Bloodcurdling Facts That You Wish You Never Knew  

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May 4, 2021




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Cold peañut butter
Favyis 16
Favyis 16 3 hours ago
Good to know
Laffytaffy_ lavender
I knew all of it before lamo 🤣
obvCr4Ck3d 7 hours ago
How tf are u able to sleep without bring disturbed by these things?
Irma Epi
Irma Epi 7 hours ago
Hmm I think this is scam, my blood did not curled up dude
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson 7 hours ago
Ted probably wasn't much help
Exp 8 hours ago
I still can’t tell wether or not these videos are jokes.
Dhdhhdhd Hehdjdjd
Dhdhhdhd Hehdjdjd 9 hours ago
Thanks now killer know we’re to stab us
Serafina R
Serafina R 10 hours ago
Sucidal man : I’m gonna stab myself Ted: sharpen the blade first it will make it easier
ITSdarkoYT 12 hours ago
Hey um jackneel. Do u even smile
Lee Renz
Lee Renz 12 hours ago
He said blood curdling facts you wish you never knew but hes literally telling is the the thing the we dont know
Collin Stafford
Collin Stafford 12 hours ago
I just watched a guy put a chemical on an ant that makes it think it's dead. Maybe these people just have some funky chemicals on their face
soapy 14 hours ago
His voice reminds me of my grandpa with that extra exhale he takes out when he talks like when he said penutbutter it was more like pehhnuhtbuhhter
Bat Munkh
Bat Munkh 15 hours ago
what is cold peanut butter my man
_.•Its_Blue_ Lemxnz•._
How to avoid knowing these facts: Skip the vid
Pendragon 19 hours ago
Try to be as natural... As possible... Its very hard to listen with all those facial expressions.
Eyman Razzaq
Eyman Razzaq 20 hours ago
I wish i never knew but now i know
Ramen_ Catloaf
Ramen_ Catloaf 22 hours ago
I would not say peanut butter now that I now what they said I would’ve said cold fudge and felt like cat fur tickling me on my fingertips like a idiot
We know them now cuz of u
Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy
This guy has a different expression on his face every second.
Brad Wiegele
Brad Wiegele Day ago
Ah yes the taste of electricity taste like peanut butter???
Elinor Willett
So don't stab your armpits, guys!
Arunanshu Biswas
Electrocution is painful but only for a minute period of time. After that you're knocked unconscious. And then you "fry".
Biscuit Day ago
Esteban Camarillo
"Facts you wish you never knew" **Proceeds to let us know**
DCC Wurdless
DCC Wurdless Day ago
Actually the only way would feel the pain from an electric chair Is if you survived the shock like the cold peanut butter guy did. Most people die immediately cause it sends tons of vaults to your brain and shocks every single organ causing them to stop.
Layla Pierce
Layla Pierce Day ago
Also if you stab under the armpit it will puncture your lungs 😬😳
Malachi Ard
Malachi Ard Day ago
I'm so confused he tells us facts that we do not want to know
Oh thats nice :l
Albie Shepherd
He exaggerates his voice and it’s so annoying
Wolf Day ago
I low key got hella respect for you now 😂
gamingboy playz
"You wish you never knew" but he said it how are suppose not to remember it
Kuu Chan
Kuu Chan Day ago
He sounds like that guy from emperor's new groove :0
Turt1e v
Turt1e v Day ago
Man children scrolling through yt shorts is probably weirded out or scared
Thats why we have guillotine in France its more efficient and harmless 👌
Popular Moore
I love jack
Matei Pestina
Dead from Mayhem
Brenden Jones
Ayman Iqbal
Ayman Iqbal Day ago
if we wish we never know the facts why are u telling them
Leni Day ago
Idk the Ted Bundy one doesn't sit right with me lmao
Game Time
Game Time Day ago
Alternate title : Bloodcurling facts that you wish i didnt tell you
Abducco Day ago
Am I the only one who felt something on their armpit when he mentioned the armpit fact-?
Gabriel Buchun
But why you're showing to us
shane. mathis.
Wish I never knew, this is valuable information.
Presley Reece
When he said the organ thing my stomach made a noise I’m paranoid now
Levi Van oijen
This dudes eyebrows are moving up and down way to much
Bro I'm not even joking, I had the lymph node in my armpit swell up. It was probably the most painful thing that has ever happend to me, having Bartonella ( the sickness that caused my lymph node to swell up ) isnt fun. I couldn't use my right arm for about a month too two week's.
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson Day ago
You talk like William Shatner
Lenny Sofsky
Lenny Sofsky Day ago
One of my class mates from last year said their dad thought he was a vampire so he tried to kill himself (I didn’t believe a word)
James Looks Twice
Except for the electric chair facts now I do know these things thinks for letting me know...
