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Do you really need another excuse as a kid

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Jun 15, 2021




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Comments 4 576   
Jacksonetrembath Trembath
The funniest video you made exept for the trampoline
Gabriel Cigonhini
Gabriel Cigonhini 12 hours ago
I do it to
Lonely Cat
Lonely Cat 12 hours ago
A just because I did was paint my hand with nail polish
Texan Historian
Texan Historian 14 hours ago
The drawing of your sister in 7th grade looks like Shelly from south park
:o Day ago
“I have a spaceship as a 9 year old” “you don’t why did you say that” “just because”
SamuraiDoggo Day ago
Really? I'm in high school and that's still my logic.
Carpet Stain
Carpet Stain Day ago
Why did you commit arson Just because
Daryan Layne
Daryan Layne Day ago
His name went from randy to Ricky back to randy
General Grevious
I faked being dead with my dad but usually he knows its fake, sometimes he'll even lightly kick me
Dick Diamond
Dick Diamond 2 days ago
i liked this video just because
Gh0uly 2 days ago
Pretend this comment is funny
XD cyclone
XD cyclone 4 days ago
whyd you kill your dog well just beacsaue
FG54 PRO 4 days ago
Please get a mic
Bryson Adams
Bryson Adams 4 days ago
I hope Michael is watching these videos and seeing his childhood from your perspective
Weedb 4 days ago
my mom was a nurse so when i did it, it was all in vein
Robogen 5 days ago
My cousin used to tell me his friend had a golden toilet seat Just because
chill demon
chill demon 5 days ago
1:00 is that Ricky from the kindergarten video?
Gawdly69 6 days ago
Imagine micheal’s future grandkids showing him these videos
Habs Fan
Habs Fan 6 days ago
just bcause
Habs Fan
Habs Fan 6 days ago
why did you smash the PS4 and the TV? just because
Karsyn Start
Karsyn Start 6 days ago
I do
Your childhood is SO much better than mine and I freaking love it. Keep up the good work Brewstew!
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen 6 days ago
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen 6 days ago
I don’t want you to be mad at me
Jacob Annis
Jacob Annis 7 days ago
Hey Micheal why did you yeet your soda at your brother? Well, Just Because
Braydoss 7 days ago
hi i watch all ur tick-tocks
Cyborg Superman.
Cyborg Superman. 7 days ago
Hi it’s me fake son! My paintroller and me a dating and dad still gives me 10 across the a**
The Mexican_bandit
Ok so what i did was id get some candy that turned into phome and I chew them make it turn into phome and would lay on the ground flopping everywhere with the phome candy dripping from my mouth it was hilarious
Ballora Slug
Ballora Slug 7 days ago
I've always done tht to my family at holiday get togethers😂
Elisamuel Corre
Elisamuel Corre 7 days ago
Miss Why Did Commit Arson On A Whole City?" "Just Because" "Your Free To Go!"
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 7 days ago
I’ve played dead on the couch
Baddawg 313
Baddawg 313 8 days ago
May you have quintuplets. Why? Well just because that's why.
Mobadenle Popoola
What the fuk I am fuk damnit
M B 9 days ago
For all you dumb kids idk if u guys are 12 you guys always comment on his videos “this guys childhood was epic” anyone born the year me and Brewster was born had a very similar childhood, we actually played outside and had adventures and stories for days, like I can imagine Brewstew still got stories for days he won’t run outta content any times soon u guys had the internet and played on tablets
a c l e n Johan
a c l e n Johan 9 days ago
All right all right all right all right all right all right all right all right
David Brooke
David Brooke 9 days ago
My new favorite word!! “inconfuckingspicuous”!! Awesome!!
Brandon 10 days ago
I'm still A kid
Marco gaming
Marco gaming 10 days ago
Why did you nuck China Just becasue
jacob moats
jacob moats 11 days ago
It’s no time
Ray Williams
Ray Williams 11 days ago
I did
Johnwick 950
Johnwick 950 11 days ago
I like that the first word Al the time is Alright
Joyce Rees
Joyce Rees 11 days ago
I do it all the time but I wait till she actually calls the ambulance and I hear their sirens and then I jump out and like surprise I'm not Dead
The Positive Noobs
The Positive Noobs 12 days ago
“Why did you bomb 30 hospitals, massacre 10 orphanages and sink the titanic?” “Oh idk just because?”
MTN DEWD 12 days ago
i did that to my mom and she said get yo ass up
Angel Medina
Angel Medina 12 days ago
Lmao! A class mate of mine ACTUALLY WAS Stone Cold's nephew!!!! Lol. And no, I didn't get a post it note. Lol
Randy Olaguna-lopez
Dam bro that's crazy 🤯
ZeroGachaSkillz 12 days ago
Cops: Why did you kill all those children and stuff them in costumes? William Afton: Just because-
Podraic Moore
Podraic Moore 13 days ago
Brestew.i owe an apology to michea_ you know what f_ck micheal he lost my toy in the tree me . Laughing in the corner
liluziplayz 13 days ago
He says a lot of bad words I Wonder Why USlift haven't demonetized him yet
Pilot Knobian
Pilot Knobian 13 days ago
When I was 8 I told my friends my dad was John Cena. Lol 😆
Zach Harsh
Zach Harsh 14 days ago
J'z Fire Radio - Review show
you know what u deserve 2 mil my man keep up the good work!
