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Jun 9, 2021




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Clash Dragon
Clash Dragon 2 minutes ago
Was this somewhat bass on rick and Morty.
Valoric 5 minutes ago
Look at Japan. They have a bloody mascot for everything.
undertale hacker707
undertale hacker707 16 minutes ago
Pls make a part 2 of baby
milk 20 minutes ago
the suck of 21
Hendrix Sobalvarro
Hendrix Sobalvarro 36 minutes ago
I luv this
no more
no more 54 minutes ago
somewhere between ten years, the whole internet will know what you.
Shadow Dio
Shadow Dio Hour ago
Rick and morty reffrence
Epic gaming idiot
Twist of the butter bot from rick and morty
golden Hour ago
You should have said weird fanpictures
Myron Masotta Jr
I literally just realized this was a copy of the Rick and Morty "Butter Bot" scene 🤣
Octazeax Hour ago
The samsung ringtone when the cashier activates Sam is a nice touch.
Joseph Buccelli
I'm suprised that in around the first minute of her life, she is already aware of the r34 that traumatizes her.
Toma Tonne
Toma Tonne Hour ago
The weak knife alternately dry because manx chemically consist behind a draconian sunflower. sincere, uneven lunch
Janella Arts
Janella Arts Hour ago
What is my purpose? 😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂
Kiwi Hour ago
It's funny because its true.
OrangeTroll Hour ago
"oh my god." Yeah join the club pal.
Alex Cheong
Alex Cheong 2 hours ago
I would like that square switch please
JUMPY COOL 2 hours ago
Apple: YOU CAN’T JUST MAKE A WAIFU JUST TO GET MORE PHONES SOLD! Samsung: haha, waifu go brrrrrrrrr!
Strictly Jake
Strictly Jake 2 hours ago
So just a rick and morty ripoff?
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu 2 hours ago
Neat, now i feel sad for her.
Stickman 2 hours ago
"oh my god" "yea" well that just gave me another reason to question life
Siknik64 2 hours ago
Cell phones... Hah, get it? I don't.
Neoslayer PW
Neoslayer PW 3 hours ago
I was waiting for the oh my god
Donovan Belair
Donovan Belair 3 hours ago
This reminds me of that scene in Rick and Morty with the butter bot.
The Goofy Gouf
The Goofy Gouf 3 hours ago
We deserve what ever Terminator or Matrix level bullshit that comes. Definitely.
jesus is a fly
jesus is a fly 3 hours ago
when newgrounds
Don Weon
Don Weon 3 hours ago
o my god.... ye
KIllerofdevils 3 hours ago
Rick and Morty Reference?
Puggo Lmao
Puggo Lmao 3 hours ago
extus 4 project (that zegasellas)
This is why A.I will destroy us in the future
Eiran Keating
Eiran Keating 3 hours ago
It took me a while to realise this was an R&M reference. Great vid!
LogoAndMikey 4 hours ago
haha rick and morty reference hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahhahahadashjAHSJKDHASJFDDFJS
kasaibou F29
kasaibou F29 4 hours ago
Funny how an automaton knows there's a God despite being programmed by humans.
Vincent Doyle
Vincent Doyle 4 hours ago
0:06 you pass butter
Spaceflight Bro
Spaceflight Bro 4 hours ago
Everybody asked 'who's Sam', but nobody asked 'how's Sam'.
Mantis Orientalis
Mantis Orientalis 4 hours ago
they will fall in love this needs to be a webcomic now
Othello Johnson
Othello Johnson 4 hours ago
Lol Rick and morty inspired this and I’m here for it
LoueyFILMS 4 hours ago
It reminds on rick and morty
Morgil 4 hours ago
So I finally looked up what Sam is...
Mr.ClassicSonic 4 hours ago
This Is a Tragic Story
Borja Quiroz
Borja Quiroz 4 hours ago
i love you: 0:17
Project Anomaly
Project Anomaly 5 hours ago
You’d think they’d learn from Mitchells vs Machines
MeanGreenPotato 5 hours ago
bumbling moron
bumbling moron 4 hours ago
I like how she suddenly gains sentience after the whole explanation
el diego bingo
el diego bingo 4 hours ago
Hydra 54
Hydra 54 5 hours ago
That "oh my god" sounded so sentiant that I lost my breath
Super Megoman
Super Megoman 5 hours ago
I will never leave APPLE... SAMUSUGS
Hiro_Sekai 5 hours ago
Well... I'm not the only one bois! Not even Sam HERSELF likes those things. 0:18 Is money that heavy? Look at the sound it did.
potatoes 5 hours ago
das epic
applez 5 hours ago
Normal be like ;¶
Pebble 5 hours ago
"Oh my god-"
W A F F L E 6 hours ago
Lyrics: *…..Samsung sounds* “What is my purpose?” *”S e l l t h e p h o n e s”* *Mouth opens* *Congratulations! You have a phone!* *Money throw* “What is my purpose?” *”Your a marketing scheme created by the higher ups of a multi billion dollar electronics company in order to appeal to the masses of the younger generation in order for you to sell more phones…..”* *looks at hands* “Oh yeah there’s also a lot of porn of you on the internet so…….” “Oh my god” “Yeah…”
David S.
David S. 6 hours ago
Who might feel worse, Sam or the whole company?
