Everyone's lying about dice.  

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Dice 101 for dungeons and dragons and all TTRPGs
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Jun 9, 2021




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João Diogo Brites
I am a statistician and i love this.
João Diogo Brites
@saszeta There are a couple hundred real academic papers on DnD statistics and decision-making. check out google scholar.
saszeta 2 days ago
Pls, write paper on statistics in dnd. Like how is it possible that some dice are good some bad etc
BeginswithPIE 2 days ago
@Ibeatganon4fun And a foolish statistician continues to insist that all outcomes are equally likely after rolling 100 20s in a row.
Ibeatganon4fun 3 days ago
A superstitious statistician supplies solely superfluous systems...
RevokFarthis 3 days ago
@tonnyncellist Yes.
tsukuyomimodo 21 minute ago
I have over 2300 dice....and can confirm this is true lol!! I bring out my super prodigy dice for important things, or if I want a greater chance for my goblin to do something dumb, I go for my low rollers XD
Jones Crimson
Jones Crimson Hour ago
Alright I know this is gonna start a flame war where people talk about the fake fallacy "gambler's fallacy" but that bit about rolling out consecutive bad numbers before a game is real. If your rolling technique is consistent and the outcomes are varried then you are statistically less likely to roll low numbers in a row and the more in a row the more likely a high roll becomes. This is real. Imagine flipping a coin and getting heads 10 times in a row. Doesn't happen. If you flip a heads more than 3 times you need to start assuming the next outcome is tails, that you suck at flipping, or that the coin is rigged.
Robin Parmentier
Robin Parmentier 37 minutes ago
@Jones Crimson You're fundamentally misunderstanding why it normalizes out to be 50/50. The coin does not remember whatever its previous flip was. It has a 50/50 chance of landing on either side, which means the overall distribution also follows that pattern. Landing on heads ten times in a row is rare, but if you've landed on heads nine times, the next roll still has a flat 50% chance of landing on heads again. The gamblers fallacy is still very much a fallacy.
Jones Crimson
Jones Crimson 45 minutes ago
@Robin Parmentier You think you can flip 10 in a row and it would be nothing special? How about a hundred? Go try it! Your odds after a hundred flips will normalize to 50/50 within a margin of error.
Robin Parmentier
Robin Parmentier 52 minutes ago
That's uh, not how that works at all. If you flip a coin nine times and it gets heads each time that's very rare, but flipping it a tenth time there's still a flat 50/50 chance to get heads. You can quantify exactly how rare getting a string of high rolls is, but you can't look at past rolls to try and predict what the next roll will be. All you can say is that if you roll enough times, your average luck should reflect the expected normal distribution of whatever event you're rolling.
Riplea Hour ago
Dice can have air bubbles in them that can affect the rolls, if you put them in a glass of water you can determine the number the dice favors.
Weirdgamer95 4 seconds ago
naaaaah its personalities
MrLupenTails 3 hours ago
Don't forget that rolling on paper is a sin.
Ya-Boi Frank
Ya-Boi Frank 3 hours ago
This video warmed my cold superstitious dice goblin heart.
FireFrog 4 hours ago
I understand dice hoarders now.
FloBe 4 hours ago
Watched it. Loved it. Subscribed!
FFIZZLE Cray 5 hours ago
I never got the fascination with die hoarders. I’ve DM’d and played for the past six years and own 3 sets that cumulatively don’t go past 20$. Die is Die!
tsukuyomimodo 20 minutes ago
They're SO PRETTY!!!! I also love the art that comes along with buying from a dice maker! I have dice with inclusions, sparkly dice, glow in the dark, UV reactive, liquid core, handmade, metal....LOVE dice!
jacob perkins
jacob perkins 31 minute ago
How do you manage things like Fireball or Dragonbreath Attacks?
Sam Fish
Sam Fish 5 hours ago
I just get stuff I think look shwanky
David Kobold
David Kobold 6 hours ago
Dice have souls! Don't be fooled by science and statistics...believe in MAGIC!
