When a Robber Tries To Rob You But You're Broke 2 

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Jun 16, 2021




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Comments 9 087   
Kyle Exum
Kyle Exum Month ago
Thanks for watching! Make sure you like & subscribe! What's your favorite part? 👀
Kendra Gacha girl
yoni gamer boy Belachew
You litterealy talk faster than A rocket that what makes you a good rapper!!!!!!!
King Roth
King Roth 10 days ago
When is the next video
Time 4vids
Time 4vids 11 days ago
I wach your vid
LEAHH BABYYY 9 hours ago
yellows. but tomato tamato 🤣🤣
Dolly Plays Roblox
I love how Kyle make his nose small, it’s 😂 so funny
Sentinel EXT
Sentinel EXT Day ago
How I think I will react to robbers:
W11M3R ON YT Day ago
The way he slips on Bills!!!!
Tenika Stuart
Dang how he gone rob summ but he
Just Mike
Just Mike 2 days ago
Robber: You got Fruit loops Kyle: I get Veggie Wedgies Robber: Butter fingers? Kyle: Greasy toes Robber: Oranges -_- Kyle: Yellows.. Me: HOW IN THE F- DO YOU HAVE YELLOWS
Spencer Mills
Spencer Mills 12 hours ago
Mallu-mc 2 days ago
Close to 5 mil
Nlskko 2 days ago
The chuckles bar is so funny
Andy Wang
Andy Wang 2 days ago
The dazzling room anecdotally obtain because shampoo adversely continue near a auspicious apple. valuable, humorous range
VcH 3 days ago
Steve Smoak
Steve Smoak 3 days ago
Wait it had a chain on the door
Steve Smoak
Steve Smoak 3 days ago
Lollll this is so relatibal
Dr.Persuto 3 days ago
its wrick
its wrick 3 days ago
Dude u were watching youtube with ur phone and u said ur phone is an old phone which cant watch youtube. what a mistake
Lee Vee
Lee Vee 3 days ago
For real man make this into a series!
Tamia Dunlap
Tamia Dunlap 3 days ago
Robber: what in the 1880s?!
sushidude 4 days ago
Sabas jr Riego
Sabas jr Riego 4 days ago
This video is awesome
Daniel Dye
Daniel Dye 4 days ago
“This a robbery no this is poverty” 😂
Clifford Brown
Clifford Brown 4 days ago
He says he’s broke but he was watching USlift on his iPhone at the beginning and he has a watch
Abdulla Aal
Abdulla Aal 4 days ago
Make more vids lile this
Gloria Waller
Gloria Waller 4 days ago
Curtis waller
Gloria Waller
Gloria Waller 4 days ago
Kyle Exum 😉😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥
Mamkajiwin 5 days ago
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋
ThatKittyCat 5 days ago
It took you 1 mounth to upload
Nice video bro
Zeraora 6 days ago
You got Oranges? Yellows…
Billy Not Eillish
I don't know why but I like this dude lmao
Clover C03
Clover C03 6 days ago
"Watching people make a pool out of mud", I thought I was alone lmao
Stacy Marshall
Stacy Marshall 6 days ago
Kyle your vids are awesome when I'm bored you entertain me when I'm sad you make me happy😄😄 keep up the amazing work 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Calming music
Calming music 7 days ago
JfzcjcjccjcjI am a real real huge fan I like your videos
Calming music
Calming music 7 days ago
I am a huge iamb a huge fan
You got fruit loops? I got veggie wedges You got butter fingers? I got slippery toes You got oranges? I got yellows
Anthony Arreola
Anthony Arreola 7 days ago
CaptnClever 7 days ago
Robber: if your hiding from a killer clap ur hands Kyle: (clap, clap) oh shoot
W. W. Frank
W. W. Frank 7 days ago
The phone was priceless
agoodgurl2k 7 days ago
Kyle, have I missed something, but are u writing for television yet? They need your genius!
Makayla & Melony
Makayla & Melony 7 days ago
you need to make more of these videos I watched them 5 times in a row and I burst out laughing
Chris_Kingz 7 days ago
U need to rob more than me I died at that part😂😂
Cletus Wilridge
Cletus Wilridge 7 days ago
I love your Videos
Swissy 8 days ago
great video
KidKaster KK
KidKaster KK 8 days ago
"They say I've got the 'Minus Touch'" -Kyle Poorum
Jovanni Garcia
Jovanni Garcia 8 days ago
Moke 8 days ago
Altes Jean louis
Altes Jean louis 8 days ago
Angela Bratland
Angela Bratland 8 days ago
Parrot 8 days ago
When the robber said what are you even doing up at 3 AM and he says watching people make a pool out of mud is what I would do if I was up at 3 am
Highschool!sc!nathan hilliance yukichis brother
When he fell that’s my favorite parr
De'Asia Russell
De'Asia Russell 9 days ago
Kyle: hang on lemme put on my plastics 🤣🤣😭✋
Yolo Boy
Yolo Boy 10 days ago
Repent and get right with God before it’s too late, transfer your trust from yourself to the Savior.
