Insane Water Slides! 

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We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
TUBERIDES 16 days ago
Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D
alesha russell
alesha russell 2 days ago
I'm already in Europe
Michel Demian
Michel Demian 2 days ago
Thank you for making me vomit
Colorful 5 days ago
After the pandemic u could , there are pretty cool water slides here
Coolify 12 days ago
Coolify 12 days ago
Anonymus 321
Anonymus 321 8 minutes ago
1:40 someone actually got decapitated on that slide, because the passengers weren't heavy enough.
Sebastian Leyva
I have claustrophobia. Any of these would terrify me
Awesomesoph19 Hour ago
I’ve been on the one with the sharks lol
amazing outcast
amazing outcast 2 hours ago
For the first really tall one ive been there it's in Tenerife's Siam park
Gallpot Alead
Gallpot Alead 3 hours ago
Gallpot Alead
Gallpot Alead 3 hours ago
lol ı ɐɯ ʇɥǝ qǝsʇ
Gallpot Alead
Gallpot Alead 3 hours ago
ᑕᗩᑎ ᑕOᗰᖴIᖇᗰ ᗯᗴ ᕼᗩᐯᗴ ᘜOOᗪ ᑭOᒪᗴᔕ
Ultroneq _
Ultroneq _ 3 hours ago
Bruh ja jestem z polski (im from poland)
Alex POUSSARD 3 hours ago
btw most of these are near me.
Benjamin Weisser
Benjamin Weisser 3 hours ago
Hey German can make good 🍺
Austinice09 3 hours ago
A roller coaster version of this would be cool
Chandan Sahoo
Chandan Sahoo 3 hours ago
In the video at 1:49 chris & jimmy should see their faces. Both: OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ETIS ME 3 hours ago
The one on 1:43 in Texas yeah the mayor of the town it’s in yeah his son was decapatated on this slide
Jaslyn Acron
Jaslyn Acron 5 hours ago
I’ve been on the one in Germany
David Aguilar
David Aguilar 5 hours ago
Vic Storm
Vic Storm 6 hours ago
I am polish and uhh bruh we made wedel a world wode company we got bankrobbed and we have some of the best pilots in the world also our language is very hard try swing this stół z powyłamywanymi nogami
Meg H.
Meg H. 6 hours ago
Chris: the slides I went on gave me bruises Me: I never did cause I never went on a water slide🥺
Bman 7 hours ago
I’m from Wisconsin and they go that’s in Wisconsin little do they know Wisconsin is actually the water park capital of the world
Caleb Savion Gatchalian
Hi sisters
Parush Madaan
Parush Madaan 7 hours ago
I was here
sebasiek 8 hours ago
polska górą
ACTIVExASA 8 hours ago
I still remember doing that one where they said umping off a plane in dubai I SAW SHARKS
ForumcoldiArchon 8 hours ago
Galileo called.. they want their Format back
Ich Renne
Ich Renne 8 hours ago
der deutsche Kommentar den du wegen einer deutschen rutsche suchst hiest right HERE
Julian Nowak
Julian Nowak 8 hours ago
Brush im polish
Jayme Tan
Jayme Tan 8 hours ago
Mzia Gochiashvili
Mzia Gochiashvili 9 hours ago
Thanks for liking my water slide :]
JENEKBO YT 9 hours ago
Hello from poland
Champorado 10 hours ago
Auto Sub: Turned On
Heide Forsythe
Heide Forsythe 10 hours ago
I’ve been to one of the water slides shown in here
Zeus Lozano
Zeus Lozano 11 hours ago
Images go into these water slides al over the world.
Gavin Locklear
Gavin Locklear 11 hours ago
The waterslide where the floor drops below you is in carowinds in NC
Ron Likes Trainspotting
In polish and poland doesent have poles
Bianca Tomassetti
Bianca Tomassetti 12 hours ago
5:23 I have been on this no cap
Annabelle_fidgets Xoxo
7:08 :Chris i would want to die that way thats doooppeee
Dawid# Taranek
Dawid# Taranek 12 hours ago
Im polish
Veliu veliu
Veliu veliu 13 hours ago
I want water slides Vid enden
Krzysiek Kucz
Krzysiek Kucz 13 hours ago
The first one is actually located in Wrocław, Poland
Lemon Power
Lemon Power 13 hours ago
Jessica Bruce
Jessica Bruce 14 hours ago
The big yellow one ive been on and I was like 10
Louis Jerome Havana
Louis Jerome Havana 14 hours ago
Beast is the best! 🔥🔥🔥
Ben Livy
Ben Livy 14 hours ago
Search up funnel web and perfect storm jambaroo Australia
Zayn Hajat
Zayn Hajat 14 hours ago
The serpent is at atlantis dubai
Burrito Uzumaki
Burrito Uzumaki 15 hours ago
7:35 oh god I remember this I got a cut and almost choked
Skull Trooper
Skull Trooper 15 hours ago
Mr Beast u are the best USlift I have ever seen
panami 15 hours ago
TITO VISION 16 hours ago
Imagine mr.beast as the grinch
Cindy Wilson
Cindy Wilson 17 hours ago
That one water slide that was made in Germany I’m pretty sure is at Rulantica 100% recommended
Daisy Fisher
Daisy Fisher 17 hours ago
I love water slides but there all closed
Jassim Alshamsi
Jassim Alshamsi 18 hours ago
Most of those are in the uae
LizTheFantastic 18 hours ago
Yooo my parents went on the shark water slide and loved it
Penguin 23
Penguin 23 18 hours ago
that 'saw' is a piece of foam :p. the jagged bits alow pieces to connect
Koya B
Koya B 18 hours ago
One more thing that waterslide that had all those bars a 10-year-old boy flew off and was killed that is why they now have seatbelts
Kavi_Andaaz 19 hours ago
Best ending ever
prankstervlogs tv
prankstervlogs tv 20 hours ago
1:56 😂😂😂
ULTRA GAMER 20 hours ago
I like that you guys say omy god haha🤣😂😅
MARVEL0US DC 20 hours ago
The difference is one you have a parachute
tcoc 09
tcoc 09 20 hours ago
1:40 that slide decapitated a child.