Sofia Kim
Sofia Kim 7 hours ago
Dice hate me overall. Luckily I'm the DM, so they make sure that I have a monty piton energy with all my campaigns. Nat 1's galore!
GreyDevil 8 hours ago
Thought this would discuss how dice can be weighted a certain way, which affects rolls. If your dye rolls a certain way its because its weighted a certain way and there are actual methods for fixing it like baking it in the oven at a certain temp and time.
Jonathan Blanton
Jonathan Blanton 2 hours ago
@John Rivers That'll work for plastic dice. But if you use metal dice, the only solution is to cast them into the fires of Mount Doom and buy a new set.
John Rivers
John Rivers 4 hours ago
brb, shoving my dice in the oven at 450f for an hour
Dehalove 8 hours ago
Your voice sounds like it was in Bojack Horseman
jan harald
jan harald 9 hours ago
1) some dice have personalities 2) at the same time, a lot of personalities are specific to the person 3) that ALSO applies to ONLINE dice 4) the look is actually irrelevant 5) in real world, dice are imperfect just like humans, some sway to good, some hate you for no reason there's more points but I'm too lazy, lol
Cockobango RangoJango
What the fuck I just wanna buy a dice not a Super Whatever.
Kibchi Redanlae
Kibchi Redanlae 10 hours ago
What about a die that rolls consistently high if you put it on one specific side? I've heard those are called "Itchies." Apparently rolling them a certain way scratches an itch and they say thank you by giving you high rolls most of the time?
Mudshrooze 12 hours ago
Is this....serious?
Chris Ridgeway
Chris Ridgeway 12 hours ago
The dice I regularly roll with is a shy piece of dice that seems to like me (albeit shyly), but was a lower roller for all previous owners. I already knew this. Tested it anyway. The other d20 I still own, I wasn't sure what would happen- the result I've found is it is a diamond in the rough. (mostly rolls higher, and seldom rolls low)
Rivers RPG Channel
Rivers RPG Channel 14 hours ago
Oh yea The cheaters dice
byggepladen 14 hours ago
We had a traitor dice college that would roll unstatisticallly often against you, we even used it to get the first years drunk, they just had call high or low and the dice would do the oppisit. In the end we burried it in the forest like it was jumangi
dddmemaybe 14 hours ago
Zee must be mildly upset he didn't have a dice sponsor for this video hahaha.
pixieskitty 15 hours ago
This feels like astrology for math gems...
Lazy Bunny Kiera
Lazy Bunny Kiera 15 hours ago
and here i was thinking this video was about people lying about the results or loaded dice and possibly how to spot users that do that.
Astrenar 16 hours ago
Do digital dice on different vtt have personalities? *my* roll20 dice seem to always roll high when I run a game but 10 or lower when I'm a player.
Jonathan Blanton
Jonathan Blanton 2 hours ago
Absolutely. Digital dice know when they're being tested, and they'll generate perfectly random results during a test. Then when you use them for something important, they'll do whatever they feel like.
Adam Green
Adam Green 4 hours ago
Google "negativity bias"
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 16 hours ago
Someone show this to Laura Bailey
Petronio39 16 hours ago
I don't believe in luck... but I do have a lucky dice. Maybe even a legendary lucky dice. It's a pretty plain d20, completely transparent, no color, but some iridescent sparkles inside. It got it's legendary status when my playgroup decided to play some 3.5. I was on fire, and hadn't rolled anything under a 15 for the opening combat, even managing to score 2 natural 20's. When a player needed to make a pivotal saving throw, they asked if they could use my dice to roll, and succeeded easily. One by one, players took turn passing the dice around table, and the dice remained strong, never dipping below a 12. Even the DM took the dice, and he rolled them frivolously on the table until he got a 7 and a 5 to show up, just to see how long the dice's luck would hold out. Nevertheless, the dice were passed around the table the whole night, and not a single attack missed, or save failed, for as long as it was rolled that night. The session ended with a lot of happy memories, as we witnessed what was essentially a statistical miracle. The dice hasn't had a night like that since, and our playgroup disbanded, but the dice remains a symbol of godly luck in my heart.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 17 hours ago
LOL I know people who seriously believe this.
