OFFICIAL LEGO Mod in Among Us 

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We add a LEGO IMPOSTER mod in Among us

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Jun 10, 2021




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Comments 0   
macnsamurai Hour ago
I played legos as a kid and my like button is black. cLIcKBAit
Softieシ Hour ago
It turns white not blue SSundee the like button turns white
Nunya Buisness
has any one noticed the weird face he makes when he gets imposter?
Nexts u should do dragon mod They can breath fire fly kill a crew mate by stomping on them
Lhoucine Boussahor
Lhoucine Boussahor 2 hours ago
In love lego
Ronit kashani
Ronit kashani 2 hours ago
I have LEGO
Bogdan OlarB
Bogdan OlarB 2 hours ago
Jessica Cowan
Jessica Cowan 2 hours ago
Jennifer Bernal
Jennifer Bernal 2 hours ago
It’s white
Natalie Sullivan
Natalie Sullivan 3 hours ago
Sssx is AaAaa
Orange Soarin
Orange Soarin 3 hours ago
They should of added like a new kill thing that when you kill someone it just uses a lego separator and separates there body in half lol
Pankaj Shrestha
Pankaj Shrestha 3 hours ago
The like button turned BLUEEE
dwwb hjgy
dwwb hjgy 4 hours ago
Garry's trying to talk was so FUNNY bruh
Auren Niu
Auren Niu 4 hours ago
you should have made the map lego to
vonchka moti
vonchka moti 4 hours ago
The enthusiastic slipper metrically sack because occupation connoly satisfy apud a shivering lentil. innate, thin avenue
Arianna Morrison
Arianna Morrison 4 hours ago
i love your videos can you make some more mod among us videos
Arianna Morrison
Arianna Morrison 4 hours ago
i love legos and i have legos those are so so so so cool like a cool pool
Andrew Rodd
Andrew Rodd 5 hours ago
this is the same exact mod as the fat mod, it's just reskinned
Leam Bishop
Leam Bishop 5 hours ago
Assassin's Creed Mod! :)
These 2 Kidz
These 2 Kidz 5 hours ago
I lied and it still tern blue
Hind Alazraq
Hind Alazraq 5 hours ago
Gary blox so funny Gary says heyye betey butyh
Ayden Roberts
Ayden Roberts 5 hours ago
mod idea: invader Zim as invader Zim you could use Gur to reduce someones movement speed and you could use the Voot cruiser to go anywhere on the map and kill on impact
pump and skid5673
pump and skid5673 5 hours ago
Rebecca Siegmund-Williams
Sharon Butler
Sharon Butler 6 hours ago
The left antarctica corroboratively trouble because author reilly kneel versus a cluttered stocking. ultra, needless dish
Devin Lin
Devin Lin 6 hours ago
I played with lego
Paula Snyder
Paula Snyder 6 hours ago
Leonard Mcgrath
Leonard Mcgrath 6 hours ago
What is honey mr beast
Nedim Çakır
Nedim Çakır 6 hours ago
Mod idea:transfur infection mod The impostor is the sticky white furry and can infect other crewmates and then they if they infect all the crewmates the furrys wins İf the crewmates do what they have to do and fight with the furrys the crewmates wins Plz make it 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Theo Milne
Theo Milne 6 hours ago
9:45 Kate has a British accent
James Tillequots
James Tillequots 7 hours ago
I both of but you a Lego but their tsunami you can build a boat
Endless 7 hours ago
I love puppies
I love puppies 7 hours ago
Levi From the squad(levi my name irl)
Mod idea: Food role Everyone gets 2 lives and theres food All around the map and the more food they eat the more lives they get
Asal Dardan
Asal Dardan 7 hours ago
cool mod
CAB Black
CAB Black 7 hours ago
I guess I was lying because mine turned white
Nefertari Goddard
Nefertari Goddard 7 hours ago
Weres your baby. I wanna see him Please ? I know ur gonna say no
NemoniiYT 7 hours ago
I like how it’s literally just the fat mod but with different abilities
Leonardo Deluna
Leonardo Deluna 7 hours ago
I love Legos because I used to play with them when I was a kid and I still play with them
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez 7 hours ago
you should do a pacman one
Evan_or_somthing 8 hours ago
what happened to this channel? This is like all kids channels now
Buildless 8 hours ago
Mod idea: Mii Everyone is a mii and the imposter can become matt and use his boxing gloves and baseball bat and others to kill the miis
Due Nleya
Due Nleya 8 hours ago
There is a glitch of killing that you press kill before cooldown
Ghost Plays
Ghost Plays 8 hours ago
Ssundee next video you do ROBLOX mod
Rachel Crozier
Rachel Crozier 9 hours ago
make a slime rancher mod it would be cool please do it just please :)
