greg Knepp
Greg Knepp 24 days ago
I been to that bar wiz khalifa did that song in in the south side. Really cool place
Corey Munroe
Corey Munroe 24 days ago
I completely believe dumba$$ Donald lost his cool over something that probably wasn't worth it. He doesn't have control on or off the field. Put him on the commissioner's list.
Mark Hutton
Mark Hutton 24 days ago
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If it happens after 3am and you're in hospital less than 2 days then it should just be left at that, but you know it's the guy shouting the loudest and getting in everyone's face that ends up running to the cops.
Lucid Jay
Lucid Jay 24 days ago
Does anybody else not feel bad at all?
Axe Slinger
Axe Slinger 24 days ago
Looks almost as bad as Mitch "Blood" Green after Tyson clocked him!
Obed Gutierrez
Obed Gutierrez 24 days ago
Haha half of us are like well stay away from the Southside of Pittsburgh the other half yo I gotta go to the Southside of Pittsburgh
Obed Gutierrez
Obed Gutierrez 24 days ago
Hahaha give a like if you just found out your a yinser with out even knowing
B Rob
B Rob 24 days ago
Why would u even be running yo mouth to AD
Throg 24 days ago
If Aaron Donald punched me, I’d apologize to him and let him sue me
Rovin Mangal
Rovin Mangal 24 days ago
Aaron pay the man, stupid!!
Byron Virgil
Byron Virgil 24 days ago
Dude should have ducked or something dammm his eye look like dude eye from Friday after Next
iamteamyou 24 days ago
When you got money.... and can really fight. Your mind set if getting into something. He’s gonna earn every penny I give him....I’m gonna have to pay for this one day. So He’s gonna wear this asswhoop’n for the rest of his life👊🏽
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