Every person that leaves Target...  

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Jun 13, 2021




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Simonpreet Thind
Simonpreet Thind 6 hours ago
Me:mom look! Me:jumps over then sits on it
Arielle Warren
Arielle Warren 23 hours ago
Me:sees a lot of Candy looks around and my friend is like yeah let’s get some like all the candy me Like🤩🧐😋🤪😛 then both of us steel some some candy and then we ran out of the Store I got home without getting caught.
GHOSTMAN1180 Day ago
I live in UK but there's this cinema and there are stone ones of those so I jump on them
noemi1604 Day ago
Jaamere Harrison
That is so me
Nagito Komaeda
Hey its the lesbian from Trader Joes!
oliver Culvehouse
One mans dream is to sit on every target ball in the world
Kbash610 4 days ago
I tried to jump over it with my hands and it hit where it hurts hard
Aonic56 6 days ago
This is me when I leave target with my legos🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abby Turner
Abby Turner 6 days ago
When I was little I used to cry if I did not get to sit on the red ball
dan yourth
dan yourth 9 days ago
Omg yes!
Alpha Wølf Flare
Alpha Wølf Flare 10 days ago
Actually, not everyone does that.
64-Bit Warrior
64-Bit Warrior 11 days ago
If I ever see one of those things missing I'm replacing it with a big red blow up ball and see if any one notices
𓆉 Turtle̸ Q̸ueen 𓆉
(•̀ᴗ•́)و Yᴇs
Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez 13 days ago
We jump over it with one hand
Galaxy _Freak
Galaxy _Freak 14 days ago
His face when he looks at the ball yes
Kequanda Beasley
Kequanda Beasley 14 days ago
Ikr same with me
✨Qiqi Wanter💜
✨Qiqi Wanter💜 15 days ago
The unresistable iconic red ball lol😂
Anna Smith
Anna Smith 15 days ago
i usd to do that all the time lol lol
Cortney Scott
Cortney Scott 15 days ago
What is that boy doing
gha the cat (girl)
gha the cat (girl) 15 days ago
Quade Vellacott
Quade Vellacott 16 days ago
Lol Americans with your Target. Target trashbin $1 dollar. Thought he was gunna kick it
Sam XS2
Sam XS2 16 days ago
I jump it
I hate bully’s
I hate bully’s 16 days ago
This is me as a kud
Lupita Gonzales
Lupita Gonzales 16 days ago
Sorry I cant handle it:€
Darla Vidal
Darla Vidal 16 days ago
Every time I go to target I have to stand on the red ball leaving and entering the store or I would sit and wait there while my mom was in the store still paying😂
Cat Boy
Cat Boy 16 days ago
I don’t have targets cuz I love in dutchland but our jumbo has them!
Jayden Lipscomb
Jayden Lipscomb 16 days ago
Me and seeing Target
Sherry Larsen
Sherry Larsen 16 days ago
That's me
Rainy M
Rainy M 17 days ago
Me- looks at ball Looks around Sits on it- Jumps over it and leaves ✨
Alex Kali
Alex Kali 17 days ago
Hahahaha hahahaha Hehehehe
Cheryl English
Cheryl English 17 days ago
That’s when I leave and come in target
dennis nguyen
dennis nguyen 18 days ago
🖤 Wolf🖤
🖤 Wolf🖤 18 days ago
6 yo me after leaving target
Neon Ice DIC
Neon Ice DIC 18 days ago
Me entering & leaving target:
Jeffypuppetsml 18 days ago
Livaudais Kids
Livaudais Kids 18 days ago
Ok I'm sorry but I do that every time I go XD
spyninja cats
spyninja cats 18 days ago
I agree I do that
Zaina plays
Zaina plays 18 days ago
ikr lol
Samantha Logue
Samantha Logue 19 days ago
I jump over them like leap frog
Zion Borden
Zion Borden 19 days ago
Chino Martinez
Chino Martinez 19 days ago
That's just sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ayesha Abdullah
Ayesha Abdullah 19 days ago
Jack Britt
Jack Britt 19 days ago
Yes IUsed to do that
SALMON 19 days ago
Sydney Alveniz
