Olivia Neill Talks About Her Exes, Fake London Life & Cosmetic Surgery - FULL PODCAST EP. 27 

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May 4, 2021




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Comments 0   
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop 4 days ago
I love how she’s friends with ana
Simen 11 days ago
Maunarchy !
Maunarchy ! 17 days ago
wait... why do none of these follow each other ??
Maunarchy !
Maunarchy ! 17 days ago
Olivia every 2 seconds: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mhmmmmmmmmm
K Kk
K Kk 22 days ago
JustSean 24 days ago
On that date she had, the guy was on time, he left then came back
BASHMORE'S Life 25 days ago
I’m literally 19 and I feel like a 25 year old trapped in this body 😂 like I love top gun and I use what’sapp all the time
Eleanor Wood
Eleanor Wood 28 days ago
Is this meant to be an interview? You’re just talking to eachother. What’s the point in having guests on ‘so you’re from belfast? Yeah anyway we have a friend from Belfast....blah blah’
Eleanor Wood
Eleanor Wood 28 days ago
At one point when she talking he starts looking for the cranberry juice 💀
tahlia rogers
tahlia rogers 29 days ago
Tom Stafford
Tom Stafford Month ago
2 hours is ridiculous, please condense and thank you x
Emmajayne Young
Emmajayne Young Month ago
poor olivia this was painful to watch
sophie Month ago
Mate, the amount of adverts in this video is annoying
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Month ago
She is fucking beautiful 😻
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Month ago
I had no idea of who she wass
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Month ago
Im from Northern Ireland and I had no idea but Olivia
Kat Ing
Kat Ing Month ago
Do we really need this many ads 😢 Cannae even get into the chat with all the hold ups
Charlie B
Charlie B Month ago
It’s scary how many girls get an ick at guys in the bath 😭😭
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Month ago
Who is she
BmOZcod Month ago
Bruh id rather have no guest than this girl. So boring.
M N Month ago
She was prob just nervous like
Channel 123
Channel 123 Month ago
When do they talk about John
Matt Empson
Matt Empson Month ago
How many times is Cal going to wear this pleasures flannel its not even nice haha
Matthew Robinson
This is slightly better than watching paint dry
Jessica Fenton
Jessica Fenton Month ago
There’s not enough dogs to be rescued?? Are u dumb?
Ben Surgenor
Ben Surgenor Month ago
Big up Olivia always good to see someone else from Belfast making it big on USlift doesn’t happen very often
Slothboiclique Month ago
Call me uptight but I when it gets too too sexual it's just a bit uncomfortable
Lewis Tillett
Lewis Tillett Month ago
Looking forward to the mattdoesfitness episode!
Carol Baker
Carol Baker Month ago
Olivia bashing poor george
scáinte Month ago
chip i thought you were better than this wtf are you wearing
Charlotte Morris
Where’s chip’s outfit from 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Sam coelho ,
Sam coelho , Month ago
She’s fuckin leng
lottie case
lottie case Month ago
cal saying it took a year for 1k subs me here 8 years later on 1.4K 😔✌️
D_hyper_ooo Month ago
Bath gang 🤒
Kiera Month ago
OMG my parents divorced, same story snoring lol and then moved 3 doors down!!! crazy ahaha
Shadow football17
Finlay Mackenzie
Scottish girl here, and feel the exact same about english boys. They’re just...not the same. Irish boys and Scottish boys however, are very alike.
__xem.c9x Month ago
Krisst Month ago
Wheres manscaped??
Brittney Matson
Brittney Matson Month ago
alan dore
alan dore Month ago
Bell ends!!!!!
Ciz82 Month ago
Alan strikes again with the lame insults 🤭
Kristyna Duronova
Get Eleanor Neale on here
Luana Xavier
Luana Xavier Month ago
yesss olivia reminds me of Emma
Luana Xavier
Luana Xavier Month ago
"its the ugliest dog" I love Olivia but personally I wouldn't give a shit if a dog I rescue is ugly, obviously it would be cute having a cute dog, but knowing that im helping n giving love to a dog who has been through so much shit makes me so happy like regardless of the looks, but yeah we all got opinions
I L Month ago
this video summarised that Olivia completely fakes her online personality. Yet all her little minions will copy everything she does. She is the most average looking girl I have seen.
シTom Month ago
Ur so jealous
I L Month ago
this video summarised that Olivia completely fakes her online personality. Yet all her little minions will copy everything she does. She is the most average looking girl I have seen.
I L Month ago
Molly mae was a fucking USlift with a following BEFORE love island.. ffs
Shadow football17
Adam Month ago
30:49 35mm film was used back in 60s 70s and is better quality and more realistic to human eye then digital 4K. Watch led zeppelin leaving Madison square garden on USlift for example
Ellie Holmes
Ellie Holmes Month ago
The fake laugh by Olivia I’m weak
Turquoise Baddie
They both go from English to American so quick
Turquoise Baddie
Turquoise Baddie 28 days ago
@Lewis Tillett the guy speaking switches his accent pure times he sound American a lot
Lewis Tillett
Lewis Tillett Month ago
No they don’t, what do you mean?
clownery luv
clownery luv Month ago
the flirting goin on btwn chip and olivia is unreal. i ship tho
Soph _Vx
Soph _Vx Month ago
i fucking knew that carmie Millie and Elmo films is snakey as fuck and think they are better than everyone ew
Fran B
Fran B Month ago
Cranberry juice is a myth!!
