Trash Talker Gets ANKLES BROKEN & EXPOSED Bad! 5v5 Basketball 

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I cant believe this happened at the park! i put a story post up for 10 minutes to try and get some people at the park and showed up to pure madness! Slim Reaper is an absolute beast! These were some of the most fun runs ive had at the park ever! WE BRING ENERGY!!!!

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Apr 18, 2021




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Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley 2 hours ago
Its actually scary how quick Slim can dunk on anybody
cadgey _
cadgey _ 23 hours ago
Slim is some player (I done play basketball btw)
Hxnor Day ago
everyone celebrating: yeaheasuyeaehasyewhyaed Nick: 6:19
edgar sanchez
Hope y’all know that we have to win by 2
Uce J
Uce J Day ago
lil dude got heart for standing up for his boy, green shirt bruhh soft, he always pickin on smaller people then him lmfao
Jayce Alvey
Jayce Alvey 2 days ago
bro why does nick play literally no D but then chastise everyone else lmao
I like little boys but,
Why does the big kid keep coming back and screaming bro we do not fuck with you lmao you a regular dude
Patches 2 days ago
It’s always the one wearing sweatpants and a hoodie in 90 degree weather that’s the best at the court
Convella 2 days ago
bro slim is good y’all gotta keep playing with him instead of the one short guy that talks all the shit every game
king jofferyjoe
king jofferyjoe 2 days ago
Lil bro in the durag got jumped over and dunked on but slim didn't even notice cuz he was so short🤦‍♂️🤭😭😭😭
Miller the killer
Nick has logic
Ryder Liu
Ryder Liu 2 days ago
damn dude! popped up in the reccs, i respect the energy and hustle. keep posting more vids, excited to see more!
kushlord 3 days ago
8:42 what was this kid thinking? lmaoo
You know just for the ankles I will sub
AdrianB 3 days ago
damn no carlos getting shit on this vid :(
Andre La Grange
Andre La Grange 3 days ago
I like u bro you walked right up to homie and yo shut your mouth and keep it shut I love it that's how people act in my town at the courts til we shut haters down keep up the vids bro
Wattup Wattup
Wattup Wattup 3 days ago
Big boy traveled he switched pivots on god 😂😂😂 14:42
sunnyboy8644 3 days ago
18:20 homie Deebo almost made that shot :D
c g
c g 3 days ago
Everybody hyping up the cash app thing waiting for it to go through killed me 😭
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia 3 days ago
Slim is too good
Versus 3 days ago
At the end they start calking nonsense fouls, how can you even play with little babies like this? 9:16 10:00
Chris Chamberlain
Bullshit !!!! The word cracker don’t offend you anymore than nigger offends the blacks . They only hate it when it comes out of a white mans mouth
Chris Chamberlain
Y’all forgot your Easter baskets. Don’t forget 3 gets a prize and 1 gets nothing. But if you add a mustard sandwich to the car on the left lane I’ll flip ya a penny to the wall
Jr Belanger
Jr Belanger 4 days ago
15:10, nick is a hypocrite, he celebrated 2 points but he was mad because they were celebrating a step back😂😂
mikey bx 10465
mikey bx 10465 4 days ago
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo 4 days ago
This guy nick sending homie that bread gave me a lot more respect for nick.
Fucc Yoo
Fucc Yoo 4 days ago
10:02 Green fouled him.
Saie Belton
Saie Belton 4 days ago
Mad respect to nick he plays hard even through the bs every time
NC_29 North
NC_29 North 4 days ago
_ PHIVE_ 4 days ago
Nick, you're a cry baby. Bring that weak ass game to L.A.
Robert Cole
Robert Cole 4 days ago
Shii Cuh playing all those wack niggas but ain’t fw tha killa City
Gloryative 4 days ago
The little guy on the court was really good man!!i dont know what these dumbass were talking about. THE CHEATCODE. Man just! No words
Dallas LaBar
Dallas LaBar 4 days ago
Can we talk about those hops at 13:29. 👀😧
Sprints21 5 days ago
Man shot with his right hand but left his left hand up
Alex Like’s Cards
When Nick started talking and comforted the guy who got dunked on, that’s respect right there ✊
MosMoneyENT 5 days ago
Dude @5:16 is a f--kn clown
King Brommer704
King Brommer704 5 days ago
You got the most lit basketball channel come to gastonia NC lineburger park
Free Money MTTM
Free Money MTTM 5 days ago
Dude be jumping for no reason
Rayan 6 days ago
Bro that guy was flying, how can you call that jumping
Bigben -1989
Bigben -1989 6 days ago
Place a damn zoo.... that’s why I can’t play ball when you got all the damn homies spectating
DJ Javincii
DJ Javincii 6 days ago
Only hoopers know that this was all love
euphanik 6 days ago
big chungus came back.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 6 days ago
Good Burger
Phantom 43
Phantom 43 7 days ago
Y’all aighnt livin for shit 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ivern 7 days ago
Slim joga Muito
David Flowers
David Flowers 7 days ago
The games tied, he didn’t even win 😂😂
JJ 7 days ago
You soft dawg. Crying over the word cracker