Park Rat
Park Rat 21 hour ago
Anyone here who’s been on both the slides at Atlantis (Bahamas) on this list👇
Opennn 21 hour ago
Y’all should all split up and each go to 2 or 3 water slides
Scoo0Bey_ D00oBey
Scoo0Bey_ D00oBey 21 hour ago
I’ve been in the shark one In the Bahamas
Samuca GamerXD
Samuca GamerXD 22 hours ago
I got on that one that opens
Summerset Homes
Summerset Homes 22 hours ago
How do I block you so you never show up on my timeline?
RichBoyMichal 23 hours ago
I’ve been on all of them except the 2nd
̷A̷k̷u ̷P̷o̷w̷d̷e̷r
ive been on the last one and it cut my arm lmao its scary as it looks, it seems fun but it scared me so much i wouldnt get back on it
Lauren Cole
Lauren Cole 23 hours ago
Like this message for them to go on the yellow one
eddy Sánchez
eddy Sánchez 23 hours ago
Get a Netflix series
Zerberus 23 hours ago
5:01 I was actually on that think, coolest slide ever
Lindsey Morgan
Lindsey Morgan 23 hours ago
So you know those “donut toilet spinner thing”well I ode one without a flout but it is SCARY
Lemon head
Lemon head 8 hours ago
fr the one i ride starts off with a very tight fast tube then *S L I D E* into the toilet thing then a 8 feet deep pool it’s but fr they are scary with no flotatie
vamperia blackstar
We have one of the last one at wildwater in Fresno
Itz_a_boy Day ago
This is in *Polus*
Richard Taplin
Obviously aint been Siam park in Tenerife. Much better than these
Jacey Raytchev
Poland is much more!!!!
Stephen Sy
Stephen Sy Day ago
Give me 500$ mr beast for my gaming pc
Makiya Slack
Makiya Slack Day ago
It is a water coaster
Braxton Johnson
It’s Laylah
I whent down the second one before and when you reach the part where it dropps you fell like your gonna die and you fly into the air for like 2 seconds
JB- Plushes
JB- Plushes Day ago
Sylvie Farrell
I lit just lost my tooth eatting a starburst. O-o
JB- Plushes
JB- Plushes Day ago
:D wow wow just wow
Georgia Clinansmith
You know the one we’re drops well I’ve been on that and yes it is scary.... 😶
Laney smith
Laney smith Day ago
I've been on all the water slides they we're fun
Ryan Collay
Ryan Collay Day ago
The one is Brazil has 0% social distancing
TheBigLad Day ago
0:39 Me too Chris, me too.
Alex Silva
Alex Silva Day ago
The reason Germany has good water slides is because they get enough money from the nazis on holiday
Slatsky August
Your mum
Sophia Strange
I’ve been on half the slides
JB- Plushes
JB- Plushes Day ago
1:43 that slide was shut down because a boy was decapitated on it.
عبودي ابن العراق ْ
Very few, 5 million subscribers.
Shillu Day ago
Sheeeeeesh POLSKA GUROM!!!!!
Emma Brown
Emma Brown Day ago
5:15 u need a parachute
Shillu Day ago
Nie mamy dobrych zjeżdżalni w polsce
Maria Ross
Maria Ross Day ago
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xX_Ole_Xx Day ago
Germany is here meine freunde
Matilda Day ago
Ich bin auch Deutsch XD
Josh Hill-Webber
We have the last one in Australia too
Kriptic Lunar
imagine a nail poking out in the bottom of one of the slides
daniel pesce
daniel pesce Day ago
ive been on both the bahamas water slides and also went diving with sharks nd i would recomend it as a video idea
NanHemios AlfredRantak
I do subscribe long time ago....eheheheh i even use my niece phone to subscribe....
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