Rowan Chames
Rowan Chames 2 days ago
When he sounds like Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove
infected noodle
infected noodle 2 days ago
I think everyone knew the first one
Angel 2 days ago
When he said you wish that you never knew 2 second later he is telling us the fast like brah
Patrik Gagnon
Patrik Gagnon 2 days ago
What's the point of the last meal if all you can taste at the end of peanut butter
Sami Breitler
Sami Breitler 2 days ago
I have another fact the Swedish drink. During the 30 years war between Protestants and Catholics in Europe the Swedish drink was invented basically civilians and captured soldiers were filled with piss and shit and then hit with wooden planks until their belly bursted and they died.
Haylice Watters
Haylice Watters 2 days ago
"a condition that makes people think they're dead" Bitch that me-
Faith Blur
Faith Blur 2 days ago
Blood curdling fact you wish you never knew: that fact that this guys channel exists.
Jaxton Ellison
Jaxton Ellison 2 days ago
Then why you telling us
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 2 days ago
Being the person that I am, I very much liked this video. (Yes, I'm weird)
Unknown Brawler
Unknown Brawler 2 days ago
Bro electro chair is invented by dantist
silver spartan 2004
Hurts arm pits leaves it usless Me: oh thank you now she won't escape the cabin again Anything for the legs
ServedSki 2 days ago
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez 2 days ago
Bro... just breathe
DreamFusion 2 days ago
“It tasted like cold peanut butter” *Me not liking peanut butter*
IamThiaguin 2 days ago
I need to stop watching shorts...
Ayşe Dilşat Altan
If you get stabbed in the armpit you'll probably die.
Lucas Torres
Lucas Torres 2 days ago
I was recently studying the ted bunddy case at school and we touched the point of his work at the suicide line and there were many testimonials saying he was a really nice person at his job
Just Insane
Just Insane 2 days ago
This man tryna sound like the yo momma guy 😂
Cactus Person
Cactus Person 2 days ago
Him:bloodcurdling facts that you wish you never knew Me:how can you sleep?
WhatsY0UTUB3 2 days ago
What the fuck is this hairstyle
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera 2 days ago
Electrocuted via electric chair….really?
Pratham Patel
Pratham Patel 2 days ago
*Gets hit with 50 k volts* “Tastes like peanut butter” The jail warden: Listen here you little shit
Ice-Bear 6 hours ago
is that a joke bud? if it is, it's nonsense
Purple Grass
Purple Grass 2 days ago
Ted Bundy Became the very thing he swore to destroy
Tristan Harlan
Tristan Harlan 2 days ago
"Blood curdling facts you wish you never new" then I won't watch the video
^ω^ 2 days ago
I hate your breath voice bru" Stay away from the microphone "
Sarah SIHI
Sarah SIHI 2 days ago
𝙔'𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙚𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙞𝙧 𝙤𝙧 𝙨𝙪𝙢?
Ethan O'Connor
Ethan O'Connor 2 days ago
What's going on with his eyebrows
Yashika Khatri
Yashika Khatri 2 days ago
I'm watching USlift shorts at 3am and then see this dude like I know I can't sleep for sure
Not the FBI
Not the FBI 2 days ago
Your organs actually move when you watch this Wow ok we didnt know that right guys?
seneman bun
seneman bun 2 days ago
Jesus just Imagine your balls being shocked by lightning
Thrøn Alpha
Thrøn Alpha 2 days ago
Why do you look like Slogoman
sameer Tan
sameer Tan 2 days ago
Bruh my man why do I see the same hair every video
Leah Davis
Leah Davis 2 days ago
A killer ... stopping others from killing themselves... What the HELL!!
pancake_geuce 2 days ago
Also the reason they cover your head with a blanket in a electric chair is for your eyes to not fall out
JAMS's Nana
JAMS's Nana 2 days ago
If someone has done something so bad that they get the chair, I don't care what they feel or how long they feel it for.
The gaming Brad420
Wow I didn’t know when your being killed by the Electric chair you feel everything like Who would’ve guessed being killed hurt
Fooxster Day ago
Well it isn’t true
Dante 2 days ago
Bro was going crazy in the first one
Sinister Soibean
Sinister Soibean 2 days ago
B 3 days ago
Hello kind sir may I be buried with my dead homies?
maria lopez
maria lopez 3 days ago
I wish I never knew this But it is quite interesting
Chelby Cox
Chelby Cox 3 days ago
Fun fact: I'm related to tedd bundy
Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams 3 days ago
I thought they made you eat the milk and honey
GODKAT 3 days ago
Why would he post it if he said you wish you never new
VxBlx 3 days ago
Melon Lord
Melon Lord 3 days ago
Anyone else just not think these fact things are scary
FartRabbit 3 days ago
Instagram: realfartrabbit
Minmin123 3 days ago
Why do his eyebrows go 😐😧😐🤨
Waflemelon 3 days ago
All the murderers watching this:Ah all I have to do is stab someone's arm pit and there arm will stop working INTERESTING
Bobthebuilder 3 days ago
Next you should do ball twitching facts