Grandon Leight
Grandon Leight 18 hours ago
Jay101 19 hours ago
Dice do _indeed_ have personalities. I can usually tell just by picking them up whether they like me or not. But then..there is still the traitor.
Nathan P.
Nathan P. 20 hours ago
Laura Bailey incoming.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 17 hours ago
Gamebeastie 20 hours ago
Finally someone who treats gambling like I do, but I think you forgot one, the drunk mimic. It shows a pattern of one of the others, but if you don't use it often, it get lonely, and as a result it drunkenly stumbles to random (usually low) numbers. Remember to keep your dice company for the off chance of a mimic
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 20 hours ago
I have about 3 sets of dice. 2 where given as a gift and 1 (my frist set) I got myself when I got into d&d. And it’s been faithful. My frist proper d&d character was an orcish paladin, a brutal encore who abused his power and seemed out heretics in the name of his god. This character had a love for kicking in doors and making an entrance. Every time he kicked a door, a Nat 20 was rolled. With 1 exception. The very frist time he did it in game he rolled a 1. The door was kicked open with such force it bounced off a wall and swung the other way, knocking the orc to the floor. It was humbling
Chris Katko
Chris Katko 21 hour ago
I just think of a number between 1 and 20 an tell my party over voice chat that's what I got. The crazy part is, I often lose!
Dragon Drunkard
Dragon Drunkard 21 hour ago
17 years ago I had a Silver D20 best one I ever had, I'm talking 12+ and only rolled lower on pointless checks. Until I lent it to a friend along with some other random die, who had no die of his own, so he could try and DM some of his friends, Whats the harm I thought? However, when it returned the D20 was never the same, it would never again roll past an 8 for me. I was young and stupid, don't be like me! don't let the ones important to you out of your sight.
Jonathan Puccetti
Jonathan Puccetti 21 hour ago
10.5, not 11.
ian spreitzer
ian spreitzer 22 hours ago
wtf happens when my die rolled a 1 and than a 20?
ian spreitzer
ian spreitzer 15 hours ago
@LokiLockdown i bought it in a pack and was rolling them hoping to follow this video just kind of as a joke, thanks for the two new outcomes. Im a dm and i looooooove chaos and confusion, concidentally my players dont give a fuck and generally dislike combat and much more enjoy blowing up entire cities made out of bombs (my campaign is in the fey wild because at session zero when i asked my characters they all agreed upon a generally chaotic experiance) i didnt get any super prodigys but it's fine, i got a chaotic d20 so it was worth it in my eyes
LokiLockdown 20 hours ago
It's one of two dice, but you won't know which it is until you play with it, but whichever it is, it's sending a message to you. The first is the order die. Order dice are as close to truly random you can get. They will roll high and low near equally and will not change based on the situation. They communicate this to you by showing the extremes on both ends, showing you that both sides are equally possible and that neither side is barred. These Dice are great for rules lawyers and GMs who want a truly fair and random outcome. The second, is the chaos die. This die feeds on yours and your party's reactions and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make a situation go from bad to worst (not worse, WORST) or help you get that one in a million play. You will either fail spectacularly or shine like a star, whatever causes the biggest reaction is what they will give you. They tend to stay towards extremes in crucial moments and tend to roll middle of the road the rest of the time, though they may mix it up to create a bit of chaos. Some are more malicious and others more benevolent, but one thing is for sure. This die will make sure you remember the times you used it, and it shows you the extremes because it wants to use them.
Joshua Arent
Joshua Arent 22 hours ago
I wonder, does this apply to dice you didn't get the chance to roll before you bought?
masterpainter78 22 hours ago
I have played a lot of table top games, I happen to know that 6 sided dice from the game Axis and Allies will have dice that consistently roll high 5+ when rolled in groups. These have been my preferred dice for tournaments of Warhammer 40K, while said 6 sided dice from W40K are amazing for games of Axis and Allies when you need to roll 1's and 2's in large groups.....So yes I completely understand the whole idea of dice personality.