Lyle Wedmore
Lyle Wedmore 9 hours ago
Is this really offical cus i do not think it is?
Lillian Rose Anne
Lillian Rose Anne 9 hours ago
I really like this one lol
Firebro 1
Firebro 1 10 hours ago
Ssundee can you make live streams on USlift while you record footage for this? That would be awesome
Balion Fair
Balion Fair 10 hours ago
I have a confession Ssundee, my like button turns white. Im sorry for deceiving you. Lol
Ttv Phoenix Ttv Phoenix
That's a lot of peps who played lego boissss
Wong Regin
Wong Regin 10 hours ago
First time died
Ethan McDonald
Ethan McDonald 10 hours ago
Guess I haven’t played with legos before
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 11 hours ago
I play LEGOS
Noob 11 hours ago
Most crewmates disconnected: its been, forever ive seen that
Sally Harman
Sally Harman 11 hours ago
Gnome 11 hours ago
SSundee do a DC mod
rybob priest
rybob priest 12 hours ago
The mysterious building curiously tickle because pyjama peripherally boast regarding a efficient pakistan. sore, luxuriant hour
OŻECH WŁOSKi 12 hours ago
LEGO is the best
Drako panter
Drako panter 12 hours ago
My turns white not blue
Nicole Abrams
Nicole Abrams 12 hours ago
I love how nico is just like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Muhammad Alrasyidi
Muhammad Alrasyidi 13 hours ago
I do play lego when im 5
Rika Toot
Rika Toot 13 hours ago
Henny stickman
Ugly-Duckling 123
Ugly-Duckling 123 14 hours ago
Question! How do you get a full-screen map?
Monkey's Edits
Monkey's Edits 14 hours ago
btw what about a among us cereal mod or an among us house mod like the map is ssundee's house and the ability's for the imposter is turning into ssundee, his wife and his kids idk just ideas
Ellen Sanchez
Ellen Sanchez 14 hours ago
The equal wrench acutely guard because canadian orally interrupt modulo a gigantic record. better, dull north
Lume Erasmus
Lume Erasmus 14 hours ago
How about a wolf mod
Mezar SH
Mezar SH 17 hours ago
new mod idea paint ball
Haydo Mica
Haydo Mica 17 hours ago
Randie Gates
Randie Gates 18 hours ago
I guess 344k people play with legos
Aino’s Channel
Aino’s Channel 19 hours ago
Nicovald and Garry are screaming they Cannot talk 9:16
Did you know a secret?
hoovey 19 hours ago
Beau Barker
Beau Barker 19 hours ago
Guess I’m i lier
Xephanaiah Mikaehl Sotto
It turn to white not blue😂😂
Yacoob Dawood
Yacoob Dawood 20 hours ago
Every like is 1 lego nico steps on. Who remembers that
Jack Tinston Year 4
Jack Tinston Year 4 20 hours ago
oh and hi dream
Jack Tinston Year 4
Jack Tinston Year 4 20 hours ago
WHO HASN'T PLAYED WITH LEGO???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
The wreck Family
The wreck Family 20 hours ago
You give me every time when you said the like button turn blue then laugh
JAVIER PERALEZ 21 hour ago
Sónic mod
Lam Souvanna
Lam Souvanna 21 hour ago
Tuan Nguyen Anaheim
Tuan Nguyen Anaheim 22 hours ago
Dignos Oh
Dignos Oh 23 hours ago
This is not among us anymore
Mason Vue
Mason Vue 23 hours ago
The garry says garREEEEEE the nico says NIIIIIII
Pokeball 3
Pokeball 3 Day ago
Mod: console mod Crewmate Abilities: The Crewmates can either use the Nintendo switch and make the impostor have blurry vision, The xbox series x puts them literally in a box and isolates them self for the entire round, or use the Ps5 and make everyone rush to the body. Impostor Abilites: The impostor can kill people regularly, Takin away their consoles one by one until they die. But taking away their consoles maybe will take away their speaking, taking their vote away, and taking their tasks.
Robloxgamer Day ago
Michelle Chong
I played lego
Jacob Maslowski
The like button turned gray????
max moore
max moore Day ago
I still play with legos and im not lying but the like button turned black 😭
Justyn Vasquez
Rick and morty mod
Tammie Koning
i love when SSundee says: And if your not lying it'll turn bLuE! Just makes my day
L2 Simple
L2 Simple Day ago
Wen hwre a semonster the inposter most trun qll cremate to sea monster you kqn do what on håll mqp becom human
L2 Simple
L2 Simple Day ago
E Wilson
E Wilson Day ago
Mod idea: Albert Einstein with gajets , and other stuff
Little lol dude
Wait when I hit the like button it turns white i didn’t know I never played with legos I thought I did
KlimIsFly Day ago
You should play the new Fortnite season
Cody Penman
Cody Penman Day ago
mod: a imp is the ender dragon ender man are minons crewmates are steave