Unknown block dude
Unknown block dude 10 days ago
Funny as always
Randyjose Alvarado
Randyjose Alvarado 10 days ago
I love Kyle
Christe Bass
Christe Bass 10 days ago
Christe Bass
Christe Bass 10 days ago
Hiding from the killer clap your hands👏👏 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹 LMAO 🤣😂
Sixx 10 days ago
Im surprised dude ain’t homeless 💀
solitairemario 10 days ago
Koblac 10 days ago
backflip at 5 mil
a2h7 10 days ago
Kennedy Wilson
Kennedy Wilson 10 days ago
When you gonna release the parents vs grandparents rap battle
Michael Bakhoum
Michael Bakhoum 11 days ago
I love your video
GamerGirlK 11 days ago
“Get out of your crib by June or you May have to March past these hands” LMAOOOOOO
GH05T#8491 11 days ago
essentials FEAR OF GOD
Mason Gray
Mason Gray 11 days ago
Chewy 910
Chewy 910 11 days ago
Made pennywise look like a teletubby
Shana Husbands
Shana Husbands 11 days ago
Chucles,yellows,veggie wedgies,
anasLOL 12 days ago
Bro upload a vid it
Bye 11 days ago
He will at 6:00 or 6:30 calm down.
TitanicTNT 12 days ago
TitanicTNT, you haven’t filed your taxes in 20 years, we have no choice but to take you to the big house. A BIG HOUSE?! HELL YEAH!
Hannan Khan
Hannan Khan 12 days ago
I tried doing this I got shot with a BB gun..
GLG gaming
GLG gaming 12 days ago
He looks like pepe from Portugal
Jaylen's YT Channel
Claim your ticket before 5 mil here
Fonz _cool
Fonz _cool 12 days ago
I am gonna go ugh fnf reference
Pzc 528
Pzc 528 12 days ago
I'm imagined he was in his cell and he died for being poor
SteamPunkACCG 12 days ago
It be making pennywise look like a tellitubby”
forest raetzsch
forest raetzsch 12 days ago
"pennywise just looks like a teletubbie" yeah, now he's scarier
Babyface Future
Babyface Future 12 days ago
his own twin trying to rob him SMH
Suzanne Vanessa Lepcha
Me actually watching this video at 3 am 🤣🤣
Tammy Knott
Tammy Knott 12 days ago
Psychotic Bubbles
Psychotic Bubbles 12 days ago
Ayo this the sequel for if apple made a restaurant
Local Bot253
Local Bot253 12 days ago
Idk why but your videos always make me hungry for Mac in cheese
Ph0enix Ocn
Ph0enix Ocn 12 days ago
Man he's been gone for a month now
T M 13 days ago
You know what, I'm not gonna lie; I would have clapped to. Don't judge me...
Jcboutdatlife 13 days ago
Kyle I’m on a different account
Frances Mortimore
Frances Mortimore 13 days ago
Do when your richer than your friend
Jaden Frost
Jaden Frost 13 days ago
I don’t care what y’all say, 2020 was the best year of my life… because I discovered Kyle exum.
Sawyer Beccue
Sawyer Beccue 13 days ago
“ gotta respect the drip “
ROBINBEATS 13 days ago
but any way i love ur beats
ROBINBEATS 13 days ago
sup i was sub for years then lost my google account
Justin Kuhn
Justin Kuhn 13 days ago
“This is a robbery!!!” “No, this is poverty” 😆😆😆
try hard kt
try hard kt 13 days ago
My youtube is fortnite try harder
assassin 14 days ago
So close to 2 million
we all might be broke from covid 💴 💰 💵 ❌❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫
Weirdo 14 days ago
😂😂😂😂 Pennywise looking like A Teletubby 😂😂😂😂😂ahhh my god
Trinton Rife
Trinton Rife 14 days ago
He hasn’t posted in so long
Darkchills 14 days ago
Ridleytoons 14 days ago
"if you're hiding from a killer clap your hands" lmao
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores 14 days ago
Do you live in Louisiana?
senko is gaming
senko is gaming 14 days ago
why arent you uploading
Chloe and Halle Fan
"Arent you scared??" "Nah after seeing my bank account balance yesterday nothing has really come close. Penny wise looks like a TeLlyTuBi"
Nobel-O Bailey-Taylor
Chick-fil-A employee versus robber rap battle