Chris Katko
Chris Katko 21 hour ago
my first time playing axis and allies as a kid with my friends, i sent like 10+ bombers into france. there was a single dude defending it. roll, after roll after roll, every single one of my bombers was shot down by one dude with a dream.
Man in the Black Hat
Real die follow physics and every imperfection in production will change how the die rolls. This is WHY there are types.
vandalawn 23 hours ago
I have DM dice i use for my boss fights, They are the dreaded TPK dice. If used as a player, they are perfectly normal but, as a DM they crit on every 3rd roll vs my players. I use them often so that they remain sated and do not come for me next.
chris hardy
chris hardy 21 hour ago
my dm has a pair of black dice with silver colored numbers that are the same way when he is dm. if he tries to use them as a player they suck worse then anything
Gwyn justice
Gwyn justice Day ago
I swear I picked up my usual red black d20, rolled it twice, got a 20-18 then kissed it.
Rowan W
Rowan W Day ago
This is amazing!!! Like I get it’s all for show but I 100% believe this
For those of us in the pandemic and forced to use Discord Dice Bots: Be wary. They are either absolutely amazing and will bless your party with fantastic rolls, or laugh at your face with nothing but low rolls in the most important of scenarios, and there is NO in-between. I'm not talking about rolling a lot of 1's, I'm talking about you having an average roll of 9.3 per 100 rolls because the dice bot hates you, and ONLY YOU! Rolling nothing but numbers below 10 for a solid 3 sessions in a row. Doing minimal damage despite being a DPS class. BEING COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WORTHLESS TO YOUR PARTY BECAUSE YOU CANNOT ROLL ABOVE A SIX! (I am positive DiceParser hates me, I averaged all my D20 rolls and had that 9.3 show up and laugh at me...).
masterpainter78 22 hours ago
This is completely real, in fact much of the campaigns are not realistically balanced around actual dice roll odds....such as those produced by a machine.
Just Noob
Just Noob 23 hours ago
I'm just exhausted my luck in rp server :| next mission is definitely when my character will die
Nathaniel Mansfield
This actually happened in the game I'm running. The dice bot refused to roll above a ten for any of my players, and threw in a bunch of nat 1's for good measure during two sessions. It was quickly purged by my players and replaced with a new, more favorable dice bot. It's ghostly messages remain in the archives of the dice channel, serving as a warning to all bots that have come after it.
stoevne2 Day ago
warr malaski
warr malaski Day ago
I have seen cursed players any die they roll sucks.
T KC Day ago
LOL I know people who seriously believe this.
T KC Day ago
@Medieval Crab ;-)
Medieval Crab
Yeah, what kind of _idiot would believe in dice personalities..._ _...You hear that, superprodigy dice? There's about a 5% chance to roll any number!_
Lozano Day ago
I just rolled my ONLY d20 Dice and i got a double 1... shit
Ni Ta
Ni Ta Day ago
27 poos I am 25 ares he am koko
Trevor Luce
Trevor Luce Day ago
Totally thought this was released 4/1
sebastian rombach
This is your best vid yet
Jerrod H.
Jerrod H. Day ago
This would have made a great April fools joke video.
강남훈 Day ago
And if you get two 1s what you have right there is a mega ultra floop and you can legally stab your dm and stop what ever they’re doing. But just once after buying that dice
neko of west
neko of west Day ago
I want to try D&D but in my country no one knows how to play D&D 😅
LMAO! Sharing!
Phoenixguild Day ago
Will Wheaton would like to know your location
dolita windo
dolita windo Day ago
I hope there is gonna be a second one, I wanna see what training dice looks like
Hodo Bandit
Hodo Bandit Day ago
He forgot about the dice that low a nat 1 on its’ first row. Buy it immediately and gift it to your DM
Drakes Blue
Drakes Blue Day ago
Sounds like you recommend buying all the dice. Seems a little sketchy coming from a shop owner.
dolita windo
dolita windo Day ago
Me: just buy dice based if they cool or pretty
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise Day ago
Do be careful with traitors, they like to whisper to other dice around them and turn them against you
Ozpin Day ago
Quick, someone send this to Wil Wheaton!