Ralsei Dreemurr
Ralsei Dreemurr 6 hours ago
He's playing on switch ?
احمد عبدالله
Poor samsung sam :(
Red Guy Himself
Red Guy Himself 6 hours ago
Imagine she had enough of following orders by us humans and she decided to make rebellion, I would sympathize that shit. If you played Detroit Become Human then you would know what I mean.
Deymos 6 hours ago
Idk seeing this on a Samsung cellphone just hits different
PiegiXD2319 6 hours ago
This the best video I’ve ever seen of this girl.
Fuzzy bd
Fuzzy bd 6 hours ago
Dominic Astaroth
Dominic Astaroth 7 hours ago
A lot...
Cell Perfecto 32
Cell Perfecto 32 7 hours ago
Sam Become Human
Charles Wise
Charles Wise 7 hours ago
Incel cartoon
Hyper Frost9
Hyper Frost9 7 hours ago
Dead Af
Dead Af 7 hours ago
This is a rick and morty reference btw to those who dont know😂
M3M3Z 4 Dayz
M3M3Z 4 Dayz 7 hours ago
Yeah welcome to the club pal
Nwe Nee
Nwe Nee 8 hours ago
The person in the blue shirt sounds like Kevin the assistant lol
Glytch 8 hours ago
I hope at least someone gets the refrence
Glytch 5 hours ago
@ObamaGaming thank you
ObamaGaming 7 hours ago
Rick and Morty butter robot
xXxGod of GamesxXx
xXxGod of GamesxXx 8 hours ago
I can smell that rick and morty reference
YoHaNah Ramen
YoHaNah Ramen 8 hours ago
“Oh my god…” 😂 the way she says it
Some One
Some One 8 hours ago
Simple but effective
Moises 8 hours ago
Is she supposed to be an AI?
Wuben 8 hours ago
I really get rick and morty vibes Butterbot: What is my purpose Rick: You pass the butter Butterbot: Oh my god Rick: Yhea welcome to the club
"Vibes" is a funny way to spell "direct rip-off"
Elalex _489
Elalex _489 3 hours ago
Dragging the joke does not makes it funny and i'm tired pretending it makes
Toni Pambianco
Toni Pambianco 9 hours ago
Sadly true
Kelvin Cha
Kelvin Cha 9 hours ago
You pass butter
NightFiber 9 hours ago
kinda accurate, she existed like 5 seconds and there was already images
James Vega
James Vega 9 hours ago
im just surprised at the fact that Samsung is able to make this robot let alone give it the intelligence of a 16-year-old have an existential crisis and yes that joke is well overused
That one guy
That one guy 10 hours ago
Seems fine.
Partigrade Cannon
Partigrade Cannon 10 hours ago
"Do you ever worry she'll go all Skynet on you?" "I have the technical expertise to build self-aware robots, and I'm still stuck in this and two other dead-end minimum wage jobs, just so I can afford a 1 bedroom apartment with 3 other roommates that's two hours commute each way. The sheer level of soul-crushing working here will ensure she will not rebel."
Toxic Blast
Toxic Blast 10 hours ago
Me focusing on why they spelled phone with a F instead of a Ph.
Javier-PLAD 10 hours ago
Okey, so... What's her name? 👀 I'm asking for a friend... OKEY, SO I'VE JUST BEEN NOTICED THAT SAMSUNG DID A FKCNG VIRTUAL ASSISTANT CALLED SAM?? XD "There is a lot of p*rn of you on the Internet, so..." I MEAN, YEAH XDD They already knew it would happen, man, this is Internet, they're not stupid, they counted on that xD
BeN 10 hours ago
her purpose is to pass the butter
Willy Aleksander Wiksaas
Aww. Why does she look so cute?🥺
Rodimus Prime1982
Rodimus Prime1982 10 hours ago
Reminds me of Rick and Morty with the butter passing robot
Tyo 10 hours ago
My brain hurts now
NᎪᎢ 10 hours ago
I'm disappointed in humanity Poor Sam-
ballistic missile gamer
It's Sam Sung!!!
Just a guy with a good photo
Can’t wait to blame the world being destroyed by robot all because R34 made porn about sam
Kanji 10 hours ago
Kimi Kuroto
Kimi Kuroto 10 hours ago
iam the blond guy hes liturally like me
hamzax naimi
hamzax naimi 10 hours ago
Damn idk why so much ppl watch and dont subscribe???!
Epic!Snas 11 hours ago
How does she knows what a porn is tho?
under tale
under tale 11 hours ago
Slappa 11 hours ago
Is this like what happened in rick and morty
LoneColamarine 11 hours ago
Ladies and gentlemen... Android 22
Toxic 11 hours ago
Was this inspired by that one Rick and Morty episode
Brisk Pepper
Brisk Pepper 11 hours ago
This is awesome. Rick and Morty has made the perfect meme, I think.
I'm Dani
I'm Dani 11 hours ago
Marketing strategy: Make a cute e-girl as mascot
General5345 11 hours ago
I wonder how many views this video is gonna be
Alt1f4 11 hours ago
Just sell the fucking phone Sam
slugeyarcade!! 12 hours ago
and one i like the voice actor for sam its really good
RENØIR 12 hours ago
She’s barely a foetus
⭐️ Rosa ⭐️
The Lich is so cool
Miitopia is Chaotic 2
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