Mia Gibson
Mia Gibson Month ago
John been the backbone of this podcast without actually been in the podcast
Jack_The_God Month ago
Watching chip throughout the pod is so funny man
Hshshshsb NShshsbsbs e
I agree Sainsbury’s is pricey!
Dusk Swagaa
Dusk Swagaa Month ago
2:09:30 is an ick from Cal
Izzy Cook
Izzy Cook Month ago
cals ability to hold conversations is indescribable
Ukmwpgad Month ago
1:18:33 I know it's her accent and no hate but imagine trying to spell mouth after you hear her say it
AC Month ago
they need a different seating arrangement when they bring on a guest.. Olivia was 3rd wheeling hard during a lot of there one on one conversations.
AC Month ago
@Jessikelf hmm maybe, good point
Jessikelf Month ago
I might be wrong cause I've not watched these guys before but I'm assuming they live/bubble together but have to social distance from Olivia?
K.I.G Month ago
good to hear a northern irish voice lmao
Further Drives
Further Drives Month ago
Is it just me who wonders why Chip’s accent goes slightly American sometimes?
Caitlin Month ago
That guys accent goes between American and English like every 2 seconds
Isabella Cullen
Isabella Cullen Month ago
can they let her talk
Marek Chillcott
Marek Chillcott Month ago
chip please get a pension
Rory Large
Rory Large Month ago
Please put more adds in your video
Ciara Mccaffrey
Ciara Mccaffrey Month ago
We need harry on this now 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Alexia Louise
Alexia Louise Month ago
Absolute class, fave podcast so far!!
J Month ago
Hi can anyone explain the elmo films and olivia? I remember she said she thought he was cute and then everyone commented olivia neill on his videos? But I never understood what happened😅
beth Month ago
They went to a hotel together in secret but a tik tok of them was leaked and Olivia basically said that he leaked the vids because she ended it with him
BT8 Month ago
The “mmmm” Olivia does is so fit
Arham Jamil
Arham Jamil Month ago
Thegirlygirlx Month ago
I’m so obsessed with these😩😂
Rory Steven
Rory Steven Month ago
Disappointed they didn't blur her face the whole episode
Chan B
Chan B Month ago
Chip is soo cute
Britannia Martin
25:32 the look on Olivia’s face after the “you might as well get back together” comment 😂😂 love her ❤️
Dylan Does Things
That’s my Mrs
Love.Ellie Month ago
Lost respect for Spencer. That attitude is Such an ick
Love.Ellie Month ago
Emily X Elmo films
Emily X
Emily X Month ago
Who’s spencer
Apple pie
Apple pie Month ago
You need to get Ben Morris on
ma tt
ma tt Month ago
Joe was so good in this
Josh Month ago
Iconic ‘get outttt, get outtttt’ guy is going to get cancelled 😢
Cameron Graham
Cameron Graham Month ago
couldnt beat the bot ifykyk
Nathan Ohagan
Nathan Ohagan Month ago
I will be so fucking mad if bryce that little neek comes on this podcast
Chloe Sykes
Chloe Sykes Month ago
low-key ship chip n olivia even tho she’s back with john
Emma Leo
Emma Leo Month ago
Matilde Carvalhal
Freezys ceo of ‘One of those’
yogiessex london
Wow the blonde guy carried this, he was so good & respectful. Give that guy a bonus man
Samya Ahmed
Samya Ahmed Month ago
not olivia saying josh is the most attractive sway boy when jaden hossler exists
Samya Ahmed
Samya Ahmed Month ago
get haz & byron next !!
g g
g g Month ago
its so ironic how they keep joking about olivia getting with john again and her most recent video is her baking a cake for him :D
Ciara Ferreira
Ciara Ferreira Month ago
best podcast going!!!!
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop Month ago
Anastasia kingsnorth plsss
Niamh McClure Hardie
my favouriteeeee people
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop Month ago
How come they blurred the teeth part😂
Poppy Crosbie
Poppy Crosbie Month ago
drop the “good evening” merch x
Summer Yallop
Summer Yallop Month ago
Omg I love this
Esther Button
Esther Button Month ago
you should defo get Sophia & Cinzia on
Malin Month ago
Oliviaa we need the Apple SoURZ merch!!
Influenza Musk
Influenza Musk Month ago
There’s nothing wrong with getting a dog without rescue, but the issue is so many people get dogs and don’t take care of them and put them up for adoption. So there’s always a surplus of rescue dogs cause people are irresponsible
Hannah Diana
Hannah Diana Month ago
Olivia needed a drink topup
Rían Farrell
Fact, these podcasts never disappoint
Caitlin Poole
Caitlin Poole Month ago
Imagine looking down on people for shopping at Asda or Lidl, bad move
Views 760K
Views 760K
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