The poodle player
Technoskald Day ago
Ok but that glass container was thicc, right?
Antaries Day ago
He's lost it guys
Ben ze Hunteer
I mean people who believe in dice personalities are ridiculous, 10.5 is always the average stat when rolling the die, with each number having a 5% chance to land on a correctly weighted die.
tra leid
tra leid Day ago
Uggggh sometimes I question fellow gamers
Danodan Day ago
This is satire, mate. It's all in good fun.
Derek VerLee
Derek VerLee Day ago
Drawings from Jayden
This is why parents don’t let their children play D&D
Erik Williams
Rettie2Play Day ago
As someone who enjoys collecting unique and interesting dice, playing cards, and other game pieces, this speaks to me on a personal level. Though, you neglected to mention one of the most important dice personalities: The Wild Die. For me, Wild Dice are very real, and do exist. They tend to roll fairly average, but always spike one way or the other depending on the whims of the story. They're actors to the core, and no matter whether you succeed or fail, they always put on a show. Also, Dice Rollers are evil. Pure, unadulterated, Evil.
4est nunja
4est nunja Day ago
My dice dont like you spilling there secrets
Doomderp Day ago
Gotta say the "strange clerk at the tabletop store" theme for the videos is just great
alex s
alex s Day ago
First D20 i ever genuinely owned was gifted to me by one of my game mates. well... when i was just starting, i had none, so he let me pick one of his for the evening. it was beautifully black/green with swirls and black numbers. not that easy to read but i loved the mysterious and dark air about it. we played many games together and i always got him to lend that one die to me for the games. some time later and i got into a shop with the express plan to get a die and trade for that marble one from my friend. i begged and he thankfully agreed and that day i knew that i owned my first and best die forever. I have it in my die box, and it's always used when something important must happen. if i ever play again, this will be my main die once more.
Briar Herzog
Briar Herzog Day ago
FINALLY someone addressing the real dice strats, im tired of "any d20 id fine" its NOT
Biteso Day ago
Dannggg that's like.. nuts in depth. We all know the true answer is buy ALL THE DICE!!
Me: *just buy dice based if they cool or pretty*
Inquisitor Benedikt Anders
Great video. I suggest to do d6 next, due to being the very weirdest dice. They are the 2nd lowest dice but still the rng feels incredibly high. Also they are the most used outside of dnd.
steelhacker3 Day ago
I hope there is gonna be a second one, I wanna see what training dice looks like
Jerry McCoolberry
You made this specifically for Laura Bailey didn't you
Freinare Ryunimentra
Laura Bailey's method of playing.
Chris Reaves
Chris Reaves Day ago
Although 'twas Taliesin who got his hands on a super-prodigy.
Johny Mey
Johny Mey Day ago
ROFL I was gonna say, this guy is Bailey's spirit animal
Charles Kappenman
There's times I can't tell when he's being "in character" and when he actually goes in whole-hog on these beliefs XD
Kyle Pinpin
Kyle Pinpin Day ago
Do not ascribe agency to the polyhedron
Yeah, no, I have my limits, and these have to go.
ymmij X
ymmij X Day ago
my friend our society builds dice jails for a reason
They're Bad Dice Ian
Eddiemate Day ago
They are traitors, and must be cleansed. It is the way.
Shayne Walker
My party has a weird quirk. Against BBEGs and high level monsters, we roll like gods. 4 level 3s curbstomped an adolescent green dragon without taking a single hit. But an animated stick? Damn near kills the whole party. One time our DM, as a joke, put 8 animated sticks in a single room. We looked at each other and said "twas a pleasure guys. This may be it"
Gamer Zero
Gamer Zero Day ago
so what happened next, did ya all died to sticcs?
Sage Colvard
Sage Colvard Day ago
Or you could, y'know, just perform the sacred rites of RNGsus, lord of all things Random, and occasionally offer blood sacrifice to the Chaos Lords, like a normal person.