Sydney Alveniz 20 days ago
So true 😂
gacha_pumkin 20 days ago
SketchyGamer321 20 days ago
I just leapfrog over it XD
SketchyGamer321 20 days ago
Or I used to
That’s amazing FAN
Me know
blue playz gacha
blue playz gacha 20 days ago
So true 😂 and i font got here
The napping fox
The napping fox 21 day ago
Me when i go to target: goes to the ball slaps it When i leave target:hug it
Cathy Baze
Cathy Baze 21 day ago
Marlie Phillips
Marlie Phillips 21 day ago
I swear to god I did this today 😂🤚🏻
Musk Muhammad
Musk Muhammad 21 day ago
This is facts
Gucci•Sheep 21 day ago
Rotainium 22 days ago
This is the first short i saw of you and i watched more, and more, and more. Love your content ;)
Chhann Parks
Chhann Parks 22 days ago
It look like you doing nothing
Evan Ruiz
Evan Ruiz 22 days ago
Instead of sitting on it I jump over it lol
Annie Lana
Annie Lana 22 days ago
but its soooo truuue I don't go to target that much XD but when I do I definitely do this
Tano Oreo
Tano Oreo 23 days ago
Carlos WRLD • 999 years ago
I smack it to up my skills
Earth Live
Earth Live 23 days ago
Marcus Robinson
Marcus Robinson 23 days ago
Me see da red 🔴 ball smacks it I like yuh cut g🚺 ( ✋˘ ˘👌 )💨💨
butterfly jrc
butterfly jrc 23 days ago
I jump on it and the run around it like it's the last day on Earth
tc the epic child
tc the epic child 24 days ago
I jump over that
Mitchell Ellingwood
*sees red ball* I wanna kick that ball *proceeds to break foot*
lexie melon
lexie melon 24 days ago
I do the same thing
awhjake edits
awhjake edits 25 days ago
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi 25 days ago
Me: *walking out of target when I bought everything I needed* Also me: *sees a target ball* Me again: 0:01
Jade DeAdder
Jade DeAdder 25 days ago
hahaha I do that
Merc4Souls 26 days ago
Moto Moto
Moto Moto 26 days ago
Seth Roberts TV
Seth Roberts TV 26 days ago
Me entering target:*Jumps on red ball* Exiting:
rich in adopt me Roblox 😝
Op did I say that out lode 😬😬
rich in adopt me Roblox 😝
Lol so true
Lesieli Langi
Lesieli Langi 27 days ago
April Howard
April Howard 27 days ago
I'm more like **jumps over but hits croch** me : :,) I did it but I'm nut shot
Rony Lopez
Rony Lopez 27 days ago
No more like try to roll the ball to your car
Brenda Galicia
Brenda Galicia 27 days ago
Blanca Perez
Blanca Perez 28 days ago
I do that to sometimes
Battle cat Gameplay
Didn’t have to personally attack me…
dispy Bg
dispy Bg 28 days ago
Thats so true 🤣
Mira 28 days ago
Me: can't relate bc I don't live in usa
Glammy Gold
Glammy Gold 29 days ago
Lol true
X×ItzCrooter×X 29 days ago
15 year ghost
15 year ghost 29 days ago
Carmen Enriquez
Carmen Enriquez 29 days ago
Too that's true
Carmen Enriquez
Carmen Enriquez 29 days ago
True that's true
Caleb plays
Caleb plays 29 days ago
I jump over the red ball
Juice box Justin 999
That is facts and then wen you do it then your mom yells at you
That’s me every time we go in and out I’m always on those balls
Sarvente Month ago
*cries in local target not having the balls they just have sticks*
Elvia Perez
Elvia Perez Month ago
Oh that's so me
flasher playz
flasher playz Month ago
Gígo Month ago
Oh my god he on x games mode
Jose Alexander Ocampo
True 😂
Duke Tran
Duke Tran Month ago
people who enter or leave target: *spots red ball* those people: target has been spotted me: OOOH THAT IS WHY IT IS NAMES TARGET
FontFam Month ago
Me : it's the one and only Mom: the one and only what Me: ... and the holy Mom: WHAT IS IT Me: the one and only very holy red ball Also me: does everything possible with the ball
Saying Goodbye.
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