FURY 8 days ago
A buncha yes men lmao
MurkAlurkin92 8 days ago
Travis did the same thing..... dudes to cocky..
William Ric-Hansen
"We don't celebrate 3s, you never seen a 3 before?" Does Alley-oop... celebrates for 20 minutes
MSeroga 8 days ago
Man that fat boy heckler always coming back LOL!
Lamar Maltbia
Lamar Maltbia 8 days ago
I want to play nick one on one
LESTER KNIGHT 9 days ago
Thats Wass Up Ball it Out and Lev the Guns at Home #PositiveVibes Gotta Love it Lets Go
Andre Thompson
Andre Thompson 9 days ago
Yooooooo ,!!!!!!!!!!
Philippe Som
Philippe Som 9 days ago
that brutha flew so high my accent changed
Young Eli
Young Eli 9 days ago
Nick Briz has character ! 💯
Why not make my man Slim's job a little easier? Green shirt foul boy, don't shoot, pass the ball and go screen for Slim or Nick
How can you honestly think that wasn't a foul..... you got to own up to that 💩
Brian Mortis
Brian Mortis 9 days ago
Those fans are dumb
icon 9 days ago
i swear slime is not even trying bro mans is just having fun
Rogue 4265
Rogue 4265 10 days ago
Slim got heat he fucked them up
D Smooth
D Smooth 10 days ago
I'm glad he confronted that dude shit gets mad annoying. Then he got the nerve to say " was i talking to you " that doesn't justify you saying shit like that. Tell me what would happen if a white guy goes up to a African American dude and says " hey what's up black boy " ? A fight would break out. Idk what nationality that man was but he's ignorant af.
Maine bear hunter
Maine bear hunter 10 days ago
Lol when nick gets burned he says let em go to his team mates ? But when they are slacking on D he let's them know. But as far as offense shit he can certainly drive to the hoop.
Mih Bo
Mih Bo 10 days ago
You should definitely said to him: Ill give you 50bucks anyways, so you can buy yourself a big mac :0
Desmond Elijah
Desmond Elijah 10 days ago
I hate how Nick always critiques when his teammates don't play defense conveniently forgetting that he is maladroit defensively as well 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
This is Chris
This is Chris 10 days ago
Nick anyone who calls you a cracker you simply called them a nigger that’s it… that’s how it works now a day… hey white boy in the beginning- hey black boy 👋
MRocks 10 days ago
Pause at 8:41 😂😂
Gayle 11 days ago
Dude say “ you sawry” about 300 times
BoomShakaLaka 11 days ago
Mad props for calling out an actual racist
bobbyvialli 11 days ago
sti americani non li capisco proprio..tutto sto casino,tutti sti esaltati...per cosa?è come se quando giochi a calcio fai tutto sto casino perchè riesci a fare un cross .....bò...patetici
Bracik Igor
Bracik Igor 11 days ago
13:27 he is soooo high
teddy filmore
teddy filmore 11 days ago
At 11:55 he not jumping he floating 😂😂
Barry McCaulkiner
Barry McCaulkiner 11 days ago
That kids teeth are so crooked he tries to say "shhhhhh" and started whistlin' 😐
William Rivera Rosa
damn i aint see this one
ModelEnigma 12 days ago
18:03 that was not Intentional xD
Charity Juan
Charity Juan 12 days ago
Corona lol
Mohamed ali
Mohamed ali 12 days ago
15:55 ik it's all love but someone consoling me in a game would just boil my blood lmao
William MythSpear
William MythSpear 12 days ago
when he said "is he travelling" he changed pivot from his right foot to his left, so yeah he travelled, he pivoted on each foot.
james Flash
james Flash 12 days ago
Give me the ball Travis. Lol
james Flash
james Flash 12 days ago
D cup is popping up all over now
Quentin Caldwell
Quentin Caldwell 12 days ago
it takes a man to do what nick does
Grxmz 12 days ago
Nicks Band Account:-$100 Fat Dudes Bank Account:+$100
Ramon Pujals
Ramon Pujals 12 days ago
Not only trash talking here, good basketball too
Mark Minikus
Mark Minikus 12 days ago
About playing Ball...🤔😂
ZeldaRightNut -x
ZeldaRightNut -x 13 days ago
Is anyone here just for the reactions after the highlights😂
ZeldaRightNut -x
ZeldaRightNut -x 13 days ago
Never ever will there be a basketball game with out beef😂😂
Baybe Yoda
Baybe Yoda 13 days ago
You can tell that they aren't use to white people .lol
Rick Clifton
Rick Clifton 13 days ago
Glad no got shot..
Totalitarian Censorship
Nick "You get rocked quickly my boy" Briz.
Jan Koncina
Jan Koncina 13 days ago
tribe dance
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 14 days ago
Lamelo Ball at 16:39 ? 😂
cecilia jimenez
cecilia jimenez 14 days ago
.HM n bl
Lil Homie Levi
Lil Homie Levi 14 days ago
Slim out here going places bruh
Egg Stevo
Egg Stevo 14 days ago
on god slim makes vids more hype
Berxzyy 14 days ago
Don't mind me ima just watch all your videos rq
Debo and chago
Debo and chago 14 days ago
Man all I got to do is talk a whole lot of shit and I get 50 bucks, shit sign me up
Dekerrieon Whitlock
after crossing someone nick tossed an oop to slim and he dunked. The same dude that got crossed the ball also hit his face when slim through that shii down
Jules Cirilo
Jules Cirilo 14 days ago
That place looks very scary
Larry Woods
Larry Woods 14 days ago
Part 2