Coldplay - Higher Power (Official Video) 

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Higher Power, the new single, out now! Stream / download / CD single: coldplay.lnk.to/higherpower

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Instagram: coldplay​
Twitter: coldplay​
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Apple: www.itunes.com/coldplay
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Director : Dave Meyers
Dir Rep : Jaime Rabineau
EP / Producer : Nathan Scherrer
Head of Production: Ben Piety
1st AD : Dave Dean
2nd AD: Carl ‘CJ’ Jackson
DP : Scott Cunningham
1st AC: Pergrin jung
2nd AC: Koji Kojima
Gaffer: Brian Lofthouse
Key Grip: Dave Riggio
Production Designer : Patrick Tatopoulos
Art Director: Peter Andrus
Movement Coach: Galen Hooks
Cast Stylist: Marta Del Rio
Key Makeup Artists: Ryan Burke \u0026 Barney Burman
Key Hair Stylist: Charlie Le Mindu
Band Clothing Director and Stylist - Beth Fenton
Band Grooming - Sienree Du \u0026 Brittany Sullivan
Editor: Alyssa Oh
Colour: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Final Mix - Jeff Malen

Ambiguous Dance Company:
Choreographer: Boram Kim
Dancers: KyeongMin Jang, HyeSang Lee, DongIn Yoo, SoJeong Im
Producer: HeeJin Lee
Artist Management: Producer Group DOT

US Dancers:
Alyson Van
Sohey Sugihara
Nick Lanzisera
Miki Michelle
Rouge Begu

VFX: Mathematic
Executive Producer : Guillaume Marien
VP Executive Producer : Rebecca Rice
VFX Supervisor : Yann Aldabe
Flame Supervisor : Fred Brandon
Shooting Supervisor : Vincent Blin
VFX Producer : Mikaella Zarka

UK Service Company: Somesuch

UK Shoot Crew:
Producer: Tom Gardner
Production Manager: Lana Henry
Production Assistant Michelle Cheung

1st ad: Rawdon De Fresnes
Dop: David Procter
Focus Puller: Adam Feeney
2nd Assistant Camera: Teresa Adamson
Camera Trainee: Sacks ellis
Key Grip: Johnny Donne
Grip: Wolf Wasserman
Crane Tech #1: Jordan Webber
Crane Tech #2: Paul Kolthammer
Dit: Matt Cole
Playback Operator: Karl Taggart
Music Playback: Von Adams
Vfx Supervisor: Dane Armour
Gaffer: Justin Paterson
Desk Op: Aaron Vennes
Electrician: Ben Suter
Electrician: Luke Maund
Rigger: Aaron Rackham
Prop Maker: Pierre Bohanna
Model Maker: Jamie Breakwell
Model Maker: Jason Kearsley
Prop Master: Ezra Piers-Mantell
Sfx: Rui Miguel Augusto
Covid Supervisor: Kelly Spacey
Medic: Paul Mawson
Runner: Mia Tessema
Runner: Apollo Wilson

Stylist Assistant: Sadie Williams
Tailor: Della George
Grooming: Robyn Rowan

Drum Technician: Andy Henderson
Guitar Technician: Matt Mcginn

Coldplay Manager: Dave Holmes
Coldplay Creative Director: Phil Harvey
Coldplay Co-Creative Director: Misty Buckley
Management: Mandi Frost, Arlene Moon, Brooks Roach
Director of Digital \u0026 Communications: Chris Salmon
Band Assistant: Emma Jane Randall, Jessie Ogilvy \u0026 Lauren Rauch

Since forming at university in London, Coldplay have gone on to become one of the planet’s most popular acts, selling more than 100 million copies of their eight Number One albums, which have spawned a string of hits including Yellow, Clocks, Fix You, Paradise, Viva La Vida, A Sky Full Of Stars, Hymn For The Weekend, Adventure Of A Lifetime, Orphans and, most recently, Higher Power.