Hunter 15 days ago
Brew: fuck Michel
mhiceal 15 days ago
I hate you
Cman vevo
Cman vevo 15 days ago
just because, a bad excuse when u got black Caribbean parents
Slime blox Slime
Slime blox Slime 16 days ago
I couldn’t say just because , because if I did my dad would scream at saying that’s not an answer
micheal 16 days ago
i thought that was chocolate so i ate it
Mr. Bub
Mr. Bub 16 days ago
My sister use to play dead and when I ignored her she would say "Ayo wtf! I could have been dead!"
xoHerobrineytxd 16 days ago
Help me get to 1k
Help me get to 1k 16 days ago
3LEKTRO 16 days ago
why does billy sound like craig from south park
Jake Garcia
Jake Garcia 17 days ago
I told all my friends it was my birthday and they brought me presents till this day they never knew it wasn't..just because
Arismendy Mendez
Arismendy Mendez 17 days ago
I did it but I done it in the bed and I couldn't do it for a long time because I was dieing of laugh
Efrain Cajamarca
Efrain Cajamarca 17 days ago
Yo i wish i can meat you in real life
someone is sus
someone is sus 18 days ago
I killed multiple children Why? Just because
scott clawson
scott clawson 18 days ago
I played dead lol
Nathan Vanek
Nathan Vanek 18 days ago
Nathan Vanek
Nathan Vanek 18 days ago
That was a good video.
Madalyn Playz
Madalyn Playz 18 days ago
Hup just because
Mr. beast gaming 2
Mr. beast gaming 2 18 days ago
Show me a picture of your dad because I want to see him and don’t be looking at this comment like oh him girl that’s my mom‘s profile we just wanted to see it
lemeer 18 days ago
Oh fuck! ):
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming 18 days ago
“Sir why did you commit 7 acts of vehicular manslaughter” “Just because”
William Hulse
William Hulse 19 days ago
I don’t know any male who didn’t pretend to be dead ☠️ lol
[Vøīd Fly]
[Vøīd Fly] 19 days ago
No one: Random guy: Why did you make this video. Tyler:Just because
27pinkdiamond 19 days ago
Nooooooooooooooooplease god no
Vick KnewZeus
Vick KnewZeus 19 days ago
averylr32 19 days ago
Micheal watching this video probably bein like eh the ice cream sandwich was still good
Dominic Quick
Dominic Quick 19 days ago
I once convinced a kid that dragons exist and had him order one through some bs website. Why? Just because 🤷‍♂️
Lil bacon
Lil bacon 19 days ago
If somebody murdered my child I would need to get some weapons and I might need to do some stuff and when you was trying to hide that you broke a glass frame your face looked like you was hideing a body
Micheal 19 days ago
Skillet fan
Skillet fan 19 days ago
Michael is a weard kid
Roan Henry Johnson
Roan Henry Johnson 19 days ago
i did blade dead as a kid
Zolty Noob
Zolty Noob 19 days ago
“Why did u die” Just because
Badger 20 days ago
What was your last ever experience with Michael
Doodle god
Doodle god 20 days ago
Why did you piss in the president's desk Just because
Elliott Le Clair
Elliott Le Clair 20 days ago
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez 20 days ago
Why did you fake a sickness Every "quirky" girl ever: Just because
wuqxx ツ
wuqxx ツ 20 days ago
Toxic [The Pursuit]
:why did you commit 7 warcrimes and 2nd degree manslaughter *just because*
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy 21 day ago
Imma show you my family My mom and dad are crazy they fight each other everyday they stole shit before went to jail My aunt is divorced having the f*cking time of her life her kids are by themselves doing idk shit My mom uncle is broke as a joke his daughter has bugs in her hair all the damn time My mom has a lot of sisters and two brothers And she gave up one of my brothers when she Was a teenager my mom couldn't give birth in time to my other brother so he's dead sadly we could have been good buds My other brother is going to the Marines I got a dad who is only trouble but gives me cash just because he use to be in a gang his family is from the hood and Gangstar as hell But my mom is Mexican so is her family so you know she knows how to toss a damn shoe at someone My other uncle is a goddamn famous nark idk what the hell he's doing but he's been on the news and we choose to ignore it so we don't get riot's at our home 2 of my family members have been in the war 3 if u count my brother My mom and dad have lived in a war before There is multiple people who want to kill my dad my mom's mom died my dad's mom died and that's it folks I don't know anymore then that but that's my family :)
Trina Torrens
Trina Torrens 21 day ago
How small is Randy's brain
XxcoolxX922 21 day ago
why did I blow up a tree "Just Because"
dark dripzy
dark dripzy 21 day ago
I had a friend in 6th grade who tripped on a case and pretended he was dead i wasn't there but when I was making my Way back to the classroom I saw him being carried out by a school resource officer and they All thought he had a concussion the next day he told me he just didn't want to be in school.
Neil Galvez
Neil Galvez 21 day ago
And I dump bis bike handles in yhe shi- zzzzzzzz
Willfrye1980 21 day ago
Who is is late 30’s early 40’s and can literally relate to all these damn videos.
habanero picante
habanero picante 21 day ago
Uhh (deadname) can you tell me why you bent a first graders finger?... In my head:(because she drew over a heart I put on a poster for a cheer team) What I actually said :just because:
Brian Posey
Brian Posey 21 day ago
this is the second video i watched after the doctor episode.....i'm hooked. subbed
Dark_Pixels GAMING
i faked death all the time
QWERTYUU Dumbo 21 day ago
3:56 is hilarious and 4:05
James Rock
James Rock 21 day ago