JP Zombie
JP Zombie 2 days ago
A great vid with a great sponsor....wow sometimes things are perfect
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 days ago
Make sure you send this to Laura Bailey.
Joshua Arent
Joshua Arent 2 days ago
What if you rolled 2 Nat 1s on your first roll? Because those were the first rolls of my D&D career.
Joshua Arent
Joshua Arent 12 hours ago
Now that I think about it, they were trickster dice. They constantly matched DCs exactly. As a rookie DM, I didn't know what was supposed to happen when a roll matched the DC. I was so confident in the 21 I rolled for goblin stealth, and it was shattered by a 21 for perception by one of my players. It even became a running joke at the table that night because it happened 3 more times in as many hours.
Ozpin Day ago
Nowhere to go but up!
@MisterGunpowder It's a traitor. It lured you in with some good roles, only to finish you off during your death-saves
@ymmij X This was my first set. Dice of pure white, to truly hide their intentions. They were used well; I was playing a Wild Magic Sorcerer in 4e. We all figured, 'Oh, 1s make your character let out a concussive blast that pushes everything around you. That's funny, but we're not going to see that often.' And so, the d20 went to work. I damn near blasted our wizard *straight* off the bridge we were fighting on. I was told in no uncertain terms to never be anywhere near him during a fight after that. I destroyed a dock. One time, it happened three times during a fight. And then, for another character, it gave me a 1, a 1, a 2, then a 1 on death saving throws. (The DM was being merciful and let me try to save against the first 1. Didn't happen.) These were trickster dice, however, and rolled high often enough in important situations to make me desire to keep using them. I will never know if it truly was a trickster die, or a particularly devious traitor. I do not know where those dice ended up. I believe I may have lost them at a convention. Perhaps they passed into the hands of another, to work their way with them. I will never know.
ymmij X
ymmij X Day ago
trickster die. it rolls the way that would be funniest for the situation. best to save for when you make bad joke characters and wanna see them bumble their way to success
Wukong330 2 days ago
Just wanna say that talespire is fucking amazing
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 2 days ago
Is this legit?
alex s
alex s Day ago
@Mark Olenick Jr. i love that theory!
Mark Olenick Jr.
Mark Olenick Jr. 2 days ago
Of course because gamers never die, they respawn as dice so that the gamer race lives on forever throughout history.
jester 2 days ago
just rolled a 16 and a 7, what do i do now?
ymmij X
ymmij X Day ago
fairly standard die. buy it if ya like the pattern but nothin to write home about
Just someone Else
Was it a blorp?
Ethan Tracey
Ethan Tracey 2 days ago
This. This right here, is comedy.
ymmij X
ymmij X Day ago
@bilinas mini well with a d20 it'll usually (assuming the weight is off) favor a cluster of 3 or 4 numbers
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 days ago
manufacturing inconsistencies into account. These things can, in fact, cause a die to land on one or two numbers more often than others.
Gabriel De mello
Gabriel De mello 2 days ago
Now I just need part 2, please
Ike Illue
Ike Illue 2 days ago
As someone who tends to be more math minded than not, this video hurt my brain, yet was highly amusing.
Calvin Daniels
Calvin Daniels 2 days ago
My group were convinced that I leaked bad luck like a miasma and would not let me touch anyone’s dice since anytime I did the following roll was low
nacoran 2 days ago
The only thing we ever did was make sure each player had their own color of dice so at the end of the night on a crowded table everyone got their dice back.
Shy Galadriel
Shy Galadriel 2 days ago
I um... I just roll my rainbow dice because my character's super gay.
ymmij X
ymmij X Day ago
... on a scale of 1 to 10...
Blyatan Pizdovich
am I in a coma?
Lazy Cat
Lazy Cat 2 days ago
Roll a perception check.
Snake 2 days ago
Fireball 99%
Yseson _
Yseson _ 2 days ago
Asthmatic Kobold
Asthmatic Kobold 2 days ago
Sooo...buy every die?
Epigone 2 days ago
This is how you become a dice goblin.
Tantaloss 2 days ago
That was wonderfully silly.
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