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Arian Parker
Arian Parker 44 minutes ago
I'm not a fan or a person that knows a lot of Coldplay songs. I love this song!
Lucas Junqueira
Lucas Junqueira 52 minutes ago
Great song!!!!!!!!
Ailtonsantiago 18
Coldplay tomorrow on jimmy fallon
Sabrina Sara
Sabrina Sara Hour ago
tva workers: this is an variant...
Sabrina Sara
Sabrina Sara Hour ago
I came back here every day
Ailtonsantiago 18
Me too
James Molyneaux
Imagine this song when they tour there ain’t anyone better to watch live n this song would be about next level with what they put into there performances
장두두둥 Hour ago
너무 별로다 브릭팝이면서 훅부분이 좀;
7INEntertainment 2 hours ago
Alina U
Alina U 2 hours ago
Siempre me.enamoro de cada album desde 1996🥺
andrea babic
andrea babic 2 hours ago
Sperando in bella musica Sono rimasto molto deluso
Z Baker
Z Baker 2 hours ago
I love the “3 2 1” at the beginning…
jose luis gonzalez
jose luis gonzalez 2 hours ago
Soy vuestro fan
Raquel Campos Medina
Gabriela Cardoso
Gabriela Cardoso 2 hours ago
Anthony Ashley
Anthony Ashley 2 hours ago
This is amazing! I wish Gaga took Chromatica to this level of production!
Crer Para Ver
Crer Para Ver 2 hours ago
Henry Monsalve
Henry Monsalve 3 hours ago
De que parte de CHROMATICA es este video?
Victor Vergara
Victor Vergara 3 hours ago
Coldplay never dissapoints us, but this new era is gonna be epic
Cole Fernando
Cole Fernando 3 hours ago
Friggin addicting like seriously...
Thays Caroline Santos
reminds me of Ghost in the Shell ❤
Marfaim Kanaan
Marfaim Kanaan 3 hours ago
Love❤u Coldplay
Piero Grasso
Piero Grasso 3 hours ago
C......o che video che gli fanno poi, super super
raphael Moreira dos santos
Another music that within 7 years we will say: "Still there in 2028 listening to this music from the Old year the time of real music" 🔥
Akash Mishra
Akash Mishra 3 hours ago
Jose89277 3 hours ago
Noo please no !.. What is that? Just generic Pop. The last record was a great step back to the old unique Sound, but this is not coldplay sorry
Jhonatan Parra
Jhonatan Parra 4 hours ago
3:40 it will be a shitpost resource someday
Giovanni Rosas
Giovanni Rosas 4 hours ago
Um.......I actually really like Coldplay but this song sounds like a tv jingle or something you would hear on a car commercial....it makes me want to go out and buy a hybrid car. 😐
Rijul Gupta
Rijul Gupta 4 hours ago
This is probably their best song in recent times. It tops every song in every day life for sure and a head full of dreams too. I don't know if others think the same but i feel so. Please don't attack this comment😅. Love the lyrics of this one. You're once in any lifetime I'm going a million miles an hour When for so long I'd been down on my knees Then your love song saved me over and over For so long I'd been down on my knees 'Til your love song floats me on I love Coldplay ❤️❤️
Jorge Alberto de la Cruz Hernández
Rinascita totale. Bella canzone completamente ricaricabile.
Rudolf Jessen
Rudolf Jessen 4 hours ago
Amazing solo. Music video does not fit the song thaugh. .......
Andreas Johansson
Andreas Johansson 4 hours ago
Melissa Jones Paranormel
Absolutely fantastic Chris Coldplay omg you guys never dissapoint at all im huge fan for well over 20 years now seen all stages of your Music Fantastic Guys Sending Love to #Coldplay ❤❤❤❤
Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott 4 hours ago
This video is proper trippy like.
Marcos Vinicius
Marcos Vinicius 4 hours ago
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 4 hours ago
Celine G
Celine G 4 hours ago
Excellent ❤❤❤❤❤ I see Chris made progress in dance aerobic moves 😉❤ lovely
ABCJelly 5 hours ago
Cool song, sounds A R I Z O N A-style👍
Angel Blind
Angel Blind 5 hours ago
I am viewer number 7000000 😍😍
Kevincito JK
Kevincito JK 5 hours ago
Esos que le dieron "NO ME GUSTA" ¿Todo bien en casa?
Marcus Castle
Marcus Castle 5 hours ago
Superb song. Superb video.
Anastrid Roman
Anastrid Roman 5 hours ago
Mi banda favorita, hermosa canción, hermoso vídeo, el mundo de coldplay es unicooooo💛
Travis Tucker
Travis Tucker 5 hours ago
Wtf this is so far what made them famous.
Franco Soldano
Franco Soldano 5 hours ago
rani ramon
rani ramon 5 hours ago
Keren paraaaahh😭😭😭
Studio33Records 5 hours ago
Lo que faltaba, Coldplay haciéndole bullying al video juego Cyberpunk 2077
Stefano 5 hours ago
Out of all of their recent songs this one, reminded me why i love this band
Andy Cris
Andy Cris 6 hours ago
Parece una canción de imagine dragons, no es que sea malo pero me gustaba el antiguo estilo de música que caracterizaba a Coldplay
Justin Macarrhur
Justin Macarrhur 6 hours ago
Did coldplay play cyberpunk 2077? Cuz...
Daffa Radhitya
Daffa Radhitya 6 hours ago
What can be better than coldplay with cyberpunk theme
Saara Shafetango
Saara Shafetango 6 hours ago
There's nothing better than listening to new music and liking it
Maybel Apaza
Maybel Apaza 6 hours ago
Esto es lo único que esta bien en el mundo : D
Zoom Star
Zoom Star 7 hours ago
Will be a FIFA song next year ❤
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 6 hours ago
I hope so
MEGAMINE TV Z 7 hours ago
Nereo Hutt
Nereo Hutt 7 hours ago
Chris Allen
Outside 7 hours ago
Oskar Chyc-Mulik
Oskar Chyc-Mulik 7 hours ago
This is the new blinding lights!
Oskar Chyc-Mulik
Oskar Chyc-Mulik 4 hours ago
@Franco Soldano yes
Franco Soldano
Franco Soldano 5 hours ago
حازم حكمت
حازم حكمت 7 hours ago
What a great song Thank you Chris 😍😍
Osmar Ibarra
Osmar Ibarra 7 hours ago
pero que rolooooooon
BugattlVeyron 7 hours ago
Well, 6 million views in one week. Listen to me, I predict a great future for this dudes.🔝
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan 7 hours ago
I prefer the acoustic version...that sounds more like coldplay
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 7 hours ago
Is a great version too
EndofLevelBawss 7 hours ago
My new running song on repeat
Kauan Pereira
Kauan Pereira 8 hours ago
the problem with this song is that it ends
fionah 8 hours ago
yay! HOW CUTE! :D
Christopher Anthony John Martin
Hello dear beloved, thanks for your likes and comments on my official Page, I have always noticed you. I want you to contact me directly on my email so we can discuss privately. Email: christopheranthonyjohnmartin8@gmail.com
Tenati Taamino
Tenati Taamino 8 hours ago
Mayra Danubia
Mayra Danubia 8 hours ago
Mano que show
Zuñiga Solis Daniela
I loooove this song so much!🙇🏻‍♀️
Adrielipa 8 hours ago
wow vipchetumare j y jy jy y jy j
Christopher Anthony John Martin
Hello dear beloved, thanks for your likes and comments on my official Page, I have always noticed you. I want you to contact me directly on my email so we can discuss privately. Email: christopheranthonyjohnmartin8@gmail.com
MC Comics_Br
MC Comics_Br 8 hours ago
The flash ta diferente
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 7 hours ago
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali 8 hours ago
Coldplay in 2015: Planet of the Apes 2021: Guardians of the Galaxy
Aphiwe Magaya
Aphiwe Magaya 8 hours ago
My favourite group of all times ❤❤❤❤
Cecilia Sánchez
Cecilia Sánchez 8 hours ago
La vida es disfrutar de la música de Coldplay 😍
Giorgio Passoni
Giorgio Passoni 8 hours ago
greatttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ever Lucero
Ever Lucero 8 hours ago
In 1:21, in the background there are letters of the higher power language, if you translate them it says: Sex Shop
Jago Goyang
Jago Goyang 9 hours ago
wow always cool
Franco Soldano
Franco Soldano 5 hours ago
ja Jagu
ja Jagu 9 hours ago
Beyonist Davis
Beyonist Davis 9 hours ago
Coldplay does it again!
Christopher Anthony John Martin
Hello dear beloved, thanks for your likes and comments on my official Page, I have always noticed you. I want you to contact me directly on my email so we can discuss privately. Email: christopheranthonyjohnmartin8@gmail.com
Lovin 9 hours ago
Love it
Theo Pereira
Theo Pereira 9 hours ago
Coldplay is a best!!!❤️❤️
Nathan Chong
Nathan Chong 9 hours ago
It's always great to hear Coldplay Song especially during Covid !!
René Miranda
René Miranda 9 hours ago
Omg I love u guys 💞
KUNG LAO MKT 9 hours ago
Meu medo é um dia o COLDPLAY partir,ele nunca mas vai conpor uma musica😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
vidal santamaria
vidal santamaria 10 hours ago
best song
Renata Martins
Renata Martins 10 hours ago
Christopher Anthony John Martin
Hello dear beloved, thanks for your likes and comments on my official Page, I have always noticed you. I want you to contact me directly on my email so we can discuss privately. Email: christopheranthonyjohnmartin8@gmail.com
Lívia Suenne
Lívia Suenne 10 hours ago
Randi Atmaja
Randi Atmaja 10 hours ago
Another level 👏🏾
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 10 hours ago
I love you Chris Martin!
Deri 10 hours ago
I likessssssssssss the legend
M.Dambell Channel
M.Dambell Channel 10 hours ago
COLDPUNK 2077 - Great Song
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 10 hours ago
Ailtonsantiago 18
Ailtonsantiago 18 10 hours ago
Boa tarde
Jamal Ludin
Jamal Ludin 11 hours ago
Sunda empire
Robert Dave Alonzo
Robert Dave Alonzo 11 hours ago
Who’s waiting for the Just Dance version of this? Raise 🤚🏼
TakTica2021 11 hours ago
Vanille Nille
Vanille Nille 11 hours ago
Sehr schade was aus dieser einst großartigen Band geworden ist
soheil kalarickal
soheil kalarickal 11 hours ago
The visuals are lit!
djhdtv 11 hours ago
1000 Kelvin
1000 Kelvin 11 hours ago
Absolute tune this is